Blood Youth Are Headed On A Hiatus

Having been active since 2015 where they’ve released two EP’s as well as three records, Blood Youth have confirmed they’re headed on hiatus.

Because of this news, all upcoming shows and tours the band were set to appear on will be cancelled and refunded.

You can read a statement detailing everything that has led here in full below:

“Hey everyone, this isn’t easy for me to write.

But as of now and for the time being, Blood Youth will be going on hiatus. As a result, unfortunately, all upcoming tours and appearances will be cancelled, and tickets will be refunded. This isn’t something we take lightly, and we apologise for any inconvenience.

Blood Youth started in January 2015 and since then has been all we know, and without a stretch of truth  – the number one priority in our lives. We gave up everything throughout the years for the love of what we do, and we’ve always been proud of our morals, professionalism/work ethic, and separation from the pack inside this toxic and imbalanced industry. We never followed nothing or nobody and never relied on anyone for anything. I will always be proud of what Blood Youth has become through that.

Up until COVID-19, everything was good in terms of being a band. We had a regular touring schedule and we were finding our place within music. Which all we’ve ever wanted. It’s never been about the money, we’ve only ever wanted to reach a level where we can tour regularly and share our message and love for the live show with as many people as possible across the world. But obviously, the world had other plans, and it hasn’t been the same since. We’re not a band that can survive doing nothing, we’ve always been a band born into and made for touring. And not doing so has resulted in an extreme decline and shift in my own mental health as it’s what I and certain others have given up the best part of our lives relentlessly working towards being able to do. And I refuse to sit back and watch one person’s 8 years become another person’s 8 seconds.

My heart is genuinely broken writing this. Especially given how many incredible memories we’ve created throughout the past 8 years, the insane amount of things we’ve ticked off bucket lists, life long friendships, the music we’ve made, the bands we’ve helped and seen grow throughout our time, and how many amazing/inspirational fans we’ve made throughout that time. These are things that will never be forgotten, whole heartedly. And you’ve always got a home with Blood Youth. Thank you.

I did everything I could to keep this going, I really did. And I truly don’t want this, but it’s somehow happening.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future but for now. I need a break.”

They’re a band that will be missed on the scene. Hopefully we’ll see them for more utter chaos one day.

Cane Hill & Blood Youth’s UK/ EU Tour Has Been Rescheduled To 2023

Cane Hill and Blood Youth have announced that they have rescheduled their upcoming UK/EU tour to 2023 due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Diamond Construct will be the support for the tour.

Here are the new dates:

MARCH 2023

07 – MANCHESTER Rebellion
08 – LEEDS Key Club
09 – LONDON Underworld
10 – SOUTHAMPTON Joiners
11 – BRISTOL Exchange
12 – BIRMINGHAM Mama Roux’s
14 – PARIS L’international
15 – BADEN Werkk
16 – MILAN Slaughter House
17 – MUNICH Feierwerk
18 – VIENNA Chelsea
19 – PRAGUE Chapeau Rouge
20 – LEIPZIG Naumanns
21 – HAMBURG Headcrash
22 – HANNOVER Béi Chéz Heinz
23 – DENBOSCH Willem Twee
24 – MAINZ Schon Schon
26 – ANTWERP Kavka

Slam Dunk Festival 2021 Review

So Slam Dunk Festival got moved around a handful of times and nearly didn’t happen but our prayers were answered and everything got to happen as scheduled!

They came out on top but they ultimately had to lose a number of bands due to covid restrictions but…. do we really need to complain? The show went on at both dates in Leeds and Hatfield as scheduled!

The day was in a nutshell, inspiring, exhilarating and emotional to say the least where in fact for some bands for the first time since the pandemic began to a fully live audience!

Okay so firstly just getting there, everything ran without a hitch. With the coach service to the festival running more smoothly everything was off to a good start.

When the floodgates opened shall we say…. there was just an absolute collective rush of energy which had been building for the last eighteen months. People running off to get their spot for their favourite bands, such. sight!

So after the little work of figuring out who to go see, first up on the day was The Key Club stage with For You The Moon. The newcomers to the scene did get people going, even if they were on the softer side of things for the day but it made me all the more hungry to want more from them. Speeding over to the Jägermeister stage for the the end of Blood Youth, you could feel the energy in the pits as well as the emotion for what was would be what was frontman Kaya Tarsus’s last show with the band. Who can blame them for a YOKRSHIRE chant? What I was quite surprised by was how full that crowd was because I don’t think the tent was less than half full for a single band on the day! Way to show your support people!

