Album Review – Never Loved – Over It

After years of teasing, alternative band Never Loved are giving fans what they want.

“‘Autumn’ was actually the first Never Loved song ever written and also one of the first songs I ever wrote that I sang on,” recalls frontman Cameron Knopp. “I recorded it with Squire in 2017 before we had a band name and it was originally supposed to be on our self-titled ep, but we decided to save it for a full length. I wrote it while experiencing all of the emotions of a heartbreak. It’s a song I’m excited for everyone to hear since it’s a different side of Never Loved.”

Never Loved formed when long-term friends, Cameron Knopp (vocals, guitar) and Jay Gayoso (bass), took matters into their own hands and aimed to create music that spoke directly to people. Shane O’Brien(guitar) later joined the duo to officially form the three-piece group. The band released their debut self-titled EP and received a great response to their alternative rock vibe, which hints to the members’ grunge and pop influences. Riding the wave of positive feedback, Never Loved is now preparing to release their debut full-length album, Over It.

This past year has brought many exciting moments for the group – an increasing fanbase, a future tour with Armor For Sleep, and the upcoming release of their new record. While quarantine was not in the plan, it did give Never Loved more time to work on new songs and further hone in on their sound. The group paired with friend and producer, Matt Squire, to flesh out ideas and bring these songs to life.

Working with Squire and taking time off between sessions helped bridge creative gaps that the album longed for. The guys experimented with creating different sequences and interludes, while simultaneously making sure the album flowed. Each song on the record is unique, but they all stay true to the alternative rock sound that fans have come to love.

The debut of Over It will kick off an exciting period in Never Loved’s career. These emotional, raw songs will captivate listeners and create a community within their music. According to the guys, “life is going to throw a lot of sh*t at you, but it’s about making the best of it. You’ll get past it, keep trying.”
Over It, the debut full-length record from Never Loved, released on 14th May via Equal Vision Records/Rude Records. To order the record check out the following link.

Now let’s get right into the record. Starting things off with ‘Over it’, this track is built as your run of the mill harder pop-rock opener but you can see it now, when gigs are back the audience will sing this back because that’s what it was designed for and the band are being quite smart, it kind of reminds me of Waterparks but a different approach has been taken and the bans outlook is the main difference, and one that will win over more fans with their personality in it all.

The record is just getting started here. ‘On & On It Goes’ is that little bit more anthemic, the classic rise and fall track to get the crowd going and it’s doing a great job of that here. Continuing right into ‘Sorry’ this is a record which is showing that it isn’t letting up lightly from the looks of things, it’s spearheading the comfortable foundation of the record. Plus, that solo close to the end of the track though, I’m just astonished.

Slowing down things for the sixth track in this arsenal in the form of ‘Autumn’, it’s got a little bit of an indie feel to it due to the change of pace here, but damn it if it isn’t infectious as well. This might as well just say future film track on it because I can imagine this either in a coming of age or drama story where it only helps their case for future dominance.

Moving to something heavier on the record, ‘Sunshine’ injects a little influx of techno into the consciousness of the listener which shouldn’t really work but incredibly does so with ease. This record release has just seen the band go crazy and we’re only just at the halfway point for this one so gear up for what could be a staggering second half.

Now we’re keeping on this techno grunge infused path, it’s a sort of mashup they’re doing which in some respects does work but the consistency of the beats doesn’t really stack up overall on this track on the choice which weaves in and out.

After the interlude which if nothing does build up some genuine atmosphere again for the release which the latter lacked a little bit, the bass strikes a chord in a way it hasn’t for the entirety of the record thus far, and makes everything a little more relaxed with ‘Gasoline’ which if anything, sounds a little repetitive of their opener, ‘Over It’.

‘The One For Me’ takes it right back but the sound of the techno which is a little little much for me, where it seems unwanted in the grand scheme of the record as a whole and loses its momentum. Although the tracks moving forward are reminiscent of the early 00’s bands such s We The Kings and All American Rejects play out well here as much as the pacing of the guitar plays out which fairs well against their older counterparts but the energy Never Loved emit is the best part about this back half of the record.

Closing with the off this release, ‘Find Out’ and & ‘Downpour’ are more soulful and pondering than the previous tracks, they feel more contained than the rest of what’s come before it to avoid the comparison so they can be their own unexpected result.

Overall as much as I’ve come to love this record, I have to say it lacks a little consistency within the genre because Never Loved can’t seem to make up their minds as to what genre they want to stick to as they have that influx of techno halfway into the release but bless them, they have made a fun record with their fans in mind as well as making tracks for that live setting which they know will get a response.


Check out the video for ‘Sunshine’ below.

