Silverstein Release New Single, ‘Die Alone’ Feat. Andrew Neufeld Of Comeback Kid

Post-hardcore trailblazers Silverstein release their heaviest song ever today – Die Alone” – featuring guest vocals from Comeback Kid‘s Andrew Neufeld. 

Our roots are in fast hardcore and punk, it’s a style we have touched on over the years, but with the frustration and anger I felt at the time, I wanted to take this one all the way. I knew the song could benefit from a second voice, and thought of Andrew immediately. His signature snarl and delivery put this thing over the top.

Lyrically, “Die Alone” discusses the power imbalance that often happens in one-sided friendships – where a toxic person controls another.  It’s a classic theme, but one we have seen a lot more over the past few years with misinformation leading to tremendous pressure from people to act a certain way, or vote a certain way, or become a puppet for a negative cause.
– vocalist Shane Told

Told Continues:

“I wanted to explore the meaning of ‘misery’ as a main theme throughout the album,” says Told. “Despite the mountains climbed and boulders pushed during recent years, we were confronted by the weight and misery of staying relatively in the same place for a long period of time. Finding peace in the reality of this misery became important. The record is about the acceptance of a new reality and adapting to it.”

Misery Made Me is a campaign hinged on Silverstein‘s reflection and gratitude for their roots, their honouring of their earliest fans, and their staunch desire to explore forward-thinking and adventurous ways to connect with new ones.

The album sees its release via UNFD/NSEW on CD, vinyl and digital formats on May 6.

Check out the Cover Art, Tracklisting, video for ‘Die Alone’ and Pre-orders for ‘Misery Made Me’ below.

1. Our Song

2. Die Alone (ft. Andrew Neufeld)

3. Ultraviolet

4. Cold Blood (ft. Trevor Daniel)

5. It’s Over

6. The Altar / Mary

7. Slow Motion (ft. Mike Hranica)

8. Don’t Wait Up

9. Bankrupt

10. Live Like This (ft. nothing,nowhere.)

11. Misery

Pre-orders for ‘Misery Made Me’ are available via the following link.