Rolo Tomassi Announce ‘Closer (The Edits)’ EP

ROLO TOMASSI hare announced ‘Closer (The Edits)’EP, set for release on 5th August. The EP contains newly edited versions of the bands single ‘Closer’, which is taken from from their critically acclaimed album ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’ that was released back in February earlier this year. The band teamed up with Daniel Avery and ATTLAS  and Ki Oni & Luke Elliot for the new edits.

On working this edit and remix project, the band said “It was great to get the opportunity to have an artist like Daniel Avery produce this edit of the track. We’re big fans of his own work so jumped at the chance to have him work on it. Similarly with  ATTLAS, who has taken take ‘Closer’ and opened it up to a whole new audience with his incredible remix. It’s just so exciting to hear these other artists take elements from our songwriting and make something entirely new.”

Check out the Daniel Avery edit of ‘Closer’ below

Creature Release New Track ‘Creeping’ Off Upcoming EP, ‘Haunt’

Birmingham based alternative act CREATURE release their brutal new EP, ‘HAUNT’. To celebrate the release, the band has released a visualiser for the track ‘Creeping’. 

Speaking on ‘Creeping’, vocalist/guitarist James Thompson comments:

“Creeping depicts an existential crisis of neuroticism and anxiety. It’s so easy to fixate on things out of your control, and when these go wrong it creates a heightened sense of self-awareness, making you think there’s something wrong with you. Doubt creeps up and it can become all-consuming. The ‘Creeping’ takes this further as a metaphor for death. You can easily fixate on the delusion of death, thinking that something is killing you and the certainty of it happening.”

Teasing new material and their imminent 2000Tress festival appearance, drummer Tom Bradshaw adds:

“After two years cooped up writing and demoing for our debut album, we couldn’t be more excited to be playing 2000trees and our EP launch this summer – where we’ll be showcasing the new HAUNT material. Playing our songs live is always the most rewarding experience for us – meeting like-minded people, bands and tearing it up on stage. Make sure you get down to the CREATURE set for some carnage!” 

Check out ‘Creeping’ below.

Heart Of Gold Have Shared Their Latest Track, ‘Backseat Daydream’

Manchester-based outfit Heart Of Gold have released their latest track, ‘Backseat Daydreamfrom their upcoming debut album Beautiful Dangerous via SharpTone Records.

Michael McGough stated,
“Backseat Daydream is about the longing for someone’s company. Based on the long summers you’d spend learning to understand your love and missing them every second you spend apart, not wanting to miss anything in those empty spaces.”

The band’s debut album Beautiful Dangerous will be released on 12th August via SharpTone Records.

Check out ‘Backseat Daydream’ below.

Check Out Petrol Girls Latest Single, ‘Preachers’

Petrol Girls have released another acerbic and insightful new track from forthcoming album ‘Baby’. “Lyrically, ‘Preachers’ is my way of kicking back at this preachy, saintly, holier-than-thou vibe you get sometimes in radical left communities,” says vocalist Ren Aldridge. “I get very frustrated by the lack of nuance sometimes, and the way people seem so much more interested in punishing individuals than building resilient communities of care. And I hate the way that women and marginalised genders are held to such a way higher standard than cis-men. 

I’m absolutely not saying that we shouldn’t criticise each other or that we should let things like sexual violence slide. But I think we have a lot of questions to ask ourselves collectively in terms of how we deal with harm, conflict, and abuse, and differentiate between them. I’ve been learning so much about transformative justice, which is where abolitionist politics and activism against gender based violence really come together, and was very inspired by Adrienne Maree Brown’s book ‘We Will Not Cancel Us.’

I also just really needed to reject this pressure to always act and speak completely perfectly, which has had a severe impact on my mental health by putting me in a constant state of hyper-vigilance and piling up alongside other pressures to make me mentally collapse. For me, our new album is so much about recovering from that severe depressive episode, and a crucial part of that was saying fuck it, I will never do enough, I will always make mistakes, but as long as I am true to my values and reflective thats fucking fine.”

Aldridge adds:

“We wanted to make sure the first track was one that showed this different musical direction, because as well as moving away from sanctimoniousness, politically and vocally, we also wanted to make the music more stripped back and fun,” Aldridge explains. This is one reason why cheekier tracks like the proudly pro-choice single ‘Baby, I Had An Abortion’ and the unceremoniously titled ‘Clowns’ – built around a guitar riff Aldridge describes as sounding “like the morning after Boomtown” – are front-loaded, easing you in gently before hitting you with tracks like ‘Fight For Our Lives’ (ft. Janey Starling of feminist organisation Level Up) and ‘Violent By Design’ which deal with the heavier topics of femicide and police brutality. 

Check out ‘Preachers’ below.

Alt-Pop Newcomer Bexx Releases Single, ‘One More Night’

Bexx is a seriously exciting new artist in the UK pop scene. Her eclectic, euphoric alt-pop sound unabashedly draws from influences within 80’s synth-pop, pop-punk, classic rock, plus current artists like Rina Sawayama and Lady Gaga.

Tackling subjects from dating in the LGBTQ+ community, to mental health and her favourite romcoms, bexx’s raw, deeply personal lyrics span the breadth of human emotions. Combining her emotive storytelling with soaring melodies, bold power chords, and iridescent synths, bexx is carving out a space for fans to feel accepted and hopeful, even in their lowest moments.

Her latest single “One More Night” takes inspiration from the 1997 romcom My Best Friend’s Wedding. Through a combination of wanting to write an ode to her favourite movie, as well as cope with her own emotions of facing an impending breakup, bexx shares, “The song is from Julianne’s perspective in My Best Friend’s Wedding, but it’s also from mine. Because even though my relationship wasn’t healthy, I really just wanted one more perfect night with this person before I had to cut them loose.” 

