Saves The Day Frontman Chris Conley Responds To Allegations

Chris Conley, frontman and founding member of Saves The Day, has released a statement responding to allegations that have recently surfaced online.

The allegations posted online were from an Instagram account called @your.bandsucks using the social media platform’s Story feature, highlighting accusations of abuse.

Conley has since posted the below statement via Saves The Day‘s official Instagram account.

Equal Vision Records, the band’s current label posted the following.

Beach Slang Issue Statement On Allegations, Band Split Up

Following the recent allegations which have been made against Beach Slang Guitarist/Vocalist James Alex, a statement has now been issued via the band’s Instagram account confirming they have split up.

In the statement which can be read below, their family have cited “abuse”, “trauma” and “severe mental health issues” as the result of Alex’s behaviour, they they haven’t adressed the recent allegations against him specifically.

They also state that he is currently in “an inpatient facility after attempting to take his life”.

Finally, they have confirmed that Beach Slang “is over” and Alex has “no plans to return to music”.

“A message from James family:

James is not perfect, and never claimed to be. After a lifetime of suicidal ideation, Beach Slang was simply intended to be an outlet of positivity in rock and roll, and an attempt to heal himself and any sad or broken friends he met along the way. His “fake music persona” wasn’t some facade derived with malice to dupe or harm anyone, it was a coping mechanism created to overcome his struggles. Yes he had moments of compulsiveness, emotional instability, and chaotic relationships, but none of his actions were intentional or meant to hurt or harm anyone, certainly not those who cared for or believed in him.

They were an unfortunate result of unimaginable childhood trauma, violent physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and years of untreated resultant severe mental health issues. James is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Paranoid Schizophrenia, and now Borderline Personality Disorder. This is not to invalidate or negate anyone’s feelings, or experiences, it is only to explain the unexplained or unseen cause to the effects, as the internet can be very black and white, and mental illness is largely a grey area.

While mental illness does not excuse anyone to cause others emotional duress, it should at least be acknowledged that it may cause one to unknowingly hurt others and themselves with their words and actions. James was starting treatment before these allegations were made, and is now in an inpatient facility after attempting to take his life. He is getting the help he needs and will be on a true path to recovery. Please know you’ve been heard. While it may have not felt like enough, or that it came soon enough, he has tried to make amends and reconcile his behaviors.

James is not a monster. He is a flawed and complex human being. He is also a father, a son, a husband, and a friend to those still willing to believe in him. He never intended to cause anyone pain. And all parties involved were aware of and could recognize his issues and tried to help him to the best of their abilities at the time. Unfortunately, the help he needed was beyond the scope of family or friends with good intentions. He just wants to stay alive, and do right by his children, family, and friends.

Beach Slang is over. He has no plans to return to music. He would just like the opportunity for forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, or if not, to be forgotten so everyone involved can move on with peace in their lives. To those who have supported, played in, or worked with Beach Slang, thank you for your time, dedication, and love. For those who can no longer do that, you can know it was still appreciated when you did, but understood if you now cannot.

I hope everyone can live healthily and happily and close this chapter of their lives. Please consider his children at this time, who are too young to understand or process any of this other than they miss their dad who is sick and can’t come home until he gets the help he needs.”

Rolo Tomassi & Other Bands, Employees and Of Holy Roar Records “End Relationship With Holy Roar Records” After Label’s Founder Accused Of Sexual Abuse

Employees and Bands signed to Holy Roar Records have left the independent record label after the founder, Alex Fitzpatrick was accused of Rape, Sexual Harassment and Abusive Behaviour.

In the wake of the allegations agains Fitspatrick, Sheffield Heavy Hitters Rolo Tomassi have now left Holy Roar Records.

Their statement can be read below.

There is a trigger warning in effect. For those who do not wish to read further, exit this page now.

“In light of the allegations about Alex Fitzpatrick, we have ended our relationship with him and Holy Roar as a label, effective immediately.”

They continued: “We have zero tolerance for abusive behaviour and stand in solidarity with those that have come forward.”

Other bands signed too Holy Roar have also addressed the allegations and are in the process of making further decisions.

Palm Reader, whom have their fourth record, ‘Sleepless’ set to be released at the end of October 2020 with the label have said:

“aware of the recent allegations against Alex Fitzpatrick”, and are “currently in conversation with our team on how to move forward”.

