Aussie 80’s Heavy Metal NOTHING SACRED New Album “No Gods” + Music Video “Virus”

Australian classic heavy metal Nothing Sacred are marking their return to the mosh pit with the new album “No Gods”, out now via Rockshots Records as of July 16th. 

In celebration of the release of the full length, the band is sharing their new music video for the track “Virus”.

The band adds:

“Virus came from the concept of displacing blame situations or actions onto others in order to achieve inner peace. It’s from the perspective of people or entities taking ownership to allow the less fortunate to continue on their chosen path with no consequences. This track has a great groove and is very fun to play.”

Check out the music video for ‘Virus’ below.

On the bands upcoming record, ‘No Gods’, the band say:

“We think our return with this new album will be received well. We’ve made a conscious effort to not be one-dimensional. We picked a cross-section of tracks we thought would make the album interesting. Though eight of the tracks are brand new, we decided to add two tracks ‘Final Crime’ and ‘Oracle’ we wrote for our 2nd album in the late 80’s, but never released.”

‘No Gods’ is available via Rockshots Records via the following links:



Montyfear Release New Music Video ‘Circus Called Life’

Finnish Seinäjoki-based metal band Mortyfear released their second studio album My Dystopia. The album is recorded and mixed by Riku Metsä-Ketelä at Finnvox Studios/Rmksound and it is mastered by Svante Forsbäck (Rammstein, Amorphis, Apocalyptica, etc.) at Chartmakers. To celebrate the album release, the band also released a new music video Circus Called Life.

Check out the video below.

Vocalist Janne Keskitalo comments:
“We are thrilled that the release day is finally here. We have been excited about seeing the reviews the album has already gotten and now it gets to be heard by all the people.The songs of the new album ”My dystopia” are the result of a process that we like to call “the blender”. That means that any of us can compose new music and throw it to blender and try anything with it. Then we discuss about it and maybe give it a one more spin in the blender. The recording process took some time and required a lot of effort of since we wanted to experiment with the songs and sounds. Although we had no boundaries when making the album, a certain insanity and evilness travels throughout the record making it a coherent entirety. The sound of Mortyfear has changed quite a bit since earlier releases but you can hear the dark vibes that are integrated to this band as a legacy. 

”You see the people whose only connection to the world is through social media. The only thing to achieve in life is popularity. For whatever the price. And others that don’t want it are freaks? I had a vision on the songs vocal line and how would I want it to sound like and to give the dissonance it needs to back up the story of living the life but hating still every part of it. We had it recorded in one take so we could capture the total insanity during the recording of it. We all connected to this song really hard. It also gave us the full push to make our sound something not so familiar and what has not be heard. We took it for a wild blender ride and gave it layers and ideas more and more until we got it down a little bit to a perfect amount of insanity and horror.”

Listen to the record, ‘My Dystopia’ via the following link:





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CYROX Sign With Wormholedeath Records, Announces New Record

Austrian Death/Thrash metal act CYROX have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for the release of their album “Beyond Control”.

The music of Cyrox can roughly be described as a mixture between Death and Thrash Metalwhereby they try to fit into no genre specifically.The influences range from Rock to Black Metal.

The band on their signing and upcoming record:

We are very excited to become a part of the WormHoleDeath family. This marks the next big step for our band and we are ready to take it. With the worldwide release of our debut album „Beyond Control“ we are proud of the opportunity to take our music out there and show the metal fans our take on real Austrian Metal. We are looking forward to a long and great relationship. Lets riff!

Check out the Cover Art and Tracklisting for ‘Beyond Control’below.

1. Doomsday

2. Broken

3. Frozen in Life

4. My Insanity

5. Blackened Mind

6. Won’t Disappear

7. Massive Concussion

8. Can’t You See

Ethereal Electro Pop Artists TGC Release Parallels Record

Award-nominated electro-pop duo TGC (The Green Children) have released their long-awaited LP, Parallels, on the 8th of July via Illuminated City. On the album, listeners will find the previously unreleased title track. Together, the two have celebrated significant success, with their debut album being nominated in the first round of voting for a US Grammy Award in two categories; Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album. In the following years, numerous publications have picked up on their work, including Rolling Stone Magazine, Huffington Post, Wonderland Magazine, Clash Magazine, Music Week, tmrw Magazine, Flaunt Magazine and FGUK Magazine, amongst others. The pair have accumulated nearly 60 million plays across platforms and received support from tastemaker channels SuperbLyrics and MrDeepSense. The two received further support from BBC Music Introducing in Coventry & Warwickshire who have played ‘Summon Our Love’, also taken from the LP.  The Parallels album will also be available on 12-inch vinyl and CD.

