Mondo Monthly Gigs: August 2019

Hello everyone, and welcome to a brand new monthly post here on Almost Anything Media. I’ve wanted to make a new post for a while. A monthly post that’s inclusive of the local area of York as well as its outlying and other areas of the country and showcases the talent I know there is around here. One way was to write a post about the latest singles you need to listen to, but I thought I might need to reach out to more people before that does happen. In truth, there’s nothing I enjoy more than getting right out there to meet some new people and to listen to some great music and discover bands along the way, so without further ado, I welcome the monthly post of the Mondo Monthly Gigs. This is all the recommended gigs I’m looking forward to in a particular month. Now, of course, there will be one’s I won’t always have the chance to get to but they’ll always be a few local to me around the Yorkshire and outlying areas.

Similar to the weekly Music Video countdown list, this list will compromise of ten gigs I’m sure will be a fun treat for all those involved so let’s dive straight into a local show that’s happening within the Yorkshire area.

1.Foxhaunt. The Crescent, York, 09/08/19

Support: inFade, Avenoir, Pray For Hayden

It’s a showcase of some of the best talents within York for the Alternative scene as the celebration for Foxhaunt’s latest single is being released down at one of the best venues in The Crescent. Armed with inFade, Avenoir and Pray For Hayden as their supports the Alternative outfit are sure to put on a unique night for fans of the genre.

Link To Facebook event.

Tickets cost £6.60 in advance.


Other Tour Dates:

August 11th 2019 – O’Riley’s, Kingston Upon Hull

Tickets for the gig at The Crescent on the 9th August are on sale now for £6 in advance.


2. This House Is Haunted. The Crescent, York. 16/08/19

Support: Amongst Thieves.

This House Is Haunted are a three-piece from York. Zak, Dom and Jenn blend influences from post-hardcore and metal with influences from Alexisonfire and Deftones alongside narratively styled instrumental bands such as Mew, Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky.

This House Is Haunted have the sensibilities of melodic, hooky vocals and guitar lines, with post-rock bass and drums. Often This House go in tangential directions to reveal rich sonic landscapes to crushingly heavy riffs.

With Amongst Thieves as their main support for the evening, everything is set to go off as one of the best nights for the local scene in recent memory.

Link to Facebook event.

Tickets are £6 in advance.



3. Better Days – Eiger Studios, Leeds. 23/08/19

Support: WRTHLESS, Pray For Hayden, Without Andrew.

Embarking on their first steps in their new lineup, Better Days are set to kick off a new era for the band as they embark on a mini-tour of the UK.

The band have been described as a fresh new take on pop-punk which combines all the elements of the early 2000’s era and the upcoming new breed, all eyes will be on them as they look forward to the future with brand new music in mind.

Link to Facebook event.

Tickets cost £6 in advance.


Other Tour Dates:

August 2019

21st – Glasgow Broadcast

22nd – Sheffield Mulberry Bar

24th – Newcastle Think Tank


4. Stand Atlantic. The Deaf Institute, Manchester. 28/08/19 (SOLD OUT)

Support: Royls, Superlove

The Aussie up and comers absolutely ripped through their debut UK headlining tour with their fresh and energetic ‘Skinny Dipping’ just a short insight to what goes into their shows. With a few dates set around their Reading and Leeds festival appearances, the band are set to storm across some larger stages than when they came across earlier in 2019.

Adding to this, with their now full-time bassist Miki, the Australian Pop-Pinks will come forth with a clear vision so fans will get a glimpse of just what to expect the second time around.

I was at their last UK tour for the Leeds date, their output was a little sub-par but from what I’ve heard since then, there’s going to be absolutely no stopping this band coming forward in the future.

Link to Facebook event.



Other Tour Dates:

August 2019

23rd – Leeds Festival

25th – Reading Festival

26th – Brighton The Haunt

27th – Birmingham Mama Roux’s

29th – Liverpool Zanzibar

30th – Swansea Sin City



5. Frank Iero, Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers. Manchester Academy 2, 28/08/19

Support: Moving Galore

I think the only way to truly describe this lineup is Punktastic! That’s the only true adjective that does come to mind as two of the heads of the scene come together for a joint UK tour.

