Berried Alive Release New Track, ‘Pearanoid’

Berried Alive are a genre-bending edm-metal-pop duo made up of husband and wife, Charles and Kaylie Caswell.

The pair have now dropped their vibrant yet dark offering ‘Pearanoid’. This track perfectly captures the emotions at play by combining a wistful vocal line with biting guitars and introspective lyrics.

Charles and Kaylie on the inspiration behind ‘Pearanoid’:
“The song addresses paranoia, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms that many people suffer frequently. Even though deep down a person knows that he or she should be grateful for what they have, this knowledge can be clouded by poor mental health. We know a lot of fans feel this way, and want them to know they’re not alone because we believe it’s going to make a positive difference for our fans to know we feel the same way they do.”

‘Pearanoid’ is another fruity release for the alt-rock tag team, following on from their first release of 2022 ‘Sit There Like A Lemon’, which won the support of publications such as Clash Magazine, New Noise, Loud Hacker and more. 

The single arrives with a sleek music video directed by Scott Hansen. A heist inspired storyline seems to represent the thoughts the narrator is trying to keep at bay, and ultimately defeats with the power of music. The video also included collaborations with stuntman/actor Justin Chavers (The Walking Dead, The Suicide Squad, Stranger Things) and stunt director Jenin Gonzalez (The Suicide Squad, Zombieland, Ozark).

Check out the video for ‘Pearanoid’ below.