Campaign Launches For Artists To Recieve More From Streaming During Lockdown

Two leading organisations from the UK music industry are calling for artists to receive a greater cut from Spotify and streaming  royalties in the midst of the coronvirus pandemic.

The Keep Music Alive campaign has been organised by the Musicians’ Union and The Ivors Academy whom are both calling for artists to receive a greater percentage of royalties after the widespread cancellation of gigs and festivals has caused a massive void in the incomes of musicians.

The Guardian reports that the campaign aims to highlight their predicament to politicians, streaming platforms and record companies across the UK.

In a launch statement, they explain:

“This crisis has brought into sharp relief the fact that creators and performers are sustained primarily by the live side of the music business and that streaming royalties are woefully insufficient.”

Currently, it’s estimated that Spotify plays an average of £0.0028 per stream to “rights holders”.

Similarly, a campaign called Broken Record which was organised by Gomez’ Tom Gray. Gray is a director of the Performing Rights Society, an organisation that oversees payment received by musicians from radio stations and music played in public places.

On May 24th 2020, Gray is going to host a series of listening parties to raise money.