Cane Hill Releases New Track, ‘Drag Me Down’

New Orleans very own band CANE HILL have dropped their first piece of new music with their single “Drag Me Down.”

“‘Drag Me Down,’ as the culmination of an EP dedicated to heartbreak and loss, is the polarity of its predecessors,” says singer Elijah Witt. “It is my first successful attempt at a true love song. I’ve always found it nearly impossible to write songs with a positive connotation attached to the concept of romance. After listening to Sleep Token on repeat for a month, I realised the only way for me to be satisfied lyrically was to create a bleak environment for my love to exist in. ‘Drag Me Down’ is my passion and desire to remain with the woman I love in life and evermore, wherever our souls may go — in death we will remain.”

Check out ‘Drag Me Down’ below.

Cane Hill & Blood Youth’s UK/ EU Tour Has Been Rescheduled To 2023

Cane Hill and Blood Youth have announced that they have rescheduled their upcoming UK/EU tour to 2023 due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Diamond Construct will be the support for the tour.

Here are the new dates:

MARCH 2023

07 – MANCHESTER Rebellion
08 – LEEDS Key Club
09 – LONDON Underworld
10 – SOUTHAMPTON Joiners
11 – BRISTOL Exchange
12 – BIRMINGHAM Mama Roux’s
14 – PARIS L’international
15 – BADEN Werkk
16 – MILAN Slaughter House
17 – MUNICH Feierwerk
18 – VIENNA Chelsea
19 – PRAGUE Chapeau Rouge
20 – LEIPZIG Naumanns
21 – HAMBURG Headcrash
22 – HANNOVER Béi Chéz Heinz
23 – DENBOSCH Willem Twee
24 – MAINZ Schon Schon
26 – ANTWERP Kavka

Blood Youth & Cane Hill Confirm UK Tour For 2022

Blood Youth & Cane Hill have confirmed the details of an upcoming co-headlining UK tour set for February 2022.

Diamond construct will be the support for the tour.

Check out all the dates below.

February 2022

21st – G2, Glasgow

22nd – Rebellion, Manchester

23rd – Key Club, Leeds

24th – The Underworld, London

25th – The Joiners, Southampton

26th – The Exchange, Bristol

27th – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham

Cane Hill Release New Video For ‘Blood & Honey’

New Orleans band CANE HILL have announced their forthcoming EP, titled Krewe d’Amour. The band have also released new song and video for “Blood & Honey.”

Check out the video for ‘Blood & Honey’ below.

The video initially debuted last month on Dreamhack’s Dreamies Awards Show via Twitch.

“Blood & Honey” boasts a buzzsaw riff and haunting vocal melodies — ultimately showcasing another side of the band’s frenetic musical personality. “‘Blood & Honey’ is the first song off of our new EP Krewe d’Amour,” the band reveals. “After releasing songs inspired by ravenous anger, we wanted to switch gears and polarize our emotions. This song is the first of three to detail the motions of heartbreak and your ability to make the best or the worst out of it.”

Cane Hill previously released the Krewe De La Mort EP. The collection kicked off with “Power of the High,” which dominated the Devil’s Dozen on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal for weeks on end. It was followed by “Kill Me,” which was deemed by Revolver as “one of their heaviest songs yet.” The video for “God Is the Enemy” completed the trio of tracks. 

Cane Hill Share New Video For ‘God Is The Enemy’

Cane Hill have shared a video for their brand new single, ‘God Is the Enemy’.

The track completes their ‘Krewe De La Mort’ song collection that began with ‘Power Of The High’ and ‘Kill Me’.

Elijah Witt says of the drop: “God Is The Enemy is an honest comment on contemporary Christians and their skewed views of living Christ-like. 

“From the hypocrisy of the church shielding its abusive history (and their present), to the blatant racism & control of women’s bodily autonomy using the bible as a scapegoat – it’s obvious that the followers of Christ have gone astray. 

“GITE implores you to imagine how the religious world would react if someone claimed to be the son of God again.”

Check out ‘God Is The Enemy: Part III’ below.

New Music Roundup 20/11/20

Hello everyone welcome back to the New Music Roundup! We’re here for a roundup of five of the best recently released tracks. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week, we have the five-piece alt-indie band JSA have released the punchy title-track from their upcoming EP ‘Fools Empire’.

‘Fools Empire’ is the second track to be released from the EP, set for release 2nd December via Undead Collective Records, following on from ‘Down & Out’, which was released earlier this year.

Vocalist David Marley says of the new track, “It touches on the difficulties of finding the balance between work and play, and how if you spend long enough somewhere, you can see what is coming. There is so much angst in this track, and it was extremely cathartic to get that internal conversation out of my head, and on to record.”

Guitarist Alan Smith says of the music video: “We wanted to convey chaos through the use of trippy, loud imagery. It was exciting for us to experiment with a different style of video and take ourselves out of our comfort zones of the less conventional video formats that we have done previously.”