With festival season up and running, it seemed cruel not to mention two of the best bands, Frank Iero and the Future Violents and Laura Jane Grace and the Devouring Mothers as they’re on a mission to reclaim Manchester for their true punk heritage. Both projects have new music out and fans to devour them at the ready so everyone better be primed just for what’s going to go down on the tour.

Link to Facebook event.

Tickets cost £22.50


Other Tour Dates:

August 2019

26th – Glasgow St Luke’s

27th – Edingburgh Liquid Room

29th – London Scala

30th – Bristol O2 Academy

31st – Birmingham O2 Institute 2


6. Black Tongue. Leeds Key Club. 30/08/19

Support: Loathe, Clawhammer, Malign

I think when independent bands come down to the Key Club, it just goes off and is a little more special. I say this because when I went to see Sumo Cyco and Blood Youth, the atmosphere just transforms and elevates the show to new heights. With the metalcore troupe in Black Tongue coming across to Leeds and their EU shows in full swing, things are just going to be sweaty and rough if things are to be believed.

Link to Facebook event.

Tickets cost £12.10 (£11 Face Value).



7. The Faim. Sheffield Corporation. 31/08/19

Support: Woes, Charming Liars

Another Aussie group straight onto this list, the up and coming rockers are embarking on a lengthy UK stint in celebration of their upcoming release, ‘State Of Mind’ and it’s interesting to see what will occur on these shows coming up as you have the varying bands supporting them on their UK tour. For example with Woes, they’ve modified themselves into an experimental rock outfit but that makes them all the more enjoyable to watch and with The Faim, their transference to more Poppier sounds but with all the meaning int their lyrics shows just how much they’ll be rooted into their ways. Obviously, it’s a departure from the ‘Summer Is A Curse’ EP, but with their rhythmic sections on current singles, it shows that the crowd is going to love them all the same.

Tickets cost £13.20.


Other Tour Dates:

August 2019

27th – Dublin Academy 2

28th – Belfast Oh Yeah

29th – Edinburgh Sneaky Pete’s

30th – Liverpool Arts Club

31st – Sheffield Corporation

September 2019

1st – Norwich Epic Studios


8. Skunk Anaise. O2 Academy Leeds. 30/08/19

Support: Queen Zee

Skunk Anaise are a once in a generation band but unlike some older and well-respected bands, they’re one of the most consistent groups who are still in the scene and that’s just the only reason people still enjoy them. But it’s more than that here, as they’re continuing the experience and going further with their latest headline tour as they visit more cities following the release of their 25th anniversary live album, 25LIVE@25. As they’re hailed as one of the most exciting and greatest live acts across the globe, these shows will see the band hit a huge milestone in their career, so don’t miss out.

Link to Facebook event.

Tickets cost: £31.70


Other Tour Dates:

August 2019

16th – Beautiful Days Festival, Devon, UK (Headline)

17th – O2 Academy Brixton, London (SOLD OUT)

18th – Academy, Manchester (SOLD OUT)

19th – O2 Academy, Bristol (sold out)

25th – Camper Calling Festival, Warwickshire (Headline)

26th – Brighton Centre, Brighton

27th – O2 Academy, Bournemouth

28th – Corn Exchange, Cambridge

30th – O2 Academy, Leeds

31st – O2 Academy, Glasgow


1st – O2 Academy, Newcastle

3rd – Rock City, Nottingham

4th – Cardiff University, Cardiff


9. Talk More. The Fulford Arms, York. 09/08/19

Support: Saytr Play, Beth McCarthy, Red Yeti

For fans of Local Natives and The Japanese House, the new outfit Talk More are heading over to The Fulford Arms in York for the release of their two brand new singles, ‘Planned Fights’ and ‘Heart Again’. With the three-piece band all collectively being involved in the scene for a while, this will be a true test to see what the band are capable of.