Shifting across back to The Key Club Stage for the The Hara, this was a band full of energy and genuine craziness.They’re one band on the day which just gave me everything I wanted and more which fed in well over to Doll Skin, with some powerful tracks at their disposal and one performance that is simple but it works so well, with a few acrobatics on it as well. Leading into the special guests which were… (drumroll please) MCFLY! Quite a few people were surprised to say the least but I found myself quite shocked at how heavy they sounded considering they’re quite a more pop orientated band. But realistically, they have to book McBusted for next year right?? It’s the only logical option.

After a little food and watching As It Is from the grass on the Rock Scene Stage I did manage to catch Creeper where they prove just how far they’ve come over the years. Last time they set the festival alight and they’re carrying on that trajectory and I give it maybe five years or so and they could be potential headliners to the whole thing.

Moving back over for The Key Club stage in Static Dress, I do have to say they were a little disappointing not really hitting the mark because of technical difficulties plaguing their set where they compensated with the amount of energy from frontman Olli Appleyard.

It was from this point, I ran into a few problems. The first was being for Funeral For A Friend as well as Trash Boat because I honestly couldn’t get into the Jägermeister Stage! Now it’s amazing to see that there was so many people off to watch them but I don’t think the festival organisers were anticipated the crowd. Nevertheless, I managed to hear a few tracks while I was talking to one or two people and honestly, it was exquisite.

Heading across for the highlight of the festival over to the Rock Scene Stage (even though they were plagued by twenty minutes of technical difficulties) and making their first appearance of a band for six years were We Are The In Crowd. Now I’m not going to lie, thirty seconds into their set, I was nearly in tears, mainly because it felt so good to have this band back, and also because they opened with The Best Thing (That Never Happened) and that song is just so great to listen to.

Now, moving back quickly for the last of Wargasm as well as Lizzy Farrall over on The Key Club stage, there was plenty of energy about again where the terrible twosome of vocals for Wargasm were nothing short of amusing yet amazing. There’s something always so atmospherically charged when they take to the stage and oh so amazing to watch where I’m pretty sure there was a music-gasm during their set but we’ll let the audience decide on that one..

Now onto Lizzy Farrall, one of the festival veterans having played multiple times where previously the artist has only played acoustically here but with her full band debut it’s always so utterly fantastic to watch her play. It feels as if the release of her record ‘Bruise’ really stepped up her game where her sass and banter just come out in full force.

Moving across back to the Rock Scene Stage for State Champs, I wasn’t sure what to expect really but for them the performance was just effortless. They got into the swing of things so quickly and had people up and down as if it was too easy for them. with he added tracks to their catalogue of ‘Just Sound’ and ‘Outta My Head’, these only helped strengthen the emotion of their set just in time for some crowdsurfing.

Rushing back across to The Key Club Stage for the last few tracks in Normandie’s set, the Sweedish band show you they show you why they deserve your attention. Fans will know their music is a lot of build and not just rise and fall where the vocals of Phillip Strand just add to the experience of what you’re witnessing.

Last up on The Key Club Stage were Holding Absence, the Welsh protégées who’ve refined their sound into what Post-hardcore is and when ‘Celebration Song’ hit all I heard was people going absolutely crazy for them and possibly a few pits, I’m fifty-fifty on what I saw there. Nevertheless, their performance showcased the melodic genius of their latest record, ‘The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’ which is uplifted byhow much love they’re getting from the crowd that’s come to watch.

Don Broco were the last band of mine to watch on the day and honestly, one I was looking forward to the most where it’s safe to say that I didn’t leave disappointed with the band putting out some variety across their now lengthy catalogue of tracks. With the production of their set, no expense was too little with laser displays as well as pyro sparking up, and even the inclusion of Waterparks’ Awsten Knight and While She Sleeps’ Loz Taylor joining the band on stage for the UK live debut of Action. Some tracks you just wish you could see live again because as you hear it in another way it stays with you and that’s exactly what the band did with Automatic, Technology and more.

Despite the technical difficulties through the day, it felt so good to be back at Temple Newsman and now next year, hopefully some of the bands which had to pull out can make it back and we can watch in full force with more madness!

