Scene Queen Faces Off With Set It Off For ‘Barbie & Ken’

Scene Queen is back with another uniquely bludgeoning track, and she has invited some friend’s in set it off to join her for it!

The track ‘Barbie & Ken’, is a violent and vibrant take on the iconic relationship between the famous dolls as it’s battle to the death, and you’re along for the ride. 

She had this to say about it:

“This song is the perfect combination of the crazy chaotic hyper-feminine “Bimbocore” sound my music has combined with the high energy and theatrical sound of ‘Cinematics’-era Set It Off. I was so excited to get in a session with Cody in general but the collab that it morphed into was honestly more fun than I could’ve even hoped for.”

Julie Fox releases New Single, ‘Running’

London based artist Joulie Fox brings a truly genreless approach to her musicality. Honing down an impressive repertoire, Fox’s musical endeavours shine brightly, as she brings her unique chronicles to life. Defining her truly unique soundscape, her rich musical heritages take the shape of influences such as St. Vincent, Jack White and Marina & The Diamonds, as Fox prides herself on an ability to stay genuine to her unique artistry. 

Her latest single “Running”, off of her upcoming EP Love is a Blessing is an acoustic, mellow ode to the story of a lost soul. With the EP consisting of five different love stories, her unique chronicles and an unparalleled approach to musicality are brought full circle, as she confesses, “Each song shows a different character from Mother Teresa of Love, the stalker to the psychopathic killer. ‘Running’ is a story of a lost soul seeking love but fighting with demons living in her head since she was very little. She feels devoid of emotions, therefore, believing there is not much left in her to give and that she doesn’t deserve true love.” 

Check out the video for ‘Running’ below.

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Alien Weaponry Reveal Music Video For ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’

Following the release of their three previous Tangaroa music videos for “Tangaroa”“Buried Underground”, and “Hatupatu”, today, in anticipation of their winter and early 2023 performance plans supporting both Guns N’ Roses and GojiraALIEN WEAPONRY have dropped an official video for none other than their album closer track “Down The Rabbit Hole”. The track extends an important proclamation against bullying through the eyes and experiences of frontman Lewis de Jong.

Lewis de Jong says about “Down The Rabbit Hole”:
“This was an absolute blast to film! ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ represents the growth I’ve experienced throughout my life and putting to bed demons from the past. The video captures the meaning well – the broken objects representing said demons. It’s the rough times in life that make you who you are, as long as you rise above it.”

Chuggaboom Share New Single & Video For ‘Should Have Been’ Feat Kellin Quinn

Masked metalcore mob Chuggaboom have announced details of their long-awaited follow-up to 2021’s ‘Zodiac Re-arrest’ album – ‘Death Pledge’ is set to obliterate, impact is due Nov 4th via Dead Serious Recordings. Loaded with gnarly riffs and snarling absurdity, the upcoming album from the UK-based enigmas is sure to hit hard.

The band have shared the video for their new single ‘Should Have Been’  featuring Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn. Energetic from the start, Chuggaboom takes aim at everything that can go wrong on the local circuit – nonsensical decisions from promoters about running order, backline provisions and non-payment. Any situation, you name it – they’ve got something to say about it. “This bangs” says Quinn about the new track.

Chuggaboom’s Levi Taurus says: “We are super hyped to finally unleash this track. Our fans have learned to expect the unexpected, but I’m fairly certain none of them could have predicted a collaboration with one of the most legendary vocalists in the scene. Kellin was a pleasure to work with, and we truly believe this song and video is some of our finest work yet. Bring on Death Pledge!”

Check out ‘Should Have Been’ below.

Thoughtcrimes Release New Track, ‘Mirror Glue’

thoughtcrimes, have just dropped their debut album, Altered Pasts (26th Aug via Pure Noise Records), where they recently offered fans a final preview of the 11-song album with the release of the music video for “Mirror Glue”.

“’Mirror Glue’ feels like the most natural extension of the Tap Night EP,” explains singer Rick Pepa“Also, I’d be remiss to not mention my little brother Nick Picerno of Godseyes. He lent his talent for a guest vocal performance on the track.”

Drummer Billy Rymer adds: “I’ve always been a fan of anthemic drum intros. It’s something that when done right, will always give a song an unmistakable identity. That was the intention when putting this one together. It started with the drums. Everything after that was a linear progression of tension and release, blindsided curve balls and scene changes. There was no jumbling around with parts. It was all written as is in sequence. It’s also the only song we have ever auditioned live prior to tracking.” 

Check out ‘Mirror Glue’ below.

Orders for ‘Altered Pasts’ are available via the following link.

October Ends Reveal Video For ‘Destroy Us All’

Rising Newcastle-via-Athens quintet October Ends have unleashed a brand new track and video, ‘Destroy Us All’.

Where their debut single for new label home UNFD, ‘Play Time’, was in turns brooding and soaring, ‘Destroy Us All’  finds the quintet in swaggering, aggressive form, as a series of thundering grooves branch out from a swirling lead riff, before hitting an almighty chorus crescendo. 

