Bearings Release New Track ‘Get The Need’

Bearings have dropped their latest track, ‘Get The Need’.

Written alongside Kamtin Mohager of The Chain Gang of 1974 and Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist, the track us set to feature on the deluxe version of their album ‘Hello, It’s You‘, set to be released on 15th September via Pure Noise Records.

Speaking on the track, vocalist Dougie Cousins says:

“‘Get The Need was one of those songs where it just felt like a rekindling with youth. The leafs, revolver my favourite Beatles record, old rinks. I just think about those days riding around the neighbourhood with my best friend. Oh also, it’s fuckin rock n roll.”

The records full track listing is as follows:

1. Better Yesterday
2. Sway
3. Super Deluxe
4. So Damn Wrong
5. Lovely Lovely
6. Love Me Like You Did
7. Over Now
8. Dreams
9. I Feel It All
10. Transient Colours 
11. Get The Need
12. Champagne Over Noon
13. Dreams (Take Two)
14. Golden feat. Ryan Woods

The deluxe version of ‘Hello It’s You’ is available to pre-order via the following link.

Check out ‘Get The Need’ below.

New Music Video Roundup 25/10/20

Hey everyone, apologies there wasn’t any roundup post the other, things have just gotten away from me this week and I’ve just lost track of so many things here. But now, we’re back to normal

If you’re new to the roundup, in this one we detail ten of the latest Music Video’s for your ears and eyes to consume! They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another, with one or two wild card picks but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First this week we have the lovely Canadian foursome who are: Seaway.

‘Big Vibe’, the bands latest and highly anticipated new album was released into the world recently where it boasts a diverse range of influences from Tom Petty to David Bowie to The Killers and more, Big Vibe is the band’s most adventurous record yet. “Mrs. David” is the bands latest video which I cannot take my eyes off right now.

’Mrs. David’ is a special song for us because it was written after the record was finished. The lockdown pushed our original release date back so we were able to go back into the studio to add the song to the record,” recalls vocalist Ryan Locke. “In my opinion, the album isn’t complete without this song so it was a happy accident that the release was pushed and we were able to add this song.” 

He continues: “The video for Mrs. David takes place in a fictional world we conjured up with Yeah Films. We wanted it to look dark and seedy almost like our own version of Gotham City. We also pulled heavy influence from David Bowie and Freddie Mercury to nail the 70’s/80’s influence of the video.” 

Moving ontot he enigmatic Mayday Parade next in this weeks roundup, this is a cut from the band’s new EP, ‘Out Of Here’, with the clip directed by Scott Hansen and featuring up-and-coming actor J. Gaven Wilde (The Righteous Gemstones, Halloween Kills, Stanger Things).

“First Train is about not getting weighed down by the negative things in your life,” frontman Derek Sanders says. “It’s about having the power to move forward and become whatever you want to be.”

Now Pure Noise favourites Bearings have their new record, ‘Hello, It’s You’ release just around the corner where they have the latest release in the form of ‘Super Deluxe’.

They previously announced the details of their upcoming new album ‘Hello, It’s You’, out 20th November through Pure Noise Records. It was produced by Courtney Ballard (Good Charlotte, Waterparks). 

As a whole, ‘Hello, It’s You’ uses its lyrical poignancy to elevate universal emotions all too jumbled in the current climate. It’s hard enough to be human, but add in the creeping existential dead de jour, and it’s downright confounding at times. But by reassuring fans to embrace the conflict and messiness of life, Hello, It’s You serves as a reminder of our own humanity, reaching deep into those emotions and stirring something important and long-lasting. 

Elsewhere, there’s been some signings in recent announcements. Calva Louise is one of the bands where they have signed to FRKST, which is an imprint of 300 Entertainment and they’ve dropped their latest track, ‘Trail’.

A homage to Franz Kafka’s dark 1925 novel The Trial, the song arrives with a video the band filmed themselves during lockdown.

Vocalist Jess Allanic says of the concept: “A storm of lightning and meteorites points to wanton destruction. A person runs carefree and fearless until she finds her own image trapped in a holographic false reality, becoming aware that she is inside a human-scale video game where her capacity for submission is put to the test. Upon realizing that all is a projection, the game ends. Only confusion could induce her to restart the trial, unless she dares to break out of that sordid game. This is the game of any society that imposes incoherent rules, in fact, this is as absurd as the Kafkaesque Trial.”

Now, jetting off to Ohio, we have Jetty Jones, which is the musical project lead by Kelc Galluzzo, with their latest release in the form of ‘Taking Up Space’.

The track is the cut of material to come from Jetty Bones since last year’s ‘-‘ EP.

Galluzzo says:

“I just did the math, and it took 565 days from writing this song in a hotel in Nevada to finally getting to share it with you (aligners with a music video nonetheless). I think in the eagerness to share art and embrace the connective community surrounding it, I often forget that the incubation period might be necessary. Here’s hoping this song finds you exactly when it is supposed to.”

We’re moving to a double here next because both of these incredible artists have had music videos released into the world as of late. HINT: you can probably guess where we’re going but if you want to preserve the mystery then that’s all up to you.

We have the magnificent Machine Gun Kelly next in this weeks Music Video Roundup ‘Forget Me Too’, is a track from his recently released fifth album ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ and the track features a guest spot from pop star Halsey, who also makes an appearance in the video.

Now we’re turning to an unstoppable force in the music industry right now and that is the magnificent Yungblud. See, you got it right?

His latest release for ‘Cotton Candy’ is the fourth from the soon-to-be-released record, ‘Weird’ following on from ‘Strawberry Lipstick’, the title-track, and ‘God Save Me, But Don’t Drown Me Out’.

Here’s what Yungblud had to say about ‘Cotton Candy’.

“‘Cotton Candy’ is about sexual liberation. To me, sex and sexuality is about freedom and the idea that you can to lose yourself in other people of all genders, of all shapes and sizes to find yourself and figure out who you truly are. Sexual interaction should not be shamed, it should be celebrated because to have safe sex is to spread love and the world needs love more than ever right now.

This song is so important to me because I see and speak to my fan base, facing insecurities around sexual interaction and I want to let them know that it is ok to be EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE and have the right to unconditionally love who they want and be loved in return.”

We’re going to finish heavy for the last few videos this week, and we’re going to turn things up starting with War On Women with the latest release ‘White Lies’, off thier upcoming ‘Wonderful Hell’ reocrd, which is set to be released on October 30th 2020 online and physically on November 13th 2020 via Bridge Nine Records.

The video below was created by and stars the Baltimore artist Landis Expandis.

Sticking their heads in the sand during a pandemic has never been an option for Ukrainian groove metal juggernaut JINJER. Instead of drowning in self-pity and using the current global situation as an excuse to be lazy, the band has not only unleashed the ferocious new video to their 6th single, “The Prophecy”, today, but have also announced that they will be making videos for the remaining three songs off of their critically acclaimed breakthrough album, Macro.

Eugene, JINJER bassist, comments: “When we wrote “The Prophecy” in 2019, little did we know that it would prophesize things to come in 2020 … the entire screwed up, scary and confusing year all wrapped up in our brand new single. That being said – we are not only very excited for this new video, but to also announce that we will release videos for all tracks from our Macro album. It‘s the very least we can do in these strange times!”

JINJER are gearing up for the release of their very first official live album: Alive In Melbourne, to be released on November 20, 2020 via Napalm Records. Alive In Melbourne was recorded during the sold out debut Macro Australia Tour in March 2020, just days before Covid-19 stopped JINJER’s world tour in its tracks and changed all of our lives collectively forever.

And lastly I knew I needed to put Employed To Serve last on this weeks list because when you hear ‘Party’s Over’, you’re going to be drawn into a music explosion the like of wish need to be heard to be believed.

The Woking based band have released their latest cut of fresh material which is their first since their 2019 record release of ‘Eternal Forward Motion’.

For all those who are listening, ‘Party’s Over’ is the final track of this weeks Music Video Roundup!

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best new tracks out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Bearings Announce New Record, ‘Hello, It’s You’

It’s those breakthrough Canadians we just can’t get enough of in Bearings in the post today as they have finally announced they are releasing their second record, which is the follow up to their 2018 debut effort, ‘Blue In The Dark’.

Set to be released on November 20th via Pure Noise Records, the band have released the first track ‘Sway’ which Doug Cousins talks about below.

“Sway is a tongue in cheek track about someone who thinks they are way too damn cool.

“The song came about pretty quickly and once we got going with it, we knew it was going to be the first single we wanted everyone…. we wanted something everyone could move to. Something with a raw dose of energy.”

The Cover Art, Tracklisting, Streaming of ‘Sway’ and Pre-Order options are available to view below.

01. Better Yesterday
02. Sway
03. Super Deluxe
04. So Damn Wrong
05. Lovely Lovely
06. Love Me Like You Did
07. Over Now
08. Dreams
09. I Feel It All
10. Transient Colours

Pre-orders are available via Pure Noise’s Webstore and Google Play.

A Conversation With… Bearings

Off to Leeds! Why? Well, my next interviewees of the 2019 A Conversation With… Series played there recently and I had the chance to speak to two members of the Canadian band Bearings. They’re currently signed to Pure Noise Records and I had the chance to speak to them about touring with Set It Off, Pure Noise themselves as well as the making of their debut record, ‘Blue In The Dark’ and anything else in between.


Jack: So first and foremost, the UK tour with Set It off and Vukovi. How is that going?

Ryan: It’s good. They’re really cool. The crowds are good. I mean the whole tour sold out. Yeah, it’s been great.

Doug: It’s our first time in Europe and UK as a band. So we’ve been taking in all the sights, visiting places, everybody on the tour is super nice. So, you know, it’s always awesome to have like a family vibe on tour rather than be thinking don’t step on anybody’s toes.

Jack: And on your name, I just had to ask about it, ‘Bearings’.

Doug: This is one that’s like doesn’t get asked a lot but it’s like it’s funny because when we first started the band in college our original drummer had the name. Yeah, and he said it to us and was like I wanna call the band Bearings so we were like, okay, that’s cool. And literally we kicked him out like a month later and we just kept the name.

Ryan: But we already made merch.

Doug: We were like, we’re in too deep now. Yeah, we have to keep the name and we liked the name. It didn’t really mean anything. But you’d also be surprised how many band names are already taken and this one wasn’t.

Ryan: We don’t think about it much but some bands have some sick backstories to their names but just Bearings. Yeah.

Jack: And the tour’s also in support of the new debut record. ‘Blue In The Dark’. But, quick side question is Beautiful Places on the setlist tonight?.

Doug: Oh damn. Yeah, it is that is. We actually would never play it on any tours before this one. And then we just decided to add it to the set so it’s only our third time playing. So if we fuck it up, yeah, you can’t really hold that against us.

Ryan: I mean, that riffs tough man, I gotta Focus. Yeah, don’t distract me.

Jack: And so but what was the toughest part of me making the record?

Ryan: Um, No, I don’t think anything was too tough. If it was just a very natural process. We did the record with Anton whom we’ve done every release with, our EP’s prior to the record and it was pretty natural.

Doug: Yeah. It’s very organic. It wasn’t tough. It was just like our first time ever recording that big of a big body of music. So it was like a month straight of recording. So there’d be points where we’d start to go a little stir-crazy being in a studio all day, but I mean the whole process was natural and we enjoyed all of it.

Ryan: I think one thing people don’t realize studios don’t really generally have windows. It’s not like a normal thing for Studios to have Windows and the first eight days we slept in there. So when you’re in there all day, it’s just, you’re just in this place with no natural light in it. Yeah. You’re in a cage.

Doug: Yeah, we love it. We love recording and just being creative.

Jack: When you did go stir crazy, did anyone do any like crazy things?

Doug: Oh do we get squirrely.

Ryan: I can’t think of anything notable though.

Doug: We usually just like do stupid shit and record each other on video.

Ryan: Yeah. That’s true. We made a few movies. Like dumb Instagram story movies or something. But yeah, we don’t get up to much.

Doug: I mean it was a great process, honestly. Not like incredibly exciting because there wasn’t any bad stuff that went on. So yeah, it was all good. You know.

Ryan: Yeah, it was pretty chill. And I mean we weren’t exactly in like the Hub of Toronto we were in like kind of, not an outskirt, but not downtown. So even at night if you want to do anything, it wasn’t like we could just go out anywhere,

Doug:  We were pretty focused on the record. I think we partied like one or two nights like it was primarily focused on making the best record we could.

Jack: Currently guys signed to Pure Noise Records. I absolutely love the label, But what makes it unique to you guys? What made you want to sign with them?

Ryan: Pure Noise doesn’t really pigeon hole on one genre, they just kind of sign a lot of cool bands. Fortunately, we’re able to be on the label with some of our Canadian counterparts like Counterparts and Seaway, Like Pacific and it was always the label like growing up that we loved. We’re like that’s really cool label and they would carry some of our favourite bands, you know, so it was always like we want to get in with that kind of community, that’s where we want to be. So when we got the opportunity to work with them, we were totally excited.

Jack: If you could choose a few bands from the label to go out on tour with, and this could be a short or a long run of shows as well, who would it be?

Doug: I mean, I mean The Story So Far are their breadwinner band, you know, it’s like they’ve kind of started that one and when we got signed, we got to tour with State Champs. That was really cool and they became good friends on that tour. Yeah, so I guess that’d be the go-to ones, who else would there be?

Ryan: I mean, it would be cool to tour with Knocked Loose and stuff. But I feel like we might get booed off the stage or punched off the stage. But we loved every band on the label. So, by all means, put us anywhere.

Jack: I love it. And I saw some of the pics that was at the hometown  Ottowa show from a few months ago. That’s just looked absolutely crazy.

Ryan: Yeah, that and Brampton which was kind of the Toronto show for that both sold out and it was a lot of fun to do a headline set. When you’re doing support slots is great to get to play to a lot of new people, but you only get to place like 25 minutes. You have to be selective of what you decide to perform with the headline stuff. We kind of play everything there.

Doug: Yeah, those two communities like Toronto and Ottawa have been there with us from the beginning. So it was really special to play those headline shows for those people where they’ve been there for five years now.

Ryan: I mean, I completely remember playing both places like on several occasions when we first started the band times like no one. You know later like a room of five people in The Smiling Buddha basement.

Doug: That was our first Toronto show.

Ryan: So to be able to go and kind of do that market and sell it out was nice.

Doug: But yeah, we appreciate all the support man and coming over here and seeing people that are into us it’s amazing.

Jack: I’ve seen some people who just only got four that headline bands. That just digs into me, you go for the whole thing. You never know who you’ll find if you don’t go for the opening bands. They could be your new favourite bands.

Ryan: Yeah, and we’ve been fortunate enough to be on a lot of tours where the crowd is pretty accepting like pretty open-minded to new stuff like the State Champs tour. This one has people that roll out early. Yeah, we owe a lot of that to those bands taking us out.

Doug: We were very very fortunate to get taken out on State Champs and Four Year Strong and Seaway and now Set It Off. Yeah, and it’s like it’s really cool to be gaining those new fans and meeting those people every night. It’s cool because I know I’ve struggled, you know, you go to a show and you’re like, I don’t know this music and it can be kind of weird if you don’t know it but you just want to see the headliner. Yeah, but we’d totally we’ve definitely found some of our favourite bands that way.

Jack: What are your favourite track to play live?

Doug: I mean, it’s tough. My favourite one on the record is ‘Blue In The Dark’ and I think live it’d be the same just because  people interact with it a lot like they throw up the lights up and it’s just a special song that came together in the studio that we all worked on as a team and it was like I get chills till every night when we play it because it’s it means something to all this. You know, it’s like super special. They’re all fun to play. For sure.

Ryan: I don’t know. I used to have to go with ‘Eyes Closed’. It’s the jumpiest. It’s a lot of fun because I don’t get to play an instrument right. Yes, I get to jump around during that one ‘Aforementioned’ is another fun. Yeah. That’s another good one. ‘Beautiful places’ might work its way up.

Jack: I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Ryan: Now, it’s fun because it’s new. Yeah, we haven’t played it a lot because you know by the time we move toward you’re on your third tour of any record. You’ve played songs like a hundred and twenty times or something. Maybe not that much but you know, yeah feels like it.

Ryan: When rehearsing our songs, we’ll practise them 300 times before we play them live. So it’s all good.

Jack: It’d probably take me about three hundred tries actually get one, right probably. So moving on from the music. What was your what’s been your fondest memory of 2019 so far?

Doug: Wow. Watching Sedition at our show.

Jack: Honestly, you can be a ridiculous memory man has so many like

Ryan: I was gonna say I don’t even know if I don’t remember things well.

Doug: I remember things pretty well by date. But like we literally like have a lot of memories already from this year. I mean if I had to go with one it might just be like playing the other night and in Dublin for the first time. It was our first show and I don’t know, whatever it was, the mom of a fan came up to me and somehow persuaded me to trade lanyards now. Yeah, but our first show, I was onstage looking out to the crowd and being on the other side of the world right now playing to all these new people and they’re all holding their phones up with their lights. And none of them really know us, it was a moment where it was like super special to see that. Yeah for sure.

Jack: I was gonna say If you think Dublin and that was crazy when you guys play Newcastle or Manchester you’ll be surprised.

Ryan: People keep telling us. Yeah like around on those shows especially as you get closer to Mainland Europe it gets crazy.

Doug: This is only our third show tonight of the tour. We’re pretty early on it and there’s not a lot to go. Yeah, the people keep telling that as we kind of get further into it, there are some cities on there that are absolutely insane.

Jack: Manchester, Birmingham, London, that’s actually a good run in because yeah, it just goes rowdy rowdy rowdy that for sure.

Jack: Has there been any Delicacies you’ve sunk your teeth into?

Ryan: Delicacies like?

Jack: Like fish and chips or anything?

Doug: Oh, yeah for his head. We’ve had fish and chips twice I think already, hmm and we’ve tried some beers over here.

Ryan: I’ve noticed like Guinness for example, it’s like back home and they serve beer, it’s always super cold. It’s like how it is and Guinness, They don’t really serve it that cold. It’s a whole but it’s not like putting a freezer cold like the way.

Jack: Like so cold your teeth becomes cold with it?

Ryan: Well, they freeze the glass as well. And yeah, they freeze everything so that when you get your beer, it’s like really cold. Yeah, that’s how they freeze. Even the cans, they have like cold temperature readings. But we’re excited to try a bunch of stuff.

Jack: You need to try Wetherspoons or Greggs as well.

Doug: We have, Weatherspoons, Greggs, they’re our spots.

Ryan: We make sure to go we try something in every city. Yeah, it’s reliable because there’s a couple of us who’s vegetarian. a few of us are vegetarian and our managers vegan and I have like a bunch of options for this and do a vegan sausage roll.

Jack: Has there been any phrases British phrases you guys have stumbled with as well? Tonight as well, you might get a Yorkshire Yorkshire, but it sounds like You’re Sh**, you’re sh**.  Just to clarify that.

Ryan: There is that there was a cool chant last night in Glasgow. They chant here we, here we, here we fu**ing go, over and over again. If you’re at a hockey game. There’s chant. There isn’t like songs know they have like crazy. Yeah and just like the accents like they’re different all over the place. You know what I mean? So we’re trying to get used to one and then it changes the next day and then they kind of understand us but there’s a little barrier for someone say okay, I get it now. Yeah, it takes a second. Yeah, some people always ask us like you guys from America? We’re always going to be cool about it and be like, you know we’re from Canada. Okay?

Doug: Yeah, we like the US as well but we’re from Canada. But both have their perks for sure.

Jack: If you could travel anywhere in the world free of charge by with the first stop be on that list.

Ryan: Oh damn for me. Probably New Zealand or Australia. I really want to visit there. Just because you know Lord of the Rings, I was just about to say so a lot of the Rings, just imagine seeing all of that. Australia looks amazing as well. 

Doug: I feel like I’d be super normie about it and just go to like Cuba or something. Just enjoy the sun and drink Pina Coladas all day straight up here. Literally, we need that like once a year. I would love to just go sit on a beach and drink Pina Coladas.

Ryan: We might take touring off for a year and just do that. Yeah. So watch out we don’t do anything next year. That’s where we are. Yeah. Well, you never know we’re still young.

Jack: Is there anything else you want to do? You guys want to say before we wrap things up and be as mental as you want. I’ll start. Elephants

Doug: Elephants are sick animals.

Ryan: Yeah, are they actually they are good at remembering things and they feel empathy. 

Doug: If I wrote down a list of 50 things I want to do before I die riding an elephant would be on there. Yeah straight up. I think that’d be so cool. No, but honestly we’re just super excited to be over here and we’re excited to come back again and again, so thank you for everything and thank you to everybody out in the European land. Thank you for hanging out with us. 

Bearings debut record ‘Blue In The Dark’ can be purchased via the bands Webstore, Amazon, Itunes, Google Play.

Check out Bearings video for ‘Aforementioned’ below.

Live Review: Set It Off @ Leeds Key Club

Support: Bearings, Vukovi

Date: 13/04/2019

Heading over to the Key Club in Leeds again, this is a headlining band I’ve waited a while to see! But this would mainly be down to them either not announcing a Leeds or Newcastle date for their last few runs. Luckily, Set It Off Announced both for me! Thankfully, I was able to work around my shifts and be in attendance for this one as I haven’t seen Set It Off live since they played on the main stage at Slam Dunk Festival a few years ago.

Setting things off (see what I did there?) were the Canadian newcomers signed to Pure Noise Records, Bearings. They have to be something that the Pop-Punk scene is missing though. They did feel quite nostalgic in a way as it felt they were The Dangerous Summer mixed with Like Pacific in a way but its tracks such as ‘Aforementioned’ and ‘Beautiful Places’ that breathe new life into their set and make them ones to watch, especially when they come back to the UK, which will hopefully be by the end of the year.

I do have to say, they were a refreshing band to be watching as well. They were simple, no on-stage antics, nothing over the top but just pure and raw emotion and performance which is great to see every once in a while, especially something of this genre.

Next to take the reigns were the Scottish ‘Noisy Pop Rock’ duo, Vukovi. Now, I do have to express my disappointment that the vocals weren’t up to the usual best but the band did have some technical difficulties but you know what they did? Rolled with it! Janine just went straight into the crowd and stood on a kickstand to make her seem as if she was the lankiest person in the room. Granted I think she struggled to stay on a few times, she pulled it off, she pulled it off without any problems. On stage, Hamish just fully enjoyed having the stage to himself I think, that is to say without the worry of bumping into anyone else as he just ripped into those tracks left, right and centre.

Turning things to eleven, the energy just increasing in the entirety of the Key Club for a while, but it was great to see a band embrace both their past and future in a way to hear the tracks being experimented with, especially with Vukovi’s latest offering ‘Claudia’ which does seem to be way out there from a musical standpoint but live, Vukovi are anything but an ordinary duo from start to finish. Next-time the place better be moving in its entirety.

Now, Set It Off’s entire set was basically a love letter to their most dedicated fans. They almost seemingly never looked as if they wanted the show to end but they proved they’re one of the most surprising bands to their fans as they embraced all aspects of their material whether it be the R’n’B to their more Poppy tracks or to their Rock-ier roots with every member having the chance to shine in some way with every instrument in their arsenal.

Being it be a tour a celebrate their latest record, ‘Midnight’ they did play quite a few of the tracks and of those, the best had to be ‘Killer In The Mirror’ as well as ‘Criminal Minds’ as that’s where Cody’s vocals just stand out and bring him full circle. From Upside Down, it was the title tracks which gave Dan and Cody joining forces for some groovy Brass tunes and to see that live for the first time was just something unexpected and unbelievable, to be honest as at a show these days, it’s just quite unheard of. With the breakdowns though, Zach just shines and being towards his side of the stage, it’s always a pleasure to see him work his musical magic, especially during the breakdowns. Last but certainly not least, if his drum solo is anything to go by, Maxx just tore into the drumkit and I think there were a few fears he actually broke something on his kit as well but see him just be a monster, seemingly in a trance, you were sure this is what he is meant to do.

Overall, Set It Off have no problem controlling this crowd for all of their headlining set but one thing which did stick out the most was, of course, their medley, taking tracks from everything of their best era and just giving it all to the fans, banger after banger which was ‘Dream Catcher / No Disrespect / Ancient History / Bleak December / Admit It / Miss Mysterious / I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead / Swan Song / Forever Stuck in Our Youth’ was just something you don’t see from a band every day but when they’re as well well loved, and on a SOLD OUT run of shows, this is how you prepare to bow out. You know, after you come back out and play an encore.

Rating: 7/10