A Day To Remember’s Josh Woodard Leaves The Band

A Day To Remember’s Josh Woodard has announced that he has left the band.

You can read the full statement below.

“In the summer of 2020, I released a statement addressing false allegations that were made against me online. At the time, with the pandemic and my daughter on the way, I personally decided to pause legal proceedings against the accuser once the post was removed.

These accusations have unfortunately resurfaced within the last few days, and I must act accordingly. It is not fair to my bandmates and brothers to be attached to or targeted because of any of this, so I have made the decision to step down from my position in the band as of today. I will be leaving tour to be with my family and continue to defend my innocence in these matters.

I know who I am and who I am not. I admit, wholeheartedly, that I am not a perfect person and I have made mistakes in life. I strive every day I am given to be a better person, husband, bandmate and friend.

I appreciate those who supported me and defended my name against the lies being spread, and I am sorry to those who have been negatively affected by them. This decision is the furthest thing from what I want, but it is unfortunately what is best. Being a member of ADTR has been the greatest honour and I am so thankful for the past 18 years.”

A Day To Remember Share Video For ‘Everything We Need’

A Day To Remember have shared a video for ‘Everything We Need’, the fifth single and closing track off their recently released record, ‘You’re Welcome’.

Check out ‘Everything We Need’ below.

Orders for the record can be made via the band’s Website and Impericon.

A Day To Remember Announce Acoustic Livestream

A Day To Remember have announced a free livestream which is set to take place next week.

‘Live At The Audio Compound’ is set to premiere on the band’s Youtube channel on January 25th 2021 at 1AM GMT which will be available for 24 hours.

In addition, the band will also premiere a new track called from their upcoming new album ‘You’re Welcome’, scheduled for release on March 05 via Fueled BY Ramen, called ‘Everything We Need’. 

This will follow up to their track, ‘Brick Wall’, which you listen to below.

Check Out A Day To Remember Perform A Live Acoustic Version Of ‘Degenerates’

Pop – Punk / Metalcore favourites A Day To Remember have released an acoustic live performance of Degenerates.

The performance which was recorded back in 2019 was posted with the question , ​“Should we do more of this?” 

Degenerates is taken from A Day To Remember’s upcoming record, ‘You’re Welcome, which is set to be released on March 5th 2021 via Fueled By Ramen.’

Check out the performance below.

A Day To Remember Announce Upcoming Seventh Record, ‘You’re Welcome’

The Florida powerhouses known as A Day To Remember have finally announced their upcoming seventh record! The band have confirmed to release ‘You’re Welcome’ on March 5th 2021

This is the bands follow up to their 2016 ‘Bad Vibrations’ record which was originally set to be released on November 15th 2019 but the band were allegedly unhappy with the mixing and cover art.

Check out all the details you need for the record including Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options below.

01.) Brick Wall
02.) Mindreader
03.) Bloodsucker
04.) Last Chance To Dance (Bad Friend)
05.) F.Y.M.
06.) High Diving
07.) Resentment
08.) Looks Like Hell
09.) Viva La Mexico
10.) Only Money
11.) Degenerates
12.) Permanent
13.) Re-Entry
14.) Everything We Need

Check out the band’s latest track ‘Brick Wall’, ‘Mindreader’, ‘Resentment’ and ‘Degenerates’ as well.

And the Pre-Order options? We’ve got you.

Pre-Orders are available via the band’s website, Impericon, Amazon and Itunes.

Jeremy Mckinnon (A Day To Remember) Provides Vocals For League Of Legends Worlds 2020 Theme

It’s that time of the year again! League Of Legends Worlds 2020 which is the largest competition of the game is taking place in eight days time (September 25th).

The theme for the 2020 track has been released and there’s a very familiar voice on it.

‘Take Over’ teams A Day To Remember’s Jeremy Mckinnon up with Mac and Henry.

Check out the storming track below.

Download Festival Confirms 2021 Headliners as well as 70+ Acts

Remember when we had to say that Download Festival 2020 was cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic? Sad times were had for all there. It never went ahead but that meant the organisewrs were hard at work for the 2021 iteration of the festival.

The time has come for the first bands of the festival to be announced.

Aiming to maintain as much of the 2020 lineup as possible, Kiss and System Of A Down have been announced as headliners with Biffy Clyro taking Iron Maiden’s place who are sadly unable to be in attendance.