Be sure to check out Never Loved via:






White Moth Black Butterfly Release Track ‘The Dreamer’

White Moth Black Butterfly have dropped released a new single, ‘The Dreamer’, taken from their upcoming third album ‘The Cost Of Dreaming’.

“This is a song that explores both the apprehension and excitement of the birth of a dream,” explains Daniel Tompkins. ​“The Dreamer boldly embraces regretfully introspective verses that clash with a powerfully uplifting and hopeful chorus.”

Of new record The Cost Of Dreaming, meanwhile, he continues, ​“The Cost Of Dreaming is something we feel just about every human being on the planet that’s been affected by life changing disruption will relate strongly to. 

“Our nature is to always be planning, dreaming about an ideal future in which we will have ticked various boxes that define our ideal lives, often at the cost of the present. And when control over that future is seized away from us and all we are left with is the present, we realise just how much we took for granted. 

“Life is surely a gift to us all throughout which we experience moments of soaring bliss and happiness, and then in a heartbeat sink into states of great trouble and suffering. Often our struggles can serve as momentous opportunities for growth, but the balance of life can often hold us back from seizing the day. It’s an outpouring of love and a cry for help.”

The Cost Of Dreaming is due out on May 28 via Kscope. Check out The Dreamer below:

Pre-Orders for ‘The Cost Of Dreaming’ are available via the following link.

Enter The Dooming Death Gates of ISCHEMIC’s New Self-Titled Album

Canada’s Ischemic, purveyors of all things gloomy and dissonant are gearing up to release their second album, a self-titled full length that is set to be one of the most crushing albums of the year. 

Before the record officially drops on Friday, April 2nd, the band has teamed up with CVLTNation for its exclusive full stream HERE.

The band adds:

“This recording is our most DIY endeavour yet, all production, engineering, and artwork were handled by the band and close friends, resulting in this stripped-down, but unrelenting collection of songs. This album was developed as a response to the more complex and melodic black metal sound on “Stagnation & Woe”. The tracks call back to the earliest days of the band, but with a decade of songwriting & touring experience under our belts.”

Crafted during Covid-19 lockdown, Ischemic‘s self-titled sophomore album is a listening experience that takes you on a trek through a haunted castle, where every corner is infested with isolation and creeping dread. Showcasing their dungeon-crawling doom and sludge riffs, the band has threaded charging death-metal assaults with dizzying black metal.

The intense, raw brutality of Ischemic is recommended for fans of Autopsy, Ahab, and Celtic Frost.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Pre-order options below.

1. Scabs
2. Crawl out of Hell
3. Illusion of Humanity
4. Scattering Garden

Due out on April 2, 202 “Ischemic” is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Album Review – Rivals – Sad Looks Pretty On Me

Rivals are a dark Pop-Rock quartet from LA, CA. Driven By vocalist Kalie Wolfe’s powerhouse vocals and the band’s infectious yet raw sound, RIVALS are fuelled bu powerful and energetic songwriting, brining aforth a type of fearlessness in their music that stands out among the rest. Their second record ‘Sad Looks Pretty On Me’ marks a huge turning point in their life as a band going for huge hooks as well as crushing vocals and stunning soundscapes, the record could just very well be the turning point for them and when live shows return, things will go off!

Opening with the title track of the record, this is a very good start. The mix of the genre the band is known for goes well (in terms of the Dark Pop-Rock) for this opener and you can hear the moulding sounds from genre to genre to blend into something of a fantastic soundscape that you’re not ready for. Shifting into ‘Laveners’, it’s chalk full of more larger than life sounding music to go along with the vocals which mix into things beautifully. It’s part technical and part harmonious, you can definitely hear some influence from Bring Me The Horizon in this which works so beautifully.

On ‘Alkaline’, the drums come into synchronisation so well and you can just imagine this in a live setting. This track does seem a little disjointed from the last two openers but there’s more in store for your ears. This pairs well with ‘Dead Flowers’, another beautifully written harmonious pick in this rich dark pop record. The record so far is sitting well and in terms of production is just vastly superior to their 2018 debut ‘Dammed Soul’. You can just tell they’ve really managed to turn things to 11.

Now we have come to one track which. lot of people might know. This is their track which features Elijah Witt of Cane Hill. This released back in 2020 and things get a lot heavier right now. It’s a a clear trajectory of how great this band and record are but when Elijah’s vocals come into play, it hits the roof in terms of how massive it is. Everything about the record is just elevated in terms of music, vocals and energy and takes it to new heights.

