Northlane Announce Acoustic EP, ‘2D’

Aussie metalcore outfit Northlane have announced details of an acoustic EP, ‘2D’, which is set to be released on May 21st 2021 via UNFD.

Vocalist Marcus Bridge explains:

“Recording an acoustic EP is something that we’ve wanted to do for quite some time and felt right with the personal nature of the songs from ‘Alien’. I wanted to strip these songs back to the bare minimum to juxtapose the soundscapes of the album, a 2D version of sorts. A song like ‘Rift’ has a completely different energy in this context and took on new meaning with the recording in the depths of lockdown, now almost feeling like a cry of frustration and despair.”

You can check out the EP artwork, full track listing, and a stream of the acoustic version of ‘Rift’below.

01.) Bloodline (Acoustic)
02.) Rift (Acoustic)
03.) 4D (Acoustic)
04.) Enemy Of The Night (Acoustic)
05.) Sleepless (Acoustic)

Pre-orders for the EP are available via the label’s Webstore.

Vulgarithm Shares New EP, ‘Share In The 3rd Degree’

The Sharing Trilogy concludes with the 3rd and final EP in the series “Share in the 3rd Degree”. The 3 part musical evolution takes a darker, harder and on some occasions more surreal direction for this release. It sets up nicely the direction Vulgarithm will take when taking for the debut album, but for now this collection of songs should whet your appetite.

“Why did I have to make it rain?” starts us off with a musical bombardment of uncertainty and bounce, “Out my way!” shouts at everything and everyone, “Lenny!” is a celebration of resilience inspired by a 3 legged dog, “Cosmic Betrayal” creates a groove to relieve the strain of everyday life and the closing tracks “Rock Bottom” and “Top Of The Worlds (Not Long Now)” brings hope for those who have had the worst year imaginable that we shall see each other again.

All in all, the final EP is a far more accomplished collection of songs to round off the trilogy with.

Check out the EP below.

Check out the EP via:

Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Weezer.

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EP Review – Alma Grace – FRIDA

On May 5th, Mexican-American artist & activist Alma Grace is releasing her highly-anticipated debut EP, ‘FRIDA.’ The 4-song EP includes previous singles, “Girl Fight” and “Aventura,” as well as two brand new tracks, “Relámpago” and “Aztlán.”

Frida Kahlo is an artist who has inspired Alma Grace since childhood. She first learned about her through the Frida Kahlo-adorned matchboxes and coasters her Grandmother would bring over from Mexico City. As she grew older and started to learn more about Kahlo’s life, Grace became enthralled by the ways in which the Mexican painter redefined beauty standards and broke down the boundaries places on gender, race and sexuality. “In contrast to classmates and casting directors who criticized me for not being ‘white enough,’ Frida made me feel beautiful for my bushy eyebrows and black hair,” Grace writes. While the ‘FRIDA’ EP is certainly a project inspired by a feminist icon, it’s also an exploration of the ways in which Kahlo’s legacy has helped shape Grace into the woman and artist she is today.

When I listen to these songs, I hear my transformation from an angsty teen to a semi-independent young adult,” she writes of the EP. “It’s such a special project to me, and I knew that it had to be my artist introduction to the world.

Weaving Spanish and English lyrics throughout the EP as well as a blend of traditional latin sounds and modern pop melodies, Grace has created a beautiful ode to her bicultural roots. Her narrative-driven lyricism is enchanting, with each song delivering dual stories that tie back to both Kahlo and Grace’s lives. “Aventura” is an ode to adventure and affairs, something that Grace has always admired in Kahlo’s rich life. “Girl Fight” is a queer, feminist anthem that was inspired by Grace’s favorite Kahlo story: after her husband Diego Rivera cheated on her, she had an affair with the same woman. “Aztlan” is about the mythical homeland of the Aztec people and pays homage to both Grace and Kahlo’s ancestors. Lastly, “Relámpago” is all about coping with pain — the physical pain Kahlo suffered due to her near fatal bus accident and the emotional trauma Grace dealt with after being sexually assaulted. 

Alma Grace launched her music project last year with a string of buzzworthy singles. Her mixed musical influences are reflective of a globalized upbringing— she learned how to love from Selena, make witty comebacks from Shania Twain, and turn pain into art from Lauryn Hill. In addition to her budding music career, Grace has also performed on Broadway and Lincoln Center stages, been featured at Tribeca Film Festival, and acted in a multitude of films and TV shows. 