Don’t forget check out the pics I took from the crowds below!

Bloody Youth Announce UK Tour For September 2021

Hard hitting Yorkshire Quartet Blood Youth have announced a headlining UK tour which is set to take place this September.

Support is set to come from Death Blooms.

Chris Pritchard says:

“We’ve always wanted to do a tour like this where it’s just stripped down, up close and personal with no bullshit in between. Whenever we’ve tried to do something like this in the past, other tours and opportunities have gotten in the way but this time it’s happening. It feels more perfect than ever to have this be our first tour back after being away from fans for nearly 2 years now, to bring them back and closer than ever straight out the gate. We’re super excited to hit these towns and cities, most for the first time ever, with new songs, new visuals and a new skin – we can’t wait to share that experience with you all.”

Here are the touring dates.

September 2021

15th – O’Rileys, Hull

16th – Corporation, Sheffield

17th – Opium, Edinburgh

18th – Students Union, Newcastle

19th – Live Rooms, Chester

20th – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

21st – Junction, Plymouth

22nd – Anvil, Bournemouth

23rd – Prince Albert, Brighton

24th – Jericho Tavern, Oxford

25th – Redrum, Stafford

26th – Parish, Huddersfield

Blood Youth Join Castlefest 2019

Lutons ever growing Castlefest have made a brand new announcement, with Blood Youth, Black Coast and more joining Shvpes and Conjurer who’ve already been announced.

Here are the bands from this announcement.

Bailer,Banton, Black Coast, Blood Youth, Eliza And The Bear, Sarpa Salpa, Seán McGowan, Seasons, wars.


Castefest will take place on September 27th – 29th at the UK Centre For Carnival Acts, Luton.

Live Review: Blood Youth @ Leeds Key Club

Date: 28/02/2019

Support: Lotus Eater, Palm Reader

Leeds. It’s been a slow start to 2019 for me with gigs where I’ve only been to around t hree or four in 2019 if I’m remembering correctly. Now though, I’m all fired up and ready to get stuck in with everything and as many bands as humanly possible What’s more is that I’m going to try and split them so I’m covering as many genres as possible as well because I don’t want the same experience every time, I want them to be more diverse so I’m not just giving reviews of something that’s becoming more and more generic. With that in mind, this is the heaviest gig I’ve been to so far in 2019 and that is the fantastic Yorkshire born and bred Blood Youth. This band have just very recently dropped their second record, ‘Starve’ which had so much energy it had to be unleashed as humanly possible. With their second night of the tour in Leeds, things are bound to get mental.

Starting off the night are Louts Eater. The Glaswegians waste no time in getting things going with the crowd erupting in moshpits, as far as I can see behind me in the venue. Where they do bring the noise, their stage presence is a little underrated but seemingly overshadowed later in their set by their vocalists addressing of the crowd saying (and I’m possibly paraphrasing as far as I can remember here) “I want to see someone die”. I can’t really condone this type of mentality anywhere I go, at any venue. A gig is meant to be a safe place for fans to listen to live music and if the night demands it, yes of course mosh. But this type of language used felt very unwanted and just seemingly spoiled their set, making it one fans could forget quickly.

Next up, producing a criminally underrated record with ‘Braille’ in 2018 were Palm Reader. They were a band, possibly half the venue came out for as much as Blood Youth and Lotus Eater. Here their set adorned to produce something which was highly enjoyable, with no doubts about gaining more listeners on the night where they do reach their peak at times to showcase just how much talent they have and how much more we have to look forward to in their future. Anyone will know they are a band who revels in their atmosphere, just not quite hitting that top notch but in time, will see them soar to new heights.

A new record, better mentality and a venue of onlookers to mosh and crowdsurf? It can only be time for Blood Youth to take to the stage! They waste no time in getting straight to their meaty tracks from their recently released record, ‘Starve’, opening with ‘Starve’ and ‘Cut Me Open’. All I remember is the place just erupting in moshpit after moshpit with vocalist Kaya Tarsus taking command of everyone, showing why they’re the headliners tonight. But also, this is a testament to just what Blood Youth are capable of as well, showing that the only direction is up for the band in the very near future. Every track is just met with more enthusiasm during their set, even when they do decide to slow things down by even the slightest.

