Oceans Release New Single, ‘If There Is A God she Has Abandoned Us’

German nu-metal stars OCEANS are back. After delivering the second in a trilogy of EPs earlier this year with Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part II: Longing, the band have proudly announced the third and final part of the series Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part III: Clarity which will be released on November 25th. In addition, OCEANS will release Hell Is Where The Heart Is as a physical album on November 25th, comprising of the songs from the Hell Is Where The Heart Is EP series.

To coincide with the announcement, OCEANS have released a brand new single called ‘If There Is A God She Has Abandoned Us.

Timo Rotten comments: 
“No matter how positively you try to go through life, there are times when you just feel abandoned and left alone. It seems like everything is going down the drain, so how can one not lose hope in these times right now? Previous generations seemed to give no fucks about this world and now we’re left to pick up the shards. Some people just want to watch the world burn and I’m so fed up with all of this.” 

Check out the track below.

Boston Manor Releases New Single, ‘Inertia’

Boston Manor have released another song from their forthcoming album ‘Datura’ – ‘Inertia’.

Says vocalist Henry Cox of the meaning behind the track: “Inertia is a love song I wrote for my wife, the support of whom has guided me through some of the darkest times in my adult life. The partners of touring artists are often forgotten about. They have to spend months alone without the person they love whilst we fly around the world with our friends. They comfort us when we’re home sick, cheer us one when we win & console us when we lose. Often they can be a lifeline to our friends & family, a bridge back to the real world. To me, my wife is many things, home being one of them. This record is about a darkness in my life & the end of the album marks the exit from it. Without her that never would have been possible.”

‘Datura’ will be released 14 October via SharpTone Records and features the previously released ‘Passenger’ which delves into the record’s nighttime aesthetic with the kind of intense and unrestrained burst of an anthemic chorus for which the band have become known in recent years. The darkness, literally and metaphorically, is also exemplified with ‘Foxglove’ – the album’s crunching, catchy first single, released back in April.

Check out ‘Inertia’ below.

Pierce The Veil Return, Share New Lyric Video For ‘Pass The Nirvana’

Pierce the Veil are back.

The San Diego band has just shared the lyric video for the brand new song “Pass the Nirvana.”

“‘Pass the Nirvana’ is about the many horrible traumas that the youth of America have endured over the past few years,” says frontman Vic Fuentes about the song’s powerful, relatable, and topical subject matter. “COVID, no proms, no graduations, an insurrection, school shootings. The list goes on. Their lives have been tossed around like clothes in a dryer, as the tensions within our country have infiltrated our own homes, friends, and families. To me, the song represents a euphoric detachment from all of that anxiety and stress and about finding some form of peace or nirvana.”

Check out the lyric video for ‘Pass the Nirvana’ below.

Belgian Pop-Punks Charlie Bit My Finger Release New Single, ‘Breaking Out’

Belgian pop-punks Charlie Bit My Finger are releasing their 4th album ‘Back and Fourth’ on October 28th, via Thousand Islands Records/Bearded Punk Records. The first single and music video for ‘Breaking Out’ is out now.

Recorded, coproduced, mixed and mastered by Tim Van Door at Big Dog Recording in Antwerp, Belgium, the track is one of the heaviest on the bands upcoming record.

Check out ‘Breaking Out’ below.

Black Widows Release New Single, ‘Among The Brave Ones’

Portuguese all-female metal band Black Widows released a second single and music video from their upcoming second studio album Among the Brave Ones which is set to be released on October 21st 2022 via Finnish Inverse Records.

Vocalist/guitarist Rute Fevereiro comments:
“More than ten years ago, during a break with Black Widows and when I decided to think about my musical life, I made several songs. Among the Brave Ones theme comes from that period of creativity. At the time, it didn’t have that name but it awakened in me a sense of resilience and freedom. When I proposed this theme for us to work on as a band, Black Widows liked it and improved it substantially, giving their input as musicians. Among the Brave Ones was the name given to this theme and the album. This song is about our band returning stronger and more powerful than ever . It honours the brave artists and has many musicians guests promoving our video, as you will see. Are you ready for what’s to come?