Moving down the record into ‘Little Mistakes’, this does manage to keep up the energy but in a more concentrated way. There’s a lot more tension and suspense in this track but the noise comes to a head in the final third to keep it at the level’s it’s surpassed. Next is the track ‘Strawberries’ definitely on the more pop spectrum on the record which is more mellow than any track that you’ll hear off it. It does get a little bit bouncy in places but doesn’t fit in with what they have done too much with this release.

Now switching things into a more melodramatic pick in ‘Change Things’, the record heads back into what really does work in a more guitar driven and synth driven influx but this track is just utterly infectious and fantastic. This is going to be an earworm in the future and you can hear why. This dives well into ‘On The Loose’ which flutters in-between that soft and more dark vibes of things which manages to flash in acoustic section towards the final third which is a welcomed addition to the track to serve as another track which is unmissable.

On the final few tracks of the record you have ‘Can Anybody Hear Me’ which gets things back to the central genre of the record and something more in line with the whole tone of what Rivals are trying to create. ‘To Dom’, another standout track off this record is a very sentimental sounding track off the record which you feel Kalie is singing straight to you. There’s something very personal about the track and you know it’s just unstoppable when you hear it. It’s probably the track that needs to be listened to the most off this release. Lastly there is ‘Why’ which is just more symphonic than anything the band has produced and anthem. They truly saved the best track for last.

Overall ‘Sad Looks Pretty On Me’, is something which you might look back on and listen to again and again but enjoy it just as much as you did the first time. There’s some real heart to what’s been produced for this record and some powerful influences have helped them shape what the record truly reflects upon to make Rivals one of the best artists coming out of the USA right now.

Rating: 3.5/5.

Check out ‘Sad Looks Pretty To Me’ below.

Watch Touché Amoré’s ‘Lament’ Livestream Album Release Show

Touché Amoré’s new record ‘LAMENT’ got its release a few months ago and we’ve not gotten enough of it.

In October the band played a special livestream record release show and just crushed it. Now the band have made it available to view on Youtube.

The stream features the band playing seven tracks from the record alongside ‘Flowers And You’ and ‘Rapture’ from ‘Stage Four’, ‘Whale Belly’ from their split with The Casket Lottery and standalone track ‘Green’. 

Check out the livestream below.

To Kill Achilles Detail Second Record, ‘Something To Remember Me By’

The Scottish Quintet, To Kill Achilles have announced the details of their upcoming record ‘Something To Remember Me By’. The record is set to be released Debruary 5th 2021 via Arising Empire.

This is the follow-up to their 2013 debut, ‘Existence’ and is a record with a conceptual record.

The band explains:

“This record is the story of a man who wakes up on his twenty-fifth birthday and the events that happen throughout the course of a year that lead him to take his own life, exactly one year on to the date. Each song represents a month in his life (with the exception of two moments of reflection). In each of the songs we tell a story that a member of the band has been through over the last few years. Every song is real and is a portrayal of how we felt in that moment.

The message of the record is to highlight that these events can happen, that people can be dealing with things without anyone else being aware. In our lives, we were lucky because we have the support network of our incredible friends and families, but in the case of our character, he does not. The record is a statement which shows that without support, even the strongest of people can be driven to contemplate taking their own lives.

It’s so important to talk, it’s so important to find the people in life that you can share your lowest moments with, because no one can be expected to go through that alone. Our character deals with alcoholism, a lack of direction or passion in life, the fear of growing older and losing yourself, the isolation felt by following a creative career, the idea that when you die no one will remember you, the onset of anxiety and the shame you feel about trying to tell people you’re not okay. The pressure you put on a partner when you’re not in the right headspace, the fear of showing your emotions as a male incase you’re seen as weak, the fear of death, the moment that suicide enters your mind as an escape and the loss of a parent. A lot of these things will happen in our lifetime and it’s important to know that if they do, there’s people out there who will help you through it.

‘Something To Remember Me By’ is our character’s suicide note, explaining why he felt he must walk that path, in a way it’s all of ours too as we all went through these things, we just had the people there to stop it from being our eventuality. The message we try to promote is that these things are normal, these feelings are normal and if you recognise any behaviour we speak of in anyone close to you, then it’s your responsibility to be the first to speak up. A conversation can save a life, don’t let anyone end up the way our character does. In a way this record is also the solution to the problems that we speak about, we poured our emotions into this, and after we’re gone, it’ll still be there, reminding people that we once existed and that we once felt as strongly as we do. It’s just something to leave behind, a memento, a token, or just something to remember me by.”

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting and Stream the single, ‘Four Percent’ as well as Pre-Order options below.

