Teenage Wrist Share New Single, ‘Diorama’

Following the bright nostalgia of their latest music video, “Sunshine,” Teenage Wrist have dropped a new single, ‘Diorama’.

As “Diorama” unfolds, an electronic drumbeat is joined by psychedelic synths and a soaring melody, marrying alternative rock with the band’s signature shoegaze sound.

On its existential lyricism, vocalist, guitarist and bassist Marshall Gallagher explains: “It’s about seeing the world through your own microscopic lens, and how all the insignificance, irony and existential dread are magnified by the technology we’ve become dependent on. We all know this feeling, looking at your phone for hours, watching everything unfold and crumble. All the tragedy and injustice outside your walls, and the feeling of utter uselessness against it. Yet life goes on and you continue existing.”

The initial idea for “Diorama” came about while Marshall was at producer Nat Motte’s (Maroon 5, 3OH!3) house as they made beats.

“I played this weird chord/melody thing out of nowhere and when he pitch-shifted it down a whole octave, I knew it had to be a Wrist song immediately,” he explains of the dreamy tone.

“From there, we kept letting really dope instrumentalists and producers add layers to it- Anthony Salazar (Teenage Wrist) of course with the breakbeat, Kevin McCombs (All Time Low, Papa Roach) chopping and reversing, Ryan from Holy Fawn coming in with the synth assist – and it became something pretty moving.”

Check out the video for ‘Diorama’ below.

Girlfriends Share New Single, ‘Life’s A Brittany’

Girlfriends are thrilled to announce their “Over My Dead Body” EP, is set for release on May 12th via Big Noise.

Produced by Andrew Goldstein (Machine Gun Kelly, Papa Roach, blackbear), the EP is a collection of tracks that encompass a passion for life, paired with their signature pop punk charm.

Speaking on the EP, Travis shares, “These songs came about in a completely new way for us as a band because they were made one by one with some time in between but somehow sound so cohesive and like we wrote them all that way on purpose. We got to do a lot of cool things while making the EP and being able to tour while recording, really informed some of the songs. They’re annoyingly catchy, the hooks are big and better than ever and it’s a statement for us as a new band.”

On the track ‘Life’s a Brittany’, Travis says:

“‘Brittany’ was one of those songs that started off as a complete joke in my head,” says Travis. “I almost felt guilty writing it because it’s so conversational and ‘easy,’ that I had to question if it was good or not. The beauty about working with a producer like Goldstein is he does a really great job at stripping away the ‘rules’ of songwriting. If it’s good it’s good, and I think it’s a song a lot of people would be scared to make, but it hits the nail on the head of who we are not only as a band but as people.”

Check out ‘Life’s A Brittany’ below.

Progressive Death Metallers Unborn Prophecy Signs With Wormholedeath

Costa Rica’s Progressive Death Metal band Unborn Prophecy has announced that they have signed with Wormholedeath records for the release of their upcoming album “Waking Our Ancient Memories”. The album, which was recorded by the renowned metal music producer and sound engineer Marcos Monnerat at Stereorat Studios, is set to release on April 28th 2023.

Inspired by the apocalyptic prophecies of ancient cultures and their ancestral wisdom, as well as the aboriginal roots of the band members“Waking Our Ancient Memories” is a conceptual albumthat features Unborn Prophecy’s original sound. With a sound heavily influenced by Technical and Groove metal bands like Opeth, Obscura, Gojira, and Decapitated, the band aims to capture the fury of nature and their ancient roots.

Unborn Prophecy was founded in 2018 by lead guitarist David González and drummer Juan Carlos Suárez, both from a previous project that played covers from several metal bands. After that period they began working on their own material. Their unique sound has made them one of the most anticipated bands in the Costa Rica metal scene.

Unborn Prophecy has created an album that is powerful, technical, and professional; with meaningful lyrics, and an amazing style that marks their own characteristic sound.

