Rage Against The Machine Share Documentary On Race ‘Killing In Thy Name’

Rage Against The Machine have shared a new short documentary on race titled as Killing In Thy Name.

It was released in collaboration with international artists collective The Ummah Chroma, where the film follows a teacher as he educates a group of small children on the history of oppression in the United States.

“The following is a document of true events,” an intro to Killing In Thy Name reads. “Our aim is for this piece to be a fire escape from the fiction known as whiteness and a spring for discovery. Remember, the children are always watching.”

The track ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine is used throughout the film.

“My mom [Mary Morello] is a white woman with a radical voice,” said Tom Morello. “For three decades she was a progressive teacher in a conservative high school inspiring students to challenge the system – in her actions and words she has always taught that racism must never be ignored and must always be confronted.”

Lonely The Brave Release Mini-Documentary, Share New Track, ‘Keeper’

Ahead of their record, ‘The Hope List’, which is set to be released on January 22nd 2021 Lonely The Brave have released a brand new track as well as a mini documentary.

In the film, the band take fans inside the beautiful Keeper, which was the first track they finished with their new frontman, Jack Bennett.

“Keeper was the first song we fully completed for the album and remains one of our favourites,” enthuses bassist Andrew Bushen. ​“It will always hold a special place as the beginning of the new chapter.”

But even more than just being significant for the band, Keeper also serves as a touching tribute to those who have helped us through this enormously tough time; as you’ll see in the doc, Lonely The Brave discuss their own personal ​‘keepers’ throughout the pandemic (spoiler: there’s lots of lovely family stuff and cute dogs).

Discussing The Hope List as a whole, guitarist and founding member Mark Trotter says, ​“Given everything that’s happened to this band, it would have been remiss of us to try rushing into this or do something that wasn’t right. It takes time. We’ve been a band for over 10 years and stuck in our ways a lot. There has been a huge shift in dynamic now. It’s a completely different vibe from where we were before. There’s a renewed energy and a renewed focus. Everything feels very positive in the Lonely The Brave camp.”

You can watch ‘Keeper’ below.

And Check out the track below via Spotify.

You Me At Six Release Documentary Showing How They Made ‘Sukapunch’

There’s only days until the release of You Me At Six’s brand new record, ‘SUKAPUNCH’ and the band have a little behind the scenes look for everyone in the form of a mini-documentary on the making of the record.

The lads flew out to Thailand to record with Dan Austin, who also worked on their previous album ‘VI’, at Karma Sound studio in Bang Saray and looked like they had the most beautiful and inspiring time ever. 

Every member adds their own piece of context in the clip which has been released in association with Amazon Music.

Check out the Doc below.

Machine Gun Kelly Announces ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ Release Date

Machine Gun Kelly Released his latest record, ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ back in September of this year and after its release, he set out to make a film to accompany it.

It was shot in four dates along his regular collaborator, Mod Sun and the film will be MGK’s directorial debut!

Speaking to NME, he said:

“It was almost like shooting 14 music videos back-to-back, but with a narrative that’s outside of my personal life stories. It focuses on other characters, and then me and (Travis Barker) are just the narrators. It’s an interesting concept because it hasn’t been done for an album ever, maybe outside of like Pink Floyd’s The Wall.”

Well, that’s a more concrete release date for the film we have.

Downfalls High. January 2021.

Check out the teaser below.

Check Out The Trailer For Ice Nine Kills ‘The Silver Stream’

If you haven’t had your horror fix for the month yet then you’re in luck! Ice Nine Kills are here to deliver their Silver Stream experience with their online event.

It’s taking place on 29th October 2020 with frontman Spencer Charnas saying:

“The only thing scarier than the horror that has been 2020 will be The Silver Stream. Don’t miss the event of the spooky season hosted by the one and only Bill Moseley.”

It’s follow an original horror film storyline where it will feature a 19 track live set by Ice Nine Kills integrated throughout. Filmed at their sold-out Worcester Palladium hometown show, it’s definitely going to make for a thrilling experience.

Check out the trailer below.

Movements Share New Documentary For The Making Of ‘No Good Left To Give’

Movements released their latest record, ‘No Good Left To Give’ last month where they’ve now shared a mini-documentary on the making of the aforementioned record.

The documentary gives us an insight into the making of the band’s sophomore record, which shows studio footage as well as interviews with the band.

Check it out below.

The band’s second record, ‘No Good Left To Give’ is out now via Fearless Records.

Linkin Park Steam New Documentary ‘Meeting Of A Thousand Suns’

For their tenth anniversary of their fourth studio record, ‘A Thousand Suns’, Linkin Park have uploaded their ‘Meeting Of A Thousand Suns’ Documentary below.

‘Meeting Of A Thousand Suns’ was released originally back in September 2010 and documents the recording of the record at NRG Recording Studios in LA, California.

Check out the stream of the ‘Meeting Of A Thousand Suns’ Documentary below.

2020 marks another anniversary for Linkin Park, their 20th anniversary of the debut record ‘Hybrid Theory’ which is set to be re-released as a deluxe record on October 9th 2020 via Warner Records.

Watch The New Ice Nine Kills Documentary, ‘The Disney Revenge Show’

Picture it. April 2019. Ice Nine Kills were meant to be playing a show at The House Of Blues in Orlando, Florida. There was a snag though. Because the venue is on Disney property, they banned the band from playing due to their violent imagery.

Fast forward to July 25th however, Ice Nine Kills returned to the city to play a show at Soundbar to ‘get revenge’.

That show was then documented and the footage has now been released. Mickey Mouse also made an appearance in portest of the show and was then casted off stage.

In addition, the band changed the lyrics to ‘IT is The End’ to suit the occasion.

You can watch the full documentary below.

Silverstein Release ‘Quaranstein’ Documentary

In light of the tour cancellations due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Post-Hardcore Canadian stars Silverstein have created a home-made documentary for their fans, titled as ‘Quaranstine’

The documentary is a behind – the – scenes look at their lives under quarentine at home, with the added live performances as well.

Paul Koehler (Drums) comments:

“Upon returning home from our postponed North American tour, we knew that we had to find a way to play together. Instead of just hopping on a Zoom call, we actually wanted to record and make this thing sound awesome. Each of us performed and recorded our parts at home, and we passed the whole thing to our producer, Sam Guaiana, to mix it.

From there, we wanted to make what feels like a sitcom, documenting our time in isolation and pulling the curtain back on our daily lives. We enlisted Wyatt Clough, the director behind most of our recent music videos, to help edit and narrate the video. We hope the end result is something that can bring some comfort to our fans who are also isolated during this time, and we can’t wait to step on stage for them again once this is all behind us!”

Check out the documentary below.

In addition to this, the band are fielding donations on their offical website.

Roam Release Documentary On ‘Smile Wide’

Back in April 2019, Roam travelled to Texas to work on their latest record, Smile Wide.

The result was some of their best work to date and gave us some of the best tracks to be performed live on their Independent Venue 2020 tour earlier this year.

Now, the band have released a documentary into how they made that record.

Check it out below.