Oceans Release New Single, ‘Shark Tooth (Feat. Christoph Wieczorek of Annisokay)

Recently, OCEANS released their second single ‘VOICES’ from the upcoming digital EP ‘WE ARE NØT OKAY, that is due to be released on April 30th. The third single, ‘SHARK TOOTH’, that is out today, once again features a very special guest at the microphone: Christoph Wieczorek of the German Post-Hardcore pioneers ANNISOKAY.

In contrast to the dark and depressing topics the band usually deals with, ‘SHARK TOOTH’, a powerful nu metal-infused banger, acts as a hopeful anthem for every lost soul out there.

Cooperating with The Ocean In Your Mind, A German NPO, the band adds a very serious tone to their newest output by turning “music for the depressed” into active help and encouraging fans to join the cause.

Raphael Funck, Founder of The Ocean In Your Mind e.V. adds:
“We dream of a world, in which people can freely show their vulnerability. We are giving hope a voice and are fighting together against suicide and for mental health.”

The EP “We Are Nøt Okay” will be released on April 30th and contains four different songs dealing with all aspects of mental illness. Each track will feature a special guest adding his very own style to the new output of Berlin/Vienna based post metal heroes OCEANS.