Parkway Drive Announce New Record, ‘Darker Still’

Australian metal juggernauts Parkway Drive are pleased to announce their seventh album Darker Still. The record, which is their first full-length since 2018’s Reverence, arrives on September 9 via Epitaph Records.

Parkway Drive have also shared the masterfully cinematic video for “The Greatest Fear,” which features the band’s galloping guitar work, moshy breakdowns, and guttural vocals amidst a stunning backdrop that will transport you elsewhere.

“The greatest fear, the one we all share; this song is about the unifying force we all must face —death,” says McCall. “The goal was to create a song that saw death not as something that separates, but something that connects us all on our paths. Musically, we wanted to create a song that did this concept justice. It’s heavy, it’s epic and when it stomps it leaves an impact.”

“The Greatest Fear” follows the release of the video for “Glitch,” a frenetic exploration of the things our minds experience when we are not awake — but not yet asleep — such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting

  1. “Ground Zero”
  2. “Like Napalm”
  3. “Glitch”
  4. “The Greatest Fear”
  5. “Darker Still”
  6. “Imperial Heretic”
  7. “If a God Can Bleed”
  8. “Soul Bleach”
  9. “Stranger”
  10. “Land of the Lost”
  11. “From the Heart of the Darkness”

Pre-orders for ‘Darker Still’ are available via the following link.

Danish Metallers Urban Primate Sign With Wormholedeath

Urban Primate is a modern and intense metal band with the ability and eagerness to implement a variety of elements from hard rock, 90’ies grunge rock, and heavy metal to deliver a solid and holistic metal experience.
They have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue oftheir album Desolation, which will be re-released on July 29th, 2022.

The band speaking about the collaboration with Wormholedeath stated:
We are very excited to sign with Wormholedeath and a family of very talented bands. This is a group of very skilled and passionate people who loves music and share the same values as us. After many great conversations with the owner Carlo Belotti, we truly believe that Wormholedeath is the right place to develop our music and to form a great partnership for the future. Wormholedeath will release and distribute our album “Desolation” and we are really looking forward to collaborating with WHD

Urban Primate was first formed in 2010 and consisted at that time of five dedicated members, who wrote and released the band’s first album “Urban Primate” in 2010. The album was the band’s first touch into the Danish Hardrock scene and made the way for a variety of gigs in Denmark. This first album was heavily inspired by bands such as Filter, Alice in chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Foo fighter, etc. The vocals and melodies always had a huge role in Urban Primates’ production and on this first full album, Benjamin Larsen drew references to vocalists like Richard Patrick, Layne Staley, and Chester Bennington. Urban Primate played several venues in Denmark from 2010 to 2012. Over the years the band changed members a few times with only Benjamin, Christian, and Jakob as ongoing members of the group.
In 2011 the band once again went to the studio to record an EP with five tracks. The EP changed the band’s focus from a softer hard-rock band to a more crunchy metal sound. The EP was more aggressive, the vocals harder, and the beats faster and more hard-hitting.

In 2012 the band split up and Urban Primate was finally shut down. Yet, in the summer of 2020, the band members felt it was time to revive Urban Primate. In the middle of the worldwide covid-19 pandemic, the band started rehearsals and shortly after released their first single, “My Terror Calling” – a song heavily inspired by 2000’s nu-metal and grunge, after eight years of silence. The band released their 2nd full-length album DESOLATION I 2021. Yet again the band’s focus had changed and the style was now even more inspired by the late 90’ies grunge combined with a more modern metal sound. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nicklas Sonne, Sonne studios, giving the band a deeper and more modern sound to their music. 

In march 2022 Urban Primate joined forces with the Italian label WORMHOLEDEATH. A strong and dedicated partnership focused on introducing Urban Primates music worldwide.
Urban Primate is at the moment working on new songs for an upcoming album.

Check out the Audiostream video for ‘Belong’ below.