Now, NOLA’s Cane Hill are back with their first new heavy material in 2 years. The single, ‘Power Of The High’, which originally premiered on the Radio 1 Rock show, is both brutal and arresting.

“‘Power Of The High’ is inconsolable fury & anguish. An accumulation of the woes, trails, & tribulations of our recent years from mind-altering aficionados to unwilling servants drowning in the unforgiving tides of the music industry we’ve found ourselves passionately emboldened by the rage fostered whilst stuck between our realities.” says singer Elijah Witt.  He continues “a declaration of third-eye-rebellion, ‘Power Of The High’ is a calling to everyone we know & may meet to join us in breaking the mould that’s been given to you by a higher power & realise the divine being you always have been.”

Regarding the music video, singer Elijah Witt says, “We dove back into our horror roots by joining forces with the local production company, Dreamseeker, to create a psychedelic twist on Louisiana folklore such as The Rougarou. ‘Power of the High’ kicks off Krewe De La Morte, which is Volume 1 of larger vision. Join us, live with us, die with us. Welcome to The Krewe.”

Next we have the torchbearers of progressive, instrumental rock, Intervals, whom debuted their third single “String Theory” in line with their latest record Circadian, which is out now. Marking some of the heaviest yet most memorable pieces of the album, “String Theory” finds Aaron Marshall delving deep into his influences and coming out the other side with some of his most rewarding material yet. As with all of Marshall’s work, no matter how complicated it may get, the melodies and hooks are left swirling around in the listener’s head for days afterward. “String Theory” features one of Marshall’s early influences and favorite guitarists of all time, Marco Sfogli, who contributes an impossible solo that creates a jaw-dropping moment before the band dives back into the captivating and sinuous interplay that makes the track a highlight of Circadian. “String Theory” follows the explosive “5-HTP” and delicately intricate “Lock & Key”. Co-produced by Marshall and fellow Torontonian, Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Obey The Brave, Like Pacific).

Quote from Aaron Marshall (Intervals):

“I’ve been patiently anticipating the roll out for this tune. Not only have I been itching to compose some more 7 string material for some time now, but this tune features one of my favourite guitarists of all time. Marco is an absolute legend and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to feature him on this track. This is a major bucket list moment and I am so stoked to have put this one together. I hope everyone enjoys this last single before the album drops!”

Last week, we got a ridiculously lucky Friday The 13th. We got the return of Love And Dead. Now back from an eight-year hiatus, the band – featuring Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch on vocals/guitar, newly-official member Breaking Benjamin’s Jasen Rauch on bass, JR Bareis on guitar/vocals and Isaiah Perez on the drums – are set to release new album Perfectly Preserved on February 12, 2021, with new single Down out now.

“Everybody knows my foundation,” begins Head. “I feel like what our world needs most in this very unique moment in time are real stories about overcoming struggle. These are honest songs co-written by our group of friends targeting depression/mental health, challenging relationships, trauma, loneliness, and related issues.”

“There are certain things we can do melodically in Love and Death that might not work in Korn,” continues Jasen, who also produced the band’s 2013 Between Here & Lost debut. “For me, there are certain creative risks I can take with the arrangements and production that wouldn’t fit with Breaking Benjamin. In this band, we don’t worry about how long a song might be, for example.”

And lastly now, we have a huge solo track. This is from Telle Smith, (otherwise known as Telle as a solo act) the vocalist of The Word Alive with his latest track, ‘Too Hard On Myself’.

“I think we all have had that feeling of bring to hard on ourselves. Our minds often gravitate towards self-doubt and doubting others ability to see you for who you really are, underneath the baggage we all carry.

I posted a tweet in September that said “why do sad songs make me so happy?” and I quickly realized so many of you felt the same. So I went into the studio and wrote this song last month with my boy Matt Keller. I said “I have the chorus written already and I want a sad progression that feels hopeful”. He played around on the piano until we found the perfect progression and the song came to life so quickly. It felt like magic.

I love the lyrics, I love the beat and I think this is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. It is a direct insight into how I have felt so many times in my life, so if it connects with you I hope you’ll share it with the world.”

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best new tracks out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Cane Hill Begin Recording New Music

The Lousiana metallers Cane Hill have shared they’re in the studio! They’ve been working on new material to the follow up of the stripped back EP, ‘Kill The Sun’.

The band confirmed the news of the work last week.

They also tweeted the following that implied they’re working on their heavy return to tracks which would be to material prior to the ‘Kill The Sun’ EP.

More details surrounding the material from the band as it develops.

Cane Hill’s Tour Van Broken Into

While touring across France, American heavy hitters Cane Hill have sadly had their van broken into with some possessions stolen.

No personal items were taken from the band but their driver did have possessions stolen.

Releasing a short post via their socials, the band have shared:

“Last night our van was broken into while we slept at a gas station in France. Fortunately, none of our (the band’s) personal items were taken. Instead, our driver/merch manager/friend had his wallet and other personal items taken from him and him alone.

