Music Video’s 16/02/18

You know what it's time for! I'm back for another round of music videos! Let's get started! First up is Alazka. They're a German melodic up and coming group who's debuted their video for a track called 'Everything'. It's off their record called 'Phoenix' which is out now via Sharptone Records.   Live video time... Continue Reading →


Slam Dunk Festival Adds Four Bands

Another announcement has been made today for the 2018 Slam Dunk Festival ROAM, The Audition, Reel Big Fish and Goldfinger have all been added to the lineup.   The 2018 festival takes place in May on the following dates: May 26th - Slam Dunk North - Leeds City Centre 27th - Slam Dunk South -... Continue Reading →

Mikey Chapman Releases Statement

  After the announcement that Mikey Chapman would be leaving the band Mallory Knox, vocalist Mikey Chapman has now released the following statement. "Hi everyone. It is with mixed emotions I am writing to you today, as i'm here to personally announce my departure from Mallory Knox. I feel so much warmth and gratitude to... Continue Reading →

Attila Are Now An Indepandant Band

Attila have surprisingly announce that they have now become an indepandant band. Their vocalist Fronz explained that:   "This is something really exciting. It's been a long time in the making. Basically every single member of Attila is extremely entrepreneurial and business savvy. We don't need a label. we don't need any interference with our... Continue Reading →

Mikey Chapman Leaves Mallory Knox

It was announced today that after nine years in the band, Mallory Knox's Mikey Chapman has left. He featured on three records the band released on vocals.   In a statement they posted: “After nearly 9 years together, today we announce that Mikey has decided to part ways with Mallory Knox. As a band, we respect his... Continue Reading →

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