While Marlow Bevan originally hails from Warwick, England, Milla Fay Sunde comes from the mystical hills of Ålesund, Norway and the two currently find themselves based in Oslo, Norway. Enigmatic about their influences, their sound calls to mind the likes of Electric Youth, Chromatics and Blue Hawaii.

As the two have slowly built towards revealing their album, sharing one unique single at a time, we’ve begun to see a mystical pattern emerge of ethereal elements within their work. Parallels seems to explore the worlds running next to and mirroring ours, with elements occasionally overlapping and flowing into our timeline. Between visitors from the stars, secret weddings, summer romances and escapism from mundane life, TGC have created a celestial electro-pop album filled with adventure. 

In over a decade of working together, TGC recorded with Universal Music Group and Jackson Browne’s Spinside Records and collaborated with acts such as Paul Oakenfold, Moguai, Downlow’d, M4SONIC and Foster The People. Their philanthropic undertakings include the establishment of The Green Children Foundation, work alongside Nobel Peace Prize winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus, support of the SOS Children’s Village, The Planetary Society (Bill Nye) and the charity New Alternatives through a concert benefiting LGBT+ homeless youth.

Speaking to their listeners, Milla shares: “I’ve found that sometimes one lifetime is not enough, and paths you’d thought to adventure down come to a sudden end. If you’ve ever felt your world spinning into another direction to a seemingly parallel storyline, you’ll probably relate to this song.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and more below.

1. Sophie

2. Rooms

3. Parallels

4. Dreamers

5. ECG

6. Symbiotic

7. Summon Our Love

8. Echo 

9. Bad Side

10. Secret Wedding

Orders for ‘Parallels’ are available via the following link.

Heavy Thrashers Daily Insanity Release Ripping Title Track From Their Upcoming Record, ‘Chronicles Of War’

German heavy thrashers DAILY INSANITY revealed a new lyric video for “Chronicles Of War, the fourth single and title track from the band’s upcoming album, which is set to be released on September 10, 2021.

On this track, the opening riff meets with the band’s much vaunted grimly old school metal before switching into pure uncompromising thrash metal. “Chronicles Of War” is both, a gift to fans and to wet the appetite for DAILY INSANITY‘s crushing full-length masterpiece.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and the title track, ‘Chronicles Of War’ below.

01 Agony Of Valkyries
02 Chronicles Of War
03 It Doesn’t Matter
04 Stolen Valor
05 Warchild
06 Marching Drummer
07 I Am The Mission
08 A Lonely Soldier
09 Sleepless
10 Doomsday
11 The Reckoning

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

Amazonian Band Pentral Keep The Groove But Turn It Up To 11 On New Single

Pentral have recently dropped their stunning new album ‘Aiming For The Sun’, adding even more ferocity to their sound but retaining the groove and rhythms which made the likes of Prog and New Noise hail them as ones to watch. Their first single, Silent Trees, received glowing praise from both Prog and New Noise and All My Wounds raised the bar yet further, a colossal burst of energy and riffs, continuing the story of a young family lost in a world filled with anger and hate, set against the backdrop of the Amazon jungle. Aiming for the Sun picks up the story of the couple ousted from their rainforest home and battling against a tyrannical regime. 

“Aiming For The Sun” is a heavier song without leaving groove behind. It’s the second chapter of the couple’s saga, when the Amazon land-grabbers show their real face and what they are up to. Through its dark vibe and pulsating lines, this song tries to express a feeling of urgency, a claim for help, showcasing the agony of the people in the woods.” 

