Chloe Star Shares New Single, ‘Straight Girls’

Persain-Native American pop act Chloe Star has shared her single, “Straight Girls.” 

Following her empowering first single “Element,” “Straight Girls” is a high energy anthem packed with infectious trap-inspired beats and electro-pop vocals. “The song is about exploring my own sexuality,” says Chloe “I don’t know what it is, but I always find myself dating quote on quote straight girls.

Chloe Star is an indigenous singer, songwriter, visual artist and tribal advocate. Growing up she split her time between Los Angeles and her family’s reservation in San Bernardino. With a childhood that was chaotic and often unstable, she found solace in journaling and writing poetry. She taught herself to play piano and guitar and soon started transforming her prose into lyrics.

After spending the past few years finding and cultivating her sound, Chloe is now ready to make her introduction to the world. “Element” and “Straight Girls” will be included on her forthcoming EP due out later this year. 

Check out ‘Straight Girls’ below.

Eloah Release New Record, ‘Proud To Love You’

Four Piece Eloaћ have released their new record, ‘Proud To Love You’.

The band whom formed in 1993 is the bands latest release after their trilogy of ‘The Mondestein Chronicles’ from 2019-2022.

Elmar “As I have mentioned frequently in interviews, we are not a “soft rock / ballad” band per se. However, romantic love has been, is – and probably will continue to be a very important source of inspiration for me. I am a (helpless?) romantic, and I experience this emotion (which is actually more an umbrella term for a number of different emotions for me) quite strongly. So, I decided to put together an album on that topic choosing from a number of love songs that I had written over the years.

Now, usually love songs tend to be more on the sad side – because when you are happy in love, you enjoy it – why should you write a song about it? But I wanted to do something different: I wanted to create an album about love that was positive without becoming superficial or tacky. I think this is possible because of a number of reasons: First, sometimes the happiness can be the prevailing feeling in an actually bad situation – this is what the song “Proud to Love You” is about – and then what you get is a positive, hopeful song. 

Then there is love that you experience to be so fulfilling that next to this fulfilment there is still some “excess” emotion asking you to be cast into song – this is what “My Heart Shall Be Your Fire”, “You Are A Diamond”, “Wonderful Beautiful” and “A Winter’s Tale” are about. Then, of course, there is the (probably) most famous type of love song where you are longing for and dreaming about someone. This can be either purely joyful as in “The Purest You” and “Caterpillar”, or a bit painful as in “Child Within” and “Tuesday Morning”. 

Since emotional pain and despair normally accompany romantic love at some point, I chose to put two songs about these emotions with quite self-explanatory titles on the album as well (“How Could I Ever Have Hurt You” and “Why Can’t I Forget You”). Although these songs are about painful emotions, they are clearly a minority. Finally, there is a song I wrote for one of my sons, another kind of love thus, who provided me with most of the lyrics (“King of Winters”, he was about five years old then), and two songs that take the whole topic less seriously, more tongue-in-cheek (“Sugar Refinery” and “Time to Say Goodbye”) to end the album on a both positive and light note.”

Check out ‘Proud To Love You’ below.

PROMPTS Release Visualiser For ‘Locust’

Are you in need of some new music? Then you have to check out the latest singles from PROMPTS.

Recently the band have released singles ‘Locust’ and ‘Let The Rain Wash Over’ on various music services which are bonus track to the physical version of their record, ‘Fracture’.

Check out ‘the singles for ‘Locust’ and ‘Let The Rain Wash Over’ below.

In addition to this release, the band will be playing alongside Stray From The Path in May of this year.

Check out the touring dates below.

May 2023

May 12th(Fri) Akabane Reny Alpha, Tokyo
May 13th(Sat) Shibuya Cyclone, Tokyo

Magnolia Park Share New Single, ‘Facedown’

Orlando band Magnolia Park share their new track “Facedown” ahead of ‘Baku’s Revenge Deluxe’.

Extending their debut album released via Epitaph last fall and produced by Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War), the band is adding on four bonus tracks brimming with catchy melodies and massive guitar hooks that keep fans running back for more.

Out today, “Facedown” combines elements of pop-punk, alternative and hip-hop highlighted by cutting-edge production. Magnolia Park call the new song “A high energy modern punk song for anyone who’s ever experienced being bullied or taken advantage of. Here’s to finally sticking up for yourself.”

Check out the track, ‘Facedown’ below.

Check out the track listing for the deluxe version of ‘Baku’s Revenge’ below.

1. ?

2. Feel Something (feat. Derek Sanders)

3. Misfits (feat. Taylor Acorn)

4. Radio Reject

5. !!

6. Drugs

7. Paralyzed

8. Addison Rae

9. Ghost 2 U (feat. FRED & Joshua Roberts)

10. $$$

11. I should’ve listened to my friends 
12. Facedown

13. Complicated

14. Don’t Be Racist

15. Dizzy

Pre-orders for ‘Baku’s Revenge’ can be made via the following link.

British Pop Artist Bexx Releases New Track, ‘Stupid’

Bexx is a seriously exciting new talent in the UK pop scene. Her eclectic, euphoric alt-pop sound unabashedly draws from influences within 80’s synth-pop, pop-punk, classic rock, and current artists like Rina Sawayama and Lady Gaga.

Taking inspiration from subjects including queer dating, body image, mental health, and her favourite romcoms, bexx uses her songwriting to carve out space for fans to feel accepted and hopeful even in their lowest moments.