The lineup for Unborn Prophecy consists of David Gonzalez on lead guitar, Juan Carlos Suarez on drums, Paulo Matarrita on bass guitar, Jeancarlo Murillo on rhythm guitar, and Sley Martinez on vocals.

To give fans a sneak peak of what’s to come, Unborn Prophecy has released a teaser which can be viewed below.

Aussie Alt Punks Dust Announce Signing With Canine Records

dust, the blazing post-punk quintet based in Awabakal Land / Newcastle, today announce their signing to Kanine Records (Grizzly Bear, Chairlift), alongside their expansion to the Rad Music Management and X-Ray Touring for UK/Euro  families respectively.  In April, they’ll be taking on an extensive series of UK and EU live dates with Hockey Dad.

With the announcement, the group have shared a stylish live video of recent release ‘The Gutter‘.

The track is a direct observation on classism and the imbalance of power and equality that very much still exists today. The lyrics, delivered with power behind them, have a strangely hypnotic quality; for fans of bands like DIIV, Protomaryr, King Krule and Aphex Twin

Speaking about their signing, Kanine Records’ Kay Quartararo shares: “It took exactly .2 seconds to know we wanted to sign dust. Their music is immediate, yet very thoughtful. You can tell they have something they need to say and are not afraid to be emotional about it, which makes them incredibly refreshing. It’s kind of crazy how we can live clear across the globe and feel an instant connection. We can’t wait to see dust in this hemisphere, but they are set to storm Europe first.” 

Check out the video for ‘The Gutter’ below.

Kami Kehoe Releases New Track, ‘Loaded Gun’

Las Vegas based, 19-year-old Kami Kehoe fuses old and new soul to create a sound that transports you to another universe. Fluent in the drums, Kami’s attention to production is inherently tangible. Through her soulful, unique vocal style and ability to craft a sound which dances between genres, Kami has cooked up something that is undeniably special.

The track ‘Gut Punch’ is one for those who need a pick me up in todays world. It runs quite a fine line between cathartic and emotional because it’s one I think I was desperate to hear and one for those whom are feeling quite emotional. It’ll stick with you till it becomes an ear worm that won’t shake until you’ve listened again and again!

Check out the video for ‘Loaded Gun’ below.

alt. Sign With SharpTone Records

SharpTone Records have announced they have added their already impressive roster with an amazing Aussie band.

That band? They are called alt.

Vocalist Dan Richards had this to say say about the signing, alongside their signing to Resist Records in Australia:

“We’re extremely excited and honoured to have signed with Resist and Sharptone. Graham Nixon at Resist is a true legend in the Australian music scene, his passion, knowledge & work ethic is amazing and really inspires us to give the band everything we have. 

Then you have SharpTone, such a fresh and exciting label who have really breathed new life into the alternative music world in recent times with such a diverse roster of both emerging and established artists. They’re great people, and we deeply respect the attention they have given Australian bands too. 

We really do have the perfect team we were hoping for, and we’re grateful to be working with so many like-minded people who all want to make something special.”

In celebration of the signing, the band have dropped a new track, ‘WRAITH’.

Check it out below.

Our Hollow, Our Home Sign With Arising Empire, Release New Single, ‘Battle x City’

It’s been recently announced that Our Hollow, Our Home have signed to respected label Arising Empire.

“We’re super stoked to join the AE family, we always said that we would love to sign with a label, so long as it was one that understood the ethos of this band, and loved it as much as we and our fans do! It’s safe to say that we felt that was met with ample amounts with Arising Empire! – Our Hollow, Our Home

To celebrate,  Our Hollow, Our Home present their brand new single ‘Battle X City‘ feat. Samantha Bower (Lightwave) via Arising Empire.