Link to Facebook event.

Tickets cost £5.

Live Review: The Bottom Line @ Newcastle Think Tank

Newcastle Think Tank – 22 – 01 – 18

Plus: Holding Out, Better Days, Lacey.

Rating 7/10

Whenever I go see a new band for the first time, I’m always a little worried. Quite frankly because of disappointment where the memory of that band now becomes a little tainted. However, it sometimes can become a little enlightening to see that I am wrong because not only can I see a few new bands and discover new artists to listen to.

The Bottom Line are on the agenda at Newcastle Think Tank where their blend of Pop-Punk and Rock has made them become the comparison of bands such as Bowling For Soup but given time, they’re establishing themselves as something else. With this as their first headlining tour in a year, it looks to be a fun ride on their first date of the year with a new record set to be released sometime in 2018.

I was a little late to Hold Out’s set as I was returning from interviewing the headlining act, The Bottom Line although I managed to see a good few songs of their set. Formed only in 2016, they’re a good surge of energy on the scene in Newcastle and a welcomed addition to the bands that are from there. Full of energy and ambition, they make you want to stop and watch them. They prove that in time they won’t just be opening bands at The Think Tank, they’ll possibly headline it one day. Yes, they have a lot of promise but give them time and they’ll show the UK just what they can do.

Another first for me was that of Better Days. I’ve heard quite a bit about them over the last year or so, seeing pictures and was quite excited to see what they can do. They opened all of the shows on the Bottom Line’s run of the UK and I can see why. Being from Newcastle they have the home advantage of this being their hometown so they know what to do. They had fun during their set and it was all the more plausible that they will flourish this year, given the correct opportunities in front of them. But, we’ll see where this leads to after their blend of Pop-Punk and heavier tones did get the crowd moving here.

The last support of the night came in the form of Lacey. They’re a four-piece group from Nottingham where not only they delivered huge choruses with songs full of heartfelt intent, were incredibly fun to watch where you can see why they were chosen as the warm-up act for The Bottom Line. Of all the support acts on the night though, Lacey are the band I’d recommend listening to because they’re exactly what I look for when listening to music. They’re vigorous, kinetic and overall great to watch. Hopefully, I’ll see them again in the coming months with the entire band this time on the run of shows but if that doesn’t happen, I’m sure they’ll be crossing my path again at a show soon.

Now The Bottom Line. It’s been a year since they released any new material but the number of people that came out to see them was incredible. They’ve certainly got a great future ahead of themselves if they continue with their formula of music. Ho, ever it doesn’t take too long for things to heat up as their set choices make themselves one of the most enjoyable bands to watch in a while. Tracks such as Happy are met with great reception as the army of fans giddy with excitement are all over the place. Having spoken to them before, they show great promise in the direction they wish to take the band and by the looks of things on stage tonight, it’s no doubt that they’ll be able to shape their future however they wish. It nearly comes to chaos at times where more people only wish they could watch what some saw again tonight as the band are all over the stage in the intense, bright and sweaty chaos of The Bottom Line comes into frustration to think, their time is now. If their next record goes according to plan, which should help them reach new heights, they’ll come back to Newcastle triumphant in their goals to bring music to the fans.

Fireball Announce Hottest Band Of 2018

Fireball have officially announced their Fuelling The Fire tour will come back for a third year in 2018.

Andddddd Glasgow Pop-Punk band Lost In Stereo have been announced as the openers for the 2018 tour!

Check them out below.

This is what the band have said.

“We’re very humbled to be named Fireball’s Hottest Band 2018,” 

“We can’t wait to work with everyone for the coming year and appreciate the vote of confidence in our music.”

Here is where they’ll be playing with Sweet Little Machine.



19th – London Islington O@ Academy (W/ Ghouls, Rivers Jumpers)

21st – Glasgow O2 Academy ABC II (W/ Eat Defeat, Better Days)

23rd – Sheffield O2 Academy II (W/ Last Edition, Everyone And Anyone)