Alex Gaskarth & Jack Barakat (All Time Low) Are Launching New Variety Show

For those who remember this, Alex Gaskath and Jack Barakat created a podcast a few years ago called Full Frontal. Here they talked about everything from music to films and everything in between.

Now, a few years later, they have conceptualised a brand new project that lives in the same realm of things. Although this time, it’s much more than a podcast.

It’s a live show which is going to be called ‘Crash Test Live’ so we can only imagine what’s going to be kicking off here.

The first episode is going live this coming friday (29th May).

Check out the teaser below.

Check Out Josh Dun & Alex Gaskarth As The Join Blink-182 On Stage For Collaborations!

Blink-182’s LA show was a very special one! It wasn’t your usual show where they just played their tracks by themselves! They had some amazing guest spots for some collaborations

Josh Dun (Twenty One Pilots) stepped behind the drumkit to blast our the amazing ‘Enema Of The State’ track ‘Mutt’.

And in addition to this, Mark Hoppus’s Simple Creatures collaborator, All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth came on for a sing-song of ‘Going Away To College’.

This wasn’t all the guest spots on the night though as Lil Wayne, Jason Butler (Fever 333) and more came on stage to join them!

Here’s the band’s full setlist for the night!



All Time Low Back In 2020, Jack Barakat Working On Side Project

The question has been on everyone’s lips as of late; just when will All Time Low be back with new music?

speaking to KROQ at Coachella recently, Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat said: “Absolutely – We’re taking a little break, but hopefully by next year we’re going to be ready to go again.”

Then Jack said: “Alex is doing Simple Creatures, and I’m working on a little somethin’ somethin’.”

Jack continued “But the thing is, no matter what, All Time Low loves touring. Alex wants to do his thing, but I’m gonna make him come back. The thing is I was like ‘Alex I want to take the year off, you go do Simple Creatures, I want a break’ and he was like ‘let’s get back in the Fall’ and I’m like dude no – I want to sleep,” to which Alex replied “I’m a work horse! I like to work!”

No word yet on what the side project is but I’m sure all will be revealed in due time.

All Time Low are headlining this year’s Slam Dunk Festival which will take place on May 25 in Leeds and May 26 in Hatfield.

Check Out Alex Gaskarth’s Coachella Debut

Alex Gaskarth (Simple Creatures, All Time Low) has been a busy man as of late. Firstly he formed and toured as part of the Superduo with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus for Simple Creatures and recently, he made his debut performance at the US festival Coachella as he joined DJ Kayzo on stage to premiere the single, ‘Up In Flames.

The single has been teased for a while and more to the fact that All Time Low would be there to assist.

Check out the clip of Alex at Coachella below.

Alex Gaskarth & Mark Hoppus Join Forces To Create Simple Creatures

Two members of different bands joining forces? Looks as if another supergroup is born!

The band members in question though? Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus and All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth have joined forces to create the new band: Simple Creatures.

Mark kept people guessing to a secret new project earlier this week in an interview at iHeart’s Alter Ego festival but now we know what it is.

Simple Creature’s debut EP is set to be released March 2019.

Check out their debut track, ‘Drug’ below.


The Faim Working With Alex Gaskarth On New Music

It’s onwards and upwards for new boys to the scene, The Faim! They’ve had a pretty stellar year of releasing their amazing EP and non-stop touring!

Now though, the band are working with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low as well as producer Mike Green.

Does this mean that Alex will lend some vocals to their debut record? Well, it’s not the first superstar they’ve had the pleasure of working with. In the past as they have previously worked with Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz and Twenty One Pilots Josh Dun with the legendary John Feldman!

Only time will tell, but whatever it may be, it’ll probably be spectacular!

State Champs To Work With Alex Gaskarth On New Album

They’re gearing up for their second album as Derek Discanio told  Rocksound on working with Alex Gaskarth on the new record.

“It was our first time collaborating with someone else. This time we were like, ‘Let’s get out of the comfort zone, think outside the box and try working with other people. Alex was a great segue into that because he was already our friend and we obviously think pretty highly of him – he’s an influence of ours. We came out with two cool songs in ‘Slow Burn’ and ‘Hurry Up And Wait’.

“I like the dynamic of the two songs, they show a little bit of everything and they’re a hint into what we’re writing now. We’re doing a lot of writing for the new record already, we’ve still got a way to go with it but we’re really starting to dive into the writing process.”

“I think we’ll bring Alex back for a little bit of it. We want to write some songs ourselves again, combine those with the collaborations with Alex and then pick the best ones for the record.”