“To put it simply, ‘Battle X City’ is a track that is truly unlike any other Our Hollow, Our Home release to date. It is a testament to how far this band are willing to push the key elements of our signature blend of pop-infused metalcore, and how much we can experiment with the contrasting extremes of heavy and light that OHOH have become known for.  Lyrically the song traverses a constant struggle of trying to make something you believe in succeed, whilst the rest of the world tries to convince you that it’s doomed to fail.” – Connor (Vocals)

‘Battle x City” features guest vocals from Samantha Bower, the lead singer of rising pop-metal group Lightwave, which sees Our Hollow, Our Home adding guest clean vocals for the first time ever to a release, which is a refreshing and innovative touch to this riff-heavy, feel good thrill ride of a track.

Check out ‘Battle X City’ below.

Ciel Sign To Jazz Life, Announce New EP

Brighton genre-bending trio CIEL sign to Jazz Life (Blood Red Shoes, Tigercub, Circe), announce ‘Not In The Sun, Nor In The Dark’ EP, set for release October 7th, and share brand new single ‘Baby Don’t You Know’ out now.

Newly-signed to the cult Brighton indie label, and drawing influences from fuzzy indie rock, goth and shoegaze, CIEL have fast become one of the buzziest acts on the indie circuit, with a BBC 6 Music playlisting spot for EP lead single ‘Fine Everything’ followed by an acclaimed set on the BBC 6 Music stage at The Great Escape Festival, alongside fellow rising acts Opus Kink and Deadletter.

Speaking ahead of their single release, frontwoman Michelle Hindriks revealed: “‘Baby Don’t You Know’ is about the routine of an unbalanced relationship. I am so excited to finally release this track into the world. I think it’s the closest to a conventional pop structured song we’ve written so far and the way it was recorded really captures the moment we were at as a band. 

Jorge broke his wrist just a few days before going into the studio and I just switched from playing guitar to bass for the band for the first time, as we became a 3 piece. Despite the circumstances, we were really inspired and excited about our new music and recorded this song really on the spot”.

Stream ‘Baby Don’t You Know’ via your preferred service.

Katatonia Sign Worldwide Record Deal With Napalm Records

Napalm Records is beyond proud to announce the worldwide signing of legendary Swedish masters of melancholy KATATONIA. The band has inked a worldwide record deal with the leading Austrian rock and metal label.

Piercing through the core in 1991 when KATATONIA was brought to life by the inimitable Jonas Renkse (now vocalist) and renowned guitarist Anders Nyström, the unit has taken a fascinating journey from their heavy atmospheric extreme metal beginnings in the early 90s underground metal scene to their current status as a unique, free-spirited progressive rock amalgamation that stretches beyond the boundaries of standard music. Each stunning work of KATATONIA is tantamount to a cathartic experience – from their seminal debut, the legendary Dance Of December Souls (1993), to their most recent haunting masterpiece, the critically acclaimed City Burials (2020) – the latter marking their most successful release to date (debuting at #6 GER, #5 FI, etc).

The five-piece has never failed in evolving its sound and unique identity into something that is known as one of Sweden’s top-notch musical forces today. Stay tuned for more exciting news coming soon!

KATATONIAon the signing:
“As Katatonia is just about to enter a brand new chapter in its own book of history, we’re passionate the band’s journey will continue onward and upward together with our new label Napalm Records.”

Thomas Caser (Napalm Records) about the signing:
Katatonia has been one of the most impactful metal acts, always progressing throughout their career. Teaming up with such an iconic act is a dream of every music fan. We are beyond excited to work with the band and their team!”

October Ends Signs With UNFD, Release New Single, ‘Play Time’

Hailing half from Newcastle, UK, half from Athens, Greece, multi-voiced genre-mashers October Ends have been somewhat of a well-kept scene secret. Though it dropped amidst the throes of the 2020 pandemic, the band’s self-recorded, self-released debut album Zodiac has racked up more than 10m streams to date, with no touring or promotional push behind it. But now, through their global partnership with UNFD, October Ends are primed and ready to step out of the shadows and introduce themselves to the world writ large.

“We’re buzzing to start releasing new music with UNFD,” enthuses guitarist/vocalist Michael Charlton, part of the band’s Newcastle unit; “We’ve been sitting on exciting material that takes October Ends in a new direction and includes the best songs we’ve ever written.”