In addition to this, 70+ acts have been confirmed with the headliners including Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Black Veil Brides, Boltbeat, The Darkness , Steel Panther and more.

The full lineup can be found below.

A.A. Williams
A Day To Remember
Anchor Lane
Biffy Clyro
Blackout Problems
Black Veil Brides
Bleed From Within
Blues Pills
Cellar Door Moon Crow
Cemetery Sun
Control The Storm
The Darkness
Dead Label
Dead Posey
Dirty Honey
The Distillers
Dying Fetus
Electric Wizard
Employed To Serve
The Faim
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Funeral For A Friend
Gender Roles
The Hara
Higher Power
Holding Absence
Hot Milk
Killswitch Engage
Kill The Lights
Jamie Lenman
JJ Wilde
Joyous Wolf
Lacuna Coil
Lotus Eater
Marianas Trench
Modern Error
Myles Kennedy & Company
Of Mice & Men
Press Club
The Pretty Reckless
Rise Against
Sleep Token
Steel Panther
Stone Broken
System Of A Down
Temples On Mars
Theory Of A Deadman
Those Damn Crows
Tiny Moving Parts
Twin Temple
Wage War
Wayward Sons
The Wildhearts
Will Haven

Download Festival 2021 is set to take place at Donington Park on June 4th -6th 2021.

Tickets are available to buy right now and can be purchased via the festival’s website.

Joshua Woodard (A Day To Remember) Responds To Allegations

Joshua Woodard, founding member and still Bassist for A Day To Remember has issued a statement via Twitter in a response to allegations which surfaced online a few weeks ago.

In a report which was published by Acronym Magazine, a user in a now deleted tweet (which was removed for unknown reasons) made on 8th June 2020, it accuses Woodard of sexual assault in a situation that purportedly took place almost ten years ago.

Woodard took to Twitter on August 1st 2020 to issue a statement in response which is available to read below.

“I’d like to address the allegations against me that have circulated around the Internet in recent weeks.

First, let me be clear that the events described never happened and these allegations are false.

Up until now, I have remained silent because I do not feel it is appropriate to handle or debate this situation on social media. Addressing this is my personal responsibility, and I have chosen to defend myself through the proper legal channels.

Aside from releasing this statement, I will continue dealing with this matter privately in order to protect myself and my family.”

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

NHS: www.nhs.uk
Safeline: www.safeline.org.uk
SOSAA: www.sosaa.org.uk
A Voice For The Innocent: www.avoicefortheinnocent.org
RAINN: www.rainn.org
Mind: www.mind.org.uk
Survivors: www.survivorsuk.org
The Survivors Trust: www.thesurvivorstrust.org
Citizens Advice: www.citizensadvice.org.uk

A Day To Remember’s Previously Scheduled UK Shows Have Been Cancelled

Sad news to announce but inevitable nevertheless, A Day To Remember’s upcoming UK run of shows, where were originally set to take place this weekend have now been completely cancelled.

All ticket holders will be recieveing an automatic refund.

The bands other shows across Europe are yet to be totally cancelled.

You can read a full statement from the band below.

“Due to the ongoing uncertainty of when events may happen, our Leeds, Hatfield, Nottingham, & Cardiff shows have been cancelled & ticket holders will receive an automatic refund.

We’re still working hard to reschedule the rest of the dates and tickets will still be honored when that happens. If you have any questions about your tickets or refunds, please contact your point of purchase.”

Music Video Roundup 24/04/20

The music video roundup is back! That’s right now things are looking bleak so I wanted to re-instate the roundup so everyone has something new to be watching. In addition to this, there’s a new weekly tracks post coming because it will not stop the music!

First things first, to get up started we have Puppy. ‘Powder Blue’ is the last one on their last EP, ‘iii’ On the track they’ve said: “We called it that because it was our third EP, and because there are three of us in the band. For whatever reason, triptychs, triplets, three-pieces & trilogies felt quite important to us at that point.


Up in the second spot this week is the Manchurian Pop-Rock up and comers who have just about established themselves with this reworked mashup of two of their tracks in a toned-down version for ‘Wide Awake (In Awful Ever After) for which both tracks are cut from 2019’s ‘Are You Feeling Alive’ EP. In addition to the new cut of the track, we have some behind the scenes footage of the band as well as some live footage for everyone to enjoy.

