State Of You Release New Single, ‘Bloody Party’

UK rock’n’roll upstarts State Of You have released a final taster of their self-titled debut EP, which is set for release this Friday. “’Blood Party’ came together very quickly and is a straight up party anthem,” says vocalist Steve Sitkowski. “It’s about wanting to get involved in life, to get hurt by it and to just accept the experience. I believe we only live once so now’s the time to listen to yourself and do whatever it is you want to do. Nick and I were working on the lyrics until 3AM on the day we recorded it. We were staying in a house we rented for the band and were both whisper-screaming lyrics to the instrumental demo playing when Max walked in. We both instantly apologised to him thinking we had woken him up but he just wanted some water. I thought we were in trouble at first, like two kids staying up late at a sleepover.” 

This new cut follows the release of State Of You’s massively entertaining music video for ‘The Perfect Storm’ where band members’ old lady alter egos embark upon a tea party with a difference. The song itself does explore a serious issue as Sitkowski explains it’s “about living with undiagnosed ADHD for most of my life and the destructive relationships I’ve been in because of that. I was constantly using drugs to get away from myself and being in a dark place most of the time – That feeling of not belonging, being incapable of functioning in the real world and not being able to figure out why.”

Check out the video for ‘Blood Party’ below.

Idle Hours Release Debut EP, ‘The Fourth Wall’

Recently Manchester based Idle Hours have dropped their debut EP, ‘The Fourth Wall’.

With quizzical and assuring social commentary, Idle Hours culminates the sense of cruising rhythm with oncoming jagged guitar and melody. Pulled together from four distant English towns, the band’s garage rock sensibilities have already bagged them slots alongside the likes of The Lounge Society, Keg, The Rills and Silverbacks, in addition to several of their own sold-out hometown headline shows.

Marking their first major body of work, ‘The Fourth Wall’ showcases their flexibility and uniqueness in sound and character. Spearheaded by the driving, motorik-infused rhythms of ‘French Disconnection’ and ‘Souvenirs’, to the melodic ‘Made Flesh’, and infectious‘Televangelist’,  the group’s introduction to the indie landscape has certainly generated widespread acclaim (Gigwise, Clash, Beats Per Minute).

Check out the EP, ‘The Fourth Wall’ via the following link.

All Ears Avow Announce ‘Feel The Push’ EP, Release Title Track

Swindon’s All Ears Avow have recently released a soaring melodic single for which they are swiftly becoming known. ‘Feel The Push’ is, ultimately, about depression but offers a message of hope. As vocalist and guitarist Claire Sutton says: “It’s written as a sort of message to anyone suffering, from the perspective of having come through it to the other side and offering this message of hope. That even though someone is in pain and finding it hard right now they will get through it and into the light. The song is full of angst and pain both musically and lyrically, but ends with this almost euphoric sense of making it out alive.”

The track will combine with previously released ‘Be That Nothing’, ‘L.O.V.E.’, ‘Asleep At The Wheel’ and several brand new compositions to comprise a new EP, also titled ‘Feel The Push’. The collection will be self released by the band on 21 October. 

Sutton says: “This EP has been the biggest labour of love for us and something we’ve been working on for the last two years, mostly throughout lockdowns like so many other artists at the moment. The main thing that glues this EP together is the message and lyrical journey, which is a reflection of what everyone has been through since 2020. The last two years have been absolutely mental for society. There’s been the pandemic, riots, toilet roll shortages, catastrophic wild fires, Russia invading Ukraine, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone’s either been desperately trying to keep themselves afloat or they’ve been in complete denial that the public hysteria we’ve been experiencing so much of is of our own making. And that’s what this EP is about. We decided to name the EP ‘Feel The Push’ after the closing track, because it encompasses the message that when life or the world gives you a nudge or a push, you shouldn’t ignore it. In other words, when everything is going catastrophically wrong maybe we should look at it.”

Check out ‘Feel the Push’ below.

Anberlin Announce ‘Silverline’ EP Via Equal Vision Records

Celebrating over twenty years as a band, Anberlin are gearing up to start the second half of 2022 on a strong note. Today the band announces their signing to Equal Vision Records and their new EP, Silverline, set for release on July 29th. Silverline marks their first new collection of music in 8 years, following 2014’s Lowborn. Anberlin gave fans an early taste of new music last year with the standalone release of “Two Graves” and follow that up today with “Circles”. “Circles” is an anthemic track about how hard it can be to find ourselves when we feel lost, and how discovering hope can feel impossible. The song starts with a graceful, slow build before soaring into the chorus highlighted by intense drums and Stephen Christian’s signature vocals. 

Writing and recording Silverline was a very collaborative and do-it-yourself experience for the band. Entering Feral Sound Studios in Tampa, FL, the band self-produced the EP alongside help from friends Tim McTague (of Underoath), Chad Carouthers, and JJ Revell. The five songs on the album showcase the band’s penchant for creating incredible alternative rock, filled with engaging tempo changes and thoughtful lyrics. Silverline is available for pre-order now through Equal Vision Records.

