Glorious (Employed To Seve, Renounced) Announce Debut EP

Members of Metalcore have joined up! Employed To Serve and Renounced have announced their side-project, ‘Glorious’ with some details of their debut EP.

There’ll be five tracks on the aforementioned EP, titled as ‘Unashamed’ and will be released on July 3rd via Church Road Records.

You can view the cover art, full track listing, listen to the title track lead single and pre-order options below.


01.) Unashamed
02.) Myself
03.) Fake
04.) Audience
05.) I Don’t Wanna Be Me (Type O Negative cover)

Pre-orders are available via Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play and Itunes.


Out Of Love Detail New EP

New and upcoming punks Out Of Love have announced the details of their debut EP.

The band (which features members from the now-defunct Hardcore band Canvas) have detailed their upcoming release which will drop on July 17th 2020 via Venn Records.

The four-track effort, titled as ‘I Am Not Me’ already has their latest single ‘My Perfect World’ released and you can find it below with the cover art, full track listing and Pre-Order Options.


  1. S.L.U.M.P.
  2. I Am Not Me
  3. All Grown Up
  4. My Perfect World

Pre-orders can be made from the label’s webstore.

Hermosa Pier – Words To Myself EP Review

Release Date: 27th April 2020

Label: Independent





Hermosa Pier are an Indie/Pop band from the West Midlands, UK. Their sound is based around a solid rhythmic foundation, catchy and engaging guitar parts, and a strong female lead vocal. The band’s rock, blues, jazz, funk, and 80s pop influences lend themselves to the band’s original sound.

Building on from their 2019 single release in the form of ‘Doing Fine (which does feature on this EP) the Midlands Indie Pop band come forth with their debut EP, ‘Word’s To Myself’.

The band opens up with ‘Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind‘ which lands on a smooth verse which holds up with Holly’s vocals as the track continues to compliment the 80’s influence. Here it becomes apparent in a way that just instantly works for the band. Moving straight into ‘Passing Tide‘, it’s quite an enjoyable slow burner on the EP which leads you into a calm notion where the streamlining of the tracklisting shows how the band are thinking and builds on your expectations.

Going into the third track, (the already pre-released in 2019) ‘Doing Fine‘, is masterfully enjoyable and demands to be repeated. In addition you hear Kate’s bass come into full fruition to leading into the fourth track in ‘Words To Myself‘. This time, it’s Dom’s time to shine where his guitar solo (at 2 minutes and 35 seconds in) is quite amazing and haunting to elevate the track to be the strongest out of the five.

For the last track, ‘Dreaming Without You‘, they try to come away from anything that remotely seems similar to this EP as if they were throwing the rule book out on their own genre which does seem to work slightly but what I’m surprised the most by is how fluid the combination is for a band on their first EP where they provide a maelstrom of sounds to smooth things out.

Though Less than a year has passed between the single and this debut EP, Hermosa Pier have emerged to drive fans to want more and whilst it remains to be seen as to how this will hold up, there’s a strong promise on what’s on show here.

The Full tracklisting, EP Artwork and preview of the EP can be found below.

  1. Out Of Sight, Still On My Mind
  2. Passing Tide
  3. Doing Fine
  4. Words To Myself
  5. Dreaming Without You


Rating: 6/10

Man Overboard’s Nikk Bruzzese Releases New Tracks From Solo Project

Man Overboard’s Nik Bruzzese has launched a brand new project with two new tracks you can hear now.

The project’s called Casa Loma and the tracks are taken off the upcoming debut EP, ‘This Is Coping’ which is set to be released on June 6th via Pure Noise Records.

On the EP Nik as said:

“I started writing this EP as a therapy session for myself. I went through one of the hardest years of my life last year because I lost two people very near to me. But when you’re a dad and have two daughters like I do, you’re not allowed to be sad. You have to be excited and happy about everything, even though inside you might be ripping to shreds.

“I think that’s the way most people work; they have to put up this front like everything’s fine even though they actually think the world is falling down around them. So writing this album was a way for me to vent and get out those feelings without tearing somebody’s head off or being a perpetual bummer to my family and friends. It’s for everyone who has to be this one person during the day and then someone different when they’re on their own.”

And the two tracks names?

