The Dollyrots ‘Keep Holding On’ Is A Rock Earworm Of The Best Kind

Pop-punk duo the Dollyrots have released “Still Holding On” with a brand-new accompanying lyric video.

“Still Holding On” chronicles the current state of the World with Dollyrots style optimism. Kelly explains, “Still Holding On” is a standalone single pulled from our newest recordings, from the first full album sessions since 2019! A hint of the flavor of the upcoming full-length album to be released this Fall. It’s a song about counting on the people you love to get you through the strangeness of modern life. The lyric video features an AI generated version of me, a digital reminder of how off-kilter the Future is becoming”.

Still holding on takes The Dollyrots a notch right into the upward direction which is a cut above the rest of their previous releases. Infectious and deliciously entertaining to the ear, it’s one we hope to hear in their setlist at shows for years to come. This is what rock needs to be: fast paced, energetic and above all else, fun.


Check out ‘Still Holding On’ below.

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