Despite only being 21 years old, the NYC born-and-raised songstress has also had an impressive career in social justice. As an activist, she attended her first protest at the age of 13, has volunteered with community-based organizations in Harlem, and has worked in both the Bronx and the U.S. Senate to defend immigrants facing deportation — a cause close to her heart as a second generation Mexican American. 

Aventura starts off slow to channel the energy in the opening track, dropping instantly into a flow of steady relaxation. Above all else the beats help you move along into quite a different listen to that of most artists.

Heading into Girl Fight, Alma Grace shows how beautiful a voice she has. The way she takes a regular track and uses her voice is just mesmerising. It’s as if you’re in a fixed trance and you just can’t stop listening to her music. The track is already an ear worm for myself and what I hope will happen is that everyone in the near future catches this because unlike most anthem tracks, it doesn’t take a lot to suck you into her world. A track which title partly means adventure in a double meaning with affair, this is one adventure you can’t skip under any circumstances.

Changing things up a little for the third offering ‘Aztlán’ it offers light relief blending her songwriting skills with a more relaxing instrumental backing to that of the first track on this release but there is still the enbodyment of the undertones to keep in line with the EP. This is absolutely the most mellow EP I’ve listened to in while and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Things get turned up more on Relámpago. It’s more in line with more popular structure of larger artists but Alma brings her unique ability to the table in full force which makes for good relief to that of the rest of the track listing on this one.

One thing that’s clear about the EP is that there’s a defined sound with FRIDA executes perfectly. It shows she’s an artist who’s fearless and confident in her capabilities and will stretch that creative ability whenever the means calls for her to do so.

If this is a stepping stone for Alma Grace then I will gladly await to hear what she has in store for us next because when that drops it will be thoroughly worth the wait.

Rating 4/5.

Check out the EP, ‘FRIDA’ via your preferred streaming service.

BLiND DRiVE Release Debut EP ‘Redemption’

Boston, MA’s BLiND DRiVE have just released their debut two-song EP ‘Redemption.’

“This EP consists of memoirs of cathartic yet beautiful stories of self-reflection in the hopes of redemption. We dug deep to bring you some music that makes us proud and we really hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.” – *Aaron Noj (vox)*

In the summer of 2020, BLiND DRiVE’s grungy quintet reunited in the small dusty shed outside Timslizz’s (drums) house in the south shore. They already established chemistry and an aggressive stage presence from past projects. This time their goal was to create a dynamic, original sound inspired by diverse punk/post-hardcore/rock influences; fused with their trademark bouncy, emotional flare.

Aaron (vox), still fresh off a cross country van trip, linked up with Jack (guitar), Joe (guitar), Nick (bass) and Timslizz with the goal of becoming their lead singer. His prolific songwriting and work ethic won the band over and their mutual wanderlust bonded them in their dreams of touring.

BLiND DRiVE currently practices at Kennedy Studios in Burlington, MA. They recorded their first 2 songs with Aaron’s mentor Matt Blanchette at Revelry Studios in Manchester, NH.

The band will be playing the songs live at the Cove in Burlington, VT with Shore Rites and Discount Face Tattoos on 5/29!


  1. Through Thin Air
  2. Redemption

Crashface Announce Debut EP, ‘Heavy Infectious’

UK up-and-coming band CRASHFACE have announced details of their debut EP, ‘Heavy Infectious’, out on June 25th 2021.

News of the EP follows the release of their latest two singles, ‘Molotov Smile’ and ‘Cold’, and this is what frontman Charlie Hinton had to say about it.

“This EP really encapsulates the growth we’ve experienced during hard times, both as a band and as people. Honestly, it’s so much bolder than what I anticipated we’d be doing after just a year of being a band, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s electric, it’s dramatic, and I love these songs dearly, but what’s better? This is just the start.”

Check out the Cover Art, Full Tracklisting, streams of the already released tracks as well as pre-order options below.

01.) ultraplasticplanetkiller
02.) Molotov Smile
03.) Loading Screen Infinity
04.) Cold
05.) You’re The Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me, Ever

Pre-orders aren’t available yet but are expected to be made soon.

