Brendon Urie Tells Donald Trump To Stop Using Panic! At The Disco’s Music At Election Rallies

Well, this surprises nobody.

Last Tuesday in Phoenix, Arizona, Donald Trump came on stage to his presidential campaign rally to the Panic! At The Disco track, ‘High Hopes’.

How’d this go down with Brendon though? Not well. People need to have some hindsight with this sort of thing.

In a tweet, Urie has said:

 “Dear Trump Campaign, Fuck you. You’re not invited. Stop playing my song. No thanks, Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco & company.”

He then added:

 “Dear Everyone Else, Donald Trump represents nothing we stand for. The highest hope we have is voting this monster out in November. Please do your part” and added a link to HeadCount. This is an organisation that uses music to speak to young people and encourage them to vote.

Music Video Roundup 10/05/2019

It’s 4PM and it’s Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks. First up is up and coming artist Kim Jennet who has a video for her new single, ‘Unbroken’ which comes off her upcoming yet to be announced solo record.


Up next are the Pennsylvanian metal band Motionless In White. They have a haunting new video for ‘Disguise’, which is the title track of their upcoming full-length fifth record. Warning! It isn’t for the faint-hearted.


Shifting to the Punk and Electro project BAIT, there’s a video which has recently been released for the track, ‘DLP’.

“BAIT isn’t just music, it’s ventilation, it’s expression through art. We all have a voice and this one speaks from the guy in broken English. I record my own music, I edit my own videos, I design my own covers and I work with people I love and respect… because I have to and because I want to.’


Shifting the focus to metalcore, Polar have some satanic force for ‘Devil’, a new cut from their latest record, ‘Nova’. The track is about the liars and cheats the plague our lives”, sees a seemingly invisible character walking the streets and bringing out the worst in the people that he passes. Let’s have a look.


London based Punks Petrol Girls have a teaser for their upcoming record, ‘Cut & Stitch’. The track and video are both in collaboration with the Solidarity Not Silence organisation. Ren Aldridge (vocals) has said:

“Thematically, ‘Big Mouth’ follows on from our previous single, ‘The Sound’. But it focuses in on voice as a physical sound that comes directly from our bodies, and also more generally as self-expression. There’s a lot of politics around who is heard and what that means, and many marginalised groups are only tolerated when they’re quiet. When they refuse this containment and control, they’re met with attempts to silence them. Just one example of this is the defamation case which aims to silence the Solidarity Not Silence girls – a group of women who each separately spoke out against the behaviour of a man in the music industry. Whilst the case is ongoing, we are limited in what we can say about it, but encourage everyone to spread the word and donate to the crowdfunding campaign for their legal costs. They are determined to not allow their case to set a precedent for silencing marginalised voices in the music industry and beyond. There’s no legal aid for this kind of case – they need money to pay for their legal representation in order to pursue justice. You can get a Solidarity Not Silence t-shirt, as worn by Joe in the ‘Big Mouth’ music video.”


Next, I have to write about this one. It’s been everywhere. Yes, it’s the Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie collaboration, ‘ME!’. I had to post this one, come on, don’t hold it against me.

Rumours circulated ahead of the release with Brendon sharing:  “Wait. This really happened?! Like for real?!?! Well I can’t begin to describe how incredible it has been to work on this song and video. So I will simply say: Thank you Taylor Swift for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful story. So much fuckin love and respect.”

Check out the video below.


Now, it’s been three years since Angels & Airwaves released their first piece of new music, and that was their 2016 EP, ‘Chasing Shadows’! Now, that is a long while! Their new single ‘Rebel Girl’ is out now and it’s off their upcoming full-length record. On the track, Tom DeLonge has said:

“’Rebel Girl’ is a space-age love song that combines my enduring obsession for New Wave, pop punk and anthemic rock and roll music… As some of you might’ve heard, I recently took a brief minute to start up an aerospace company, so you never know – I may play this song from a satellite deep in space, beamed toward everyone’s house viciously on repeat.”


Blessthefall has some live performance which are turning out to being legendary apparently, but they’re just stepping up everything as a band if this new video for ‘Welcome Home’ is anything to go by, we know everyone loves a good taste of the Pheonix metalcore group!


New Years Day are well and truly back! They’ve recently dropped their new video for ‘Shut Up’, which has some similarities to American Psycho, because of course! I mean, it’s New Years Day. Would we expect anything less from them?