What I love about this set is that it’s firstly a hometown show for the band, which they just absolutely destroy, where no person should be left unmoshed. The other is that their track, ‘Exhale’ which is quite a long track, showcases the atmosphere of what they’re able to do with a crowd and pretty soon, will take the band to new heights.

Rating: 7/10

Music Video Roundup 15/02/19

Is it Friday already? That can only mean it’s 4PM and it’s time for one thing. It’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or the roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I view some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re videos that go across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. Let’s get things going with the Hardcore Yorkshire band Blood Youth where ‘Spineless’ is about not being able to change your fucked up state of mind,” according to frontman Kaya Tarsus. Check it out below.


Lock & Key have returned to the spotlight after some teasing online last week and ‘Changes’ sees their first glimpse of new music since the band parted ways in 2016.


In the last week, The Faim haven’t seen any signs of slowing down. They’ve been on a huge UK tour, their first headlining UK tour to be exact as part of their world tour and now, they have a new Video to their Huge track, ‘Fire’. The concept behind the video, according to vocalist Josh Raven is about how dedicating yourself to achieve your dream can affect your relationships with those closest to you.


Moving to the Ska Punk and Punk favourites Zebrahead have gotten themselves involved with Aliens in their latest video for the track ‘We’re Not Alright’. The video sees a cloaked alien abduct and steal the brain of a human in the forest. And of course, there’s a pug.


Skunk Anansie have been around for the last 25 years. And to mark such an accomplishment, you have to look into the history of a band. As such, that’s exactly what this band has done perfectly for ‘Hedonism’ 25Live@5.


We’ve been waiting for Ocean Grove to reveal themselves for a while, and now we have some changes in the camp. Former Bassist Dale Tanner has taken over vocal duties from Luke Holmes, who left the group last month and Twiggy Hunter has stepped in on Bass.

Now, their new track, ‘Ask For The Anthem’ shows us what to expect in the future.


Pretty Vicious are making a strong start to make themselves known in the world. The Welsh group recently signed to Big Machine and they’re their debut record with Dan Austin on producing duties. At the moment, they’re showing just what they’re capable of in the form of their new video for “These Four Walls”.


For the next selection, I’ll venture into the world of alt-pop for Billie Eilish. The 17-year-old is making waves in the music world and will be releasing her debut record soon. She dropped her lead single recently, titled as “Bury a Friend” which has racked up over 30 million views on Youtube to date. I’m intrigued to hear the full record but for now, check out the video for ‘Bury a Friend’ below.


With Tennessee Emo / Pop Punks Free Throw just wrapping up a tour of the UK, everyone’s been wondering what’s next for the group. The answer, of course, would be their next record, titled as ‘What’s Past Is Prologue’, set to drop on March 29th via Triple Crown. For the first look at what’s to come through, is the video for ‘The Corner’s Dilemma’ which you can view below.


And we’ve come to the last track of this week’s Music Video countdown. I’ve reserved this sometimes for a personal favourite or one track I’ve been waiting to see for a while. Either way, you know my last choice is going to be a good one. Set It Off recently released their fourth studio record, titled as ‘Midnight’ but they did something unorthodox for their newest music video, namely, let the fans vote which they were going to make. And with that, the last video has been chosen by the fans for their new single, it’s ‘Dancing With The Devil, which sees the band confined in quarantine. That’s all I’m revealing for it. You have to watch it, to see how good it is.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundups. Be sure to check back next week for another ten of the best right here at Almost Anything Media.

Blood Youth Reveal Support Acts For Their Tour

Blood Youth’s tour just got heavier!

Hardcore four-piece band Blood Youth have confirmed their supporting acts for their upcoming UK tour, which will see Palm Reader and Lotus Eater coming to demolish the venues.

Here are the dates.

March 2019
1st – Southampton Joiners
2nd – Leeds The Key Club
3rd – Glasgow Audio
4th – Newcastle – Think Tank?
6th – Manchester Star & Garter
7th – Birmingham Mama Roux’s
8th – London Underworld

Music Videos 24/08/18

Heyyyyyy. Sorry there wasn’t a post last week. I was in a massive work overdrive for my final hand in! Yes I did say final so hopefully, everything’s going to be back to normal ASAP!

We’re going to kick things off with a little bit of With Confidence and their video for “Moving Boxes”. This is coming off their newest record, Love And Loathing which was one of my favourite releases of 2018 thus far.


