K.Flay Drops Latest Track, ‘Raw Raw’

K.Flay has recently dropped a new track which is the first release of 2023 and the first since she announced she was completely deaf in one year.

Last October K.Flay announced she’d gone deaf in her right ear.

Commenting on the new track, K.Flay has described it as a mark of moving on from the challenges she’s faced and looking to the future, saying:

“‘Raw Raw’ is the start of my next chapter. After losing half my hearing last fall, I was faced with a sudden and intense episode of fear and vulnerability. Like, could I even make music again?”

“Once I got into my recovery and started writing and recording, I knew that I could. And what I wanted to create was music that felt properly rock but also properly future oriented. Uninhibited and different.”

“With ‘Raw Raw’ I wanted to capture what vulnerability really feels like. Outwardly it might seem tender, but on the inside it’s messy and bloody and somewhat terrifying. It’s a chainsaw buzzing at your throat.”

In addition to the single, a video has dropped to go with the track.

The video’s concept is said to tap into the disorienting nature of the LA-based artist’s physical disability.

‘Raw Raw’ is just a step into overdrive where we have a high energy rock-pop track which sonically is at the best K.Flay has ever sounded where this sound culminate in a grungy tone and some of the most honest lyrics you’ll ever want to devour. Taking a shift to the previously released, ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ the aggressive nature is channeling a whole different level of anthem nd the start of a brand new chapter for the artist. This is a K.Flay which is completely unapologetic and the future is bright as hell if this track is anything to go by.


Check out ‘Raw Raw’ below.

In October 2023 K.Flay will play at Gorilla in Manchester and Brixton Electric in London on the 2nd and 3rd respectively.

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