Lurk Drop New Single, ‘Dark Humor’

Chicago  LURK, have announced a brand new EP, ‘Natural Causes’ sent for release on 16th June 2023 via Pure Noise Records. 

The first single, ‘Dark Humor’ is a rhythmical punk rock track about the toxicity of online culture.

“This song is about how toxic of a place the internet can be. It can be addicting yet so terrible for your mental health.” says the band.  “People act as if they’re shielded from reality when they engage with others on social media but forget that they are talking with real people and that there are real consequences for words.  At the same time, there’s this hive mind mentality where people encourage or influence each other to keep that behavior going. Oftentimes what might start out with someone seeking justice and perhaps being in the right, will turn into that person being just as wrong. It’s cop behavior. “

The EP is 6 powerful tracks that showcase the bands raw punk rock spirit but with grooves and hooks that will surely capture the attention of fans of The Hives, TV On the Radio or Iggy Pop.

“We couldn’t be more proud of this EP as a whole. I truly think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done from the songs to the lyrics to the artwork. The songs are raw and full of energy yet remain catchy and full of hooks which is really the goal of our songwriting.  We really focused on the kind of production we were after and the vibe we wanted to create with this release which resulted in some more raw sounds and darker themes. I think on Natural Causes we were able to balance everything we’re about while calling back to some of the things that influenced us to start this band.”

Check out the video for ‘Dark Humour’ below.

And Announces New EP, ‘Sewerstar’, Drops New Single, ‘DTF’

Following their main stage Slam Dunk slot at the weekend, ZAND has announced their new EP, ‘Sewerstar’ – and shared single ‘DTF’.

‘Sewerstar’ is set to be released on July 20.

The new single, ‘DTF’ just dropped which ZAND has described as “an unhinged, orgasmic and obnoxious proclamation of self lust. Lyrically and sonically. Obviously.”

The new EP features previous the single, ‘Battery Acid’. 

Speaking of the new EP and how it fits into their overall mindset and belief in being wildly and weirdly individual, ZAND has said:

“Sometimes I just want to be dumb and write a song about having a wank.”

“I think to myself, ‘What can I do to sonically make this fucking unhinged?’ It goes so much further than just the subject matter, it’s all about the sonic elements and the production and the sounds that I pick and choose coming together.”

Check out the full ‘SEWERSTAR’ EP track listing and artwork below.

DESCENT (intro) 



Battery Acid 

I Spit On Your Grave 



ZAND will be hitting the road on their first ever headline tour – see the full dates below.

25th June – Summersad Festival: Milan, Italy 

21st July – Standon Calling: Hertfordshire, UK 

26th August – Reading Festival: Reading, UK 

27th August – Leeds Festival: Leeds, UK 

11th September – Madame Lou’s: Seattle, WA, USA 

12th September – Doug Fir Lounge: Portland, OR, USA 

14th September – Café Du Nord: San Francisco, CA, USA 

15th September – The Echo: Los Angeles, CA, USA 

16th September – SoulBelly BBQ: Las Vegas, NV, USA 

19th September – Globe Hall: Denver, CO, USA 

22nd September – 7th Street Entry: Minneapolis, MN, USA 

23rd September – Beat Kitchen: Chicago, IL, USA 

26th September – Kung Fu Necktie: Philadelphia, PA, USA 

27th September – DC9: Washington, DC, USA 

28th September – Elsewhere Zone One: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Mandi Crimmins Releases New Hyper-Confessional Mental Health EP, ‘BORDERLINE’

Mandi Crimmins is the chaotically-relatable rockstar you’ve been searching for. This Los Angeles-based Berklee grad is known for her vulnerable raw lyrics and unhinged pop hooks that draw the listener in. Mandi suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and does not hide that, but instead uses it to connect and relate to listeners also struggling with mental illness. Her fierce authenticity has garnered her a cult following of 40k on TikTok, with the mental health community rallying behind every release. 

Since moving to Los Angeles from her hometown in Massachusetts, Mandi has developed her sound into a raw gritty realness that’s an addiction to hear. This gained the attention of alt-rock band The Haunt, who has served as a main collaborator of Mandi’s since. 

On the new EP, ‘BORDERLINE’, Mandi shares, “While I was in the process of writing the EP, I actually ended up getting diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Writing to me is therapeutic and usually whatever is weighing on my mind most comes out during the writing session. After I finished the EP, I realized that I had been writing about my diagnosis before I even had it. They all perfectly described what it feels like to be in my head.”

Check out the Ep, ‘Borderline’ below.

Honey Gentry Reelases New EP, ‘Different Water’

Honey Gentry (ˈhʌni ˈʤɛntri) is an independent artist from London, UK.

Creating baroque pop for introverts, Honey’s work explores themes including escapism, dreams, and mythology. Entirely self-produced and recorded from the comfort of her bedroom, the artist manages to capture a free, honest and totally personal experience with her DIY, homemade music. 