Lande Heat Announces Second Solo Record, ‘House Without A View’

Lande Hekt has announced that her second solo album ‘House Without a View’ will be released 23 September via her new venture Prize Sunflower Records (with Get Better Records doing the honours in North America). The announcement comes alongside the release of its first single ‘Gay Space Cadets’, resolute in its guitar driven and jangly indie rock. Lande says of the alternatively aspirational track: “It’s a daydreaming song about wanting a life of excitement and adventure rather than a dull and ordinary life – one where people underestimate you and belittle you. And where you’re forced to buy into capitalism and become a pathetic, losing player in a game that you hate. I’d rather escape and live in a queer space fantasy and be brave.”

Lande Hekt’s natural state of being is in the writing of a song. Having crafted politically aware, heart-on-sleeve, punchy yet tender, punk-flecked songs with her band Muncie Girls, Lande turned her hand to an even more personal songwriting approach as she embarked on writing a solo record – 2021’s ‘Going to Hell’. The debut full-length documented her experience coming out as gay. It set out her stall as a solo artist with supreme storytelling abilities and a knack for understatedly luminous melodies. Lande’s music sits beautifully alongside such essential artists as The Wedding Present, The Sundays, The Replacements, Sleeper and Sharon Van Etten.

With her debut album barely a year old, 2022 sees Lande armed with a whole new collection of song-form vignettes and musings on her life and experiences. Kicking off where the last record left off, the opening track of new album ‘House Without a View’ is ‘Half With You’ which “is about growing into yourself as a queer person, and enjoying who you are after not enjoying it for so long,” says Lande. ‘Cut My Hair’ is about how her relationship with her gender has changed over the last few years, becoming more comfortable in herself and understanding more about what makes her happy. “It’s also about how easy it is to not talk to people when you’re struggling, which is something I did for a long time,” admits Lande. 

The title track of ‘House Without a View’ deals with childhood trauma and how events of our formative years “affect us so much into our adult lives and are intrinsic to our personalities and the way we cope (or don’t) with life and relationships,” says Lande. Although there’s darkness and sadness within the record, there’s also some shining beacons of positivity and a light-hearted side, albeit with a side of frustration. ‘Lola’ was written about Lande’s cat shortly after she came to live with her and her girlfriend. “She’s the first pet I’ve ever had and I wasn’t quite ready for how hard it would be to not be able to verbally communicate with her. I worried constantly that she was depressed because all she did was sleep, but my girlfriend assured me that that was regular cat behaviour.” 

Check out the Tracklisting as well as the video for ‘Gay Space Cadets’ below.

1. Half with You
2. Backstreet Snow
3. Cut My Hair
4. Gay Space Cadets
5. Always Hurt
6. House Without a View 
7. Ground Shaking
8. What Could I Sell
9. Lola
10. Take a Break
11. First Girlfriend 

Low Island Announce Second Record, ‘Life In Miniature’

Oxford electronic-pop quartet Low Island announce their sophomore album Life In Miniature for November 4th via their own label Emotional Interference. It’s led by new single ‘Can’t Forget’ today.

Described by the band as a ‘sonic photo album; a journey through three years of accelerated change that felt like a lifetime,’ Life in Miniature promises to be an exploratory exhibition – treading the line between granular, emotional introspection and Big Picture understanding and acceptance. 

First single ‘Can’t Forget’ is beholden to a languid groove, blending into a bombastic chorus that takes cues from Tame Impala and Foals. Throughout it is underpinned by the melancholic optimism and idiosyncratic production that has come to define Low Island’s sound, with space for a brash, spiralling guitar solo, rarely unleashed from their arsenal. This clash of old and new techniques echoes the sentimental approach towards recognition of the past whilst gazing forwards. 

As singer Carlos Posada elaborates: “it’s a reflection on the headyness of youth and a fear of growing up. Verse 2 is a nod to the day I left home; as I drove down the street, I caught my Dad crying and waving me away in the wing-mirror of my car. It’s one of those memories that gets printed right onto the front of your mind and that you never forget.” 

Check out the video for the single, ‘Can’t Forget’ below.

Boston Manor Announce Fourth Record, ‘Datura’, Release New Single ‘Passenger’

Boston Manor have announcd their fourth studio album ‘Datura’ will be released 14th October via SharpTone Records. 

