Horror Metalware Phenomenon Nargathrond Drops New Lyric Video For ‘Killing Season’

Sit back and relax with Nargathrond  as they have a new track out which is the title track “Killing Season” lyric video, which is taken from their upcoming album “Killing Season” due for release on June 16th, 2023 via Wormholedeath.

The lyric video offers a mesmerizing and immersive experience that delves into the dark and twisted world of Nargathrond. It perfectly captures the artist’s unique sound and aesthetic, featuring haunting imagery and a chilling atmosphere that will keep you on the edge.

Check out ‘Killing Season’ below.

Trash / Death Metal Discovery Unfair Fate Drops New Lyric Video For ‘When Silence Falls’

Swedish Thrash/Death Metal trio, Unfair Fate, has just dropped the official lyric video for their latest single, “When Silence Falls.”

The track is taken from their highly anticipated album, Into the Abyss, which is set for release on May 26th, 2023 via Wormholedeath.

Founded in 2012, Unfair Fate has been making waves in the Swedish metal scene ever since. Their latest album features a variety of fast and aggressive tracks, as well as slower, heavier ones. The lyrics touch on themes of substance addiction, nuclear war, and letting loose the darkness within oneself. Fans of Thrash and Death Metal are sure to find something to love on Into the Abyss.

Check out the lyric video for ‘When Silence Falls’ below.

Dragony Releases New Single, ‘The Dead Queen’s Race’

After Austrian Symphonic power metal heroes DRAGONY rewrote the history of their country with their latest studio album, Viribus Unitis, it’s time today to dive into the days when Austria was ruled by emperor Franz Joseph and his wife, empress Sisi, once more. Forget everything you’ve heard and read so far! According to DRAGONY, Austrian history took a completely different turn.

DRAGONY about “The Dead Queen’s Race”:        
DRAGONY bids farewell to their latest album, Viribus Unitis, released in 2021, with the new, previously unreleased single ‘The Dead Queen’s Race’! The brand new up-tempo track adds another chapter to the alternative history saga established in the concept of the Viribus Unitis album, and puts empress Elisabeth, the undead Empress of the Damned, and the character of white mage Harry Houdini, in center focus. The part of Elisabeth is performed by Red Eye Temple lead vocalist Maria Nesh as guest singer, who contributes a colorful vocal mix of clean and extreme vocals to add another layer to the DRAGONYsound. Join us one more time on our journey back to our fictionalized version of fin-de-siècle Vienna and partake in ‘The Dead Queen’s Race’!”

Check out the lyric video for ‘The Dead Queen’s Race’ below.

Veil Of The Serpent Release Lyric Video For ‘The End And The Begining’

Following up on their critically acclaimed three track concept EP “Gallery Of Sin“, metal masters VEIL OF THE SERPENT have now shared the lyric video for “The End And The Beginning“. The track is the third part of the brutal horror story the band created for the EP.

Commenting on the idea behind the track, vocalist JD Stafford says:
“The story is taking place in Noxa City. A serial killer starts terrorizing the citizens and a mysterious new art gallery depicting wickedness gains mass popularity. A detective is trying to hunt down the serial killer that makes paintings using the blood of his victims. But in reality the detective has a split personality and is actually the killer. In “The End And The Beginning” he realizes this and the personalities fight and the evil personality takes over permanently.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘The End And The Beginning’ below.

Melodic Death Metal Warriors Idolatrous Releases Lyric Video For ‘Prophecy’

“Prophecy” is a track taken from Idolatrous’ upcoming album “Sorrow on Midgard”, due for release via Wormholedeath worldwide.

“Battle-influenced aggressive melodic death-metallers, IDOLATROUS, were conjured under the grey skies of the Pacific Northwest; forging sorrow and anger together to unleash harshly beautiful harmonies and devastating brutality that strikes like thunder.

Amaranthe Release New Version Of ‘Make It Better’ Feat Jennifer Haben Of Beyond The Black

A few weeks ago, Swedish modern metal sensation AMARANTHE began to release a series of very special interpretations of songs from their 2020 hit album, Manifest. 

The band have now released the latest and final entry in this sequence of unique singles: a new version of the song ‘Make It Better‘ which now features BEYOND THE BLACK‘s Jennifer Haben on guest vocals.