Jeremy Hernandez Channels His Early Post-Punk/Synth-Pop Influences On Dreamy ‘Songs For Healing’ EP From His Latest Project EUPHORIICA

EUPHORIICA is the solo project of Jeremy Hernandez who has a past in punk bands such as Eye Ball Records’ Humble Beginnings and Fearless Records’ Near Miss. When quarantine lockdown began his current post-hardcore band Red Hymns had to put off rehearsals, shows and tours. This was the perfect opportunity to start Euphoriica and channel some of his early influences such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and New Order.

Synth washes, ethereal guitars, hypnotic grooves and emotional felt hooks make up Euphoriica. This solo endeavor started in the winter of 2020 during quarantine resulting in the debut EP “Songs For Healing,” now streaming everywhere.

“Songs for Healing” was mixed and mastered by John Naclerio (Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance and Brand New) at Nada Recording Studio in Montgomery NY.

Photography for the album cover by Frank Maddocks (Deftones, Linkin Park).

Stream the EP on DSP’s and buy the 7″ vinyl via the following link.

Check out ‘Tides’ below.

The video for the single “Tides” was shot and edited by Joseph Pelosi. Jeremy says, “We shot this video in Asbury Park NJ on a secluded beach on a cold mid-December day and 15 minutes into shooting while we were out on the jetty we were hit by a huge wave and got soaked, it was so cold and uncomfortable but at the same time a lot of fun.”

“Tides is the last song on my EP and to me this track speaks to me most. Lyrically it is about loss and missing someone.

I remember specifically writing the lyrics while on a beach in California. I was missing my Dad who I lost two years ago. There was a feeling of being at peace there, just staring at the waves and watching them flow. It was kind of hypnotic and I remember just wishing he were there with me.

I have a certain love for the ocean. There’s just a way the waves move that is so intriguing to me. The constant flow, the give and take. It’s so peaceful but so raging at the same time. This to me is a lot like life experiences sometimes bright and beautiful, sometimes dark and sad.

When I look back now at the words in the song it brings me back to how beautiful that day was but at the same time, I was empty and missing someone that was so special to me. I literally felt two opposite emotions at the same time and this is what inspired Tides.”

EP Review – Blitz Union – Not Proud

The majestic arrangement of Blitz Union’s latest EP, ‘Not Proud’ features the bands unique blend of rock and EDM elements with catchy vocal hooks and elevating synth leads

“Why do we still think that the human race is superior to all others? Nature can live without us, but we certainly can’t live without nature. Did we forget?”

Here is what Blitz Union says about the release:

“Not proud” is the main single from our same-titled second EP. This song sums up the message of the EP dealing with topics and questions around the relationship of humans and their environment, artificial vs. natural, human-made vs mother earth. With this release, You can again expect a fusion of hard-hitting rock elements and EDM hooks, which became the signature sound of our band Blitz Union lately.”

Since the band signed with the label Dreamstart Music 6 months ago, Blitz Union has seen a steady and constant rise in new listeners who turn into devoted fans around the world. Whether in the U.S., South America, Asia or all around Europe, the band’s most popular singles catch new fascinated listeners.

The band has had successful live shows in the past, playing at festivals and supporting bands like Oomph! regularly, and they can’t wait to go on tour again. With the release of the second EP ‘Not Proud’ and many more exciting releases, videos and hopefully live shows as well to come in 2021, the band is just warming up to conquer the hearts of even more fans of their music.

Every concert of the Blitz Union is a reunion of their supporters and those who want to join. And every time the giant guy dressed all in black and wearing a Blitz Union mask hiding his eyes walks through the audience and scans everyone making sure they are eligible to join… one thing is for sure: nobody is questioning their story… and everybody is ready for a change… ready to be the change.

To use the band’s wording: “Are you ready for a change? Join the Blitz Union!”

Kicking off the EP with the track, ‘TV’, you immediately hear the techno rock vibe, where if you think Crossfaith but a little less hard but more lyrically driven with that guitar is being more specially aware but in places more subtle.

