Dan Potter Releases New Music Video For ‘To The Beat Of A Civil War’

Alt-rock artist Dan Potter Sings is premiering a lyric video for ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’ on May 18th.  This is a new track off the upcoming album ‘Again?!’ which will be released in the summer. 

This hard hitting punk-pop song builds itself upon the rebellious themes that run alongside the recent explosion of right-wing activism and racial prejudice taking place in western democracies. Using sarcasm and irony as artistic tools, the storyboard lyrics skewer this point of view in imaginative and fun ways.

“My new track ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’ was written before the infamous January 6th Capital Riot, but this tragedy served as a great visual representation of the song. I decided to collect together a ‘greatest clips’ selection of this warped event to use as the backdrop in the lyric video and it became a perfect compliment to the pummeling guitar riffs and spiteful words.”

The video ‘To the Beat of a Civil War’ is the first glimpse at the brand new album Dan Potter Sings has been recording over the past year.  This new album titled ‘Again?!’ will be released on June 11th 2021 and has ten previously unheard songs on it.  I would appreciate the support for this lyric video release (video premiere, news share, streaming playlist add etc.) and I will share any press across social media.

Check out the video for ‘To The Beat Of A Civil War’ below.

Charlottetown Rockers ARSENAL MILLS Refuse to “Cry No More” in Rockin’ New Single

Multi-award nominated East Coast rockers Arsenal Mills have dropped a new straightforward installment from their forthcoming EP, Lovesick & Broke; “Cry No More” is available now! 

Vocalist and guitarist Brad Milligan says “Cry No More” first came together very spontaneously and naturally. “Griff brought this big, sing-along chorus to me that he’d been working on,” Milligan recalls of the band’s lead guitarist, Griffen Arsenault. “From there, and in only a short time, we had all the music and lyrics written out.”

The song has an infectious, driving beat reminiscent of classic 80s New Wave, and has already proven to inspire feet to move along to it. “I remember everyone in the studio at the time was dancing along to the song while we were recording,” Arsenault recalls. “We figured that was a good indication of how fun this song is!”

“As far as drums and percussion go, this was the first time we decided to mix live and sample drums in a song,” drummer Josh MacNeil explains. “I love how punchy and quick it is; it doesn’t mess around, and just gets straight to the point. 

“I couldn’t be more excited about how it turned out.”

“This song has been in my head literally since the day I first heard it,” bass, keyboard, and synth player André Uyterlinde adds. “It definitely has that ‘earworm’ quality; the rhythm is fairly straightforward, but there are a few little cool twists.”

From their homebase in Charlottetown, PEI, Arsenal Mills have been featured in many well-known music publications including CBC, Tinnitist, Canadian Beats, Record World Magazine, Cashbox Canada, and more. The band have been nominated for both ‘New Artist Of The Year’ and ‘Rock Recording Of The Year’ by Music PEI.

Check out ‘Cry No More’ below.

Marble Release Lyric Video For ’30 Silver Coins’

Marble have released a new lyrics video for their track ’30 Silver Coins’.

The band say:

“30 Silver Coins’ is our third single taken from the album ‘S.A.V.E.’ The main subject is the theological virtue “Hope”. Here we tried to describe the reasons behind Judas Iscariot betrayal as a man, beside God’s or Devil’s will (as written in John’s Gospel). The 30 silver pieces of silver were paid to Judas by the Priests for selling Jesus to the soldiers.

The meanings behind the song are the fallen hopes of Judas, how all the words Jesus told were only lies and the vision of salvation is just a mere illusion. But Judas is still sad, and in the chorus he sings his sadness to the priests, describing the void left by the “Son of God”, without mentioning him directly. Musically we wrote up-tempo, with lots of double bass drum in the main riff and a thrash approach for the verses, while the choruses and the leads parts, maintain our trademark melodic style.”

Check out ’30 Silver Coins’ below.

Evanescence’s Amy Lee Performs Duet In Isolation With Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale

While working on new material for their upcoming record, Evanescence’s Amy Lee has recently appeared on the Raise Your Horn’s Livestream in order to perform with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale.