Now, Woes are one of my favourite new bands at the moment where they just instantly grabbed my attention. I’ve seen them twice so far this year and will see them when they support State Champs in the coming months which I can’t wait for! For now though, things are getting aesthetically pleasing in their brand new single for ‘Over it’.


Now for a little bit of Yorkshire Pop-Punk. And that’s something you don’t hear about often. Check out their latest offering in Can’t Say I’ll Miss You.


Moving on, Blackpool based band Boston Manor are gearing up for their new record release in ‘Welcome To The Neighbourhood’ which is set to be released via Pure Noise Records on September 7th. for now though, here’s their latest release in the form of ‘Bad Machine’.


For the next video we’re off to the South Coast. Up and Comers Acres have shared a new video for their amazing track, ‘Medicine’ where the writing of the lyrics for this was a cathartic process for vocalist Ben Lumber.


With Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend, Harrogate hardcore outfit Blood Youth shared the beginning of the latest chapter with their brand new song ‘Starve’. It’s their first material released since last year’s debut record ‘Beyond Repair’ and the first since introducing Matt Hollison into the fold as their full-time bassist. Check out Starve below.


Now as a solo act, William Ryan Key has been pursuing a solo career which is paying off well with the release of his debut EP, ‘Thirteen’. Taken from footage on the road, he has compiled them into the following video for ‘Old Company’.


Recently, Post-Harcore New Yorkers Glassjaw wrapped my a main stage slot at this year’s ArcTanGent festival and to top things off, they have dropped a video which comes from their acclaimed record, ‘Material Control’. Check out ‘My Conscience Weighs A Ton’ below.


And another band that are gearing up for a new record release is Pop-Punker’s WSTR. Identity Crisis is being released on the 31st of August but we’ve been given another look at what’s to offer with the video for ‘Crisis’.


We’ll go Post-Hardcore for the last video on this list. With Hands Like Houses, they’ve gone down a much more rock direction with the track for ‘Monster’. It’s the second single to come from their upcoming fourth record, ‘-Anon’ and is accompanied by a retro horror film feel.

And that’s it for this weeks music video list. I do apologise that there was a gap in last week’s countdown but hopefully it’ll be back to normal from next week.


Crossfaith Tour Support Announced

This is going to be awesome.

Crossfaith have recently announced a world tour of dates and we’ve been dying to see who’s coming along on the run of dates.

First is Groundculture.

Then there’s the ever brilliant Blood Youth.

And finally the headliners, the heavy hitting Crossfaith.


And this is where they’re playing.

October 2018

13th – Bristol Marble Factory

15th – Glasgow Garage

16th – Nottingham Rock City

17th – Manchester Academy II

19th – London Electric Ballroom

20th – Sheffield Festivile

21st – Dublin Academy

A Conversation With… Kaya Tarsus (Blood Youth)

It may be a celebration of Pop Punk at this iteration of Pile Up but that doesn’t mean there are no heavier bands included in the lineup. Fresh off headlining European dates, I sat down with Kaya Tarsus of Blood Youth to chat on what’s on the horizon.


Jack: Hello there, so you’re at Pop Punk Pile Up, how’s it feel to be a part of the festival?

Kaya: It’s great. We’ve literally just got here and we don’t know too much about it but it’s cool when I walked in, it looked really lively.

Jack: Oh absolutely, I’ve been waiting for this one for a while now and glad to see a bunch of local bands, it’s really good for the scene. You’ve just gotten off some headlining dates, how have those been going down?

Kaya: Amazing.  It was so good, we’ve been all over Europe, headlining and playing festivals and we got back really late last night and it’s incredible playing to rooms of people all over the world.

Jack: And now you’re in the heart of England. Is this one of the last dates you have?

Kaya: This is one of the last dates before we go to the studio and start the new album. We’ve just been touring so much, we have to start work on the next one really.

Jack: Is that a personal reason, or the label saying you have to?

Kaya: It’s a bit of both. We’ve ended the cycle and now we’ll go in the studio in the next two months and crack on with that really. It’s very much the way everything’s scheduled with the label and our agents really. Around this time, we start work on the next steps basically

Jack: And you’ve got some pretty big festivals on the agenda as well, Jera On Air and Leeds and Reading.

Kaya: Yes we do. It’s gonna be really cool to play those.

Jack: If you can get a new track into those set, would you.

Kaya: Maybe, we’d have to record and work everything out first for that to happen but we’ll see. That’d be really cool to do.