Speaking on the video, Ash Costello has said:

“When we recorded the song ‘Shut Up’ I knew right then and there, on that day, straight away, what I wanted to do if we were ever to make a music video for it. It came to me immediately. So when the time came and ‘Shut Up’ was chosen for a music video, I was thrilled because it meant that I’d get to make my vision come to life, which was to recreate one of my favourite horror movies of all time, ‘American Psycho’”.


I had to save this for last. The well-dressed German masters Rammstein are legendary, aren’t they? Everything seems turned to eleven when they release something, as if it’s a huge day because of that release. And that’s just what this video is for our last pick of the music video roundup.

Check out ‘Radio’ below.

And that’s it for another week of music video roundup. Don’t forget to check back next week at 4PM sharp for another countdown of ten of the best recent music videos to feast your eyes upon. There’s also new posts every day on the Almost anything Media so be sure to check out anything that might catch your eye.


Check Out Brendon Urie In Taylor Swifts New Video

That’s right, Panic At The Disco’s frontman Brendon Urie has featured on the new Taylor Swift single, ‘Me’.

Some rumours started circulated last night ahead of the release sharing:

“Wait. This really happened?! Like for real?!?! Well I can’t begin to describe how incredible it has been to work on this song and video. So I will simply say: Thank you Taylor Swift for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful story. So much fuckin love and respect.”

And as for the video itself, check it out below.

Go Behind The Scenes With Oli Sykes & Brendon Urie On Charli XCX’s Boys Video

Remember that pop video for Charli XCX made for her single Boys? The one who featured Oli Sykes and Brendon Urie?

Well now, you can go behind the scenes on it! That means all the stuff happened off camera but still featured an another.

Check it out.

Also, I should mention the video featured Taka from One Ok Rock.

Here’s the full music video.

Watch Brendon Urie’s Final Curtain Call For Kinky Boots

He’s been smashing his appearance as Charlie Prince on the Broadway Production of Kinky Boots and on Sunday night, Brendon Urie made his final curtain call for the show.

Feels right there. But you never know, could he could return to the role one day? Fans will be hoping.

Also, don’t forget that Brendon Urie is auctioning off a signed guitar where all proceeds will b going towards the medical bills of his Kinky Boots co-star Eric L. Summers who is currently battling cancer.


Brendon Urie Autioning Off Guitar

Panic At The Disco Frontman Brendon Urie is auctioning off a signed guitar on eBay.

What’s the reason for this though? The simple answer is he wants to help one of his co-stars from Kinky Boots who is currently battling cancer. The proceeds will help pay his medical bills.

What a guy though, Brendon deserves a round of applause!

The listing for the guitar can be found here.



Familiar Faces Present In the New Charli XCX Video

Hmmm…. There’s certainly a few familiar faces in this video. This is Charli XCX’s new music video for her track Boys and it features faces from the rock genre; namely Oli Skyes of Bring Me The Horizon, Bendon Urie from Panic At The Disco, Frank Carter as he bears all his tattoo’s and Taka from One Ok Rock.

No Spoilers though. You have to watch the video.

Brendon Urie On Kinky Boots Performances

Brendon Urie has spoken about his performances in the Broadway musical Kinky Boots.

In a podcast for Billboard he said, “After seeing it, we met afterwards and they were like ‘would you like to be a part of the family, the Kinky Boots family?’ and I said, ‘In any capacity, I’ll get the waters, I’ll polish the boots, I’ll usher people, whatever I can do to be a part of this, the energy is too amazing, I would love to do that’. So that’s really where it began and the rehearsals lately have just been phenomenal, it’s wilder than I could have ever expected.”

If you’re wondering what he sounds like singing one of the songs, check it out below.

Brendon Urie Gives Kinky Boots Huge Sales Boost!

Panic At The Disco’s Bendon Urie has recently filed the shoes (or boots) as Charlie Price on the Kinky Boots Broadway musical.

And he’s been putting the people in the seats for the performances as the capacity has increased by 90% since he joined on May 26th.

That means the show is bringing in 1 Million dollars per week.

Check out this video as he well, struts into the boots.


Don’t forget, he will be appearing all the way to August 6th.

Brendon Urie Shows Off Those Kinky Boots!

Anyone planning to make a trip to America to watch Brendon Urie in the broadway version of Kinky Boots?

If you’re not, here’s a picture of him trying on the pair of the red stiletto’s.

And here’s another picture of him looking more formidable!

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Pumped up kicks 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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The run of shows on Broadway takes place from May 26th to August 6th.