Check Out Sleeping With Sirens In The Studio

Sleeping With Sirens have been in the studio recently, working on new music?

But how do we know this? Well, there’s a video posted from their time there!

It shows the band in-between takes and such, exploring and more.

Check it out below.

The bands recently release, ‘Bloody Knuckles’ was a belter. Check out the track below.

Check Out Amy Lee And Oli Sykes On Their Collaboration

Bring Me The Horizon are continuing their inside look at their ‘Post Human: Survival Horror EP’, with the latest behind the scenes video going in on the closing track of the EP, ‘One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death’ which features Amy Lee of Evanescence.

“One thing that was really cool about this process working back and forth with Oli [Sykes] was we both encouraged and pushed each other to sing and work kind of differently,” Amy says at the beginning of the video. ​“It started with the first time I laid my vocal down and sent it over, he encouraged me to sing certain parts of the song less; more about breath and less about power. That is challenging for me. I really like that style but it’s not my comfort zone – it’s easier for me to harness my voice when I just blast it.”

“I told her about it being kind of a love song between the planet and mankind and she absolutely loved the idea,” continues Oli, ​“and said it reminded her of what their kind of message they were working on for their new album. She wrote some lyrics for the last part that she said she didn’t like, and I was just like, ​‘No, they’re fucking sick; they’re perfect.’ ”

Check out the full video below.

Check Out The Foo Fighters Taking A Look Back At 25 Years Worth Of Memories

So the Foo Fighters have been a band for a while now, and they’re gearing up for to release their upcoming 10th record as a band, ‘Medicine At Midnight’ On February 5th 2021.

Although the milestone calls for something more epic, the band have still put together a lovely intimate video.

‘Times Like These’ finds the band sat together in a cinema setting and looking back on photos from across their career and going over stories they tell.

Check it out below.

Go Behind The Scenes On Bring Me The Horizon’s Video For ‘Parasite Eve’

Following the release of the stellar single for Bring Me the Horizon’s latest release, ‘Parasite Eve’, the band have recently shared an insight into the making-of in a behind the scenes video.

Frontman Oli Sykes explains that creating the visuals for the video was no easy task while four members of the band were in lockdown in the Uk, while bassist Matt Kean was in Los Angeles. In addition, when the lockdown was eased, they had to stick a few metres apart from eachother while keeping to the DIY approach.

“One thing lockdown has proven to us is that we can make shit happen with a lot less resources than we actually need,” Oli explains. “I’m not even going to tell how much our last video for Ludens cost, but it was fucking crazy.”

Adding to this, he says that he found inspiration from nu-metal, characters from comic books (Venom) and anime (Tokyo Ghoul), as well as “a really sick game called Hellblade” and an unreleased film titled The Inferno Unseen.

“Aesthetically, one of the main inspirations I drew from was actually an unreleased film called The Inferno Unseen by Henri-Georges Clouzot,” he reveals. “Even though the film was never properly released, some of the excerpts from that film are really sick in terms of the colours and the lighting [and] just the effects. It’s just so dream-like and haunting. We really want to try and create something in a similar vein to that for this music video.”

Parasite Eve is the first track from an upcoming series of EPs from Horizon, with Sykes saying that they want to make “four different records over the next year”.

Watch the making of video below.

And be sure to check out the full video for Parasite Eve below.

Silverstein Release ‘Quaranstein’ Documentary

In light of the tour cancellations due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Post-Hardcore Canadian stars Silverstein have created a home-made documentary for their fans, titled as ‘Quaranstine’

The documentary is a behind – the – scenes look at their lives under quarentine at home, with the added live performances as well.

Paul Koehler (Drums) comments:

“Upon returning home from our postponed North American tour, we knew that we had to find a way to play together. Instead of just hopping on a Zoom call, we actually wanted to record and make this thing sound awesome. Each of us performed and recorded our parts at home, and we passed the whole thing to our producer, Sam Guaiana, to mix it.

From there, we wanted to make what feels like a sitcom, documenting our time in isolation and pulling the curtain back on our daily lives. We enlisted Wyatt Clough, the director behind most of our recent music videos, to help edit and narrate the video. We hope the end result is something that can bring some comfort to our fans who are also isolated during this time, and we can’t wait to step on stage for them again once this is all behind us!”

Check out the documentary below.

In addition to this, the band are fielding donations on their offical website.

Roam Release Documentary On ‘Smile Wide’

Back in April 2019, Roam travelled to Texas to work on their latest record, Smile Wide.

The result was some of their best work to date and gave us some of the best tracks to be performed live on their Independent Venue 2020 tour earlier this year.

Now, the band have released a documentary into how they made that record.

Check it out below.

Go Behind The Scenes Of Yungblud’s Latest Music Video

In case you haven’t been living under a rock recently, you’ll have realised that Yungblud recently released his stellar single, ‘Weird’ and the accompanying video to go with the track is amazing, especially when you find out is was recorded in lockdown.

Check it out below.

It was shot all on and iPhone where now, you can go behind the scenes to see how it was all made! I think as a creator I find this fascinating because it proves you don’t need to break the bank in order to make something this fantastic.

Here’s the clip.

The Used Share Behind The Scenes Look At New Record, ‘Heartwork’

The Used have shared a video series taking a look at the behind the scenes of the making of their latest record, ‘Heartwork’.

In the first video, Bert McCracken (Vocals) tells us how ‘Blow Me’, came about.

He says:

“It feels like when The Used is making a record, we kind of write so much in the moment that often at times it’s a reflection of just simply how everyone is feeling in that moment

“If people are really tired, you notice that the song sounds more heavy and has more of a minor key lean to it.

“So ‘Blow Me’ must have been a day where half the people were well rested and fed and half the people were extremely tired and hungry.”

Check out the video below.

And you can listen to ‘Below Me’, below.

Here’s Where Lights Recorded Her Latest Acoustic Single

I never get bored of hearing stories such as this!

Lights is currently three tracks into the release of her latest record, ‘Skin & Earth Acoustic’, which is being released track by track every alternating Tuesday, which is released alongside a visualiser.

The tracks are all individually recorded in special locations as well as the videos which are filmed by Lights husband, none other than Beau Bokan (Blessthefall).

The third track off the record is an acoustic version of ‘Until The Light’, which Lights recorded in the back of a truck.

The video follows Lights tracking down the truck to record in.

Go Behind The Scenes With Oli Sykes & Brendon Urie On Charli XCX’s Boys Video

Remember that pop video for Charli XCX made for her single Boys? The one who featured Oli Sykes and Brendon Urie?

Well now, you can go behind the scenes on it! That means all the stuff happened off camera but still featured an another.

Check it out.

Also, I should mention the video featured Taka from One Ok Rock.

Here’s the full music video.