Austin Carlile (Ex- Of Mice & Men) Responds To Sexual Assault Allegations

Last week allegations have been brought to light that Austin Carlile (Ex – Vocalist for Of Mice & Men and Attack Attack!) had sexually assaulted a woman in the past.

The allegations surfaced via the music publication Alternative Press in a now deleted article regarding Carlile’s faith, following which an alleged victim came forward and brought up that an article intended to be published but was ultimately dropped due to “legal purposes”.

The former vocalist has now shared his statement in response to the claims which have been made against him via his personal Instagram account, which you can read below.

“In my younger years, I absolutely was not the best person, but I have never physically abused, preyed upon, forced myself upon, or drugged any woman. These accusations are false and defamatory.

I am not a perfect person: I smoked marijuana daily, drank often, got into fights and acted like a jerk more times than I can count. I did things and acted in ways that I am not proud of, but never have I violated anyone. These ‘accusations’ being thrown around on social media, in our current ‘cancel culture’ climate, are extremely heinous and completely without merit.

My wife is a molestation and rape survivor, and I have personally seen the deep, long-standing pain that she battles with every day. I have spent years surrendering my flesh over to God, allowing Him to constantly improve who I am as a man, husband, and father. During this past week, I have even had the joy of seeing the heartbeat of my new child for the very first time. Today, I am focused on supporting my pregnant wife, our daughter, this new blessing in our lives, my health, my wife’s health, and striving to be a better person every day.

These accusations have been investigated by the appropriate authorities as well as independent journalists and were determined to be unfounded. I apologize to the Marfan Foundation, I Am Second, my former bandmates and any of our dedicated fans who have been unjustly brought into this controversy and wish them all nothing but the best.

All women deserve to feel safe, supported, and heard, but these unjust attacks upon my family and accusations against me, are decades-old claims that are unfounded.”

In 2016, Carlile let Of Mice & Men due to his ongoing struggles with Marfan Syndrome.

For those who are facing or are survivors of sexual abuse, harassment or misconduct, help and support can be found via the following links.

A Voice For The Innocent:
The Survivors Trust:
Citizens Advice:

Austin Carlile (Ex- Of Mice & Men) Faces Accusation Of Sexual Assault

Allegations have recently surfaced online direct at Austin Carlile (Ex – Of Mice & Men / Ex – Attack Attack!) whom has been accused of sexual assault.

The allegations were raised following a post published on the website Alternative Press in relation to Carlile’s faith in Jesus.

The full statement can be read below.

“Dear Alternative Press,

Remember when over 15 girls shared their stories with you about this serial rapist? Because I do. I was one of them. Now you want to not only share HIS nonsense, but you want to put his name next to Jesus? No, just, no. It’s not okay.

The alternative community has followed you for YEARS. I followed your stories so closely all through high school and watched my artist friends be featured by your magazine. To be contacted by you to share my story, in hopes that it wouldn’t keep happening to other girls, felt like a dream. Finally there was something I could do, considering I was told by law enforcement that there was nothing else I could hope for with no physical evidence. I never thought anyone would believe me or take this seriously, then there was your magazine asking us to share.

He not only raped girls, probably more than anyone even knows about, he was a predator seeking out underage girls by using his position in the music industry to do so. He threatened you with a lawsuit and you backed down. I get it, who would want to be involved in that when you could just… not. That was your choice, a choice none of us had. We can’t just let it go and forget. I for one had hoped that you would at the very least stop featuring him. Guess I was wrong to hope that.

He needs CANCELLED. Get him out of these kids’ faces who believe he’s a good person deserving of recognition.”

After the post was made initially, tehre was some additions made which can be read below.

“For anyone doubting the validity of this post, for those of you who met him at a meet & greet and presume to know anything about him in real life, I’m asking you to please reconsider your stance that you truly know him. Go to my Facebook photo albums and check our wedding party. Do the groomsmen look familiar? I am NOT and NEVER WAS some random groupie who was obsessed with Austin and is now trying to take him down due to rejection. We have no interest in his money. Our interest now is to make sure he can’t keep doing this.

I should have specified before that the claims in this post date back to 2007 for myself, and earlier for some of the other girls. Worried we’re not going to share the details with you? Don’t be, we absolutely intend to. Someone should be innocent until proven guilty, and I’m here to let you know that it will be proven. Why? Because he is guilty. He is a predator.”

The victim’s partner also took to the social media website Twitter to back these allegations, where the understand is that Alternative Press didn’t run the story “because they were open to being sued by Carlile and his lawyers”.

Alternative Press have alos stated in a since deleted tweet that for “legal purposes”, the story that is being referred to “couldn’t run as it was told”, but that it “WILL be heard”.