Jack: The shows you’ve been doing recently have been in support of the debut record but how do those tracks feel now they’re one year on?

Kaya: Amazing really. I can’t believe that it’s one year already because that record has done so much for us. We’ve played arenas from that album supporting Prophets of Rage and touring all around the world, played Download Festival and this so it feels like we actually haven’t stopped playing that album which is really cool. We’re ready to change up the set now because we’ve played it so many times but as artists and musicians, it’s going to be great t mix it up.

Jack: I was going to ask about your tattoo, is that a reminder of something?

Kaya: That’s actually one of our songs, our only acoustic song and what might probably be our only acoustic song so it’s really personal to me so I always have that as a reminder.

Jack: I might have to get that as well, just breathe, just breathe.

Kaya: That to.

Jack: Is there anything not too many people know about the record?

Kaya: Not really, it speaks for itself and we speak for ourselves as musicians in the way we put out our music and how we advertise and what you see is what you get so there isn’t really any secrets. We’re a really aggressive band in our music and we might not be aggressive as people but it comes across on our stage shows.

Jack: On challenges in the past 12 months, what were your biggest in your eyes?

Kaya: Probably just personal challenges, being on the road a lot, there’s not any time for anything else. When you’re a band, the shows we play and the tours we do, there’s not much for anything else in your life in having a girlfriend or have a family life so that can really play on you as a person so I would say the biggest challenge in a band is how you are as a person.

Jack: Are you going to have any hobbies however little you might pick up or return to when you’re in the studio?

Kaya: Not in the studio, the only one I have is when I’m in my apartment and I get to play my PlayStation. So that’s the closest thing I have to a hobby.

Jack: Are you looking forward to any games in particular?

Kaya: God of war, the new one.

Jack: Spiderman

Kaya: Erm, days gone looks great

Jack: And then there’s a way out

Kaya: Aye, we play a lot of Fortnite on the road as well

Jack: I’ve been addicted to that lately, it’s not really helped

Kaya: But it’s a lot of fun

Jack: And apart from the record, what’s going to be the plan?

Kaya: Well in June and July we’ll be on the road with Stone Sour and we supported them for a tour and then we come back for some festivals but everything’s in motion at the minute for after the tour so that’s still in planning.

Jack: And if you could sum up the band in three words, what would they be?

Kaya: Ermm…

Jack: This is always a difficult one for some bands but it’s surprising what words are said.

Kaya: Passionate, heavy and aggressive.


You can view Blood Youth’s latest video for Parasite below.

Music Video’s 10/11/17

It’s time for another round of music videos! That’s ten of the best released in the last week and let’s get right into it with Australian up and comers Polaris with their new track, ‘Lucid’. This is coming off their debut record, ‘The Mortal Coil’ set to drop November 3rd via Sharpton records.


Next up is Californian Heavy Metalers Butcher Babies. They dropped their newest record, ‘Lilith’ the other week and now have released a very sensual video for the track, ‘Headspin’.


Next we’re turning to Pop-Punk newcomers and America’s favourite passtime in a battle of the genders for A Better Hand’s video. Here’s Rounding Up.


We’re going to turn up the creep factor for this video as Travis Barker of Blink 182 has teamed up with BYOS for a drum video which just oozes The Purge.


Now for a newer group which is the metal duo known as Spiritbox. This comes from their self-titled EP, ‘ and this video for The Mara Effect, Pt.3 hows how to use milk in a different way.


Next we go to a band that needs no introdution; Blood Youth. This video comprimises of live footage and shows how hectic their shows can get.


Coming to Scotland, this four piece band shows behind the scenes fun as well as their time on stage. This is their newest single, Bittersweet.


Now this isn’t a live video but the closest thing we’re getting for this amazing Neck Deep track. Sam Carter joined them for Radio 1 Rocks in their performance of Don’t Wait.


Now we’re taking things to Scotland and this video tops off one massive year for VUKOVI. They released a record, played Slam Dunk Festival and are currently supporting PVRIS on thei EU tour. Here’s And He Lost His Mind by Vukovi.


And lastly, we go to the giants that are All Time Low. This sums up how beautiful tracks can be and this is no difference, ladies and gentlemen the final video of this post, Good Times!


And that’s it for another week of posts. Don’t forget to check back next week for another ten of the best music videos in the last week