Cavetown Release New Track, ‘Frog’

Two weeks away from releasing their new record ‘worm food’, cavetown has shared a new track from the aforementioned release.

He had this to say about the song:

‘frog’ is about my girlfriend! We were both too shy to ask each other to be boyfriend and girlfriend, so one day I showed her a frog meme that said, ‘GF stands for girl-frog and BF stands for boy-frog’ and I said, ‘that’s us!’ She makes me feel better when I’m too inside my head and helps me remember to be present with the ones I care about.

The frog synth is a combo of Logic synths that I mixed together and was really fun to create. Similar to ‘1994’, I thought about how the synth sounds ould translate live and how people could hop around during the frog solo. I used to play a melodica at shows, which would have had a similar effect as the frog synth, but then we’d have to retune the entire set, so the melodica was retired for now.”

Music Video Roundup 05/07/19

It’s 4PM on a Friday! This means it’s time for the music video roundup. If you’re new to either the blog or these music video roundup posts, this is how it works. Every week, I watch some of the best recently released music videos and compile them into a list for everyone’s viewing pleasure. They’re span across all the different genres, so expect something different for most of the tracks.

I do apologise for this next iteration coming late as there’s been so much in my personal life going on that I haven’t had any time to write up these posts! But now we’re back and without further ado, the first band on this weeks post is the Pop-Punk duo The Dollyrots which the first taste of their new record in the form of ‘Everything’.

Kelly Ogden (Vocals/Bass) has said: “It threw us for a loop in December when my dad passed away [of complications from heart disease and a type of dementia]. We had just a handful of songs written. But we managed to keep our kids happy through the holidays, and then every night we’d go into our studio and write. Somehow we wrote the best group of songs of our career in those few weeks.”


Up next are the Pop-Rock giants Mayday Parade and their recent video for ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ which is the fifth single from their latest record, ‘Sunnyland’.

Drummer jake Brundrick shared: “We wanted to make a video that connected our fan base even more and ‘Looks Red, Tastes Blue’ was the perfect song to give us that opportunity. No matter what you’re going through in life, we’re there for you. We’re all the same and we’re more connected in this life than you know. We’re family.”


Moving to Cambridge, the singer-songwriter Cavetown has announce he’s just signed to Sire Records where he has released ‘Home’, which he originally released under ‘This Is Home’ in 2015.

On the re-release, Cavetown has said: “I like to re-record older songs that I care about a lot when I think that the production doesn’t do it the justice I feel it deserves… It was time for an upgrade.”


Heading into the British Hardcore territory next, Lock & Key have a new video for their track, ‘Lifeline’.

It’s the second track since they announced their return and hopefully, we’ll see some more huge tracks from the band.


Keeping things hardcore for the next video, with the release of their debut record, ‘Ache’, newcomers MTXS have released the video for ‘Liberation’. It’s shot entirely in black and white, with frontman Paul Collins confronting different people. Just watch it. You’ll be impressed.


Heading straight across the pond, we have the powerful Crown The Empire as they take a looking at the negative aspect of a digital landscape.

On the track, vocalist Andy Leo has said:

“‘Sudden Sky’ is a call to push back on the conformity forced upon us by the world and the realisation that the only solution to the artificial white noise surrounding us is a genuine human connection that can help us reach the full potential of what we’re all capable of.”


How about we move things to the South East? Is that okay? AvaGrace are stepping things up from the EP’s to the full debut record, ‘The Witching Hours’ in a few months time where they have released a brand new video which just so happens to be the title track!


Time to get some Canadians into this list! I’m absolutely loving the influx of Canadian bands in the UK! We can’t get enough of them and I hope indie rockers Mundy’s Bay who have recently signed to Pure Noise Records make it across very soon as they have recently released their EP, ‘Control Room’ of which, ‘Moonlight’ is a part of!


I think Texas and the UK have one thing in common at the moment, it’s boiling! But they have the new Pop-Punk / Powerpop trio Not Ur Girlfrenz who have a colourful new video for ‘New Kids In America’, which is the title track from their debut EP which was released last year.


And finally, they’ve recently conquered Download Festival, they’ve embarked on an intimate half decent (I was at the Newcastle show) and done well and hopefully when they return to the UK, they’ll have a brand new record to play for us! It’s the Living Proof lads in State Champs!

To celebrate a year of their latest record, they’ve given fans an insight where they’ve tapped Elliot Ingham (Who has previously shot the band’s Around The World And Back DVD) to film a live new video for Frozen.

The Forest Sessions For 2000 Trees Festival 2019 revealed

In a months time the annual 2000 Trees Festival will be taking place at Upcote Farm, Cheltenham and the organisers have one more announcement. The line-up for The Forest Sessions Stage.

For those unfamiliar with this, The Forest Sessions stage showcases acts performing acoustic sets, with some bands performing what would be their second set of the weekend which will be unique in every sense of the word.

Here is a list of who’s performing on the stage as well as a reminder of the entire lineup below.

A.A. Williams
Andy Cairns (Therapy?)
Billy The Kid
Chas Palmer-Williams
Dave McPherson
Deaf Havana
Ducking Punches
Gaz Brookfield
Grace Petrie
Holding Absence
Holiday Oscar
Johnny Lloyd
Luke Rainsford
Mull Historical Society
Murray Macleod (The Xcerts)
Nick Parker
No Violet
Non Canon
Press To MECO
Rob Lynch
Sarah Carey
The Skints
Tony Wright (Terrorvision)


2000 Trees Festival will be held on July 11th – 13th 2019 at Upcote Farm, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.