The first of these new songs is the band’s UNFD debut single, ‘Play Time’. A groove and hook-laden modern metal mini-anthem, ‘Play Time’ builds around an irresistible nu-metal stomp, adding layers of electronics and Trap inspired beats, before crashing into a soaring chorus crescendo.

A tragic tale told from the perspective of a protagonist struggling with addiction and mental health, ‘Play Time’ tackles the temptation to give in to dark urges, as Nick explains: “It’s quite dark subject matter, but we really wanted to explore and exaggerate these themes as many of us in October Ends have struggled with mental health, especially during the pandemic. Sometimes you feel like there’s just no way out. Sometimes it feels like you should just give in to your dark side. In a tongue in cheek fashion, we suggest partying with your demons, giving up and joining them, facing them another day. A lot of people suffer out there, and it’s not easy to face your demons.” 

As well as handling the track’s production and a chunk of the lead vocals, Nick also directed and edited the official music video: “I wanted to emphasise the rough times that come with substance abuse through using metaphors. I was very much inspired by (HBO tv series) Euphoria to employ contrasts to give context in a scene without the use of dialogue. It’s stressful to direct, perform and even film in some cases, but doing this with a crew under our direction really is enabling us to unlock the best of our creativity and visualise our ideas exactly the way we want them.” 

Extreme Metal Icons Cradle Of Filth Sign Worldwide Contract With Napalm Records

Austrian rock and metal empire Napalm Records is thrilled to announce their exciting new partnership with English extreme metal titans CRADLE OF FILTH, who have just signed a worldwide contract with the label!

Positioned firmly at the top of the extreme black metal genre, CRADLE OF FILTH – led and revolutionized by iconic frontman Dani Filth – reign supreme as one of the most revered, formative and notorious names in the scene, and are undeniably responsible for breaking ground for many of today’s top metal artists with their trademark mixture of grim blackened heaviness, macabre theatricality and scintillating gothic style. The rule of Filth began in 1991, followed by the unleashing of 1994’s The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh – humble beginnings that expanded into cinematic classics like Cruelty And The Beast and Midian.

Now, Napalm Records is honored to deliver the band’s haunting hallmark to the masses as their musical panorama reaches into the future.

CRADLE OF FILTH mastermind Dani Filth says:
“It is with great expectation and excitement that we announce our move to Napalm Records, having seen and heard a great deal of complimentary things about the label, which in turn leads us to believe that this will be the perfect nesting ground for Cradle Of Filth in 2022 and beyond. 
We’d like to thank all our fans for their continued support and trust in us doing the right thing for the band and its music. 

All hail the eternal ‘Filth!”

Thomas Caser, CEO, Napalm Records adds:
“We are thrilled to welcome the most influential and iconic extreme metal band to our ever-growing Napalm Records family. Being a fan of the band since their very first album, it is with great honor and excitement that we’re able to work with them from now on! We are ready to conquer the metal world with Cradle Of Filth!”

CRADLE OF FILTH just kicked off their North American tour dates! See below for all current dates, including subsequent summer festivals and tour dates in the Europe and the UK this fall:

October 2022B

27th -Bristol, Marble Factory
28th – Nottingham, Rock City
29th – London, Indigo -“The Monstrous Sabbat” Event

Slowly Slowly Release New Single, ‘Forget You’

Aussie rockers Slowly Slowly have dropped their latest track, ‘Forget You’

A speedy follow up from the band’s recent stripped-back alternate version of their track Nothing OnForget You brings back the bounce alongside nimble hooks, bright tones and percolating beats. An instant indie-rock tour de force with plenty of endearing pop sensibilities, Forget You blossoms from the foundations laid by the band’s most recent tracks, exerting the addictive charm of the original Nothing On and the reflective jaunt of Blueprint while injecting a fresh new sonic sheen and tackling personal reinvention.

Check out ‘Forget You’ below.