Check Out Bitter Kisses Latest Single, ‘Doctor’s Note’

Bristol-based heavy-pop four-piece Bitter Kisses recently dropped their latest single, ‘Doctor’s Note’.

Formed in 2022, Bitter Kisses hit the ground running with sold out hometown shows in Bristol and quickly grew their notoriety with their high energy live performances and synth-infused blend of Dark Pop and Goth Rock. 

Describing themselves as “Pop music you can beat your friends up to”, their debut single ‘Pr*y’ already gained airtime on BBC Radio One, and ‘Doctor’s Note’ more than lives up to this hype. 

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single the band state, “‘Doctor’s Note’ discusses the insidious growth of anxiety and how, when suppressed, it becomes more than you can handle alone. As a result, your anxiety spills out in ways that you can’t control.” 

Check out ‘Doctor’s Note’ below.

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