Stream ‘Circles’ via your preferred service.

Ciel Sign To Jazz Life, Announce New EP

Brighton genre-bending trio CIEL sign to Jazz Life (Blood Red Shoes, Tigercub, Circe), announce ‘Not In The Sun, Nor In The Dark’ EP, set for release October 7th, and share brand new single ‘Baby Don’t You Know’ out now.

Newly-signed to the cult Brighton indie label, and drawing influences from fuzzy indie rock, goth and shoegaze, CIEL have fast become one of the buzziest acts on the indie circuit, with a BBC 6 Music playlisting spot for EP lead single ‘Fine Everything’ followed by an acclaimed set on the BBC 6 Music stage at The Great Escape Festival, alongside fellow rising acts Opus Kink and Deadletter.

Speaking ahead of their single release, frontwoman Michelle Hindriks revealed: “‘Baby Don’t You Know’ is about the routine of an unbalanced relationship. I am so excited to finally release this track into the world. I think it’s the closest to a conventional pop structured song we’ve written so far and the way it was recorded really captures the moment we were at as a band. 

Jorge broke his wrist just a few days before going into the studio and I just switched from playing guitar to bass for the band for the first time, as we became a 3 piece. Despite the circumstances, we were really inspired and excited about our new music and recorded this song really on the spot”.

Stream ‘Baby Don’t You Know’ via your preferred service.

Abbie Ozard Releases New EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’

Manchester’s Abbie Ozard releases new EP ‘Water Based Lullabies’ today via House Anxiety(Genesis Owusu, carpetgarden, Bad Boy Chiller Crew; formerly King Krule, Courtney Barnett, Vagabon). It’s an eclectic, invigorating 7-track collection that establishes Abbie as one of the buzziest rising stars in the UK right now.  

Throughout the EP Abbie experiments with her distinct, characterful indie-pop sound. Downtempo single ‘Grown’ set the foundations for an evolution in approach, born out of Abbie’s own personal and musical development, and anthemic singles ‘Pisces’ and ‘Rose Tinted’ take things to explosive new levels. Moving beyond bedroom origins, listeners can trace elements inspired by the likes Phoebe BridgersWolf Alice or Folklore/Evermore without losing her ear for a life-affirming hook. “I love that no two of my singles are sounding the same in this era,” Abbie explains, “The last thing I want to be is predictable. I feel like genre isn’t really a thing anymore and when I remind myself of that I feel like I can express myself creatively and have the freedom to make whatever music I want.” 

The ‘Water Based Lullabies’ EP is now via House Anxiety, available on all platforms, plus on limited edition 12-inch vinyl with exclusive fanzine bundle available to order now via the following link and check out the EP, ‘Water Based Lullabies’ via your preferred streaming service.

Rolo Tomassi Announce ‘Closer (The Edits)’ EP

ROLO TOMASSI hare announced ‘Closer (The Edits)’EP, set for release on 5th August. The EP contains newly edited versions of the bands single ‘Closer’, which is taken from from their critically acclaimed album ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’ that was released back in February earlier this year. The band teamed up with Daniel Avery and ATTLAS  and Ki Oni & Luke Elliot for the new edits.

On working this edit and remix project, the band said “It was great to get the opportunity to have an artist like Daniel Avery produce this edit of the track. We’re big fans of his own work so jumped at the chance to have him work on it. Similarly with  ATTLAS, who has taken take ‘Closer’ and opened it up to a whole new audience with his incredible remix. It’s just so exciting to hear these other artists take elements from our songwriting and make something entirely new.”

Check out the Daniel Avery edit of ‘Closer’ below

Sophie Powers Releases Debut EP, ‘Red In Revenge’

Spending the last year cultivating a unique blend of punk and hyper pop, 17 year old artist Sophie Powers has just released her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Red In Revenge,’ now available via Set Records. Brimming with the spellbinding energy of her unique ‘hyper-punk’ hybrid and unique artistic vision, the collection is accompanied by the new release official music video for focus track ‘Breakup On The Weekend,’ co-directed and styled by Sophie herself. 

The seven song collection includes stellar collaborations including ‘1 Thing’ with Kellin Quinn, which continued Sophie’s on-going conversation surrounding youth mental health; rock anthem ‘Greed,’ featuring fast-rising alternative singer/rapper DE’WAYNE; and ‘Clearview’ which features tour mate NOAHFINNCE. Her recent single ‘U Love It’ featuring rapper $atori Zoom laminated her unique hyper-punk genre. In addition to fan favourite ‘Life Goes On!!,’ Sophie has released two brand new tracks, ‘See Me!!’ and focus single ‘Breakup On The Weekend.’

