Paraside Release New Single & Video For ‘Movin On’

Paraside have dropped their latest single, ‘Movin On’

Movin’ On is the second single from the first chapter of songs by Hungary- based American/Hungarian band Paraside. The style is an all-melodic rock sound with some 80s vibe mixed with symphonic and dance/trance elements. 

Paraside was formed in 2021 by Vic, Pete and Matt. Danny joined the band in 2022. Paraside is continuously working on new songs, so you can be sure that some new powerful tracks will arrive soon. 

Blending Matt and Danny’s love for modern rock and Vic’s passion for rock, EDM and musical comedy with huge soundstages, Pete’s progressive rock counterpart, you get a sure recipe for a complex, yet still melodic sound, combining catchy melodies with bass guitars and symphonic and dance/trance elements.

Check out the video for ‘Movin On’ below.

Iota Release New Video For Single, ‘Sometimes’

Following up on the July release of their celebrated single ‘Take It’, supported by the likes of Classic Rock Magazine and BBC Radio 1, comes ‘Sometimes’, the latest single from Bristol-based rock five-piece IOTA, released on August 26th, taken from their upcoming EP due later this year.

Just before the pandemic hit, vocalist Jodie Robinson set up a recording studio “through the urge to break out of mundane jobs and take creative control of our own music and time”, she reveals, with help from the rest of the band who clubbed together to help build the space.  When lockdown did hit however, she had to move into the studio to be able to afford to keep it going, which more than paid off, with business now flourishing thanks to Bristol’s thriving music scene.

Sometimes feels tortured from start to finish. Vocalist Jodie delivers an exceptionally versatile vocal performance; emotively gritty in parts while ethereal and dreamy in others, whilst the band combines driving drums, distorted, synthy guitar tones and confessional lyrics to help spin the tale of a freak accident that could have changed everything.

Speaking about the single, vocalist Jodie Robinson states, “This song was written about a loved one after a freak accident that I witnessed. It really put everything into perspective and threw me into a realm of gratitude with a whole new found respect for having that person in my life. It’s a love letter to this person and a reminder to appreciate what you have before it’s too late.”

Check out the video for ‘Sometimes’ below.

Introducing Angel Numbers, ‘Long May I Reign’

Angel Numbers are ready to make an indelible mark on the UK music scene with their crashing creativity, splicing electronica, shoegaze, pop and rock-fuelled elements to craft their own “electrogaze” aesthetic. Their vibrant new single ‘Long May I Reign’ is out today with music video, ahead of the band’s performance at Burn It Down Festival this weekend. They’ll also be supporting Holy Fawn in Manchester later this month. 

Says frontman and instigator Petr Vybiral of the new track: “‘Long May I Reign’ is inspired by a vision of the battle with the self as we confront the darkest corners of our collective psyche. It presents transformation as the only path forward in this day and age as we approach the breaking point on a societal and spiritual level. Honouring the forces that enable our existence is the primary message of the exploding chorus, the real climax of the song, whilst the verses illustrate how understanding ourselves, destroying ourselves and healing ourselves leads to the same results on the outside too. Whether or not we make it through the dark depends on how willing we are to confront it.”

Check out ‘Long May I Reign’ below.

Holy Fawn Share Cinematic Performance For ‘Void Of Light’

Holy Fawn, whose eagerly-awaited new album, Dimensional Bleed arrives on the 9th ofSeptember via Wax Bodega, have released a cinematic video for “Void of Light”, with the Chase Warren-directed clip featuring a muted colour palette that mimics the imagery around the upcoming release.

“I’m not sure what it is about our nature as musicians but at our core, we love to tinker,” explains Ryan Osterman. “Whenever we get something new, we have to set it up and hit record just to see what happens. For ‘Void of Light’ in particular, it was a new reverb pedal from a company called ‘Dr. Scientist.’ It’s called ‘The Atmosphere’ and I feel its name is pretty self-explanatory. This pedal truly felt so expressive and opened up so many creative avenues for us to revisit over and over again. Once it entered the studio, it just didn’t get turned off. ‘The Atmosphere’ really had a tremendous impact on the first half of the song and I’m so thankful this pedal found its way to us. It truly is so customizable, down to the finest of details, and it really allowed us to create as musicians. This was definitely the first song we ever played as a group during rehearsal for Dimensional Bleed and it just felt so new and raw. You can just tell when you’re performing something with your friends that it’s resonating and everyone just feels so connected. This is one in particular we’re really excited to play live.”

Check out ‘Void Of Light’ below.

New York Indie Pop Newcomers Me + Nobody Share Infectious Single, ‘SoHo’

New York indie-pop newcomers Me + Nobody share their infectious new single ‘SoHo’. Richie Anderson (vocals/guitar), Thomas Kinsella (lead guitar), Vinny Sutera (drums) and Joe Genduso (bass), each bring differing tastes and elements to their sound resulting in music which is full of pop sensibilities whilst retaining an air of passion and musical depth.

Bright, vibrant and yet, also emotive and melancholic, the new single ‘SoHo’ possesses an effortless likability with catchy vocals topping an uplift indie soundscape. Layers of intertwining picked guitar lines merge with synths and the bopping drums to create a track full of youthful energy, captivating musicality and commercial appeal. Instantly comparable to The 1975’s ‘Chocolate’, the single possesses all the hallmarks of a potential indie breakout. 

Speaking about the single, the band explain: “This song is about a lover who leaves for a while and the two of you fade apart. Some time goes by and then you see them out with a new person.”

