New Music Roundup 27/11/20

Hello everyone welcome back to the New Music Roundup! We’re here for a roundup of five of the best recently released tracks. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week is the return of The All American Rejects. ‘Me Vs. The World’ is the band’s first track release in over a year since ‘Send Her To Heaven’ in July 2019 and we covered it in a single review last week but we love this so much we had to have it as our first choice in this weeks roundup.

Lande Hekt has released a further glimpse of her beautifully poignant debut album ‘Going to Hell’, which is set for release 22 Jan 2021 via Get Better Records. A driven but wistful composition, new single Undone is full of longing and regret. In typically relatable style, Lande says “This one is about feeling sorry for yourself when you break up with someone that you weren’t even going out with.”

Coming out is the prevailing topic of the record with the title track itself being “about how homophobia and heteronormative culture can make you feel isolated and scared of being yourself,” as Hekt herself explains her thoughts and feelings surrounding her sexuality, continuing: “I internalised a lot of that culture for a long time and it wasn’t until I found myself surrounded by queer and trans people and friends, that I realised I could live happily in a way that felt right. I know I’m not alone in feeling like this and it was other people sharing their experiences with me that helped me out, so I named the album after this song to try and reach people who might want to be reached. It’s also not a dig on all Catholics; it’s just an expression of scepticism from a gay person regarding conservatism.” 

‘Going to Hell’ sounds like the sum of Hekt’s wide-ranging influences – The Replacements, The Raincoats, Sharon Van Etten, The Slits, Patti Smith, Sacred Paws, Le Tigre, Against Me! – multiplied by her own distinct voice. 

More music coming right now as the New Jersey favourites Can’t Swim are continuing their preparation for their upcoming EP release in ‘Someone Who Isn’t Me’ with their latest, ‘Casey’.

The EP is set to be released on December 4th 2020.

Penultimate choice this week are the metal-grime crossover masters Hacktivist with their latest track ‘Armoured Core’ which also features the guest vocals of Kid Bookie.

Co-Vocalist Jot Maxi says:

“This is a song for anyone who is going through a hard time and needs building up. It’s motivational. It makes you feel like, ‘Nothing can touch me, I can do this’, but it’s personal to Hacktivist as well. With what we’ve been through, a lot of other bands might have broken up, but we’re back with this new record and a new dynamic, which even I think is great and I’m super self-critical. As long as you’re alive and still breathing, your core is armoured and protected by something. This song is a reminder to stay strong.”

The final choice this week are Wild Pink whom have been teasing their upcoming record with their latest single, ‘You Can Have It Back’.

It’s a cut from ‘A Billion Little Lights’. The follow-up to 2018’s ‘Yolk In The Fur’, the full-length is the band’s first with Toronto-based label Royal Mountain Records, and is due on 19th February.

Frontman John Ross says: “This was the last song I wrote for the album, and it’s also one of the most fun to play live. Wild Pink songs typically don’t follow conventional song structures but with this one I did. Julia’s vocals totally make this song what it is, and I love Dan’s harmonies in the choruses – I wrote it with the intention of having someone else sing it. but ended up just singing it myself. This song is inspired by Fleetwood Mac and, once again, “If I Needed You” by Townes Van Zandt (one of the greatest songs ever written). Special cameo by Computer the Dog.”

And that’s it for another week of a roundup of the best new tracks out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Single Review – The All American Rejects – Me Vs. The World

Just like the Terminator, they’re back! The All American Rejects are back.

The band released the track, ‘Me Vs. The World’ after some teasing in the last month.

It’s the band’s first release in over a year, where their last release was the ‘Send Her To Heaven Single’ which was released in July 2019.

This is a very different turn for All American Rejects. The Pop and brooding undertones have some We The Kings mixed some toned down All Time Low ‘Last Young Renegades’ vibes especially where the guitar is concerned but in a modern sense they encapsulate Pop-Punk in a way that’s more in common with their British counterparts such as As It Is or even Neck Deep. Either way, this is a track which means that the All American Rejects are back and one that could even surpass their greatest material to date.

Be sure to check out the track below.

Rating: 4/5

At the time of writing, there is now word if this track is a standalone single or if it is a part of a larger release.

All American Rejects To Release ‘Me Vs. The World’.