“This is one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written,” confirms guitarist Michael Charlton, who is also one of three voices spitting rage on the track, alongside lead singers Nick Mavromatis and George ‘SIXN’ Mavridis; “It was inspired by the soundtrack for the video game Cyberpunk 2077; we loved the industrial, dark sounding techno tracks from the game, especially the way they build hype and tension before an EDM style drop.”

Lyrically inspired by the last few years of global instability and insecurity, Mavromatis, Charlton and Mavridis breathe fire across the track. “The vocals are very pissed off,” declares Mavromatis, “During this challenging time in the world it has felt to us like we’ve forgotten who we truly are. This song is about knowing that we can move on, but it’s something we need to do together as one.”

Check out ht video below.

Eat Your Heart Out Release ‘Twenty Something’

Aussie Alt Papers Eat Your Heart Out have dropped a new track before the release of their upcoming record, ‘Can’t Stay Forever’.

“‘Twenty Something’ is something a bit different for us as it’s definitely one of the more poppy songs we’ve ever written,” Henry offers. “It was written in mid-2021 with Stevie Knight. It’s about the weird stage of being in your mid-20s and seeing everyone around you in all different stages of life. It can definitely throw some doubt and make me question if I’m on the right path sometimes, even when I usually feel very solid in my choices. It’s definitely one of the more light-hearted tracks on the record.”

About the album, Henry offers, “Everything always moves into a new phase. It might feel bad at the time. When you look back on change, it’s always for the best. The pandemic showed me that in a way. It changed everything we’d been planning for the band. We just had to work our jobs and be at home. We established more adult routines, which gave us a chance to experience normality. Nothing is permanent. Anything can change at any time. You have to see the positives.”

Check out ‘Twenty Something’ below.

Thick Release Video For Their Latest Single, ‘Happiness’

Brooklyn pop-flecked punk trio THICK have shared their third exhilarating single from forthcoming album ‘Happy Now’. ‘Happiness’ is accompanied by a visual capturing a day of true irony as the band takes a convertible out in search of happiness despite an advancing blizzard. A dizzying yet incisive track that sets THICK’s self-reflection to a fantastically breakneck rhythm, ‘Happiness’ opens up the band’s second LP, out this Friday via Epitaph Records. “That song’s about the different ways we seek validation, and how whether you look for it externally or internally, it’s never an easy process,” says vocalist and bassist Kate Black. “In the end, it’s about being more aware of where we’re trying to find happiness.” 

The track, which featured on BBC Radio 1 as Next Wave on their Future Artists show last night, appears on the album alongside recent singles ‘Loser’, which has racked up plays on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music and Kerrang! Radio, and ‘Tell Myself’.

Check out the video for ‘Happiness’ below.

Hotel Mira Releases Music Video For ‘Fever Pitch’

Indie rock rockers Hotel Mira have dropped a music video for the single “Fever Pitch” that is out now via Light Organ Records.
 “Fever Pitch” became a fan favorite in 2020 through singer Charlie Kerr’s series of early lockdown livestreams, but has blossomed from its intimate, acoustic roots towards a full-band affair incorporating gel-slicked guitar and thick-as-thunder drum work. Kerr’s lyrics embody the unencumbered thrill of throwing yourself headfirst into a relationship, as well as the mix of joy and terror that comes with the discovery that “true love’s a lobotomy.”
Charlie says, “That’s kind of been my experience, for better or worse. It’s all-consuming and lifechanging to find true love; it’s quite the ask to jump into something like that and be vulnerable. So, there’s a fear that the song speaks to as well.”
Produced alongside Ryan Worsley (Dear Rouge, Monowhales) and mixed by Tony Hoffer (Phoenix, The Kooks), “Fever Pitch” is the first taste of Hotel Mira’s forthcoming sophomore album. If Hotel Mira’s earliest work was subversively anthemic, “Fever Pitch” may be their first song to fully project a feel-good groove all the way to the back of a festival crowd.

Check out ‘Fever Pitch’ below.

Kissin Dynamite Release New Video For ‘Only The Dead’

After charting on #2 on the German album charts with their seventh studio album, Not The End Of The Road, in January, German rock sensations KISSIN’ DYNAMITE will finally embark to a German tour to celebrate their new album.

In conjunction with this announcement, the five-piece have released a new single taken from Not The End Of The Road, entitled “Only The Dead” – a smashing hymn luring with the addictive vocal textures of singer Hannes Braun accenting their high-voltage stadium rock sound. The song gets you in the perfect mood for big stages and chanting crowds! With “Only The Dead”, the band picks up where they left off at the #3 spot on the German Rock Radio Airplay Charts, achieved with their previous single “Not The End Of The Road”, which stayed in the top 10 for weeks.

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE on the single:
“‘Only The Dead can be free from sorrow’ is a sarcastic truth: No matter how much you care about your mental health, in the end we’re only humans and literally can´t beat off ANY shit that comes our way.
So the message to the people is quite simple: Don’t take everything so seriously all the time and don’t let it get too close to you. Just grin (like skeletons do) and you’ll feel better, no matter what is bothering you. Life is too short to be anxious and worried all the time. Start giving a shit!”

Check out the video for ‘Only The Dead’ below.