Heading into ‘Money Crazy World’ there’s more of the feel of the opener but more of a dance feel. It has a defined beat where you can’t help but imagine this would be amazing in a club setting but some of the lyrics definitely in tune with the title. When it comes to a head, the influx of more hardcore aspect comes out to play if only for a moment but it brings out so much more in the band where you are overcome with an all out assault to give you the inspiration of that cathartic release of energy which is well and truly need.

‘Human Robot’ is just one of those alternative tracks that’s hard to forget about. By now, Blitz Union have introduced you to their world and genre they’ve seemingly created and all but mastered but here, they give you a track that’s too hard to ignore because of its brilliance. The synthetic and huge sounds they’ve derived is the standout of the EP so far.

‘Plastic’ is still building the world and pulls you in to a more vastly thought out cyberpunk synth world you want more of. In addition I have to mention the lyrical aspect of the EP. It’s leaps ahead of what some artists write where they’re having pops left, right and centre about the way of living of the modern era and’Plastic’ encapsulates this in a way which is brilliantly done where they address themselves as the plastic, they make us listen to what we as humans are doing while taking this all this amazing music in.

Sometimes with an EP, the music runs its course a few tracks in but the title track still rakes you into the world that’s created by Blitz Union in such a different way because you want more from this world because there’s seemingly no shortage of inspiration and ideas. Lastly for this track, when the echo of the track in the final third mixed with the bass and drums comes into things it’s a little disappointing they don’t make it more of an anthem but the alternative choice with the harmonic guitar pays off just as well.

Not Proud is a stunning and provocative body of work in which people must listen to because in a world where this amount energy needs to be released and in this time of the world, it’s more crucial than ever to get back to a world that gives and much as this EP does.

Rating: 4/5.

The EP, ‘Not Proud’ is available to listen to right now!

Check it out via your preferred streaming service.

Drug Church Announce New EP, ‘Tawny’, Release Title Track

Everyone’s favourite punk rock agitators, Drug Church, have returned. Today the Albany/Los Angeles-based band announced Tawny: a new four-song EP due out June 25th from Pure Noise Records that acts as a bridge from their 2018 LP, Cheer, to Drug Church‘s impending fourth full-length. Cheer was acclaimed by both fans and critics alike (including praise from the likes of StereogumNoiseyRevolverBrooklynVegan, and more), and with Tawny the band push their blend of hardcore aggression and massive, ’90s-indebted hooks even further.

Drug Church have also shared the EP’s title track, a towering wall of heavy guitars and pummeling drums with an anthemic climax that hints at the band’s ever-expanding songwriting toolbox. Never one to flinch at the darker corners of the human condition, vocalist Patrick Kindlon’s lyrics remain as vitriolic as ever. “People are so happy to not be in the guillotine, they’ll cheer at anyone else’s execution,” he says. “I’ve about had it with that.”

Listen to Tawny below.

Tawny is comprised of Drug Church‘s crushing 2020 single “Bliss Out,” a cover of Arcwelder’s “Remember To Forget,” and two brand new songs, “Tawny” and “Head-Off,” which feature some of the band’s most dynamic songwriting to date. The tracks build on the most melodic moments of Cheer without losing any of the bite and energy that has made Drug Church so appealing to fans of heavy and catchy music alike. “Head-Off” opens the EP and immediately makes it clear that the band aren’t content to rest on their laurels. The song begins with a driving beat from drummer Chris Villeneuve while guitarists Nick Cogan and Cory Galusha weave unexpectedly shimmering guitar lines overtop of Pat Wynne’s propulsive bass; even Kindlon’s customary roar has taken a turn, with layered vocals and the singer’s cadences at their most instantly hooky. All of these melodic moments only serve to make Drug Church‘s sound even more combustable, and “Head-Off” and “Tawny” both erupt into immensely satisfying blasts of powerhouse guitars and Kindlon’s sardonic bark.

The EP closes with Drug Church‘s taut rendition of the Arcwelder song “Remember To Forget,” which again highlights the band’s growing melodicism while also nodding to their willingness to carry the torch for stubbornly outsider guitar music. “You don’t need to be the world’s best band to write a perfect song,” Kindlon says. “Arcwelder are guys who like playing guitar music. They had some small success at it. Still, this song has been in my head for a long time. And that’s a type of success that doesn’t get measured. We’re all gonna be erased when the sun expands. Chasing fame makes you dumber than you are.” 

