Architects Announce Departure Of Guitarist Josh Middleton

Architects have announced that guitarist Josh Middleton is parting ways with the band and moving on to other projects.

In a statement posted on social media, the band announced that Josh will be leaving the group after six years.

They said “It is with a heavy heart that we announce Josh’s time in the band has come to an end. It has gradually become apparent that we need to go our separate ways, but we remain close friends. Josh was a life raft for the band after we lost Tom and he gave us a way to keep the band alive through the hardest experience or our lives.

“We will always be grateful to him for that. We wish him the best in his future endeavours and we suggest that everyone keeps an eye out for the new Sylosis record later this year.”

Trophy Eyes Part Ways With Guitarist Andrew Hallett

Trophy Eyes have announced that the band have parted ways with their lead guitarist Andrew Hallett.

Hallett has been a part of the band since 2013 and in the time released three studio records, ‘Mend, Move On’, ‘Chemical Miracle’ and ‘The American Dream’ as well as self releasing two EP’s ‘Demo 2013’ and ‘Everything Goes Away’.

The last release came in the single, ‘Nobody Said’ in 2022 which followed on from ‘Bittersweet’ and ’27 Club’.

Trophy Eyes:

“It’s with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to Andrew today. You were a rock for all of us in Trophy Eyes, always down for anything and capable of everything. All these years spent breaking our backs and ceaselessly hoping;

they’d have been nothing without you.

It’s been an honour to watch you grow from Evel Kneivel into a loving husband, and now, a proud father. Best of luck in the next stage of life, old friend, and enjoy the hard fought for time with your family- your other one will be always waiting for you.”

Andrew Hallett has released his own statement on departing from the band:

“What an absolute journey.

From sleeping on the side of the road and playing only to the support bands to travelling the world, playing to thousands of people while getting paid to do it.

I am left with so many beautiful memories and I am so grateful to have been part of it.

Whilst I will miss playing in Trophy Eyes greatly, I have so many new memories to make with my little family, my next adventure is only just beginning.

While I’ve got this moment I’d like to thank everyone; My friends and family, all our crew over the years, Hopeless Records and of course our fans.

Special shoutout to Eddie Deal and Shane

Edwards, thank you for always believing in us.

And finally my band; John, Jeremy, Blake, Kev and Cal. I couldn’t ask for a more genuine, talented and funny group of people to have done this thing with. I love you guys.

I got to live the dream.”

Thank you.

Trophy Eyes are set to play two shows in the UK this May as part of this years Slam Dunk Festival on 27th and 28th May in Hatfield and Leeds respectively.

Blood Youth Are Headed On A Hiatus

Having been active since 2015 where they’ve released two EP’s as well as three records, Blood Youth have confirmed they’re headed on hiatus.

Because of this news, all upcoming shows and tours the band were set to appear on will be cancelled and refunded.

You can read a statement detailing everything that has led here in full below:

“Hey everyone, this isn’t easy for me to write.

But as of now and for the time being, Blood Youth will be going on hiatus. As a result, unfortunately, all upcoming tours and appearances will be cancelled, and tickets will be refunded. This isn’t something we take lightly, and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Blood Youth started in January 2015 and since then has been all we know, and without a stretch of truth  – the number one priority in our lives. We gave up everything throughout the years for the love of what we do, and we’ve always been proud of our morals, professionalism/work ethic, and separation from the pack inside this toxic and imbalanced industry. We never followed nothing or nobody and never relied on anyone for anything. I will always be proud of what Blood Youth has become through that.

Up until COVID-19, everything was good in terms of being a band. We had a regular touring schedule and we were finding our place within music. Which all we’ve ever wanted. It’s never been about the money, we’ve only ever wanted to reach a level where we can tour regularly and share our message and love for the live show with as many people as possible across the world. But obviously, the world had other plans, and it hasn’t been the same since. We’re not a band that can survive doing nothing, we’ve always been a band born into and made for touring. And not doing so has resulted in an extreme decline and shift in my own mental health as it’s what I and certain others have given up the best part of our lives relentlessly working towards being able to do. And I refuse to sit back and watch one person’s 8 years become another person’s 8 seconds.

My heart is genuinely broken writing this. Especially given how many incredible memories we’ve created throughout the past 8 years, the insane amount of things we’ve ticked off bucket lists, life long friendships, the music we’ve made, the bands we’ve helped and seen grow throughout our time, and how many amazing/inspirational fans we’ve made throughout that time. These are things that will never be forgotten, whole heartedly. And you’ve always got a home with Blood Youth. Thank you.

I did everything I could to keep this going, I really did. And I truly don’t want this, but it’s somehow happening.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but for now. I need a break.”

They’re a band that will be missed on the scene. Hopefully we’ll see them for more utter chaos one day.

Fever 333 Part Ways With Stephen Harrison And Aric Improta

Fever 333 are down two members now.

Stephen Harrison and Aric Improta have both announced to have left the band, leaving Jason Aalon Butler currently as the sole member. 

The pair have been with the band since their inception in 2017, playing on every release, with the most recent being 2020’s ‘WRONG GENERATION’.

