Alien Chicks Share Single, ‘Cowboy’

London-based post-punk power trio Alien Chicks announce their arrival with eccentric new single‘Cowboy’ via cult indie label Slow Dance Records (Saint Jude, Uma).

Forming the lead single from their upcoming debut EP, the group explore a whole mix of genres including jazz, rap, latin, and math rock in their music, providing a surreal social commentary packed with punchy rhythms and eclectic time signatures. 

Detailing ‘Cowboy’, an amalgamation of a few riffs that were loitering in frontman Joe Lindsay’s mind over a few weeks, Alien Chicks revealed: “The lyrics explore themes of regret, confusion, self blame and how these evils collude in taunting you through your dreams and subconscious”.

Check out the video for ‘Cowboy’ below.