“Abusive behaviour is not to be tolerated under any circumstances and is something we as a band and individuals take very seriously,” they stated.

Svalbard have also added:

 “We stand with survivors and we always will. It takes so much courage to speak out, we are sending all of our support to those affected. We are currently figuring out our next steps, and will update this when we are able.”

“I am deeply disturbed by the allegations made against Alex Fitzpatrick of Holy Roar Records,” posted vocalist Serena Cherry, sharing the band’s collective statement. “This is everything we stand against inSvalbard. Sending solidarity and support to the victims and those affected.”

Justine Jones (Employed To Serve) says:

We have spent the last 24 hours in horror of the allegations that have been made against Alex Fitzpatrick, the owner of Holy Roar Records.

The extremely serious allegations are against everything that myself, Sam, Wil and our bands – stand for.

We, the labels employees are resigning from working with Holy Roar effective immediately.

We are sorry for the long silence. It was a lot for us to process with our bands and personally and we found out the same time as the public.

Alex will be making his own statement in due course.

Justine, Sam and Wil.

At the time of writing, Fitzpatrick and Holy Roar have not posted anything against the allegations.

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice:

Sleep On It Have Announced They’ve Broken Up

Chicago based Pop Punk band Sleep On It have announced they are breaking up.

The band have released a statement which follows from a previous post after online allegations of sexual misconduct around Neverkept’s Dorian Cooke which involved the band and how they reacted when the allegations were bright to their attention.

You can read the full statement below.

And the new statement can be read in full below.

“First and foremost, we want to acknowledge that we alone accept full responsibility for our decisions. We are sickened by our own mistake. The information the four of us received at the time led us to believe that Dorian Cooke was not a threat to the community.
However, our inability to communicate with each other and parties involved doesn’t absolve us of not taking responsibility for the consequences of those actions. It was our responsibility to create the safe spaced we speak of, and we failed you. We are disgusted by Dorian’s actions, and we disappointed in ourselves for giving him a platform and giving him access to the women on the tour and in our community.

We have reached out to Fran personally to apologise and take responsibility for our actions.
We would like to acknowledge that our initial response was inadequate, and our intent to show public support for Fran and survivors overshadowed our ability to listen and reflect, and for that we are truly sorry for the pain we have caused.

Second, we acknowledge our failure to hold ourselves accountable for our own treatment of the women in our personal lives and community. We read through all the statements posted by friends and former partners, and the actions that happened behind closed doors are inexcusable. We made decisions and took actions that have hurt women and shielded men, including ourselves, of being held accountable. We should have done better and held each other responsible for those actions. We are sorry for the pain we caused to these people.

After discussing amongst ourselves, we have decided it is best for us and the community to end Sleep On It. We will be taking this time to put in the work to better ourselves, and each other, and do everything we can to heal the pain we have caused. Part of that helping process is listening.

These are the steps that we will be taking to begin that process.
– We’re reaching out to several organisations dedicated to reducing violence against women to learn more about bystander intervention, sexual violence in the music scene, how to unlearn our own harmful thoughts and actions and overall be better allies to women in our community.
– Zach and Luka have already put in a few months of therapy, acknowledging these issues, and will continue treatment to learn how to grow from this and better themselves.

We apologise to anyone else who has been affected by our actions, our inactions and for betraying the trust you had in us. We understand that for some of you, this situation may alter your view of us as individuals, but we hope that you don’t discount any comfort or community you may have found through our music when you needed it. We all find what we need at different time, and right now we need to work on ourselves. Thank you to everyone who ever came to a show, bought merchandise or a record, or supported us in anyway. Our time together has meant the world to us. We hope that our music gave as much joy and relief to you as it gave to us to create it.

Sleep On It”

Pvris Have Parted Ways With Alex Babinski

Pvris have issued a statement earlier today where they have announced they have parted ways with Guitarist / Keyboardist Alex Babinski with immediate effect.

The band have explained in their statement they decided to remove Babinski after they were made aware of the allegations of misconduct against him.

The full statement can be read below.

“We have been made aware of the allegations involving Alex Babinski. We absolutely and emphatically will not tolerate sexual harassment, coercion and all other forms of sexual misconduct – online and offline. It is our responsibility to ensure and provide a safe space within the PVRIS community and to believe and support victims and survivors.

