Cade Hoppe Releases New Single, ‘Past Time’

Following on the heels of his recent single “Faded Love,” indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe returns on November 18th with his new track, “Past Time.”

Opening with simplistic keys before livening with glittery synths and anthemic percussion, “Past Time” is an instantly catchy track. “‘Past Time’ is about relationship nostalgia and the selective memory that comes with it—in this case, not only are you positively selective in your memory, but you’re really hoping your ex is not being negatively selective,” says Cade. “Being stuck in the past can be a dangerous drug.” Cade co-produced the track with his frequent collaborator Harper James (Eighty Ninety, James Bay, Aaron Taos).

Check out the track, ‘Past Time’ below.

Cade Hoppe Shares Music video For ‘Faded Love’

Indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe is back with the music video for his latest single, “Faded Love.”

The concept for the video, which was self-directed by Cade, was inspired by one of his favorite lyrics from the song: “I’ll put ‘Hot Fuss’ vinyl on / We’ll scream the words to every song again.” The video sees Cade strolling around New York City, stopping in record stores. Just like how the song grapples with whether to pursue an old flame, the music video follows Cade on his journey to find a record from his past. Will he find it again or will it remain a remnant of the past?

Check out the video for ‘Faded Love’ below.

Cade Hoppe Drops Morphine Music Video

We have a new music video for you from indie-pop singer and songwriter Cade Hoppe presents the music video for his new single, “Morphine.”

“Morphine” is a tender and stunningly intimate track that meditates on coping with the weight of life’s expectations. For the accompanying music video, which was self-directed, Cade riffs off one of his favorite lyrics from the song: “the coffee’s out so the nurse brought me lemonade / I’m scared to death because they taste the same.” He elaborates: “Somehow that line says everything I wanted to say in the song with such a simple metaphor, and I really wanted to expand on that both visually and thematically in the video by literally making lemonade in a coffee pot.”

Check out the video for ‘Morphine’ below.