The song’s title summarizes my experience during the ending of a boring relationship,” Sophie shares about her new single. “In the song I explain how they were a good person, but just never wanted to do anything other than the two of us. I’m a very outgoing person and even though they say “opposites attract”, being in a relationship with someone more introverted than I was, was super hard. It’s a very real thing feeling stuck, and gathering the courage to move on from something/ someone that is dragging you down. ‘Breakup On The Weekend’ has a deep story behind its simple title and relatability, and for that reason I’m proud of myself for writing it.” 

Check out the video for ‘Breakup On The Weekend’ below.

Stream the EP via your preferred streaming service.

London Based Fransis Release First Single From Upcoming EP

FRANSIS are a four-piece, London based alt/indie band made up of front woman and singer-songwriter Emma Withers, along with guitarists Alex Scott, Stefan Kotlarz and bassist Craig Rattray. Formerly known as Emma & the Idles, the band have been hailed as ‘Jessie J meets Joan Jett’, making a name for their balls to the wall approach to their sound and sharp songwriting style.

Reminiscent of Wolf Alice and Florence + The Machine, FRANSIS make music that smacks you in the face in a slightly different way, and whilst they float between genres of rock, indie, pop, soul and blues; they show an unrelenting penchant for dramatic, powerful and meaningful music. After busking on the streets of London and making a name for herself as a unique and energetic performer, powerhouse singer Withers decided to form a band to accelerate the sound she so desperately wanted, and boy did she get it. FRANSIS was born.

“Honeymoon” is the first single to be released off of their upcoming EP, which narrates a journey of womanhood. The story starts with “Honeymoon”, taking a fond look back on the sweetness of childhood rebellion and the sense of freedom and indestructibility you feel as a teen. Withers lyrically recounts stories from her formative years as her now adult self, sharing “It’s nice to have an uplifting sense of appreciation for my own personal experiences which have moulded me even if they didn’t seem so poignant or great at the time, how we know not what we have until it’s gone. With that being said there is nothing melancholy about this narrative, I have such a tenderness and affection for my teen self, an enjoyment to revisit her and a continuation of personal growth and one day looking back at myself now with a similar fondness.” Singing, “It was a honeymoon, a cocoon, feeling like someone new”, the music is driving yet ethereal with pop elements that will have you singing the hook all day long. 

Giving us a taste of what to expect from the EP, “Honeymoon” is just a hint of the outpour of emotion that they are forecasting. To celebrate their EP release, FRANSIS will be hosting their very own launch party at The Water Rats in London on 1st July 2022.

Check out the track, ‘Honeymoon’ below.

Gilt Drop ‘Conceit’ EP Via Smartpunk Records

GILT’s unique exploration of the dichotomy between brutally heavy music and ethereal melody is exemplified with their new EP ‘Conceit’. The collection is book-ended by impactful recent single Trophy Hunter’ (ft. Nat Lacuna of The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir) and the affecting Amethyst(ft. Shaolin G of Unity TX), which opens up the release. GILT’s poetic, emotion-drenched, post-hardcore stylings are further elevated by a series of guest vocalists on this release with the new tracks, out today, featuring turns from Syd Dolezal of Doll Skin (‘Small Hollow Bones’ – stemming from a repressed memory Ash had unlocked), Kind Eyes (‘The Shape of Tools’ – a diss track calling out every fake friend and industry insider who uses having stood next to greatness as a personality trait) and Carson Pace of Callous Daoboys (‘209’ – exploring the idea that the devil on your shoulder not even being excited you died).

‘Conceit’ as a whole explores the topic of grief in its entirety. It was recorded & mixed by Lee Dyess at Earthsound Studios and mastered by Matt Goings, with production consultation from Hansel Romero (Nightlife). “We’ve spent a lot of time as an emo band talking about grieving and addressing pain, but Conceit is the first material we’ve made since my father passed, and there’s simply no way for it to not be about that in almost every regard because it affects every part of my life,” explains vocalist Ash Stixx of the EP’s concept. “Each song is a vignette, a ‘conceit’ in the literary sense where one emotional reaction to death is explored, bolstered by guest vocalists who were each chosen for their ability to stretch our ideas beyond what we could physically do. The title is a double entendre, these are all poetic metaphors, but the feeling of righteous rage has never come through more and the marriage between those two in ‘Conceit’ is, to us, perfect.”

Having navigated topics of gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, and mental health in their music, GILT are all about empowering their community. The band put together a livestream event during the pandemic – SnipFest – which raised money for gender-affirming legal name changes for people across the US. Born in 2018, SnipFest’s first incarnation raised money for the top surgery of a friend of the band. Though GILT have been a band since 2017, their 2021 EP ‘In Windows, Through Mirrors’ was an introduction to their new direction with drummer Ash Stixx stepping up to vocal duties with finesse. 

Order the Conceit EP via the following link and stream it via your preferred service.