We Came As Romans & Brand Of Sacrifice Join Forces To Release Punishing New Version Of ‘Darkbloom’

A stark reminder of our own inner strength and a challenge to flourish even when faced with our darkest days, metalcore mavericks We Came As Romans issued a worthy test to both listeners and themselves with the release of ‘Darkbloom’ last July; die or grow.

On their rebellious attitude and brutal collaboration, We Came As Romans state:
“We’ve been fans of Brand of Sacrifice for a minute – and when we had the idea to do a reimagined version of Darkbloom, they were the first people to come to mind. A lot of bands have done incredible re-releases or reimagined versions of songs, and those versions are usually stripped down and showcase a softer side. We wanted to do the exact opposite – to team up with some powerhouses in the deathcore scene, and release something heavy, fast paced and aggressive. It’s been a blast working with the BOS guys, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.”

Elaborating further, Brand of Sacrifice add:
“When WCAR approached us to rewrite this track with them, we were excited to be able to work with a band that has done so much for metalcore as a whole. This reimagined version of Darkbloom is full of aggression and energy, and combines all of the elements that make both of our bands special with some unexpected surprises along the way. I’m super stoked that we have the opportunity to innovate and bridge the gap between two very different sub genres, and do something insane that really hasn’t been done all that often in metal.”