There’s somehting new brewing from The All American Rejects!

There’s not much material that’s been released since their 2012 record ‘Kids In The Street’ but could that all change soon?

Something is set to be released on November 20th 2020 but there’s not confirmation on what that is going to be as of yet. My guess it could be a single.

You can pre-save it via the following link.

More details on just what this release will be will be confirmed as it develops.

The All American Rejects Release 3 Track EP

It’s been an emotional rollercoaster for fans of The All-American Rejects!

They’ve teased new music, announced a brand new EP and released it! I suppose that’s the digital age in one respect.

Their three-track EP, ‘Send Her To Heaven’ is available to listen to now, making this the first music they’ve released since the two singles that dropped in 2017.

Oh, they’ve also signed to Epitaph Records so could we be seeing more music in the future from this band?

‘Send Her To Heaven’ is lead by the single of the same name, which also features the music video available to watch below.

The is followed by ‘Gen Why? (DGAF)

And completed by ‘Demons’.

The All American Rejects Announce New EP

They’re baacck!

The All American Rejects have announced when they’re released new music! (Hint: we don’t have to wait long).

We first heard of new material back in 2017. Two singles came but a record never indeed materialise.

But now, we’re getting something a little more concrete!

The new All American Rejects EP is being released July 16th 2019.

Check out the post below.

Music Video 29/12.17

You know what it’s time for? Another round of Music Videos.

First up are UK Punk-Rockers on the rise Milk Teeth. They’ve dropped a cute AF music video for their new track, “Nearby Catfight”. This comes off their upcoming EP ‘Go Away’ with is released November 17th via Roadrunner Records.


Next are Broadside! It’s a Ukelele led ballad track called I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting off the band’s newest record “Paradise”.


Now, from one album to another, The Maine have dropped a new video this week from their record, Lovely Little Lonely and if this track is anything to go by, their music just keeps getting better. Here’s How Do You Feel.


Now, this is more from a band who needs no introduction, A Day To Remember. This video sees them on tour across the globe and if it’s anything to by, then “They Got This”.


Moving away from the music video and going with a short documentary for this next post comes from The All American Rejects. It also shows behind the scenes footage for a previous video Sweat and also shows why the band went on a hiatus. Here’s Rejected.


Now going to the Welsh Rockers that is The Dirty Youth. This band are the first to sign to Marshall Records and this is the first glimpse of new music. Here’s ‘Hurricane’.



Next up is Yorkshire based band Amongst Thieves with their stunning track The golden Ratio. They’re currently preparing for a short UK tour which is aptly named Hallowthieves to coincide with Halloween for which hopefully they’ll be playing this track.



Now this week, We Came As Romans revealed details of their upcoming album, ‘Cold Like War’ and now the band have release a video to the world to show them their capabilities. This is ‘Lost In The Moment’.


And we’re at the penultimate video. this is Holding Absence. This follows on from their previous video Penance into another huge track for the band. Here’s Heaven Knows.


And we’ve reached the last track for this week. This is another huge video for this band. It’s dark, twisted and just so happens to be one of the best tracks of their latest album, Graveyard Shift. This is Motionless In White with Necessary Evil.


I’ll see everyone next week for another round of posts. See everyone then. 😉


It’s time for another round of music videos so let’s kick things off with….

A Summer High  – Pretty Little Liar.

Next up is Chicago based band World War Me who’ve been finishing up their debut album and here’s the brand new single which is, ‘That’s So Yesterday’.

Now, this bands new video is inspired by the hit Netflix programme, Stranger Things, this is Falling In Reverse’s track, ‘Superhero’.

Waterparks are on a fantastic run at the moment. They’ve got an almost sold out UK tour coming and that’s only five months after destroying their sets at this years Slam Dunk Festivals. Here’s their music video for ‘Gloom Boys’.

There’s always at least one sort of weird ambitions video released every week and this week, it is no exception. This is Ocean Grove and this is the video for ‘Stratosphere Love’.

Now, if you want to see what it’s like to see what a bands been up to on the Vans Warped Tour this summer, then this is the video you want to see, here is The Gospel Youth and their track Your Love Was A Cancer.

And finally…. The All american Rejects new tracks.

It was a long wait for these two tracks, which also work as two short films, this is Sweat and Close Your Eyes.