As of today Alex will no longer be associated with PVRIS. He will be handling these matters privately and professionally.”

Babinski has also issued a statement of his own where he addresses the allegations stating that they are false and expressing his intent to take legal action to clear his name.

Babinski’s statement can be read below.

NEWSNEWS: PVRIS part ways with Alex Babinski amid allegations!

NEWS: PVRIS part ways with Alex Babinski amid allegations!

August 26, 2020Zach RedrupNews0 Comments

Credit: Promo

In a statement issued earlier today, PVRIS have announced that they have made the decision to part ways with guitarist/keyboardist Alex Babinski with immediate affect.

The band have explained that they have decided to remove Babinski from the group after they’d been “made aware of allegations” of misconduct against him.

You can read their full statement below.

“We have been made aware of the allegations involving Alex Babinski. We absolutely and emphatically will not tolerate sexual harassment, coercion and all other forms of sexual misconduct – online and offline. It is our responsibility to ensure and provide a safe space within the PVRIS community and to believe and support victims and survivors.

As of today Alex will no longer be associated with PVRIS. He will be handling these matters privately and professionally.”

Babinski has also issued a statement of his own addressing the allegations, stating that they are false and expressing his intent to take legal action to clear his name.

“These allegations being made against me are 100% false. I understand that until there is provided clear evidence, I have no way to prove these allegations otherwise. I am determined to prove my innocence and am in the process of taking legal action in order to professionally and efficiently clear my name.

I respect and honor all victims of sexual misconduct and it’s important for them to come forward and be heard. I respect and understand Lynn and Brian’s decision to part ways with me at this time.”

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice:

Belmont Part Ways With Sam Patt (Guitar)

Chicago based band Belmont have announced that they have parted ways with their guitarist Sam Patt, following allegations which have surfaced against him online recently.

A number of allegations have surfaced online against the now former guitarist after a woman’s account gained traction via Twitter.

Belmont have issued a statement regarding Patt’s removal from the band which is available to read below.

“Today we were made aware of accusations against Sam that we were not formerly aware of and because of this we have agreed to part ways with Sam. Following a previous allegation from a few months ago, we came to an agreement with Sam that he would address this and improve his behavior, and we wanted to give him a chance to make amends with his accuser privately. We apologize for not making a public statement while this work was being done.

We take these accusations very seriously. It is important to us to foster a safe and supportive scene for everyone involved, and we’ll be taking some time to consider how we can be better at actively supporting this.

We hope that this is a step in the right direction towards earning back your support.”

For those who are facing or who are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct, more help and support can be found below.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice:

Simple Plan Part Ways With David Desrosiers

Simple Plan have issued a statement announcing the departure of their bassist, David Desrosiers after allegations that have recently surfaced online via social media.

The band issued the statement via Instagram, which you can read below.

“Following recent public statements, David Desrosiers is withdrawing from the band in order to work on his personal issues. We offer our deepest apologies to the women who were hurt by his actions. We are also sorry for all our fans who are disappointed by this regretful situation. We will, as a band, take time to pause, reflect and put in place guidelines to prevent similar situations from happening.”

Along with the statement above, Desrosiers has published a statement of his own via Instagram, which you can read below.

“Recent public statements have led me to acknowledge that some of the interactions I have had with women have caused them harm. I have decided to withdraw from the band and seek professional help to educate myself and act appropriately in the future. I am truly sorry for the harm I have caused to these women.”

Austin Carlile (Ex- Of Mice & Men) Faces Accusation Of Sexual Assault

Allegations have recently surfaced online direct at Austin Carlile (Ex – Of Mice & Men / Ex – Attack Attack!) whom has been accused of sexual assault.

The allegations were raised following a post published on the website Alternative Press in relation to Carlile’s faith in Jesus.

The full statement can be read below.

“Dear Alternative Press,

Remember when over 15 girls shared their stories with you about this serial rapist? Because I do. I was one of them. Now you want to not only share HIS nonsense, but you want to put his name next to Jesus? No, just, no. It’s not okay.

