Music Video Roundup 12/04/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. Up first are the Alternative rock trio Winchester who’ve just released a video for their fourth single off ‘Life Begins At These Dead Ends’. This track is for ‘Line Up’ which you can watch below.

Vocalist Adam Catalan has shared some thoughts on the message of the track.

“‘Line Up’ is the spiritual predecessor to our previous single, ‘Diamond’, and seems to come at an apt point in our timeline. We explore how similar the archetypes of the freedom fighter and the terrorist are and how dangerous revolution is when it comes back around. Time and time again we talk about THEM and US, instead of coming together in a loving way towards peace and understanding the reasons we feel the need to act out in violence.”


Up next are the furiously entertaining Dance Gavin Dance whom after their last animated adventure venture into the Wild West-themed video for the video in ‘Head Hunter’.


Going for some legends for the next pick of the video are Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. This fits in with their recent #abetterplaceforyouandme initiative with CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and the band have released a second teaser for their upcoming record, ‘End Of Suffering’ which also looks to feature some footage from their latest UK tour.

On the track, Frank Carter has said:

“Whatever life is throwing at you right now, it will pass. Choose to let it hit you, or duck and watch it fly past much faster and off into your history, of which there have been many obstacles thrown your way and you have overcome them all.”


Who doesn’t love a good trip to the seaside eh? That’s exactly what Croydon Pop-Rockers Best Of Enemies have done as they travelled to Brighton in the video for their latest single, ‘Shake The Feeling’ which is the second off their upcoming EP, ‘A Fear That Comes Around’.


Returning to the Punkier vibe for the next choice of track, we have The Story So Far. The video takes everyone behind the scenes at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena where it features a Behind The Scenes look at the InSight lander touching down on Mars.


Moving back to British waters for this next pick, it’s Bournemouth. the emo rock newcomers Erica Drive are getting out there and going beyond their own scope of things, with their upcoming second EP as well as bringing their latest video in complete Monochrome for ‘Better Man’.


And I think we’d best keep up this monochrome for at least one video. Ahead of a US tour with the amazing Slow Crush, the post-metal band Holy Fawn have released a new video for the amazing track ‘Dark Stone’, taken off their debut full length record ‘Death Spells’ which was released via Triple Crown Records and Holy Roar Records.


Now, if you’ve been keeping an eye on the up and coming Knocked Loose, then you’ve certainly been patient people but, now the lads have released a huge new track, ‘Mistakes Like Fractures’ which is their first taste of new music since they released their 2016 record ‘Laugh Tracks’.


And going for a change in tone for the last two tracks, the first comes from the Aussie up and comers The Faim who’ve recently released their brand new track, ‘Amelie’, their second since the release of their debut EP in 2017. On the track, frontman Josh Raven has stated: “The concept behind ‘Amelie’ draws on the idea that everyone is born the same, but we become the people we are due to the influence of our surroundings. These influences can affect us both positively and negatively, but only we control the way we react to them.” 


And lastly, we have Altered Sky. This is the first taste of new music since the release of their record ‘Without Wonderland’ in 2015! But the wait is finally over as we go into a new era of the Scottish Rockers, with the band gearing UK for a run of UK dates later this month. And if ‘Surrounded’ is anything to go by, things are going to get even better for Altered Sky’s future.


And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.

A Conversation With… Altered Sky

I’ve had my eye on these Scottish Pop-Punkers for a good long while now. I first fell in love with the band a few years ago when searching for new music videos and just happened to click on one that would be a track which I still love to this day. The band though? Altered Sky. I had the opportunity to talk to them about Download Festival, touring and Spyro.


Jack: Hey everyone, how’s it going?

Ana: It’s going wonderfully, we’re enjoying being outside.

Jack: Especially if it looks like it’s about to pour down.

Ana: That would be fun wouldn’t it?

Jack: Oh it wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened to me this week. I was running the other day and halfway through, I was soaked from head to toe. At least there wasn’t thunder and lightning.

Ana: That would’ve been more fun.

Amy: I was going to say, that would be more exciting.

Jack: I’d be thinking oh no, oh no all the way through that.

So you guys have come down to play pile up today, how does it feel to be a part of the festival?

Ana: Insane. There are so many bands’ on the bill and that’s something we’re quite new to.

Ross: It’s a busy one today. What was the last festival we played?

Ana; Off the top of my head, I can’t remember,  I’m so sorry.

Jack: and you guys have played a few dates recently, Doncaster being last night and recently Sumo Cyco. I was at the Newcastle date and found out you’d be playing with them and I was kicking myself because I’ve been following you guys since the video for Where I Belong dropped, and I’ve never seen you live.

Amy: Well, hopefully, we won’t disappoint.

Jack: I’m sure you won’t.

Ana: if we do, please give us another chance.

Jack: I will. I like what I hear off you guys. But this isn’t the only festival on the horizon for you all, Download is coming up soon.

Ross: That’s true

Ana: There was a shock when we were offered that.

Amy: A speechless shock.

Jack: I imagine one of you may have fainted when you were offered the slot?

Ana: it was Amy. She was actually balancing plates in her hands as well and she tipped the scales and broke them all.

Ross: We Had to buy all new plates.

Amy: what are you talking about?

Ana: No, I’m kidding but it’s going to be amazinggg, it’s a childhood dream, like number 11 but it’s definitely on the bucket list.

Jack: What’s number 1?

Ana: Survive another day and rule number 1, don’t die.

Jack: Just avoid getting hit by something when you’re on stage.

Ana: It will happen

Jack: I normally do that once a day, fall up the stairs twice a week if I’m lucky.

Ana: Skill right there, awards as well.

Jack: The clutz awards. I normally carry a camera in my hand as well so If I drop that I’m done for.

Ana: At least you’ll film yourself doing it so you could put it online and maybe make something from it.

Jack: A little, put it towards a new one. And after today, what’s the plan for the rest of 2018 for you?

Ana: We are 80% through finishing our second album. We have pre-production in the next few weeks.

Ross: The end of next month then writing as much as possible so we can get it down to ten to twelve tracks to go to the new album which should be recorded around July to August for a release date unknown at this time.

Ana: we have a few other gigs, around September which one is a festival in Inverness, also the Spyro re-ignited trilogy is coming out as well.

Jack: I cannot wait for that

Ana: that’s pretty much what we’re doing until the end of the year. Waiting for that to come out.

Jack: I’m guessing it was Crash Bandicoot for you last year.

Ana: that was insane. Amy and I played it non stop and we’re about on par with trophies but I played for two weeks but had to stop because of work and then Amy played it but we like to compete and the same will happen when Spyro comes out.

Jack: I’m imagining a very intense competition right now.

Amy: well one of the controllers is already broken soo

Ross: That was ana’s fault, she gets very competitive playing FIFA.

Jack: and if you could sum up Altered Sky in three words what would they be?

Ana: Insane, well depends musically or as people.

Jack: Let’s go for as people this time.

Ana: Well, insane, that’s me summed up. Anyone wanna chime in?

Ross: I can’t think of any words.

Amy: Loud

Ana: Insane, that comes in with the music as well but insane, loud and Spyro. Inspired by games, gamers.






















You can watch Altered Sky’s video for ‘Livewire’ below.