Listen To The Relentless Featuring The Voice Of Remington Leith, Cover The Smashing Pumpkins ‘Disarm’

Paradise City, the upcoming spin-off of the film American Satan starring Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack and Asking Alexandria’s Ben Cruce, is set to premiere on Amazon Prime on March 25th 2021.

Much like with the movie, The Relentless, the band the whole series revolves around,provide some tracks of their own once more. One of those tracks is a cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Disarm’. 

Now the reason they use Remington Leith’s voice? As I understand it all because of legal issues in that the label Andy and Black Veil Brides are signed to own the likeness to his singing voice and therefore he can’t sing in the show and thus Rem of Palaye Royale came in for those duties. Crazy right?

Check out ‘Disarm’ below.

Watch The American Satan Spin Off Series Trailer for Paradise City

We’ve finally got it!

The first trailer for Paradise City, the spin off TV series of the film American Satan has landed. The series features Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack and Asking Alexandria​’s Ben Bruce showing off their acting chops – is based on ​“the lives of a rock star with ties to the occult and a young rookie kid who idolises him collide through their broken homes built by the music business”.

The series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video in March.

Creator, writer and director Ash Avildsen (who also founded Sumerian Records) reveals of Paradise City in a director’s note: ​“More than one in four American kids grow up without a father in their home.

“For kids that grow up with one parent, you can go on one of two paths: you can blame the world, your parents, blame God, blame lack of God, or it can light a fire under you that you’re gonna make it no matter what. Paradise City is the show made to inspire these millions of teenagers and young adults. It reminds us that there is no light without darkness, that sorrow and heartbreak can be the greatest drivers of art. It reminds us that there is always hope, that you are never alone and that music is always there if you let it be. 

“Almost everything in Paradise City is inspired by real events I have experienced growing up in an unorthodox single mom household as a kid estranged from his famous father and then my adult life becoming self-made in the ruthless music industry. Supernatural elements that have guided and misguided my life ever since moving to Los Angeles are also prevalent throughout the tale.”

Joining Andy and Ben in the star-studded show are fellow rock and metal artists like Slipknot​’s Sid Wilson, Lamb Of God​’s Randy Blythe and Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn, while other members of the cast include Cameron Boyce, Bella Thorne, Drea De Matteo, Mark Boone Jr, Fairuza Balk and BooBoo Stewart.

Check out the trailer for Paradise City below.

Listen To An Unreleased Palaye Royale Track In Paradise City Trailer

As a lot of people may know, the trailer for the spinoff series, Paradise City, was released last week.

It stars Andy Black and Ben Bruce as their characters from the original film, American Satan.

Here is the trailer.

What a lot of people play may not have realised, it featured a teaser of a brand new and unreleased (until now) Palaye Royale track.

‘Little Bastards’ is set to appear on the upcoming record, ‘The Bastards’ which is set to be released on May 29th 2020 via Sumerian Records.

Listen to the track below.

Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce Returning For American Satan Spinoff

Fans rejoice! If you loved the American Satan film which starred Andy Black from Black Veil Brides and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria then you’re for some very good news! They will be reprising their roles from the television series as it was confirmed in an Instagram post from behind the scenes.

The spinoff show is called Paradise City and will pick up where American Satan left off.

American Satan Teasing Andy Biersack Will Continue In American Satan TV Series

Remember that film Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce were in? It was called American Satan.

Since it was announced a TV spin-off series a few months ago, there was the big question, would any of the film’s stars be returning?

Well, take a look at this tweet from the films official Twitter account.

American Satan Getting Spinoff Series

Remember that film American Satan? The one with Andy Biersack and Ben Bruce? Well, It’s set to get it’s very own spinoff series and filming is to commence this year.

It’s going to be called ‘Paradise City’ but there is no word yet on if Biersack or Bruce will be involved but I’m hoping that they’ll at least make an appearance in the series!

Below is the trailer for American Satan film which is available to stream now in the UK on Now TV.

The Relentless (American Satan) Pay Tribute To Lost Rock And Roll Stars

American Satan screenings are underway with screenings all over the place but that hasn’t stopped the production paying releasing something new.

The production has paid tribute to all the people who’ve passed away in the time between production from its start and now.

Check it out below.

American Satan is screening in the UK at The Prince Charles Cinema in London all week.

If you haven’t seen the trailer then we have you covered. Check it out below.



Andy Biersack Gives Update On His Book

Andy Biersack has revealed some details surrounding his upcoming book release.

Yes, the man who can do anything has ventured into the realm of Autobiographies.

In an Instagram post, the Black Veil Brides frontman revealed that his book is called “They Don’t Need To Understand: Stories Of Hope, Fear, Family, Life and Never Giving In’. That is certainly a mouthful of a title. The book is scheduled for release in early 2018.

He has also revealed he had some assistance from editor Ryan J Downey to help him “Compile my stories from my childhood and present to you something I think you all will enjoy”.

Andy Black’s latest project, the film American Satan is due to be released in London for a short run of dates. Check out the trailer below!

American Satan Screenings Announced

You know that film American Satan? The one starring Andy Black and Ben Bruce? Well, there’s a UK screening date which has just been announced!

It’s being released October 13th in the US but for the UK, London’s Prince Charles Cinema is holding screenings October 20th to the 26th.

To find out more as well as buying tickets, follow this link.

American Satan stars Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Black and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria as members of the bands The Relentless, a band who drops out of college and moves to the sunset strip to chase their dreams.

Here’s the trailer.


Check Out A New American Satan Trailer

It’s getting closer and closer to the release of the upcoming film American Satan. The film stars Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides and Ben Bruce of Asking Alexandria and members of a fictional band called The Relentless, a band which drops out of college and move to the Sunset strip to chase their dreams.

Here’s the newest trailer for the film.

The film is released on October 13th which also features John Bradley of Game Of Thrones and Malcolm McDowell from A Clockwork Orange.