Both have released statements on their socials, which you can read below.

Here is Stephen’s:

“Aric and I have decided to leave Fever 333. I won’t get into the details but things were pretty bad internally. That plus creative differences sort of left me with no choice. That said, I’m so thankful for all the amazing fans, people who helped Fever behind the scenes, and my friends and family who supported me through all of this. Your support means so much! I still plan to make music. Aric and I will probably do something together in the future. Love you guys!! Know your worth!!”

And below is Aric’s:

“Steve and I have decided to step away Fever 333. Its layered, but ultimately, I’d just rather dedicate my time to projects that operate different than that one.

Massive thank you to all of our fans, our friends and the amazing people who helped us along the way (you know who you are). We got to play some unforgettable shows, travel a ton and meet some incredible individuals. Steve and I will probably do something together in the future.”

NOFX Calling It A Day In 2023

NOFX have announced that 2023 will be their final year as a band.

In addition, this will mark their 40th year as a band, which is just an accomplishment in itself.

The band have released, 15 full length records, 17 EP’s and loads more.

Fat Mike replied to a fan confirming the news asking why the don’t tour Canada.

“Actually, We love Canada, it;s just that next year will be our last year. We will be announcing our finals shows soon.It’sn an amazing run…”

Daily Insanity Announce Split, Reveal Final Touring Plans

Bittersweet news from German old school thrashers DAILY INSANITY. In a statement on their website and social media channels the trio announced the end of the band:

“All things must come to and end. As hard as it is to write these words, we are announcing the end of DAILY INSANITY! A decision that has not been made lightly, but we feel it’s the right move to end the band on a high note. We just started our „The Final Crusade“ Farewell Tour which will bring the band to as many places as possible. We know that this tour doesn’t reach all of you, but we have done our best to fit what we can into this window of time. The full list of 2022 dates is announced and the tour is expected to continue in 2023. It’s going to be one hell of a farewell party at these concerts! Do not miss this chance, because there will be no next time!”

DAILY INSANITY put out what would be their final album “Chronicles Of War” in 2021, followed by a single called “Doomed” in June 2022.

For the people who liked the music of DAILY INSANITY, main songwriter Gene has some good news:
DAILY INSANITY was an absolutely incredible chapter of our lives. But over time perspectives and people change. It’s time to embark to a new chapter. And as many already know, since 2021 Felix and me are working on our new heavy metal project VEIL OF THE SERPENT, with which we will release A LOT of great music in the future. So keep an eye on that!”

In June the band started their „The Final Crusade Tour“ with which the band offers one last chance for fans to experience their crushing live performances. The full list of 2022 dates is below and the tour is expected to continue in 2023.

Check out the tour dates below.

09.09.2022 DE – Berlin, Slaughterhouse
16.09.2022 DE – Hamburg, Logo
17.09.2022 DE – Rostock, Alte Zuckerfabrik
14.10.2022 PL – Zagan, Klub Elektrownia
15.10.2022 DE – Magdeburg, Damned Souls
28.10.2022 DE – Jena, Rosenkeller
29.10.2022 CZ – Mlada Boleslav, Farářova Sluj
03.11.2022 DE – Nordhorn, Rockcafe The Dude
04.11.2022 BE – Eernegem, B52 Music Club
05.11.2022 DE – Cologne, Blue Shell
09.12.2022 DE – Lübeck, Rider’s Cafe
10.12.2022 DE – Wismar, Fellfresse
26.12.2022 PL – Szczecin, Krzywy Gryf
27.12.2022 PL – Slupsk, Motor Rock Pub
28.12.2022 PL – Poznan, Nowe Amore
29.12.2022 DE – Berlin, Slaughterhouse

As It Is Part Ways With Bassist Alistair Testo

As It Is have announced that they have parted ways with bassist Alistair Testo.

Ali joined the band back in 2014. He played on all of the band’s full-lengths since, the last being this year’s ‘I WENT TO HELL AND BACK’.

The band had this to say about the departure:

“It’s with only love in our hearts that we announce Ali’s departure from As It Is. You’ll be so missed, brother. Thank you for it all.”

And Ali had this to say in his own message to fans:

“Hi everyone, A note to let you know that I am leaving As It Is. The interruption that happened to all our lives over the last couple of years afforded me a chance to reflect on my priorities and gave me change in perspective.

I have loved the journey that being a part of As It Is has taken me on and I have nothing but love for all involved. However, alongside the good times and dream moments is a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

As we emerged from the pandemic and started touring again the motivation and love was not as strong as it once was. It became clear to me that I wasn’t willing to make the same sacrifices as before and I came to the conclusion that it was time to call it a day.

Thanks for a wild ride. It’s been emotional. Ali.”

A Day To Remember’s Josh Woodard Leaves The Band

A Day To Remember’s Josh Woodard has announced that he has left the band.

You can read the full statement below.

“In the summer of 2020, I released a statement addressing false allegations that were made against me online. At the time, with the pandemic and my daughter on the way, I personally decided to pause legal proceedings against the accuser once the post was removed.

