Pendulum To Collaborate With Matt Tuck (Bullet For My Valentine)

The massive band Pendulum have announced a brand new single, ‘Halo’ which is set to release at the beginning of next month and to make it even more amazing, it will feature vocals from Matt Tuck of Bullet For My Valentine.

The new single was teased on social media and will be the multi platinum-selling band’s first new music of 2023.

Speaking of the new track, Pendulum’s Rob Swire has described how it fits into the band’s overall catalogue and what it was like collaborating with Tuck, saying: 

“When it comes to Pendulum, I’ve always tried to create music that sounds like the apocalypse and with ‘Halo’, we’ve gotten closer than ever before.” 

“We’ve always had one foot in the metal scene, so collaborating with Matt from BFMV was an incredible experience and his voice brought something completely unique to the table.”

“Ever since I teased it on Instagram, people (even casual fans) have been asking me: “What’s that track where you sing ‘It’s a halo…?’”

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