In addition to the announcement, the British rock act have also released a new single – ‘Passenger’ – which introduces the record’s nighttime aesthetic with the kind of intense and unrestrained burst of an anthemic chorus for which the band have become known in recent years. It’s a song that’s both hopeful and energetic but also on the verge of emotional collapse.

Says guitarist Mike Cunniff of the song’s process: “It’s really one of our favorite songs on the record. We’ve been jamming it in rehearsals a little bit and it just works so well live. It was a very stripped back approach to writing as well. We didn’t want to put too much stuff in it, which kind of leaves us feeling a little bit vulnerable and naked onstage, when there’s not too many things going on. It was the last song we wrote and recorded for the record, the final piece of the puzzle.” 

The new record was recorded in Brixton with Larry Hibbitt, the Hundred Reasonsguitarist/vocalist-turned-producer. “We didn’t really do any writing for almost all of 2020,”says Mike Cunniff“and that gave us a bit of a reset. Through working with Larry, we found what we felt was the most concentrated essence of Boston Manor. The EP was the perfect jumping off point, and we wanted to carry on doing more of that. It feels a lot more refined – we wanted fewer songs so that we could be a lot more intentional.”
In ‘Datura’, Boston Manor have created a universe. That smouldering, ominous title track bleeds into ‘Floodlights On The Square’, a song of despair that reaches anthemic proportions, but which also contains some widescreen, John Carpenter-esque flourishes. The darkness, literally and metaphorically, continues with both ‘Foxglove’ – the album’s crunching, catchy first single, released back in April. By comparison, ‘Crocus’starts off slowly, but builds with intention and energy, before fading out and then into the eerie, rain-laced cyber-punk instrumental ‘Shelter From The Rain’. It might not be a traditional Boston Manor song, but it’s an essential component of this album, and one which takes heavy influence from the video game and movie soundtracks that the members of the band adore. “Beyond a few on Welcome To The Neighbourhood, we haven’t really done many interludes per se,” says vocalist Henry Cox. “But I’ve always enjoyed them. This one illustrates how it’s like 4am at that point. It evokes loneliness and despair, but with a small sense of hope in it that things will get better – that the rain will stop and the sun will rise. It brings the listener in and makes them feel like the protagonist within the story. They’re part of what’s happening on the record and can fully immerse themselves into the world we’ve created. And that then takes you into ‘Inertia’, which kind of closes the record. That’s a love song, but it’s about hope for the future as well.”

“I want people to connect with the themes of this album,” says Cox. “Not so much in terms of it being so specific to me – although I hope they appreciate the vulnerability in it – but with the view that they can project their own life story onto it. At its core, this is an album about somebody struggling to get control of their life and pull themselves up. I think a lot of people can relate to that, especially in the times that we’re living in at the moment. So as much as I was writing about my problems, I hope people can find solace in it.”

Stream passenger via your preferred service.

Slowly Slowly Announce New Record, ‘Daisy Chain’

Stringing together the stunning recent singles from Slowly Slowly, the Melbourne indie faves have today announced their brand new album Daisy Chain, due out Friday 4th of Novembervia UNFD. Pre-orders for Daisy Chain are available at 9 am on the 1st of July.

Set to unveil Slowly Slowly‘s most ambitious and uninhibited selves yet to the world this November, Daisy Chain will also come armed with a brand new sonic palette on vivid display; one soaked in oscillating fragility and boisterous delights that pay homage to the quartet’s stylistic past while firmly linking to their very bright future ahead.

In addition to the announcement, the band have dropped a new track, ‘Daisy Chain’.

Daisy Chain, I feel, is a culmination point,” shares vocalist Ben Stewart. “It’s a story about how the strongest supports in your life can also be the most delicate. It’s about how lucky I am. It’s about growing up, accepting myself. Life is not linear; it seems for me to be this constant circular process. It’s about the ugly nature of fate and and how if we don’t find the beauty in it we’re doomed for failure. It’s about the process of turning a blind eye to the weakest parts of yourself so you never grow. It’s about hating yourself. ‘Daisy chain, stay the same’ is a mantra for me about keeping the things I care about most front of mind at all times – there is freedom in that. It’s about the golden years, being every year, from now on.”