Her latest single “Stupid” narrates missing someone who clearly doesn’t miss you, and being furious with them about it. Featuring fun, playful lyrics, bouncy melodies and an energetic beat, the single shimmers with colourful synths. Inspired by the likes of Fickle Friends, Valley and Carly Rae Jepsen, bexx sings, “Hate your stupid eyes in the morning light, your stupid mouth when you kiss me right, how your voice notes made me feel like home, I feel kind of stupid waking up alone.”

Check out the track, ‘Stupid’ below.

Kamelot Release New Single, ‘Eventide’

Modern heavy symphonic metal leaders KAMELOT have released their new track, ‘Eventide’.

The track is off their first full-length in five years, The Awakening. The album enters the KAMELOT legacy as their most massive and diverse offering yet – mixing symphonic, gothic, melodic, progressive and power metal styles while yielding some of the heaviest tracks in the band’s history.

KAMELOT vocalist Tommy Karevik offers:
“‘Eventide’ is a celebration of lifelong companionship and unwavering loyalty. A calming voice from the side of the bed in the greatest time of need, sharing beautiful memories as one heart is slowing down and their time together is coming to an end.”

Check out ‘Eventide’ below.

That Summer Release New EP, ‘A Place Called Home’

LA-based That Summer will release the new EP ‘A Place Called Home’ this Friday, March 17.

Frontman singer-songwriter/producer Charles Rocha says, 
“A Place Called Home is something that I find to be quite elusive. This EP is a sneak peek of the full-length album to come this summer on Ring Records. It is a mix of some of the first studio sessions, engineers, and producers I have worked with in Los Angeles. A wonderful group of very talented and committed gentlemen helped make this album a reality. There are too many to list, so I will just let the music speak for itself and hope you connect to what we have created together. Enjoy.”

Check out the EP below.

RedHook Release New Single Featuring Mikaila Delgado (Yours Truly)

Two of the most prominent women in the Australian heavy music scene, RedHook’s Emmy Mack and Yours Truly’s Mikaila Delgado, join forces on ‘Imposter’.

Emmy explains the inspiration behind the track: “There’s no head-fuck quite like discovering that the person you love most, and who you think you know better than anyone else, has been lying to you and manipulating you the entire time. At first, it feels like death, you grieve for the person you loved as if they’ve died, and yet somehow they still exist. It’s almost as if some kind of evil, alien life force has taken up residence inside their body and is walking around wearing their skin. Eventually, it causes you to question your own sanity; you question whether that person who meant so much to you ever really existed at all.”

On the topic of tapping Yours Truly for the collab, she adds: “This song was already so special to me and one of my absolute favourites off the record. We approached Mikaila to be involved because we love Yours Truly so much and thought her voice would sound amazing on the track. But what I didn’t realise was that she’d actually been going through an eerily similar situation to mine in her own personal life. We trauma-bonded a lot during the process of putting ‘Imposter’ together and the extra vocal parts and lyrics that Mikaila added still give me goosebumps every time! She took this song to a whole new dimension and I’m so grateful to her for it. This is our joint break-up anthem and we hope it empowers other people who’ve been through similar nightmarish bullshit to stay strong.”

The song also comes packing a quirky, science fiction-inspired music video directed by Colin Jeffs of Ten of Swords Media (Make Them Suffer, Alpha Wolf), which takes its cues from cult sci-fi flicks like ‘Species’ and ‘Jennifer’s Body’, as both women slowly morph into deranged lizard monsters with a taste for human flesh.

Check out ‘Imposter’ below.

Imperial Tide Reveal Video For ‘Off The Leash’

IMPERIAL TIDE have shared the video for their crackling-with-intensity new single “Off the Leash.” 

The video is meant to grab your attention — and keep it — minus any BS or artifice. “We wanted to make a music video that the audience could immediately identify who we were as a band,” says Hill about the visual. “No glitz or glamour — just raw, black and white, and in your face. We made the point to film this video entirely by ourselves, with no filter between us and the fans.”

Regarding the deeper meaning behind the song, Hill continues, “‘Off the Leash’ is about cutting off those around you with disingenuous motives. We build a support system through life and sometimes those we surround ourselves with don’t have the drive or intentions to match. The lyric ‘All Bark, No Bite’ explains how some people just want to talk about what they want…but we’re here to take action ‘with nothing left to lose.'”

“Off the Leash” follows last year’s “Slip.”  An unholy union of crunchy riffs, booming bass, and breakdowns, Imperial Tide champion an independent mindset in all aspects of their music. The group has built itself from the ground up. They screen-print their moniker on their own t-shirts, hang it on the banisters they build from scratch, and conceptualize it in visual metaphors they film themselves.  

Check out ‘Off The Leash’ below.

Neolia Release Music Video For ‘Carried Away’

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of dynamic soundscapes and intricate musicianship as Israeli progressive metal band Neolia drops their anticipated debut self-titled album. Brace yourself for a genre-bending journey that will leave you begging for more. In advance of this release, they have a new music video out for the track “Carried Away”, which gives an up-close look at the band playing live and continues the story of the fictional character Alex who the album is about. They share the story conveyed in the single:

“This is a bitter, sweet memory, a sharp twist to a childhood memory from age 7. Being barely woken up, after fainting out repeatedly and passing out from rat poison fumes that were sprayed throughout the house, Alex was experiencing hallucinations while being unconscious and imagining being at the same location where he found his mother dead while nature around him came to life in the form of a nightmare. But even within this horror show, while feeling scared, cold, and alone he managed to take control and put up a fight.”

Check out ‘Carried Away’ below.