Now, who’s up for some gymnastics and a pulsating slow-burning performance? Well, that’s just what Frank Iero And The Future Violents have in store for us as Frank himself explains:

“It was apparent to me early on while writing Barriers that ‘Medicine Square Garden’ was its most important track. It was the cornerstone upon which the rest of the record and band was formed. If we lost the battle on that song, the rest didn’t stand a chance. ‘Medicine Square Garden’ pushed the most boundaries, scratched the most itches, and terrified me far beyond any other song I had written. So when we crossed off every box in Chicago at Electrical Audio and listened back with smiles knowing we had accomplished our goals, a new objective soon emerged: Get the label to see our favorite song as a single, and let us make the video of my dreams.”

“‘Medicine Square Garden’ is not your typical single. It’s a five and a half minute attempt at answering the question, ‘What if Prince wrote a Sleep song?’ Oh and if that’s not batshit enough for you, I already had the video in my head. So armed with crudely drawn set designs and a typed-up description of a witchy calisthenics workout meets a Robert Palmer alien massacre, I submitted my pitch to the label. This was my vision from the beginning and no one told me I was crazy. What a world.”

Next up, we have a little talk of Nothing, Nowhere. It’s a track that’s full of harsh beats and vocals which are somehow a little harsher. You can watch ‘Death’ below.

Now, since Suitor released their debut in October of last year the band have been busy.  They’ve been touring like crazy and as well as working on their upcoming second EP. The video for that second release is now complete in the form of ‘Deep Sleep’.

On the track singer Casey Smith has said:

“‘Deep Sleep’ as a video conveys the battle of addiction and temptation; literally in the form of alcoholism, or something else entirely based on perspective. Drug abuse, codependency, self medication, whatever it takes to find respite in a depressive or anxious reality. That solution or “fix” is portrayed in the siren character. For the wandering male lead, it is the only option, the only path that leads to a salvation without despair, in her embrace. Even if it means the end for him, he cant resist the cure, allowing her to pull him beneath the surface, finally at peace. He wakes, stunned to realize that it was only a dream; a temporary escape. Where does he go from here?”

For another up and coming band we have Static Dress. They’ve been on the up and there’s no signs of them stopping. Now they have a new track in the form os ‘Safeword’ which has an accompanying video where they return to the green and white room from their debut single, ‘Clean’.

Moving on in the list Dance Gavin Dance have launched a new video, with the help of their fans. In their ‘Three Wishes’ video, the band put a call out for people to send in footage of themselves cleaning their houses, brushing their teeth etc (A little strange right?)

But ‘Three Wishes’ is off their upcoming record ‘Afterburner’, which is due to be released April 24th via Rise Records.


Now we have Eat Away My Heart. It’s actually a track title on this one. I’m sure everyoen’s thinking the same, is it? It’s actually a fact! This track comes from the brilliant Wallflower whom have their debut record, ‘Teach Yourself To Swim’ on its way and now there’s a video to go with it!

On the track though, vocalist/guitarist Vini Moreira-Yeoell has said:

“It’s a song about giving away all the best parts of yourself to someone in the hope that the person in question will like you a little more, which never works by the way.”

Check out ‘Eat Away At My Heart’ below.

Now we’re nearing the endgame for this weeks list where A Day To Remember’s time has finally come on the list. Everyone’s eagerly awaiting the release of their seventh record, ‘You’re Welcome’, the band have decided to share just what’s coming with their latest cut off the record, ‘Mindreader’.

This follows on from ‘Degenerates’ and ‘REsentment’ where the track has an accompanying animated video that tells the story of a man in a mental battle with his girlfriend who’s portrayed as a mystical physic woman.

On the track, frontman Jeremy McKinnon has said:

“We’ve had this video done for some time now, and seeing as how our album isn’t out yet and the state of the world is keeping us off the road, we wanted to get some new material out there for our fans as soon as possible.

This song was one of my personal favorites off the new album from the day it was written. I wrote it with the incredibly talented Mike Green. Fun fact, it was the first song I’ve ever sent the guys in the band that was unanimously loved. This song was written to be a lighthearted take on people in relationships expecting their partners to read their minds.”

Lastly, on the list for this weeks Roundup, we have Yours Truly. They have released ‘Composure’ which is there first taste of new music from the band since the release of their EP ‘Afterglow’ in 2019.

On the track Vocalist Mikaila Delgado has explained:

And that’s it for this week’s Music Video Roundup list. Be sure to check back next week for another look at what’s being released in the music world.