First off we have ‘Travelers’ for which Bruzzese shares:

“Ever since my dad died, I feel like he sends me signs. Sometimes when I hear a weird sound in my house or a song on the radio, or I have an interaction with a stranger that feels special, I think it happened because my dad is trying to say something to me. I guess I keep looking for these signs because my dad didn’t really leave me with anything other than like, a Roth IRA. I want to leave something for my kids that’s on a level where they know it’s to them from me. So this song is like a letter in a drawer telling my kids what I need to say if I ever have to leave them.”

And the second is titled as ‘Famaglia’ in which he continues:

” This is totally a song meant to be played on an episode of ‘This Is Us.’ I don’t watch it, but my wife does, and every time she finishes an episode, she’s crying. I wrote this song from the perspective of a friend who lost a loved one in the most messed up way possible. When you lose someone like this, you have to be in touch with yourself spiritually and know even though the person you love is gone, you can talk to him and be lifted up with his presence instead of crashing and burning your way through life.”

The tracklisting for the EP is as follows:

01. All Alone Again
02. DP23
03. Famaglia
04. I Wanna Know
05. Olivia, Marley, and Duck Pond
06. Travelers

And this is the EP Art.


Whilst these tracks do form a similarity to which some Man Overboard tracks could see them stem from, the subjects I don’t think fit into what’s being played here. Here you have to think that Bruzzese is trying to establish himself as a different artist because there are more mature vibes and a more soulful and pop acoustic experience but the one way you’d describe Travellers? Emotional as hell.

Pre-orders can be made via Pure Noise’s Webstore and Google Play.


Lapyear Detail New EP, ‘Smile’

The London Emo Foursome Lapyear have set some details for their new EP, ‘Smile’ which is set to be released on May 15th 2020 via Venn Records.

This comes after the band recently shared two new tracks, ‘Under My Tongue’, and ‘Negative (I Wish I Was)’,  both which will be featuring on the upcoming EP.

Check out the cover art and tracklisting below as well as streaming of the two already released tracks.


01.) See Inside
02.) Under My Tongue [stream]
03.) Only One
04.) Negative (I Wish I Was) [stream]
05.) Puzzles

Here’s ‘Under My Tongue’

And check out ‘Negative (I Wish I Was)

Pre-orders of ‘Smile’ can be made via the band’s official BandCamp and the label’s webstore.


Cutting Teeth Are Breaking Up!

The Yorkshire Hardcore foursome Cutting Teeth have announced they’re breaking up!

The band have posted a subtle post via their Facebook Channel with one of their promotional images with the caption of their time as an active band, “2018-2020”.

An official reason for their split hasn’t been confirmed as a whole by the band but some members have confirmed on their social media channels that they have left.

Cutting Teeth formed in 2018 and released two EPs – ‘First Cut’ in October 2018 and their last being ‘Fracture / Decompose’ in November 2019.

Crossfaith Announce New EP, ‘Species’

New music from Crossfaith is on its way! As well as their upcoming release titled as ‘Species’, the band have also released their brand new single, ‘Digital Parasite’.

On the track, vocalist Kenta Koie has said: “I felt an explosion from the song and I knew the lyrics should be aggressive and offensive,”. Adding to this: “We need to be honest to the music, to ourselves and to our audience but some people are happy to start cheating and I don’t care for it.”

Species is set to be released May 22nd 2020 via UNFD.

Here is the tracklisting and pre-order options.

1. Digital Parasite
2. Endorphin
3. Truth Of Insanity
4. None Of Your Business (feat. Jin Dogg)
5. Your Song


Check out ‘Digital Parasite’ below.

Pre-orders can be made via Apple Music, Amazon and Google Play.

Vultures Detail New EP

The Canadian Metallic Hardcore new boys won’t be so new now as they have announced the details of their second EP, following on from their 2016 release, ‘Malcontent’.

It was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Tim Creviston and the EP, titled as ‘Hunger’ is set to be released October 4th 2019.

Here are all the details.

  1. EP Artwork


2. Tracklisting

01.) Push
02.) Acceptance
03.) Rat King
04.) Bitter Breath
05.) This Hunger
06.) V.P.D.

Pre-orders for the EP are expected to be available soon.