Check out the video for ‘Among The Brave Ones’ below.

Honey Revenge Release New Track, ‘Ride’

Readers…. may we introduce you to  one of your new favourite bands… Honey Revenge.

The duo have just signed to Thriller Records to kick off a massive new chapter anddddd the band are celebrating with a new track.

‘Ride’ is the definition of a summer anthem. Sun-stained chords and the sweetest of melodies mixed in with honest and heartfelt lyrics, it encapsulates everything you’ll love about Honey Revenge.

The band had this to say about the signing and the song:

“We are beyond excited to announce our signing to Thriller Records! We’ve officially got the dream team and now it’s time for Honey Revenge’s world domination!”

“It’s been said that your worst times are followed up by everything you’ve been waiting for. Ride is about that exact phenomenon and the video reflects it by embodying our excitement as a band for this next chapter!” 

Pinkshift Share Furious New Track, ‘Get Out’

Pinkshuft are back with a ferocious new taster from their upcoming record in the form of, ‘Get Out’

The track sees the band as defiant as ever, giving us punishing riffs alongside their spritely attitude, it’s a song that focuses on the evil forces that have made the band’s, and their ancestors’, lives more difficult than they should be.

Vocalist Ashrita Kumar had the follow to say about it:

“‘GET OUT’ is an anthem to be utilized to take space where it’s not inherently given to us. It’s a blatant attack against the white supremacist and patriarchal colonizers of our bodies, homes, and ways of life, and it’s an expression of pure and unapologetic rage that stands in defense of our autonomy.”

Check out the music video below.

Listen To Mod Sun’s Emotionally Charged Track, ‘Battle Scars’

MOD SUN has recently dropped a new track, the tender and fantastic, ‘Battle Scars’

It’s another example of just how powerful a songwriter MOD is, and how he squeezes every ounce of himself into his art.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

“I was dealing with addiction for a decade. I was in relationships that I knew were destroying who I really was. I went to war with myself and came out on top. I’m so proud of where I am today and this song really helped me get there.”

Arliston Share New Single, ‘Mothering’

London-based band Arliston first burst onto the scene in 2018 with critically acclaimed EP Hawser, winning over an army of loyal fans with their mesmeric blend of spacey production and dreamlike rich harmonies. The band quickly garnered the support of BBC Radio One and Amazing Radio as well as a host of playlisting activities across streaming services. Pausing during the pandemic following a string of live shows, Arliston returned triumphantly in 2021 with single “Mountaineer”, the first release from The Ground Might Disappear EP, which was released a few months later. The single garnered critical acclaim and truly embedded the band on the indie music scene.

After a brief hiatus, Arliston are back with brand-new single “Mothering”, a melting pot of delicate textures, with piano and guitar interlocking to create a current that ebbs and flows to the very last note. “Mothering”, mixed and mastered by Brett Shaw at 123 studios, brings with it a sense of maturity, both in the lyrics and the production. With each listen, the song grows and reveals more of itself.

“I’m so happy with how this one came together”, says George Hasbury of Arliston. “We always try to keep a lid on the productions; it’s too easy nowadays to use all the toys on every song! But with ‘Mothering’ I think we’ve managed to get a real sense of groove and momentum into such a small arrangement.”

“Mothering” is the first release from the band’s forthcoming EP, Even In the Shade, which will be released later this year. With Intricate production and pervasive musicianship, the EP is an exciting prospect for Arliston fans awaiting their next instalment of soul-warming digital pop.

“This one grabbed us the moment we started writing it and hasn’t really let go since”, says Jack Ratcliffe of Arliston. “There’s something about how it all fits together that is deeply satisfying – it was the first song we wrote after The Ground Might Disappear, and once we had the sound and feel of the first take down, we knew we had to build an EP around it.

Check out ‘Mothering’ via your preferred streaming service.