Check out the single, ‘One More Night’ via the following link.

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Our Hollow, Our Home Announce UK Headlining Tour

UK Metalcore favourites Our Hollow, Our Home have announced a Autumn UK tour for 2022.

Fresh from supporting A Day To Remember on select dates in Europe and Scotland, Our Hollow, Our Home will play five shows on their UK headline tour for October 2022.  These shows are in addition to the rescheduled EU tour from 2021.  The dates are as follows:


4th France Paris @ Le Klub

5th Switzerland Aarau @ KiFF

6th France Lyon @ Rock N Eat

7th Germany Karlsruhe @ Die Stadtmitte

8th Austria Vorchdorf @ Kitzmantelfabrik (Metalnight Outbreak Fest)

9th Austria Vienna @ Viper Room

10th Germany Munich @ Backstage

11th Germany Nuremberg @ Z-Bau

13th Czech Republic Prague @ Rock Cafe

14th Germany Essen @ Weststadthalle (Crowdsalat Festival) *

15th Germany Hamburg @ Indra

16th Germany Leipzig @ Naumanns

17th Germany Berlin @ Badehaus

18th Germany Frankfurt @ Das Bett

20th Germany Trier @ Mergener Hof

21st Belgium Antwerp @ JH Kaddish

22nd Germany Cologne @ Club Volta

23rd The Netherlands Den Bosch @ Willem Twee

25th UK Birmingham @ Space54

26th UK Bristol @ The Exchange

27th UK Manchester @ Rebellion

28th UK Nottingham @ Rock City Beta

29th UK London @ The Underworld

The Tyne Release New Single / Video For ‘No Plans’

Up and coming trio, The Tyne have dropped a video for their latest single, ‘No Plans’

The Tyne explain “No Plans was written about how after 2 years of lockdown, communication was really messed up for a lot of people. Our social skills fully went out the window from not seeing anyone so when we came back it felt really overwhelming. It’s also about the struggle to maintain relationships throughout lockdown too, which one of us experienced first-hand. It probably didn’t help we were sat around playing video games and eating too much the whole time. We’ve still got no plans for the summer but at least now we have a song about it!”

On the EP, The Tyne said “We are Internet kids. The Internet’s always been present in our lives and I think a lot of what our generation is going through is a direct result of that.“ “We want people to be inspired by the music we make, like we’ve been inspired and comforted by other bands,”  Cooper adds “I think we’re going through the exact same things that most 17-years-olds are going through. Hopefully our music can help them feel less alone.”

Goldpark Release New Single, ‘Covered In Sunshine’

Indie-rock trio Goldpark are back with their new single, “Covered in Sunshine.”

Goldpark hone in on their arena-ready rock sound with “Covered in Sunshine.” Swelling with bright guitar riffs, groove-infused bass and anthemic percussion, the song builds towards an irrepressible chorus destined to be sung by future crowds: “Covered in sunshine / Part of life / Covered in sunshine / Today don’t feel so heavy.”

Lead vocalist Wes Hunter expands on the simple yet powerful meaning of the song: “’Covered in Sunshine’ is about the power of stepping outside. All of these problems, anxieties, and fears that have come from a reliance on technology feel a little less heavy when we step into the sunlight. That’s where we realize where ‘real life’ actually lives. Being a ‘part of life’ isn’t being fully connected at all times with the world around us through a viewfinder. It’s being a part of the outside world we forget about so often.

“Covered in Sunshine” is the second single from Goldpark’s forthcoming sophomore EP and follows the lead single, “Lady Lightyear.”

Check out ‘Covered In Sunshine’ below.

Cassie Marin Releases New Single, ‘Floating’

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin shares her new single, “Floating.” Pairing sparse, bubbling synth-pop beats with Cassie’s signature saccharine vocals, “Floating” is the ultimate dreamy summer pop tune. With her much-anticipated album on the horizon, this new single continues her impressive streak of irresistible electro-pop anthems.

In a statement about “Floating,” Cassie writes: “‘Floating’ is all about coping with isolation and discovering beauty in the mundane. It embraces us when we find it difficult to relate to others, or when we feel like some alien creature that has fallen from the sky. It packs this celestial sense of liberation that, when I wrote it, got me out of questioning who I was and how I was supposed to feel about it. I was reminded that there is never anything wrong with being different. I hope to take my listeners to this place, into the freedom of the sky, floating, above all doubt and fear, embracing fully the present moment and all that we are.

Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, Cassie Marin has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space. Heading into the release of her next album — due out this Summer — she has taken a propulsive leap with her songwriting, opening up about her most private battles and innermost thoughts. Instead of succumbing to self-indulgence and pity, she wields her hardships as a portal to empower and transform. The magic of her music exists in the layered meaning of each of her songs – beneath the infectious, rhythmic production lay inspiring and heartfelt life lessons. There is something new to discover with every listen.

Check out ‘Floating’ below.

Eat Your Heart Out Release Latest Single, ‘Down’

Aussie Alt-Papers Eat Your Heart Out have shared the video of their latest track, ‘Down’.

“The lyrics were inspired by the idea of social media addiction, and specifically, when you’re comparing yourself to others or see a negative comment about yourself or your art from some random person on the Internet and you know you shouldn’t give it any weight, but sometimes, you do it anyway,” the band says, pulling back the curtain to reveal the song’s incredibly topical theme. “You always come out feeling worse, but it’s so easy to become addicted to the quick validation of social media.”

Furthermore, the band states, “We had a lot of fun recording ‘Down’ and experimenting with some different guitar sounds. As one of the heavier and rockier songs on the record, it is already one of our favorites to play live.”

Check out the video for ‘Down’ below.