They remotely joined on the We Are Hear series for a haunting duet of Halestorm’ track ‘Break In’ off the record, ‘The Strange Case Of”.

In addition to their performance, the two musicians caught up with each other on the idea of being unapologetically themes.

“I encourage my female peers, whether they’re musicians or not, to not pay any mind to people who don’t like them, or even those who do,” Lzzy said. “Someone might love me and another person might absolutely hate my guts, which they both have the right to do, but all that matters is what I think of me. Somebody could make a list of everything they want you to be and say, and you could be and say all those things, but that person still wouldn’t be happy. So you might as well just be yourself, unapologetically.”

You can check out the full video below where their discussion clocks in at the 58-minute mark.

Being As An Ocean Are Now Independant!

Being As An Ocean have announced they have bought out their own contract and will release music as an independent band!

And we don’t have to wait long for new music as well, as it looks we’ll get a new track this and next week!

Here’s what they posted to Twitter.


As It Is Post Acoustic Version Of Hey Rachel

As It Is is are one incredibly hard working band in the industry this year. They have been touring non-stop since their second album, Okay dropped earlier this year and are set to support the almighty Neck Deep on their tour of the UK this October. However, this hasn’t stopped them giving the fans great acoustic versions from Okay.

Check out Hey Rachel below.



New Music Videos

Time for another music video roundup!

To start the day off is Jimmy Eat World’s track ‘Get Right’. This comes from last year’s record ‘Integrity Blues’.


Up next, is a band fresh from their set at Download Festival. Amsterdam-based metallers ‘The Charm The Fury’. This is their lyric video to ‘Weaponized’ from their album, ‘The Sick, Dumb & Happy’.


Next is something straight out of a horror film, this is Memphis May Fire’s new track for ‘Virus’.


And lastly is straight from SAINTE’s new EP which has just dropped today and the track for the video is…… Eyes Are Open.

New New Music Videos!

So since the last post on music videos, there have been many many more videos.

Let’s kick things off with something a little weird! I’m talking about the Devil Wears Prada’s new video for their track Worldwide.

Check this out for some freaky sh**!


Up next, let’s switch things up to Pop – Punk with Trash Boat which includes a little bit of sightseeing.

This is their video for Tring Quarry.



Moving back to the world of weird Dance Gavin Dance have dropped something strange.

I’ll let everyone decide for themselves on their thoughts because I can’t gather them at present.

Here’s Summertime Gladness.



Let’s go dark and emotion in Hold Absence’s new video for their track ‘Penance’. But this is one great video!

Check it out!



Lastly, we’re going to the world of more Pop Rock in the form of Hey Violet! This comes from their new album “From The Outside” which has just hit shelves in shops and this is the lyric video for Hoodie’.



New Music Videos!

Hey there. Time for another round of incredible new music videos from your favourite bands.

First up is Pvris and their amazing new track ‘What’s Wrong’.

This premiered on BBC Radio 1 last night during Annie Mac’s show and people went insane. The track is now available to buy on Itunes with the pre-order for their anticipated new album; All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’.

Here’s the video.

Next is Green Day, and their track ‘Revolution Radio’.

The video features footage of their classic days as well as the band performing now.

Moving on, Thousand Below have released their second ever song as a band; ‘Sinking Me’.

Beartooth have released a new live video for ‘King Of Anything’.
This was filmed at their hometown show in Columbus, Ohio which can be viewed below.

Next, Pop-Punk protegee’s With Confience have released a new video for ‘Archers’. It shows life on the road for the band as well as footage from one of their shows.

More from legends, this time is Placebo ‘Life’s What You Make It’. This goes with their cover of the track by Talk Talk.

Now, this band have just played download festival but the rising Swedish Rockers Normandie have released a video for their new single, ‘Ghost’.

And lastly, Boston Manor have unveiled a trippy new video for ‘Cu’, which comes from the bands debut album, ‘Be Nothing’.