Ava Kay Releases New Track, ‘Go’

Ava Kay is a Canadian singer-songwriter and composer whose accomplishments as a writer includes gold records and both domestic and international radio hits. Her pop songwriting career has produced songs that have accumulated over 40 million streams and counting across platforms. The multi-hyphenate creator has taken the winning approach to her writing career and added her effortless and deeply moving vocals to the mix. Her honest approach to both the songs themselves as well as their delivery gives listeners an instant and true to real life connection and understanding into the world of Ava Kay.

Written in her hometown of Toronto, the new single “Go” is an amalgamation of ambition and encouragement. Radiating with sensual strings and twinkling piano, and rich in emotion, the song captivates the senses and recentres your soul as the main character, acting as a soundtrack to life’s biggest transitions. Covering a range of engaging themes, the track is about “moving on and moving forward: leaving home for the first time, chasing your dreams, leaving a town, leaving a relationship or a life behind”. Kay continues, “The lyrics are speaking directly to the doubts people have when they make these hard decisions, and breaking through those doubts so they don’t hold you back.”

“Writing this was a cathartic moment, when I wrote the words “and you take a few steps”, I could feel my soul healing. It’s the words I needed to hear to know I’d be ok and that I would move on.” Perfectly articulated by Kay herself, this song is serenely supportive, and full of encouragement to take those first few steps to move forward with life’s new challenges.

With a resume that shows only successes at arguably every medium and genre in the music business, Ava Kay is now using those experiences to bring her signature sound to the forefront on her own music.

Check out the track, ‘Go’ below.

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