These accusations have unfortunately resurfaced within the last few days, and I must act accordingly. It is not fair to my bandmates and brothers to be attached to or targeted because of any of this, so I have made the decision to step down from my position in the band as of today. I will be leaving tour to be with my family and continue to defend my innocence in these matters.

I know who I am and who I am not. I admit, wholeheartedly, that I am not a perfect person and I have made mistakes in life. I strive every day I am given to be a better person, husband, bandmate and friend.

I appreciate those who supported me and defended my name against the lies being spread, and I am sorry to those who have been negatively affected by them. This decision is the furthest thing from what I want, but it is unfortunately what is best. Being a member of ADTR has been the greatest honour and I am so thankful for the past 18 years.”

Loathe Part Ways With Connor Sweeney

Loathe have announce they have parted ways with Connor Sweeney (Guitar).

Sweeney was one of the founding members of the band and has played on all of their recordings to date.

Loathe have released this short statement on their socials:

“Loathe regretfully announce the departure of Connor Sweeney. We would like to thank Connor for his contributions and commitment to Loathe over the years and wish him the best in his future endeavours.”

And Connor has released this much longer statement:

“Hello internet. Today I can’t believe I’m saying this, but with the largest stone in my throat and a leaden heart, I’ve decided to part ways with Loathe. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported me in this band and in music as it means everything to me. Without music i wouldn’t be alive. Seriously. ⁣

I am not dead musically as I have something I’m working on, that I will be putting what’s left of my heart and soul into after what has been a harrowing ordeal this past year. ⁣

I thought some things might have changed with time within the band but unfortunately in this case things continued to stay the same. So as to preserve my own well being and mental health I have decided to leave. ⁣

Thank you to all who have ever been there in any and every way, It really really does mean more than I could ever describe. I WILL be back with new music and hopefully playing shows again once all is ready. ⁣

A massive thank you to Ryan Richards for being the greatest manager and making my personal dreams a reality.⁣

Another massive thank you to Zack McAdam, Lewis Chalmers and Josh Singh for always being such amazing people and crew to work with.⁣

Thank you for reading.⁣


Black Peaks Have Broken Up

UK four piece Black Peaks have regrettably announced they’ve called it a day and ended the band.

They shared the news in a statement published via their social channels, citing that they “have reached a point where we don’t feel we can continue in a way that is healthy for us.”

You can read the full statement below.

“The time has come to bring Black Peaks to its close. Over the past 4 years, we have dealt with some incredibly hard and demanding situations which we have done our absolute best to work through. Unfortunately, we have reached a point where we don’t feel we can continue in a way that is healthy for us.

To you, our fans, friends, and family. Thank you for being the greatest support network we could’ve ever hoped for. We have achieved things that we never thought would be possible when we began this journey. So, for supporting our vision, we owe you our utmost gratitude.

A special thank you to our team, who we believe to be some of the best in business. It has been our pleasure to learn from and grow with these wonderful humans over the last 10 years and we couldn’t have done it without them.

All our love,
Joe, Liam, Will & Dave.”

Black Peaks formed in 2012 initially under the name of Shrine and then changed their name after the release of their debut EP, ‘Closer To The Sun’ in 2014.

They then went on to release two full length records, ‘Statues’ (2016) and ‘All that Divides’ (2018) where they performed a livestream which released as a live record, ‘Live At The Brighton Centre’ earlier in 2021.

Lotus Eater Split Following Allegations Against Frontwoman Paul Collins

Lotus Eater have now disbanded following the allegations against Paul Collins (Vocals).

The frontman was accused by testimonies from ​‘Survivor A, B and C’ on social media account Surviving Paul Collins of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, rape, threats and more, where the band have responded to these allegations on July 9th 2021 saying that, ​“Paul Collins is no longer a member of Lotus Eater.”

Soon after that, the remaining members of Lotus Eater – Cameron Humphrey and Aiden Cooper have put an end to the band, posting a short statement that read: ​“Lotus Eater 2016 – 2021. Gloom Worldwide, thank you for everything.” 

The band were set to release their debut record, ‘Where the Body Goes’ later this month via Hopeless Records.

It looks as though the Lotus Eater social media accounts have since been deleted.

The now former frontman of Lotus Eater, Paul Collins has responded against the allegations which have been fired at him, writing the he will be “revising these statements and addressing them thoroughly”, and is taking legal action.

Counterparts Part Ways With Blake Hardman (Guitar)

It looks as if Counterparts have parted ways with their guitarist, Blake Hardman, who has publicly announced his exit.

Hardman shared the news of his departure via Twitter, which you can view below.

“I am no longer a part of Counterparts. Thank you to everyone who supported me and the records I was a large part of. The memories and friends I made playing in the band will be cherished forever.

I have 4 tracks I was gonna use for the newer record that I will probably just track vocals for and post somewhere for anyone who’s interested in hearing em’.”

Hardman originally filled in as their bass player for the band briefly in 2014, during which time he was a member of Hundredth. He joined the band as a full time member on guitar from 2016.

As Hardman mentioned in his tweets, Counterparts are preparing to head into the studio soon to begin tracking their seventh album which is the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Nothing Left To Love’.

More details on the further output from Counterparts will be confirmed as they develop.