Her new three-track EP, Different Water, sonically shimmers with dreamy, echoing synths, layered vocals and delicate piano melodies, delivering an overall celestial quality. Throughout the EP, listeners will find Space as a common theme with Honey confiding, “I think because that’s my preferred method of looking outward rather than inward; forwards instead of backwards.” This is evident in “Nebula” where Honey sings,

“Somewhere in space there’s a star being born / Nothing but dust and a desire to form.” Described as some of her favourite lyrics on the EP, the songwriter explains, “It’s all been said before but when you really think about the enormity and complexity of the universe we live in it puts small problems into perspective but also, lends life its profound meaning.” 

Check out the ‘Different Water’ EP below.

Yellowcard Release Brand New Track, ‘Childhood Eyes’

After recently announcing their forthcoming EP and two massive sets over the weekend at Slam Dunk Festival, Yellowcard have now released the project’s title track.

‘Childhood Eyes’ is set to be released on July 07 via their new label Equal Vision Records, and will be the first project from the Florida band since their self-titled record in 2016. 

Check out the video for ‘Childhood Eyes’ below.

Imperial Tide Announce Existence In Crisis EP

Imperial Tide have announced their new EP, Existence in Crisis, out August 18 via Mascot Records.

They have shared the new single “R.A.T.” where they say:

 “This track echoes the sentiment of the entire EP: ‘..if I light the match, I can set the fire,'” the band says. “This is our spark before we set the world ablaze. The chorus’ riff rips, while the punk influenced verses bring a consistent energy that makes you wonder what’s next. The song culminates with quite possibly the heaviest moment on the EP, our guitarist Keene’s vocals bring a level of grit we haven’t touched yet.”

As for the EP, the band shares, “Existence in Crisis is the reflection of the world around us, and our space we create in. The songs are a breath of fresh air without re-writing the history of the band. We put the songs together over a period of time that was filled with unrest, personally and socially. We had to say something about what we were seeing and the issues that were so blatantly present. At our core we aren’t afraid to ask questions or push back on the things we don’t agree with. The EP is our first step into pushing ‘Tide in a way that separates us from the standard product that our genre seems to revert to.”

Check out “R.A.T” below.

Hardcore Band Teeth Let Out Their Most Violent Truths On New EP, ‘A Biblical Worship Of Violence’

The debut EP from Hamilton, ON, hardcore band TEETH is an ode to the ache of change. It’s a snapshot of a moment in time where the band members were all going through dark shifts in their personal lives that forced them to see life through the lens of true pain and discomfort.

They knew they needed to create something so visceral and honest to articulate what they’d been going through while also giving themselves the opportunity to speak on the state of this world. Division, compulsion, etc. – an unjust intrinsic gravitational pull toward cruelty and brutality. A Biblical Worship of Violence is a commentary on the most volatile conventions of human beings.

Check out the EP, ‘A Biblical Worship Of Violence’ in full via your preferred streaming service.

Check out the music video for ‘We Eat Our Young’ below.

Yellowcard Announce New EP, ‘Childhood Eyes’

Yellowcard are well and truly back!

The band have announced a new 5-track EP which will features guest vocals from Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veiland Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional and is set for release on July 07 via Equal Vision Records.

The artwork looks like this:

And in a message to fans on social media, the band said “We feel like these 5 songs represent the Yellowcard sound that fans know and love in the best possible way. We are so honored to be partnering with Equal Vision for this new chapter of our career.”

The title track will be released on May 31st and can be pre-saved via the following link.

London Experimental Songwriter / Producer feeo Announces New EP, ‘Ah, Hunger!

Experimental songwriter and producer feeo has recently announced the new EP Ah, Hunger! set to be released on June 1st 2023. This follows on from the 2021 debut EP feels like we’re getting older doesn’t it.

Iris’ is the latest taste of the forthcoming project which you can listen to below.

“‘Iris’ is a letter to a friend. While Iris is away exploring the natural world, sky and sea, I find myself in the confines of a city, chasing dreams rooted in ambition. The song is a reflection on my shifting desires as I moved into adulthood, as I found myself yearning to witness the world in technicolour; yet chose to stay and attempt to create something permanent.” 

Channelling a unique combination of styles and influences, feeo’s practice revolves around a principle of immersive storytelling, and a focus on the tension between micro and macro narratives. This is especially important with regard to the EP as a whole: 

“Each song in ‘Ah, hunger!’ depicts an encounter with hunger in the form of an entity, an anthropomorphised representation of human desires or needs. I formatted them in this way after a lot of research into transactional relationships between humans and deities across various pagan/ folk practices, specifically inspired by the tension lying between prayer and sacrifice.”

Alt-Rock Trio Krooked Tongue Release New EP, ‘Deathproof’

Bristol-based rock trio Krooked Tongue have dropped their second studio EP Deathproof, released May 5th 2023.

The EP’s previous two singles Lupines and Velociraptor were championed by the likes of Ones To Watch, Loudwire, Louder Than War Radio, Sirius XM and BBC Introducing Bristol and have seen the band go on to secure slots at festivals such as Icebreaker, Burn It Down and Estonia’s Tallinn Music Week.

Their upcoming second EP Deathproof perfectly highlights the band’s evolution; there’s a refreshed maturity to their songwriting and an evident progression in their sound. Fusing punchy, melodic bass riffs, searing lead guitar lines, thundering Seb Granger inspired drum sounds and the cool, collective swagger of Rainsford’s catchy vocals, Deathproof is without doubt their strongest work to date.