Check out the track, ‘SoHo’ below.

London Based Signer-Songwriter Saachisen Releases Piano Visuals For Single, ‘The Gap’

Singer-songwriter saachisen (real name Saachi Sen) is back with her new single ‘The Gap’. Born in India and raised in London, Saachi is an electronic engineering grad and a strong advocate for women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). An agnostic ex-chapel-chorister with influences from classical to electronic-pop, Saachi’s wide reaching love of different musical genres serve to shape her unique alternative-pop sound.

Saachi’s new solo project saachisen represents an arrival at a sound that finally feels truly her own. The debut single ‘The Gap’ is a prime example of this sound – ethereal, silky and beautifully harmonised vocals over a gente soundscape of grand piano, acoustic guitar, muted electronic drums and subtle electronic bass. Recorded at the studios of Apple Music’s label Platoon, together with engineer Ramera Abraham (Little Mix, Adele) before being mixed by Amanda Merdzan (Tom Walker, Freya Ridings), the tracks’ strikingly complete sound, melancholic tone and affecting melodies give it an infectious accessibility.

Speaking about the meaning behind the single, Saachi explains: “I wrote The Gap shortly after graduating university, when I, like so many other grads, was hit by this overwhelming feeling of uncertainty. I was also missing someone I’d grown close to at uni who had moved away, and I had just started dating somebody new; I think I knew deep down it was just an attempt to distract from that strange, empty feeling I was experiencing. Thankfully that didn’t last long, but this is still one of my favourites of my own songs; apart from being an example of me being really honest to myself, it’s always cathartic and exhilarating to play live.”

Check out the visuals for ‘The Gap’ below.

Baltimore Based Dosser Release New Single, ‘Joy Thief’

Baltimore, MD indie rockers Dosserhave released “Joy Thief” a new single off their upcoming debut album.

Of the track, Dosser’s Bret Lanahan (guitar, vocals) says: “Since I was a kid I’ve struggled greatly with crippling anxiety and depression. I didn’t understand when I was younger what either of those things were and always thought something was wrong with me or I had something bad inside me making me feel this way. I used to have this kind of weird day dream a lot that if I could just open up my chest and let whatever was inside of me that was making me feel so terrible just spill out, maybe I would feel better.

It wasn’t a bloody scene or anything like that, I guess it was just the only way my younger brain could picture getting rid of bad thoughts. As I got older and had a better understanding of what mental illness looked like I was able to get help in the form of medication. The song goes back and forth with the feeling of being trapped in one of two corners that I think are pretty common in people trying to deal with or treat mental illness. Either you treat it with medication and get to a point where you feel almost nothing at all and totally empty, or just deal with it and have such intense feelings that you can hardly bare it. Finding a release is the hardest thing to do. The lyrics are fairly simple but they hold a great weight for me.”

Check out ‘Joy Thief’ below.

Oceans Release New Single, ‘If There Is A God she Has Abandoned Us’

German nu-metal stars OCEANS are back. After delivering the second in a trilogy of EPs earlier this year with Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part II: Longing, the band have proudly announced the third and final part of the series Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part III: Clarity which will be released on November 25th. In addition, OCEANS will release Hell Is Where The Heart Is as a physical album on November 25th, comprising of the songs from the Hell Is Where The Heart Is EP series.

To coincide with the announcement, OCEANS have released a brand new single called ‘If There Is A God She Has Abandoned Us.

Timo Rotten comments: 
“No matter how positively you try to go through life, there are times when you just feel abandoned and left alone. It seems like everything is going down the drain, so how can one not lose hope in these times right now? Previous generations seemed to give no fucks about this world and now we’re left to pick up the shards. Some people just want to watch the world burn and I’m so fed up with all of this.” 

Check out the track below.

Less than Jake Announce Silver Linings Deluxe Record

Today, ska-punk heavyweights Less Than Jake announce the deluxe version of their hit album Silver Linings. The album is set for release on the 21st of October 2022 via Pure Noise Records and includes two rare full-band tracks as well as four acoustic versions of album tracks. 

“When ‘Silver Linings’ first came out in December of 2020, our band was in the midst of being at home for the longest amount of time in a row EVER!” recounts trombonist Buddy Schaub“We were all so excited to release it to the world because it was the first album with our new drummer, Matt Yonker, and our first attempt at writing all the lyrics on a record. Unfortunately, we were still stuck at home and couldn’t go out and breathe life into the songs on stage like they deserved! Putting out this Deluxe Version seemed like a great way to re-introduce the record to those who may have missed it in the chaos of the last couple of years.

Speaking on their new music video for “So Much Less”, Schaub comments: “‘So Much Less’ didn’t get pushed as a single, but our fans have definitely been bringing it up a lot over the past 2 years as a stand-out. So we thought it was time to bring it into the spotlight. We shot some footage all throughout the summer tour and it definitely captures the feeling of being on the road”

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Check out the video for ‘So Much Less’ below.

Creeper Announce Special Set With Hannah Greenwood On Lead Vocals

Creeper are set to play a set at Rise Fest next Saturday, and they have revealed exactly what makes it so special.

It’s a ‘Weeping Widow’ set. 

That is going to mean that that keyboardist/vocalist/extraordinary performer Hannah Greenwood is going to be taking the lead as vocalist, for the first time ever. 

What an incredible idea this is.

This is a one time thing as well, so you if you want to see this, you better head up there.