Verra Cruz Releases New Single, ‘King’

The British alt-rock project Verra Cruz have dropped their new single, ‘King’.

“King” is about the peaks and troughs we face in our lives. Written 12 years ago when singer Marc James was working building stages for festivals and events, he would dream about one day being the person to perform on them. He confides, “It was grueling work and we were barely making it, sliding into debt. It felt like my dreams were slipping away. Things were tough for me and my family and I wanted to write a song that lifted me up above the circumstances.”

The rowdy, energetic track bursts with crashing percussion, grungy guitars and fiery vocals. Emitting an overall feel-good and empowering atmosphere, “King” is an antidote to the constant barrage of “you are not enough,” that we are slammed with every day. Encouraging listeners to remember their worth, the band shares, “It’s easy to forget that our value isn’t in what we have achieved or what we have materially but we are of value no matter our circumstances. We can walk the royal way, hold our heads high. Put others first and pursue the way of love.. That’s how we win. That’s how we are kings.” 

Check out ‘King’ below.

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