For legal purposes regarding the Austin Carlile accusations, the story couldn’t run as it was told. As a female-led, lgbtq+ editorial staff, we’re going to reopen this & find the answers you’re looking for. We do not condone any of the accusations & this story WILL be heard.

Lastly, they published a statement on their site, apologising for the outcome of the unpublished story.

Since the allegations have surfaced, Of Mice & Men have also released a short statement.

“Yesterday we heard for the first time of an alleged article that was written, and apparently subsequently shelved, regarding a former member of our band.

This individual has not been a member of Of Mice & Men for almost four years and neither the band, nor the team around us, has had any part in suppressing any such article.

We absolutely condemn sexual violence and harassment in any form.

– Aaron, Alan, Tino & Phil”

At the time of writing, there’s been no response from Austin Carlile in relation to the allegations.

Austin Carlile Announces Return To Music

Since his departure from Of Mice & Men back in December 2016 due to his ongoing battle with Marfan Syndrome, Austin Carlile has been keeping a pretty low profile.

Since then, he has taken time to recover and to face his illness head-on. He has since resided in Costa Rica, and has been receiving treatment whilst spreading the awareness of the illness.

View this post on Instagram

This year's Marfan Annual Family Conference was a great success! Living with Marfan Syndrome has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined. I love being a part of a community of others than actually understand what it is like living daily with a chronic disease and overcoming constant chronic pain. Such a strong group of teens, young adults, parents, and even staff that all have become family to me over my years of working with the foundation. I found out I had Marfan when my mother suddenly passed from an aortic dissection when I was 17… she was only 38… Marfan Syndrome is a very rare and daunting genetic disorder that medical professionals have yet to find a cure for, but knowing there are others battling the same thing brings so much hope and inspiration. The Marfan community are some of the strongest people I know and with the biggest hearts (some literally.) It was a blessing to spend the weekend with our community and meeting new friends as well. Massive gratitude to @themarfanfoundation for allowing me to speak and participate alongside so many wonderful individuals. With a condition that makes you feel very much alone, it's hard to feel that way after leaving our annual conference and forming life long lasting relationships. Everyone has different struggles and battles in life, but those with Marfan Syndrome or related disorders deal with a different type of chronic pain, being lethargic, and a surplus of hip, rib, lung, heart, feet, spine, eye, head and leg issues day in and day out… Warriors. I'm thankful to be a part of such a caring, strong, and persevering community. Victory together. More info on our condition and how you can help us find a cure in the link in my bio: ❤👊🏼🕊

A post shared by Austin Carlile (@austincarlile) on

In the comments, some fans enquired is he was to return to music in the future.

Carlile responded and confirmed he will be returning to music again very soon and it will be a “different scene”.



Austin Carlile Working On New Music

Despite his health complications and his battle with Marfan Syndrome, Of Mice & Men’s former vocalist Austin Carlile has shared he is indeed working on new music over the last several months.

On Twitter via a set of tweets he has posted:

“Spent the past 8 months recovering from last Octobers spinal tears that forced me to leave band… during the past 3 months was receiving a series of 24-34 injections in my spine, hips, & legs every 3 weeks. As well as weekly IV treatments… was making progress until earlier in June when I began losing feeling & use of my legs… that was what ultimately hospitalized me in Costa Rica, then led me here to Stanford to find out what exactly was going on… has been tough… but I am tougher. Has been the biggest obstacle to overcome… but God is bigger. This is the longest I’ve gone in 10 years w/out playing music/touring. The wound stays fresh, a massive piece of me ripped away & missing… but honestly the part I’ve missed the most is YOU. My dream/journey wouldn’t have been possible w/out all of you in the first place x”

Austin Carlile Shares Health Update

Former Of Mice & Men Vocalist Austin Carlile has given fans an update on his battle with Marfan Syndrome.

On Instagram, he wrote:

Recently started another (hopefully final) spinal treatment here in Costa Rica. This procedure is 1x a week for 2-3 months… each week a series of 12-24 shot injections into my spinal chord, muscle, & ligaments from my legs, up to hips, then, low and middle back, to repair all my ligaments in the area, plus weekly IV’S to go with it!

My team recently discovered that the ligaments in my body are deteriorating faster than expected and this has been a root of some of my problems and a lot of my PAIN. So I’m taking this next #MarfanSyndromeTreatment head on! Will be a rough few weeks ahead but I have faith! God give me strength and lets go!

I will be overcoming and recovering from this before seeing some of you THIS Summer! Living with #MarfanSyndrome is tough, but we are stronger…’Marfans means dealing with constant daily pain, people dealing with it must have a full reserve of strength’ -Melissa Hormanski

I love you guys!!! And thank you for the support as always and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reach out to you all lately, excited to share more about this Summer though!