Kicking off Slowly Slowly‘s fourth studio album, the band’s first since 2020’s Race Car Blues and its accompanying follow-up Race Car Blues Chapter 2 in 2021, Daisy Chain is a perfect entrée to raucous party-starters (Blueprint), slick dancefloor vibes (Forget You), poppin’ bops (Achilles’ Heel) and upbeat emo singalong moments (Longshot) throughout the LP’s 12 tracks.

1. Daisy Chain
2. Blueprint
3. Turn It Around
4. Forget You
5. Nothing On
6. Achilles’ Heel
7. Hold My Breath
8. Medicine
9. God
10. Longshot
11. Moving Trains Feat. Dashboard Confessional
12. Papier-Mache

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

My Kid Brother Announce Debut Record

My Kid Brother,have announced their full-length album Happy.Mad.Weird.Sad. which is set arrive on the 7th of October, 2022 on Fearless Records. Pre-order are available here.

Today, the band has shared the video for “Spilt Salt.” check out the video below.

“Spilt Salt” is a “f**k you” to the vapid social climbers of the world. But the video is a tongue-in-cheek homage to heavy metal imagery that even the staunchest headbanger won’t be able to help but love. 

“‘Spilt Salt’ was originally written when I moved from Baltimore, Maryland to Loudoun County, Virginia,” says singer Christian Neonakis. “The song is about my first impressions with the new environment and new people that I met. Unfortunately, many of the first people I met were vapid socialites with rich parents and we had almost nothing in common. I felt bored, isolated, insecure, and hopeless. So I wrote a ‘fuck you’ song to the egotistical social climbers of the world and that’s what ‘Spilt Salt’ is about. Since having been here in Loudoun County for several years now, I have met some of the most wonderful people and made many truly genuine friendships. I just unfortunately met the dickheads first.”

One Ok Rock Announce New Record, ‘Luxury Disease’

One Ok Rock have announced they are set to release their upcoming record, ‘Luxury Disease’ via Fueled By Ramen on September 9th 2022.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-order options below.

1. Save Yourself

2. Neon

3. Validate

4. When They Turn The Lights On

5. Let Me Let You Go

6. So Far Gone

7. Prove

8. Mad World

9. Free Them (ft. Teddy Swims)

10. Renegades

11. Outta Sight

12. Your Tears Are Mine

13. Wonder

The record features the already released, ‘Save Yourself’.

As well as ‘Renegades’.

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

The Wonder Years Announce New Record, ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’

The Wonder Years have announced their upcoming new record, ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’ set to drop on September 23rd 2022 via Hopeless Records.

In addition tot he announcement, the band have shared: ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’ and is written for vocalist Dan Campbell’s oldest son. It’s a song that also feels like the foundation for a lot of what the album will be about, and is as beautiful and emotional as you would expect. 

Dan had this to say about it:

“It’s about the polarising forces of love and anxiety that come with being a new parent—simultaneously being so overjoyed that they’re here, about the miraculous nature of their existence, but afraid of all the ways you could fail them. It’s about raising children in a world that feels like it’s actively ending and how to make them feel safe and cared for despite that. It tries to breathe in the small, beautiful moments and exhale all of the invasive thoughts of despair.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, Stream of ‘Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)’ and Pre-order options below.

01. Doors I Painted Shut
02. Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)
03. Oldest Daughter
04. Cardinals II
05. The Paris of Nowhere
06. Summer Clothes
07. Lost in the Lights
08. Songs About Death
09. Low Tide
10. Laura & the Beehive
11. Old Friends Like Lost Teeth
12. You’re the Reason I Don’t Want the World to End

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Nova Twins On Course For Their First Ever Top 20 Record With ‘Supernova’

Nova Twins just dropped their second record, ‘Supernova’ in the last week and it’s an absolutely devastating and bold collection of some of the finest tracks released in the space of the genre.

And in addition to it being so brilliant, it’s going to give them their highest ever placing on the UK Charts, according to the official Charts Company.

Currently, the record is at No.11, which is nothing short of amazing.

Remember this isn’t the first time Nova Twins have charted, their previous and only other time was their collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon in the form of ‘1×1’.

Check out the bands latest video for ‘Choose Your Fighter’ below.