Tawny is just the beginning of the surprises Drug Church have up their sleeve, and luckily, with LP4 coming soon, listeners won’t have to wait long to hear more. 

Pre-order Tawny via the following link.

DIY Chaotic Creatives ‘Worm Hero’ and ‘Lure In’ Join Forces For A Split Record

In 2020 Worm Hero & Lure In made their marks in the United Kingdom’s underground Metal & Hardcore scenes – with Worm Hero’s mix of mathy avant-grind punk, as seen on releases such as “Eat It Up”, and Lure In’s constant genre-blending going from metalcore to ambient to drum & bass, all the way to shoegaze and post rock, as seen on releases such as “Subdued” and “Cynic / Agnostic”, and now in 2021 they’ve come together to create a split record. Both bands share one thing in mind, embrace chaotic creativity and reject genre normalities. This release is two bands throwing ideas and songs at a wall, to which you’d be hard-pressed to find anything similar in the UK’s current heavy music scene. 

The Worm Hero side of the split is heavily influenced by bands such as Some Girls, The Locust, and An Albatross. They take the noisy synth elements of bands such as Man is the Bastard and Holy Molar, added with sassy yells and cookie-monster growls, and put their own twist on it. The guitars are equal parts mathcore, such as SikTh, and grindcore – whereas the lyrical content at this time is taking a sometimes much more personal route on songs such as “Two Moons” and “The Sublime Art of Scissoring” whilst still evoking the surreal nature of the first LP.

The Lure In side has influences from many different artists and styles ranging from the ambient stylings of Brian Eno for the opening track “Sustenance”, to then drop you right into the punishing lead single “Blue”, which is an intense mix of nu-metal akin to bands like Slipknot, The new school metalcore riffing of bands like Knocked Loose, the vocal deliveries of bands such as Daughters & The Dillinger Escape Plan, with an intense production that includes a sample from the late hyperpop artist Sophie. The next track “Alive” plays in the same ballpark as “Blue” but with the more nu-metal stylings brought down to introduce more shoegaze stylings of bands such as My Bloody Valentine & Deafheaven. The last song, which is a reprise of their last release “Agnostic” is a reimagined take of the song that’s part movie score and part video game ost.

The future plan after this release for both bands is to do a UK tour alongside the Bristol-based mathcore band Vicarage in early October, to which the tour is currently being self-booked by members of Lure In & Vicarage, as well as both bands working towards their next releases.

Check out the Split via the following link.

Check out Worm Hero and Lure In via their respective links.

The Devil Wears Pradad Share New Track, ‘Termination’

THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA share their brand new track TERMINATION taken from the much-anticipated ZII EP set for release on 21stMay 2021 on Solid State Records. It’s a discordant, dissonant exercise in excellence. The band have also planned a livestream event for Saturday, 15th May, during which they will play the entire ZII EP in full. Fans can purchase tickets for the event and pre-order the ZII EP HERE.

“I’ve learned throughout the lockdown to imagine how a virus can seriously compromise our lives,” says Hranica. “‘Termination’ makes mention of that and the greed that so often comes when humans fend only for themselves or when lying to protect reputation. I didn’t want to remake any part of the lyrical imaginings of the first EP, and the transformation mentioned in ‘Termination’ is a part of the new territory I hoped to create for ZII.”

Listen to ‘Termination’ below.

The original Zombie EP dropped all the way back in August 2010 and remains an intense fan favourite. While not a chronological release in the TDWP catalogue, ZII is the next chapter.

“There’s no question that the Zombie EP is a fan favourite and a record that really set the pace for us as a heavier band,” The Devil Wears Prada previously said, offering insight into this EP in relation to their catalogue. “A goal we had for this EP was to pay tribute to ZI while honing in on the characteristics that we enjoy about heavy music today and the directions we want to see it heading. We just had our first song go to radio with ‘Chemical’, and now in the same year, we will be releasing the heaviest music of our career with ZII. This isn’t just a new chapter for the Zombie EP; this is a new chapter for us as a band, and an opportunity to lean into both sounds in ways that feel better than ever. We’ve found our footing with these six members. Now we’re stepping on the gas and not letting up.”

TDWP effectively summed things up, saying, “Before, there were five songs about how to fend off the apocalypse. Now, there are five songs of hopelessness against the hoard.”