Check out the video for ‘Make It Better’ feat. Jennifer Haben below.

Alt Rock Quartet Moonwood Release New EP, ‘Everything We Once Knew’

MOONWOOD are a Sydney-based band with dreamy guitar leads and introspective storytelling, resulting in a sound that is a fresh take on alternative rock.

Their new six-track EP Everything We Once Knew was primarily written over a period of 10 days in 2020 during a writing retreat. Jake shares, “The ten days we spent there would change our lives in ways we could not have imagined. Our little studio was set up at a solar-powered house in the middle of the bush, four hours west of Sydney. We set up our instruments, pressed record, and the rest was history. We couldn’t believe what we accomplished.” 

Thematically, the EP stems from a troubling time for lead singer Jake, where he was struggling to adjust to major life changes, grieving the loss of his grandmother, the separation of his parents and being thousands of miles away from his loved ones. Through the six songs, MOONWOOD have created a world where people can feel like they belong to a place, achieving their ultimate goal in composing this EP. 

Check out ‘Everything We Once Knew’ below.

Danish Meatless Steelbourne Release Lyric Video For ‘By Way Of The Serpent’

Metal trio Steelbourne have dropped a new track from their record, ‘A Tale From As Old As Time’ to via Wormholedeath Worldwide.

A Tale As Old As Time itself is classic metal at its best, inspired by giants such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Helloween, Accept, Primal Fear, Candlemass and many more.

Check out ‘A Tale As Old As Time’ below.

Finnish Rockers Flush Drop New Lyric Video For ‘Weak And Wrong’

FLUSH is a four-piece rock band from Helsinki, Finland. The music is influenced by punk rock, alternative rock, hard rock, and metal, and it sounds pretty much like a mix of all of those.

The band have dropped the lyric video for, “Weak and Wrong” taken from FLUSH’s upcoming EP “Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos”, due for release on the 1st of April via Wormholedeath worldwide.

Check out ‘Weak And Wrong’ below.

Gutterfire! Release New Lyric Video For ‘Bonfire’

Gutterfire have dropped a new lyric video for their track, ‘Bonfire’, taken from their recently released record, ‘Chill’.

“Upbeat doom” is a difficult term to use in a sentence, but it’s the kind of enthusiastic punter description that Brisbane hard rock outfit GUTTERFIRE! have in spades, given the diverse sonic beast they’ve built on top of that foundation. Having kicked off as a band in 2018 to a lightning fast rise in the local scene and an even bigger 2019, they’ve survived the year that never happened, sailed into 2021 with the release of their debut album Chill, and have set their sights on the rest of the world as we know it! With six singles out to date, tours in the works, and a powerful desire to take this show to the people, 2022 is set to be their best year yet.

Check out the lyric video for ‘Bonfire’ below.

Check out the track, ‘Chill’ via your preferred streaming service.

Canadian Thrashers Triskelyon Unveil Lyric Video

Triskelyon is the new Canadian melodic thrash metal project created by Geoff Waye, guitarist for Artach and Category VI. Conceived in late 2021 as a studio-only project, they recently unleashed their debut self-titled EP this past January 25th. The band features the contributions of vocalists Pete Healey and Marlee Ryley (Hyperia), along with drum programming by Raul Marques (Burning Torment).

Today, they are unveiling their latest lyric video for the fastest and most intense song on the EP, “Odyssey (Blessed by Steel)” featuring vocals from Hyperia‘s Marlee Ryley.

“It’s speedy and full-throttle thrash. The lyrics are again personal and about my musical life journey as told through using song references, which an astute listener may be able to pick up on,” adds Waye.

Check out the lyric video for ‘Odyssey (Blessed By Steel) below.

Catabolic Release The Onager Lyric Video

Catabolic played their very first show in 2011. Now after a dozen of shows, enthusiastic responses, line-up changes and the blood, sweat and beers, this death-driven quarted strives ahead. The new album Besiege The Uncivil, to be released on 2022, is a powerhouse testament to their undying passion. The album represents a broad variety of catchy hooks and explosive riffs performed with an energy to last for a lifetime. The new release is a multidimensional and contemporary manifestation of the relentless and hard working band dead set on destruction.

“The Onager” is a track taken from CATABOLIC album ‘Besiege The Uncivil’, which is due for release on February 25th, 2022 via Wormholedeath.