Single Review – The Evening – Ascension Land

The Evening – the Washington D.C. based duo of French singer/songwriter Marylou Larson and American GRAMMY-nominated producer/instrumentalist Taylor Larson – have released their new single, “Ascension Island.”

Anchored by Marylou’s intoxicating, wispy timbre and Taylor’s vibrant, multi-layered instrumentation, “Ascension Island” is an intimate, intuitive synth-pop track that examinessociety’s obsession with social media and technology. The thought-provoking lyricism (“Do you feel out of time?… Do you think we’re born to fail?… Every seed they put inside our minds… Do you think we’ll be fine?”) is wrapped up in layers of gauzy synths and catchy, melodious riffs. It’s a powerful single, both in sound and message. 

“It’s about how people have been slowly controlled by technology, brainwashed by social media, chasing fame and perceived perfection – it’s pushed in our faces everywhere,” the band write in a statement about their new single single. “People are disconnected from the real world, disconnected from each other.” 

Originating as a studio project in 2018, Marylou and Taylor instantly found harmony in working together and the project soon blossomed into a full-fledged act. The band have released a handful of singles over the last 2 years, each release showcasing their genre-bending mix of contemporary pop sounds, 90s alt-rock, and dreamy synthwave. With over 600K streams to date, as well as singles and cameos charting on Billboard, The Evening have a slate of new singles on the horizon that will surprise and mystify listeners. 

Starting off with some large sounding synths, it evolves into something that’s just so very in your face to the point it doesn’t let you breathe, a track outside the norm of itself where you can hear Marylou’s voice boom over just about everything while it doesn’t divulge too much. It’s a track you need to stop and have a listen to again because it’s one you’re going to remember for a while.

Rating: 3/5

Check out the track via the following link