Architects Dan Searle Opens Up About Why Bands Cancel Shows

In a series of tweets, Architects’ Dan Searle has opened up about the reasons that bands may cancel shows.

The tweets come after the band had to cancel their appearance at Metaldays Festival in Slovenia.

Here are the tweets.










Asking Alexandria Teasing New Music

Oh, it’s getting a little unbearable now but we’ll wait because we want that music out as much as they do. I’m of course talking about Asking Alexandria as Danny Worsnop has been tweeting some material which is for a brand new music video.

Here’s the tweet.

This music video sounds amazing already, but would it be too much to ask for all three things from the tweets? Maybe, as long as we get something, I know we’ll all be satisfied.


Brendon Urie Autioning Off Guitar

Panic At The Disco Frontman Brendon Urie is auctioning off a signed guitar on eBay.

What’s the reason for this though? The simple answer is he wants to help one of his co-stars from Kinky Boots who is currently battling cancer. The proceeds will help pay his medical bills.

What a guy though, Brendon deserves a round of applause!

The listing for the guitar can be found here.



Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) To Undergo “Immediate” Vocal Surgery

Papa Roach have recently had to cancel a handful of tour dates as their vocalist Jacoby Shaddix is to undergo immediate vocal surgery!

The band have made a full statement which can be read below.

“Hey Everyone –

It is with a heavy heart that we are forced to cancel our upcoming shows in the Oregon, Illinois and Alaska this month due to the need for Jacoby Shaddix to have immediate vocal cord surgery and rest.

This week, Jacoby was advised by his Doctors and Vocal Specialists to have surgery on his vocal cord and to give his vocal muscles enough time to heal before Papa Roach resumes their current touring schedule in September. Jacoby had a similar surgery about five years ago.

Fortunately, the diagnosis was made early and full recovery should be soon. The vocal cords are a muscle and like any athlete, muscles can get injured in the course of their profession and we appreciate your understanding this diagnosis.

We wish to thank all of our fans in advance for your prayers and good wishes. We know some of you had travel plans and we will return next year to perform for you.

Please contact your local ticketing company for more information on the following shows.

Thanks again,
Jacoby, Tobin, Jerry, Tony, & Team Papa Roach”

Dates affected are as follows:


11th – Rosebud Douglas County Fair

19th – Carterville Moonstock 2017

25th – Palmer Alaska State Fair

New Politics Announce New Album

New Politics have finally announced some details on their new album!

The record is going to be titled, ‘Lost In Translation’ and set to be released on the 6th October through DCD2 Records.

They’ve also released a new track from said record, titled ‘CIA’.

This is what the band have said about the album:

“‘Lost In Translation’ represents a new phase in our lives. After years of constant touring, it was important to us that we reinvent ourselves, and wanted to write honest songs about the real things happening in our lives. We spent a lot of quality time together in-between albums as friends, watching movies, hanging out, and talking about our future plans. That brotherly love and bonding initiated the first batch of songs that has helped us shape the album. A lot of the songs are about personal experiences and the things every human goes through and it was nice to let go of the rules we had laid out for ourselves. It’s a new era for all of us, and we’re proud of how it’s turned out. Lost In Translation means that we’re all searching for something, whether it’s a voice, meaning, a place where we belong; we all face our own challenges. This is about shaping your reality and trying to make sense of the journey along the way.”

Toni Cornell Performs Touching Tribute For Father Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington

Nothing hits closer to home for some people. By this I mean family and currently, nobody is in mourning more than the friends and family of Chester Bennington.

That being said, Toni Cornell, the daughter of Chris Cornell, a close personal friend of Chester Bennington joined OneRepublic in a touching tribute to the two fallen rock stars.

Today, Linkin Park were scheduled dot perform at Central Park on their GMA Summer Series and today, OneRepublic took a detour from their current tour to joining GMA in their place.

The performance of the track aired on Good Morning America with the performance being seen by fans around the world.

Here’s the performance.

Linkin Park Brake Billboard Chart Record

Linkin Park have been in mourning the last few weeks but the fans have been absolutely fantastic in supporting them in the wake of Chester Bennington’s death.

In the USA, the fans have helped the band break a US Billboard Chart Record for them to be the first band in history to have 23 tracks in the Hot Rock Songs chart, all at the same time!

This just shows how much the band means to fans around the world, and how much of a following the band has in America along! Their music will live on for generations.

Pvris Announce In Store Performance And Signing

It’s only three weeks until the release of Pvris’s second record, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell and now the UK better be excited because the band have announced they’re doing a signing at HMV Oxford Street in London!

To reserve your free ticket, follow this link.

AFI Release Statement On Former Bass Player Selling Re-Issued Material

AFI have recently shared a statement via Facebook about their former bass player who has been selling reissues of the band’s original recordings.

Here’s what they have posted via Facebook.

Our former bass player, Geoff Kresge, is selling reissues of original AFI recordings. While we remain proud of every era of our 26 year existence, and certainly do not begrudge Geoff feeling reflective towards the four years he spent with us before he quit, we are confused why he has taken it upon himself to assume control of the shared Key Lime Pie label and release these records without notifying or consulting us. We had always loved the fact that these releases were special limited edition items, pieces of history that we wanted to keep rare. Geoff has begun accepting pre-orders of the Dork EP and is including on it an unreleased song which he wrote no part of, without getting permission from the co-owners and songwriters. Geoff has never paid anyone in the band, including Mark Stopholese, their share of the proceeds of these sales, despite our repeated requests that he do the right thing and pay our shares. While we do feel for what we can only assume is Geoff’s financial need, it simply is not fair for one person – a person who left the band willingly in 1996 – to benefit to the exclusion of the other owners of these recordings and writers of the songs. As fans, of course, we support your right to buy as you please, but we wanted you to know that we do not support these sales.