Tomasz is one of the hardest working people Cane Hill has ever employed and didn’t deserve this.

We’re asking for everyone’s help, from the kindness of your hearts, to get Tomasz back on his feet.”

The band have set up a GoFundMe account for those who wish to donate and help him recuperate the losses.


Music Video Roundup 25/01/18

It’s that time of the week again! It’s time for another music video roundup! Those unfamiliar to the series of posts which come out every Friday, I look for ten of my favourite recently released music videos for the audience’s viewing pleasure and compose a list for everyone to enjoy! Let’s get straight into things with Puppy. Their newest record just dropped today and this track for ‘The Goat’ was their last before fans got to listen to the entire thing.


Cane Hill have just released a brand new EP, which is something definitely more toned down than their usual hard-hitting material but, it’s something which is just as amazing. With that, the four-piece from New Orleans has released a video for their opening track, “86d – No Escort”


Moving across to Oakland, those Punks in SWMRS are starting their 2019 by giving fans a sneak peek into their upcoming Third record, ‘Berkeley’s On Fire’ with their latest video, ‘Trashbag Baby’.


Now, something a little more alternative as we go for Follower whom have just released their new video in the form of ‘Voices’, which comes from the bands upcoming 6-track EP, ‘Against The Ropes’.


Ahead of this band’s upcoming record, ‘The Language Of Injury’, newcomers Ithaca have a new video for ‘Impulse Crush’.


I do enjoy having all sorts of videos in these lists, and I’m going to switch it up for this next video from One Ok Rock. The band were on a tour of Japan in October last year and the one thing this band does magnificently is providing the atmosphere of their shows and you can experience it for yourself in their live video for their latest single, ‘Stand Out Fit In’ below.


Moving on, next we have Tiny Moving Parts. The Emo/Post Hardcore trio has recently released a new limited edition two-song 7″ and now, the double single record has a video to ‘For The Sake Of Brevity’


Now for an artist who has been teasing for a while now! This is, of course, Yungblud and his new track for ‘Loner’. His website had been teasing everyone all week until the release of the track.


For With Confidence, they went all supernatural for their latest single off their 2018 record, ‘Love & Loathing’. For the video of ‘Icarus’, the video shows a typical modern love story, ending in a boy turning into stone.


And for the last video, it comes from As It Is. In the last week, the band confirmed that long-time touring member Ronnie Ish would be coming aboard as a permanent member of the band and for the second announcement, they dropped a brand new live video for ‘The Fire, The Dark’ which was filmed at their biggest headlining show to date at London’s Kentish Town Forum.

And that’s it for another week of the music video roundup! Don’t forget to check back next week for another ten of the best recent music videos.

Music Video’s 08/05/18

You know what it’s time for! Another music video roundup! It’s where I look for ten of the latest and great music videos out there ranging from every array of the Rock genre for your viewing pleasure. First up is Oh, Weatherly’s ‘Here Tonight’. This is a track off their upcoming record, ‘Lips Like Oxygen’ out July 27th on Hopeless Records.



Next up is a live video to change things up a touch! It’s from While She Sleeps for Silence Speaks which was filmed at St Pancras Old Church which is off their upcoming ‘You Are We Special Edition’ due for release on July 20th.


Next up is Luke Rainsford. He’s a lad that’s on a high at the moment, having just played Slam Dunk festival and looking ahead to next month, will be making appearances at 2000 Trees and Fat Lip festival in Bristol. ‘Looking For You Ghost’ is off his EP, ‘I Just Don’t Deserve To Be Loved’ which is out now.


Moving on, we have Post-Hardcore group Dance Gavin Dance. They’re continuing their promotion for their new record in the form of their eighth album ‘Artifical Selection’ which is out today via Rise Records! This video is for their track ‘Care’.


Moving to something more brutal in the form of Bury Tomorrow. They’re gearing up for their new record, ‘Black Flame’ which is out on Jul13th via Music For Nations’.Check out their dark video for the track, ‘Knife Of Gold’.


And now something which is drenched in red. This is Mapyine’s new video for ‘Give’ which is being self-released by the band on July 6th.


Moving to the post-metal genre is Mountaineer. They’ve recently released their video for ‘Hymnal: PAssage III’ which is from their upcoming release on June 29th for their second album, ‘Passages’.


Everyone seems to have a new record out within the next twelve months, not that I’m complaining. This next video comes from Bullet for My Valentine. The Welsh giant’s new record, ‘Gravity’ is out on June 29th and this track is called ‘Letting You Go’.


It looks like Tigress have gotten themselves into a sticky situation. The Exxex based band have recently dropped their new EP, ‘Who Cares’ and the band have unveiled a video to accompany its lead single, ‘Hangman’.


And now for the last video for this week’s list is from Cane Hill. They’ve recently shared a creepy video to accompany ‘It Follows’, the latest track off their latest record, ‘Too Far Gone’ which features some horror-esque style to match the track.


And that’s it for another round of music videos. Check back next week to see what will be on another countdown for your viewing pleasure.