The alternative community has followed you for YEARS. I followed your stories so closely all through high school and watched my artist friends be featured by your magazine. To be contacted by you to share my story, in hopes that it wouldn’t keep happening to other girls, felt like a dream. Finally there was something I could do, considering I was told by law enforcement that there was nothing else I could hope for with no physical evidence. I never thought anyone would believe me or take this seriously, then there was your magazine asking us to share.

He not only raped girls, probably more than anyone even knows about, he was a predator seeking out underage girls by using his position in the music industry to do so. He threatened you with a lawsuit and you backed down. I get it, who would want to be involved in that when you could just… not. That was your choice, a choice none of us had. We can’t just let it go and forget. I for one had hoped that you would at the very least stop featuring him. Guess I was wrong to hope that.

He needs CANCELLED. Get him out of these kids’ faces who believe he’s a good person deserving of recognition.”

After the post was made initially, tehre was some additions made which can be read below.

“For anyone doubting the validity of this post, for those of you who met him at a meet & greet and presume to know anything about him in real life, I’m asking you to please reconsider your stance that you truly know him. Go to my Facebook photo albums and check our wedding party. Do the groomsmen look familiar? I am NOT and NEVER WAS some random groupie who was obsessed with Austin and is now trying to take him down due to rejection. We have no interest in his money. Our interest now is to make sure he can’t keep doing this.

I should have specified before that the claims in this post date back to 2007 for myself, and earlier for some of the other girls. Worried we’re not going to share the details with you? Don’t be, we absolutely intend to. Someone should be innocent until proven guilty, and I’m here to let you know that it will be proven. Why? Because he is guilty. He is a predator.”

The victim’s partner also took to the social media website Twitter to back these allegations, where the understand is that Alternative Press didn’t run the story “because they were open to being sued by Carlile and his lawyers”.

Alternative Press have alos stated in a since deleted tweet that for “legal purposes”, the story that is being referred to “couldn’t run as it was told”, but that it “WILL be heard”.

For legal purposes regarding the Austin Carlile accusations, the story couldn’t run as it was told. As a female-led, lgbtq+ editorial staff, we’re going to reopen this & find the answers you’re looking for. We do not condone any of the accusations & this story WILL be heard.

Lastly, they published a statement on their site, apologising for the outcome of the unpublished story.

Since the allegations have surfaced, Of Mice & Men have also released a short statement.

“Yesterday we heard for the first time of an alleged article that was written, and apparently subsequently shelved, regarding a former member of our band.

This individual has not been a member of Of Mice & Men for almost four years and neither the band, nor the team around us, has had any part in suppressing any such article.

We absolutely condemn sexual violence and harassment in any form.

– Aaron, Alan, Tino & Phil”

At the time of writing, there’s been no response from Austin Carlile in relation to the allegations.

Palaye Royale Issue Statement Following Misconduct Allegations Against Member Of Their Touring Band

Palaye Royale have issued a statment following the online allegations of misconduct against their touring bass player, Daniel Curcio.

They have now stated that Curcio does no lopnger work for Palaye Royale.

The full statement can be read below.

“Palaye Royale have always been the three members. We are extremely disappointed in the actions of one of our touring musicians.

His decisions are not in any way a reflection on us, we have worked our whole lives to achieve where we are today.

Under no circumstances will we allow misconduct to anyone especially our fans; safety is our number one priority.

Please note; Daniel Curcio no longer works for Palaye Royale.”

Spotify Remove Blood On The Dance Floor Amidst Allegations

Streaming platform Spotify has removed the catalogue of Blood On The Dance Floor’s back catalogue for reportedly violating the service’s prohibited content policy.

The particular policy bans music that “promotes, advocates, or incites hatred or violence” against groups or individuals based on characteristics like gender, race, and religion.

The removal of the band’s material comes in the midst of allegations and an ongoing investigation incited by The Huffington Post against member Dahvie Vanity (Real name Jesus David Torres) in which he faces accusations of sexual assault and misconduct on 21 alleged victims.

The Huffington Post recently wrote an article in which the 21 alleged victims came forward with their accounts of the misconduct.

Other allegations a few years ago also resulted in Blood On The Dance Floor being dropped from support on different tour with bands as well.

At the time of writing, Torres is yet to respond to the allegations.

Links for those who are facing or are survivors of sexual abuse can be found below.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice: