Neck Deep/Beartooth On Suicide Prevention Awareness

Hope For The Day have released a video on Suicide Prevention awareness.

The video features members of both bands from Beartooth and Neck Deep.


Ben Barlow says in the video:

“Neck Deep’s message and Hope For The Day’s message are so similar that they go hand-in-hand.

“Kids sometimes say that last year or two years ago I was in a really rough spot, but I found you guys and Hope For The Day.

“So I feel like there’s some good that we can do, as a band. Anyone with a platform’s duty is to do something positive with it.”


Taylor Lumley added, “We got involved as soon as we could.

“We came away to bridge our message as a group with an organisation that’s trying to help find solutions for people.”

I think in today’s world by just being on stage, band’s are showing all the range of emotions. This being that vulnerability, what made Chester Bennington iconic was sharing the experiences of his life in song. Music has its tricky ways of showing what life is capable of and with every great record, every great song has the power to provide this prevention and as a community, nobody’s ever alone.

New Music Videos!

Hey there. Time for another round of incredible new music videos from your favourite bands.

First up is Pvris and their amazing new track ‘What’s Wrong’.

This premiered on BBC Radio 1 last night during Annie Mac’s show and people went insane. The track is now available to buy on Itunes with the pre-order for their anticipated new album; All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’.

Here’s the video.

Next is Green Day, and their track ‘Revolution Radio’.

The video features footage of their classic days as well as the band performing now.

Moving on, Thousand Below have released their second ever song as a band; ‘Sinking Me’.

Beartooth have released a new live video for ‘King Of Anything’.
This was filmed at their hometown show in Columbus, Ohio which can be viewed below.

Next, Pop-Punk protegee’s With Confience have released a new video for ‘Archers’. It shows life on the road for the band as well as footage from one of their shows.

More from legends, this time is Placebo ‘Life’s What You Make It’. This goes with their cover of the track by Talk Talk.

Now, this band have just played download festival but the rising Swedish Rockers Normandie have released a video for their new single, ‘Ghost’.

And lastly, Boston Manor have unveiled a trippy new video for ‘Cu’, which comes from the bands debut album, ‘Be Nothing’.

Beartooth To Re-Release Aggressive As Deluxe Edition

Beartooth are re-releasing their incredible album Aggressive but as a deluxe edition version. This will be featuring a live DVD with bonus tracks!

It’s set to be released May 26th.

The track listing for ‘Live In Columbus’ is:

Here’s the link for the Pre-order.


The ‘Live In Columbus’ tracklisting is:

1. Burnout
2. Aggressive
3. Beaten In Lips
4. Dead
5. Sick Of Me
6. Fair Weather Friend
7. Hated
8. The Lines
9. I Have A Problem
10. Always Dead
11. Rock Is Dead
12. In Between
13. King Of Anything
14. Body Bag

Aand the bonus tracks are:

‘Hated’ (Acoustic)
‘Sick Of Me’ (Acoustic)
‘Aggressive’ (Live from BBC Maida Vale)
‘Rock Is Dead’ (Live from BBC Maida Vale)
‘Fair Weather Friend’ (Live in Columbus)
‘King Of Anything’ (Live in Columbus)