Passionate about environmental protection, equality and the fight against racism, their music and lyrics reflect their beliefs, with the band seeing music as a powerful and positive way of changing the world for the better and their album, What Lies Ahead of Us is a concept album exploring the fractious relationships between people from different backgrounds and cultures and ultimately Mankind’s war against nature itself. 

Pentral comprise of brothers Victor (vocals, electric and acoustic guitars) and Vagner Lima (drums) and Joe Ferry (bass guitar), three Brazilians whose passion for rock music is only rivalled by their desire to make an album which contributes towards making the world a better, more tolerant place to live. Over ten tracks, Pentral tell the story of a couple and their new-born child emerging from the devastated Brazilian rainforest into a city ravaged by violence, greed and hate and finding that the only way to combat the discrimination and suffering around them is the power of love. From their debut single, Silent Trees, and its Hindu mantra intro, to The Shell I’m Living In which reflects the emptiness of their hopeless new environment to No Real Colour in Souls, a rallying cry against racism in all its forms, it’s an album with elements of fantasy and also great truth, showing that working together is the only way to move forward. 

Victor describes the recording process: 

The album was recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic and it was a huge challenge wearing face masks almost every time. There was tension and fear among the musicians and engineers of getting infected. Besides that, the songs are not “straight”. Pentral uses a lot of uncommon and odd time signatures and 

harmonies, so it was pretty hard to record the final version of the tracks. Atmosphere, harmony, melody, groove and a strong message to make people think. For the band, this is what music is all about.” 

The Brazilian power trio never forgets their cultural roots, incorporating the rhythms of their home country, as well as the melodies, uncommon harmonies and groove. What Lies Ahead of Us is the epic culmination of their passionate worldview and musical prowess. 

Watch their video for ‘Aiming For The Sun’ below.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and links to the record below.

May be an image of 1 person and text

1 Silent Trees 

2 All My Wounds 

3 Disconnected 

4 Letters From 

5 The Shell I’m Living In 

6 No Real Colour in Souls 

7 A Gift From God 

8 Aiming For The Sun 

9 Are You Satisfied? 

10 The Law 

‘What Lies Ahead Of Us’ is available via the following link.

Check out Pentral via






Badflower Announce Second Record, ‘This Is How The World Ends’

California quartet Badflower have announced the details of their upcoming second record, ‘This Is How The World Ends’, which will be released on September 24th 2021 via Big Machine / John Varvatos Records.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, Stream the lead single, ‘Family’ as well as Pre-Order Options below.

01.) Adolescent Love
02.) Fukboi
03.) Family
04.) Johnny Wants To Fight
05.) Stalker
06.) Everyone’s An Asshole
07.) She Knows
08.) Only Love
09.) Sasshole
10.) Don’t Hate Me
11.) Tethered
12.) Machine Gun
13.) My Funeral

Pre-orders are available via the band’s official webstore.

Juniper Release Their Album, ‘Distance Keeps Me Distant’

After meeting in college, Scott Johnson, Ahren Shreeve, and Alejandro Marín formed Juniper. The group has formed their unique sound from diverse influences of alternative rock, folk, R&B, and bedroom pop. With a fluid rotating door of musicians throughout their early discography, one thing has remained constant: their songwriting is tangibly honest, ranging from upbeat and high energy to delicate and introspective. With roots in local venues and basement gigs, their music found a loyal fan base early on, which has since only grown. At just 21 years old, the band has emerged as one of the new faces of the Boston music scene, already having accumulated over 2.5 million Spotify streams as well as receiving support from the likes of Zane Lowe. With this encouragement, they’ve consolidated and are now releasing their debut album, ‘Distance Keeps Me Distant’, on June 25th.

The alt-pop trio used their time in lockdown to reflect on changing relationships and how they are often the source of meaningful experiences and have explored this theme heavily throughout the album. Juniper’s debut is a dynamic and fresh twist on modern pop, from the emotive and delicate track ‘Overthinking’ to the smooth funk-inflicted ‘Daydreams’, there’s a song for every mood in this ten-track package. Lead track ‘Driving’ (feat. Claudia) is the perfect display of how Juniper traverse across different genres and diverse instrumentation, with glossy beats, soulful vocals and an unforgettable hook. Their debut album ‘Distance Keeps Me Distant’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Philip Etherington with the title track being mixed by Zach Bloomstein and produced by the band.