01.) fourpercent
02.) In Vain
03.) Luna Et Altum
04.) Oh God, I’ve Never Felt This Low
05.) Black Marble
06.) When You Live With Ghosts, You Don’t See The Dead
07.) Agnostic
08.) On My Mind
09.) There’s No Right Way To Say This…
10.) Venom
11.) We Only Exist When We Exist Together
12.) 21:36
13.) Beautiful Mourning
14.) Something To Remember Me By

Pre-Orders are available via Impericon, Amazon and Itunes.

Creeper Reschedule Release Date Of Upcoming Record, ‘Sex Death And The Infinite Void’

Creeper’s upcoming release in the form of their new record, ‘Sex, Death And The Infinite Void’ was set to be released later this month on May 22nd 2020 via Roadrunner records.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, the record has been rescheduled back to July 31st 2020.

You can read the full message below:

“Good afternoon everybody. Today we must announce the rescheduling of our new record ‘Sex, Death And The Infinite Void’ to July 31st.

We are aware that this may come as a disappointment to some of you, but please believe we have done this for good reason in these unprecedented times.

So many of the exciting events we had planned around this record have had to be re-imagined and re-thought out, we are adjusting to this new environment much like everyone else.

The positives in doing so are vast, you will be receiving more music videos, more online interactivity and storytelling, and you will receive an exclusive new song if you have pre-ordered the album from our official store or if you pre-order from our official store by Monday May 11. This song will be emailed to you directly and will not be available anywhere else.

The song is called ‘Damned And Doomed’, it is a B-side from the new record which would not have originally been released prior to the album.

We are very proud of this song and are very excited to share it with our biggest fans.”

The band are set to hit the road in the UK on a rescheduled tour with Holding Absence and Wargasm.

Here are the dates.

August 2020

19th – Birmingham O2 Institute

20th – Brighton Concorde 2

21ast – London Brixton Electric

22nd – Manchester Academy 2

24th – Glasgow St. Lukes

25th – Leeds The Wardrobe

Evanescence Announce New Record, ‘The Bitter Truth’

It’s finally coming, the new Evanescence record is incoming!

The Bitter Truth is set to be released this year and pre-orders are available from this Friday! (24th April)

The band announced the news via Twitter saying: “We promised you a new album in 2020 and we won’t let anything stop us. We are proud to begin sharing our new album ‘THE BITTER TRUTH’ with you, one piece at a time, starting with our first song “Wasted On You” next FRIDAY!”

Pre-orders of the track can be made via the following link.

This announcement follows the confirmation of the band’s rescheduled co-headlining tour with Within Temptation.

Here are the UK dates.

September 2020

SSE Hydro Arena, Glasgow

3th – First Direct Arena

5th – Arena, Birmingham

6th – The O2, London

Boston Manor Announce New Record, UK Tour

This will drop May 1st 2020 via Pure Noise and it is those special people in Boston Manor. Yes, a new record is coming!

Yes, the Lancashire favourites have a new record, ‘Glue’ coming this year which will coincide with their largest ever UK tour to date anddddddd involves a show at London’s Brixton Electric.

Support will come from Trophy Eyes.

Here’s what the record, ‘Glue’ looks like.

And the tour dates? I got you covered.



30th – Southampton Engine Rooms


2nd – Bristol SWX

3rd – Nottingham Rescue Rooms

4th – Glasgow Garage

5th – Manchester Academy 2

7th – London Electric Brixton

8th – Birmingham O2 Institute 2

9th – Leeds Stylus

Billie Joe Armstrong Wants To Re-Record 2009 Record ‘Warning’

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green day has stated his ambition to re-record their 2000 record, ‘Warning’, in an effort to better capture the tracks on it when they are performed live.

Speaking to Rolling Stone,’ he said: “I’d like to go back and rerecord that album. It was right when Pro Tools started happening. I want to go back and just do everything more live, because I think ‘Minority’ live is a lot better than it came out on the album. But that’s just one of those things that you think about too much.”

Speaking more on this, he added “After ‘Time of Your Life’, I started getting into playing more acoustic guitar, and I really wanted to have more for ‘Warning’. And there was also a lot of kind of bad pop-punk that was starting to happen, and I wanted to go against that genre. This felt like the next step. I had been getting into listening to more of the Kinks and the Who, who found a lot of power in an acoustic song, and used the guitar almost like a drum.”

He continued, “‘Pinball Wizard’ is so percussive. I wrote this right before the election between George Bush and Al Gore. I started feeling the political wheels starting to turn toward conservatism a little bit. I think that song is sort of about declaring that you’re stepping out of the line, you’re not part of the sheep, and trying to find your own individualism. It felt like we were diving into something that was more conceptual for sure.”

Before they go back into the studio, however, Green Day are set to release their new album ‘Father Of All…’ Friday, February 07th 2020.