Heart Of Gold Release New Single, ‘Bright Lights’

Manchester-based artist Heart Of Gold have released their latest single and video, “Bright Lights”.

With transitional themes of dwelling on the past, heartbreak, longing, and acceptance, vocalist Michael McGough reaches for the hand of those who are attempting to navigate their own story’s plot twists. Notes of reminiscing accompany this piece’s overwhelming feeling of moving on and by the end, the idea of starting over doesn’t seem so hard to stomach.

Bright Lights is a conversation I have with myself about holding on to the reminder of what’s to come,” McGough says on the new track. “Whether it’s leaving a relationship or losing someone yet allowing myself time to grieve while simultaneously focusing on moving forward. Lyrically it demonstrates that despite growing and moving on, you’re still hit with flashes from the past, but you use it to ready yourself for better things.”