Juniper on the making of the album:

“Distance Keeps Me Distant is about the nature of relationships and how at our age, often it is the only source of life-altering experience. Whether it be a relationship with a romantic partner, family & friends, yourself, or the world around you, how we experience relationships has profound effects for growth. When COVID-19 changed the world, the nature of relationships changed with it. People were forced to be distant, and as a result of this “new normal,” people became complacent with being ~distant. It invited an excuse to stay in the house and to revel in alone-time. However, that changed us, maybe even just subconsciously, but there is a change. These ten songs were written over the course of college and through the pandemic, and that progression is evident as the album flows onward. Even though the nature of relationships temporarily changed, perhaps it also made aware a reality that was already present. One thing is for certain, Distance Keeps Me Distant.”

For Juniper, making music is more than just a choice, it’s the most genuine way they feel they can convey their beliefs and experiences that they engage with every day in meaningful ways. With an array of different emotions shining through in Juniper’s music, there is an overall takeaway that with its highs and lows, love is not something to be taken for granted. Inspired by how music has the power to connect with people but also to ignite change in communities, Juniper have aspirations to use their platform to give back what music gives them. 

“A lot of the kind of contemplation that occurs in some of my favourite music that came out in the ’80s. All the instrumentation is richly recorded. The whole thing feels very, very smooth to me.”

– Zane Lowe on Juniper’s “Daydream (Brake Lights)”

“Juniper is the band I never knew I needed in my life. They are lyrical masterminds that portray their stories in such a unique way. Hit shuffle, and you will immediately be captivated.”

– Tori Templet, Early Rising

Check out ‘Distance Keeps Me Distant’ below.

Check out the full album below.

Old School Death Metal Band Nefariym Release Single, ‘Succubus’

Old school death metal band Nefariym is set to release their debut album Morbid Delusions on September 24th 2021 via Inverse Records. The band was formed in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 by Mark Kelson & Richie Poate, both of the melodic doom band The Eternal. What started as an idea to pay homage to the golden era of early 90’s death metal formed in a fully fledged band and the crushing album ‘Morbid Delusions’ was forged.

Second single Succubus is released today and Mark Kelson comments:“The downfall of man is the female demon whose sexual prowess renders the man powerless Strength turns to weakness as the succubus consumes the soul, removing the will to live. Beware the succubus and her evil intentions. “

Check out the video for ‘Succubus’ below.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-Order options for ‘Morbid Delusions’ below.

01 Veiled In Death (Intro)
02 Succubus
03 A Morbid Delusion
04 Tearing The Flesh From The Bone
05 Wallow In The Filth
06 Monolithic Dread
07 Humanity Falls
08 Endless Decay
09 The Seeds Of Hate
10 Into The Blackened Abyss
11 Circle Of The Tyrants (Celtic Frost cover)

Pre-orders are available via the following link.

One Step Closer Announce Debut Record, ‘This Place You Know’

Hardcore upstarts One Step Closer have announced their debut full-length, This Place You Know, due out September 24th from Run For Cover Records. Since their start only a few years ago the young Wilkes Barre, PA-based band have been steadily gaining momentum with a passionate and anthemic style of hardcore that’s made them stand out from the pack. On This Place You Know the band fulfills that promise and builds on it with their most urgent and compelling set of songs to date. 

To mark the announcement One Step Closer have teamed with Revolver Magazine to premiere their music video for lead single “Pringle Street” along with an interview with vocalist Ryan Savitski. The dynamic new song highlights One Step Closer‘s knack for melody as they incorporate hints of ’90s emo influences without sacrificing hardcore bite.

Check out ‘Pringle Street’ below

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-orders below.

1. I Feel So
2. Lead To Gray
3. Leave Me Behind
4. Home For The Night
5. Pringle Street
6. Hereafter
7. Time Spent, Too Long
8. Autumn
9. Chrysanthemum
10. As The City Sleeps

Pre-orders are available via the following link.