Music Singles Roundup 24/04/20

Hello and welcome to the brand new segment here on the Almost Anything Media page. This is a brand new post where I pick out five of the latest and my favourite tracks to give everyone a taste of what is going out in the world – music-wise. This is where I’m going from genre to genre for any type of track so anything goes in this!

First up is Strange Bones. The Blackpool rockers recently released a cut off of their released a new EP, ‘Blitz PArt 2’, which was released the other week.

Bobby (vocals) has said: “It’s about forgetting how to breathe, understanding mistakes. It’s an acknowledgement of reality, consequential in moving forward. Finding no peace when your head is a minefield.”


Continuing the heavy hits are Welsh protegees Holding Absence with their recently released single, ‘Birdcage’ which acts as the second half off their double A-side single, ‘Gravity/Birdcage’.

On the track Lucas Woodland, frontman of the band has said:

“‘Birdcage’ is probably the most poppy track we’ve ever released as Holding Absence, and we’re really proud of the outcome. Working with Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon/Twin Atlantic/Don Broco) gave us the great opportunity to refine our sound in a way we’d not yet tried before, so the aim for this track was to make it as catchy and sleek as possible. We’re very happy with the outcome and can’t wait for people to get their hands on the double-sided picture disk!”

Check out the track below.


We’re going straight across the pond for this next act two is Singer/Songwriter The Homeless Gospel Choir (Derek Zanetti) whom has shared a new track ‘Blind Faith’/

It’s the latest track off his record, ‘This Land Is Your Landfill’ which was released today. On this track, he’s said:

“There’s a sparkle in the eye of those in positions of power when the people are scared, paranoid, and in need of guidance. The danger with Religion is that it holds hostage common sense and good basic reason for something that is intangible, unexplainable, and without proof. Theres is a comfort in blindly following something. I think people feel secure with clinging to an answer even if they know that the answer they have is wrong. That’s what they are banking on, and that’s the scariest part.

This song is about continually witnessing others getting beat by blindly following something they know is broken, and not being able to get through to them.”


Heading across to a little band across the pond in LA, California known as Point North who have ‘A Million Pieces’ for the masses. In 2019 they signed over with Hopeless Records and now they have something more to add to their arsenal for their Alt-Pop fans.

“‘A Million Pieces’ is pretty much me talking myself down and letting myself know that I have to pick myself up. It’s about forgiving myself for my guilty conscience and reassuring that everything is going to be ok.” Says Jon Lundin 


And lastly today we have Patent Pending featuring Waterparks frontman Awsten Knight.

It’s funky, fresh and fantastic where you have two great bands coming together to collaborate on something great in these trying times plus it brings the bands back together from when they toured the UK together in 2018.

Check out the track below.

And that brings about an end to this week’s Music Singles Roundup! Be sure to check back soon for another look at some great new tracks!

In addition, if there are any bands that come across this post and want to see their tracks in the spotlight, be sure to send Almost Anything Music a message via our contact page!

Check Out Awsten Knight (Waterparks) Join All Time Low On Stage For A Collab

Slam Dunk Festival 2019 happened just this weekend. The weekend that just was and it was amazing!

And if it wasn’t jam-packed enough with everyone’s favourite bands, All Time Low had Awsten Knight of Waterparks on stage for a quick collaboration.

As part of All Time Low’s headlining set, they honoured 10 years of ‘Nothing Personal’ where during ‘Break Your Little Heart’, Awsten came on stage to perform with them.

Check it out below via the fan-shot footage.

Waterpark’s Awsten Knight Releases Purple Hair Dye

Awsten Knight’s on the rise again! The Waterparks frontman is always out there doing as much as he can!

Speaking on Instagram live, Awsten announced he has collaborated with Manic Panic on his own custom purple hair dye called ‘Knight Bright Purple’.

It’s available in Hot Topic stores in the US and through Manic Panic from July 2018.

Awsten Knight (Waterparks) Is Launching A Podcast

Everyone’s got their extracurricular activities at the moment, don’t they?

Well, Waterpark’s Awsten Knight is adding to his as the frontman has teamed up with Travis Riddle to read and review Waterparks Fan Fiction!

Here’s Travis’s tweet.

Waterparks new record, ‘Entertainment’ is set to be released January 26th via Easy Life Records.


Awsten Knight Selling Leg Hair on Ebay

Wel… there’s certainly a lot of music memorabilia going about these days.  But how much would you spend on your favorite stars leg hair? That’s not a typo, leg hair!

Well… Waterpark’s Frontman Awsten Knight is selling his own leg hair on Ebay.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture.

The current bid is nearly at $15,000 so if you want that leg hair, you’ll have to spend big!

Here’s the link for the item.