Music Video’s 16/02/18

You know what it's time for! I'm back for another round of music videos! Let's get started! First up is Alazka. They're a German melodic up and coming group who's debuted their video for a track called 'Everything'. It's off their record called 'Phoenix' which is out now via Sharptone Records.   Live video time... Continue Reading →


New Music Videos 09/01/18

It's back! The first of the music video countdown posts in a long while. So why haven't I posted one of these in a while? The bottom line is that I've been so busy! But now the workload has gone down a bit, I'm back and ready to go! So, up first is the band... Continue Reading →

Cove Detail New EP

The three-piece group known as Cover have announced details of their upcoming EP Release. 'A Conscious Mind' is set to drop on March 23rd. On the EP, the band have said: We’ve always been fairly hands-on and are happier with a DIY approach to artwork. It’s something we feel puts more of a personal stamp... Continue Reading →

Music Video’s 30/12/17

Okay, it's time for the final Music Video countdown of the year! In two days 2017 will be no more and I wish my readers of Almost Anything Music a Happy New Year! Now let's get to the videos. The first band on the agenda is the Sweedish act; Tribulation. 'Lady Death' is the second single... Continue Reading →

Music Video’s 22/12/17

I told you I'd try and I succeeded! This next music video post is on time! It's the last one before Christmas hits us so I'll try and squeeze in one or two festive tracks!  Here we go. The first video comes from Moose Blood which is the first single from their upcoming record, 'I... Continue Reading →

New Music Video’s 19/12/17

Hello, I know this post is coming a little late (4 Days) but that's because I was away in Newcastle and otherwise preoccupied at the weekend and away from a computer screen. Although, it's here now so let's get on with these next ten music videos.   Up first are up and comers from Scotland,... Continue Reading →

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