Discussing their new direction, the band state, “‘Deathproof’ as a body of work is our best to date, it’s been a gradual evolution. Like altering the DNA ever so slightly to ultimately create a more pronounced shift. It’s still our sounds and our values but the songs are progressing in a more fleshed out way. They sound better. Everything is more exciting to create each time. 2022 was our first proper year as a full fledged band and it was crazy how fulfilling it was, but this EP is the catalyst in springboarding us in a new direction of being a more refined outfit.”

Alongside the EP’s release came its title track Deathproof which spearheads the frustration of an ever changing world with an explosive message that cries out with a big ‘fuck you’ to the everyday rhetoric and media influence.

“‘Deathproof’ is the sort of tune that feels like the climax of our newer tunes. It’s got that ‘grand finale’ energy. Lyrically, it ruminates on my outlook on the state of the world currently. Bad people disguised as good people, normal people being used and pitted against each other. The instinct to know there’s something, many things off kilter with the direction modern society is heading. I think it relates to people. If nothing else, we hope this EP helps to feed into your feelings, or helps you forget about all that noise and just enjoy the music”, explains vocalist and lyricist Oli Rainsford. 

Check out the EP, ‘Deathproof’ below.

Teri Gender Bender Releases ‘Catspeak’ EP

The cheerful and carefree melody of Teri Gender Bender’s new single ‘Nicole Speaks Out’ is contrary to the actual theme of the song. It’s about a daughter speaking up and using her voice “…like a lioness, defying the chaos and madness of the abusive circus that had become her family. In the midst of the cacophony, she stood as a beacon of defiance, an absurdist hero in a world gone mad.” The track addresses abusive relationships, starting with the tragic words, “The stare is made by my father / And he takes it towards my mother / As she looks away.” It’s Teri’s way of speaking about internalised family abuse. “It is so sad,” she explains, “when abuse within a family becomes so normalized that even when you are free from it, it still feels as if you have no right to happiness.” “But today,” she muses “I am surrounded by people who respect me and my art. It was not always the case, particularly not when I was young. Maybe,” she adds laughing, “it’s part of life. You always have to fight for your vision, especially when people don’t believe in it.”

‘Nicole Speaks Out’ features on Teri’s new EP ‘CATSPEAK’, out via Clouds Hill. ​​The first of a pair with ‘OUTSIDERS’ EP on the way in July, all tracks were completely self-written and self-performed by the Mexican multi-instrumentalist. The releases continue an impressive series of EPs that started with the stunning 10-EP ‘COMPLEXIFY’ collection in August 2022 and was followed by a first duo ‘SATURN SEX’ / ‘STATE OF FEAR’ at the tail end of 2022. 

Teri has also been releasing a series of electrifying live videos as she prepares to hit the road with The Mars Volta in the US, Mexico, the UK and Europe this May / June. 

Stream the EP, ‘CATSPEAK’ via your preferred streaming service.

Check out the touring dates for Teri Gender Bender Below

(supporting The Mars Volta):

May 2023

13th – Tempe, Marquee Theatre (US) 

14th – El Paso, Abraham Chavez Theatre (US) 

16th – San Antonio, Tech Port Center & Arena (US) 

18th – New Orleans, Orpheum Theatre (US)

19th – Houston, 713 Music Hall (US)

24th – Mexico City, Pepsi Center WTC (MX)

Europe & the UK:

June 2023

13th – Paris, La Maroquinerie (FR)

14th – Antwerp, OLT* (BE)

16th  – Glasgow, Barrowland (UK)*

17th  – Manchester, O2 Apollo Manchester (UK)*

18th  – London, Troxy (UK)*

20th  – Hamburg, Nochtspeicher (DE)

23rd  – Prague, Café v Lese (CZ)

24th  – Berlin, Verti Music Hall (DE)*

25th  – Cologne, Blue Shell (DE)

*opening for The Mars Volta

Tokky Horror Release New EP, ‘KAPPACORE’

Punk collective TOKKY HORROR have dropped their huge, addictive and chaotic brand new EP ‘KAPPACORE‘, via Venn Records.

In celebration of the release, the band have their new single ‘MAXINE’. 

Speaking about the new single the band said, “Maxine is a perfect example of collaboration breathing new life into an idea. We’d been sat on the instrumental version for over a year, and wasn’t until we got into the studio with Blazer that it really came into its own. We wanted to capture the atmosphere of rave culture but play it as a band. It’s got all the breaks, bass lines, stabs that a rave track would carry. It’s just done live”

Check out ‘MAXINE’ below.

On the EP, the band say:

Speaking about the EP the band said, “This is the last thing we’ll put out before disappearing to record our album. It’s road tested, high energy material from the first era of Tokky Horror. We’ve wanted to meld breakbeats with visceral guitars as we usually do, but expanded our range of sampling further and pushed our weirdness at times, there’s less out-and-out riffs and more times where our love of Orbital and Aphex Twin shines through. It’s still a record for the punks, just not purists.”