Ukrainian Melodic Metal Upstarts IGNEA Release New Single, ‘Incurable Disease’

Ukrainian melodic metal upstarts IGNEA have recently dropped the dreamy third single “Incurable Disease” which was the final release before their beautiful concept album, Dreams of Lands Unseen.

The third single “Incurable Disease” is propelled by the gleeful synth-sounds of the sea and turbulent, pounding waves. With this extraordinary voyage, IGNEA showcases the prog metal side of their music, perfectly blending groovy riffs, varied rhythms, and complex arrangements.

IGNEA on “Incurable Disease”:
“This particular song is not related to any pandemic or real illness. Rather, it is an ode to Sofia’s admiration for the sea, inspired by her frequent voyages by various types of vessels, from small boats to huge luxury liners. Sofia found the mechanics of these boats, the crew’s workings, and the sheer beauty of the waters to be captivating. The song’s lyrics speak from both Sofia’s perspective and my own, as I too share a profound affection for the sea that I liken to an “incurable disease.” In fact, I’m even in the process of creating a sea-themed tattoo sleeve on my right arm to showcase my devotion to all things maritime.”

IGNEA on the album release:
“And so it begins for Dreams of Lands Unseen, the album that will take you on a journey through the raging seas, camera lenses, and distant horizons. Spin it loud from start to end, feel the pulse of the voyage with all its dangers and beauty, the diversity of cultures, and the lingering will to discover new lands while still being homesick…”

Check out the record, ‘Dream Of Land Unseen’ below.

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