Chase Atlantic, Wargasm & More To Play ALT+LDN Festival

More acts have been added to ALT+LDN, a brand new festival set to take place on Clapham Common later this year.

Chase Atlantic Wasgasm and Macca Wiles are set to play.

Chase Atlantic had the following to say on the announcement:



They join the already announced Architects, Machine Gun Kelly, Sleep Token, Playboi Carti, Mario Judah, Bob Vylan, Lil Yachty and loads more. 

ALT+LDN Festival is set to take place on August 30th 2021.

Tickets are available via the following link.

Chase Atlantic Announce New Record, ‘Beauty In Death’

Los Angeles-based and Australian-born trio CHASE ATLANTIC, recently dropped their latest single “SLIDE” via Fearless Records and announced the long awaited forthcoming album “BEAUTY IN DEATH” dropping 5th March, 2021.

SLIDE’s music video was shot in LA featuring psychedelic imagery where the trio is surrounded by mountain scenes. The song speaks to the slide into a state of mental ambiguity guided by the groups signature vocal and unique saxophone cameo in this genre bending track showing promise of what is to come on the upcoming album.

“Slide delves into a metaphoric, yet very personal realm filled with chaos, danger and brutal honesty. Living such a fast-paced, reckless lifestyle is bound to come with negative consequences, but nonetheless with the right amount of daring confidence and the ability to bounce back no matter the circumstance; it will always be just that for Chase Atlantic- a lifestyle.” States Chase Atlantic.

Over the past year the trio – Mitchel Cave, Clinton Cave and Christian Anthony – has grown their sound mixing trap, RnB and psychedelic alternative, drawing influence from King Crimson, Tame Impala, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and more. BEAUTY IN DEATH is the culmination of this growth sonically and speaks to the strength they found during the darkness and hardships presented in 2020.

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming album and what’s to come in 2021 for the band.

Check out the video for ‘SLIDE’ below.

Music Video Roundup 16/10/20

Happy October everyone!! Welcome back to the new music video roundup. We’re here for a roundup of ten of the best recently released music videos. They’re not all within the same genre and they’re all different in some way or another but that means that there’s a little something for everyone here but come on, let’s get down to the music!

First up this week are the Australian trio chase Atlantic with the release of ‘Molly’ which is about the euphoric highs and the crashing lows of love.

“There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life where they have to make the difficult decision of whether to hold on to a deteriorating relationship, or let it go, even though it’s the thing they love most. Love, whether it be for another person or a chemical compound, is constantly an uphill battle. At the end of the day it’s up to us to decide whether or not that battle is truly one worth fighting. That being said; in some situations you just have to simply cut your losses and walk away. I hope we can still be friends.” States Chase Atlantic.

Moving to the band Bad Nerves, the video was produced by the bands own Bobby Nerves which is a cut from the bands self titled debut record, which is set to be released on 20th November 2020 via Killing Moon Records.

“While I was living in London I met so many different characters whenever I left the house,” says Bobby. “It was quite apparent how many people were struggling. I guess you see that in every city, but I wondered if the people who seem to have everything could do more to help those with nothing? I would wonder how many homeless people could fit in Buckingham Palace? Are the doors even open? 

“This track was really an observation of the disparity between the wealthy and the not so wealthy mixed with thoughts of escape and wanting to run away and see the world. London made me realise that I didn’t want to stay in one place for too long. The longer you stay somewhere, the more of a fishbowl it becomes… and there is definitely something fishy going on at Buckingham Palace.”

Next we have Void Inn. They’re a heavy hitting band formed in late 2010 over in Los Angeles, CA. Formed by members Jelena Vujanovic (vocals) and Sinisa Pejovic (guitar), who had at that time completed their studies at the prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood. The band’s sound is powered by fierce riffs (Ala Black Sabbath), odd meters, virtuoso guitar parts and a large range of unique vocal tones and a wide range of colors.

At the end of 2011 the band moved to Belgrade where they continue to work in addition to a large number of shows. In March 2019 the band had a huge privilege to share a stage with legendary Megadeth bass player David Ellefson in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The band is currently working on their second record “End this Game” which is due to be released in October ’20 but for now here is their amazing single and video in the form of ‘Stay Young’.

Now we head to the St. Louis for the Rap Rockers, Discrepancies with their latest cut in the form of “Crawling Back” which is off the bands record, ‘The Rise’, which is set to drop on October 23rd 2020.

Vocalist Antonio Metcalf says, “Crawling Back is extremely special to all of us for a few reasons. We all really dug deep to put this song together. Even our friend/producer Matthew Amelung, who is no longer with us, went the extra mile and layered his own vocals into this song and it really brings out the emotion.”

He adds, “This one is about being in love with someone so deeply while understanding you have to let them go. The fact that Matt was fighting and lost his battle with cancer during the process of creating this song/album, gives this song a whole new meaning for me personally. While creating our last album Matt became our unofficial 5th member and not so secret weapon. So, much like this song all we can do is be grateful for the time we had as we turn the page to the next chapter. We’ll hold on to the memories until we’re gone but the music will live forever.”

More heavy hitters now! This time it’s Bound In Video whom have recently shared a video for ‘Stigmata’, the latest track to be cut and lifted from their album ‘The Hand Of Violence’.

This is what the band had to say of the song.

“‘Stigmata’ is about taking a situation into your own hands on a person who has committed horrendous acts – the idea of vigilante justice flows through the song and represents not rolling over, or letting anyone else sort your own problems for you. Taking control of your own emotions and owning your own response to situations is so important to us, taking responsibility for your own actions.”

Now let’s switch this up a little with the up-and-coming pop-punk trio Who Saves The Hero? The band’s new track ‘Days’ is pretty astounding to say the least, shining a light in these difficult and different times.

This is what vocalist/guitarist Josh Frederick says on the track.

“‘Days’ embodies the daily struggles of being stuck in bad situation but no matter how many times you get knocked to the ground you pick yourself back up again.”

We’re going to a band currently hot on my radar next. They’re currently signed Rise Records where they released their new EP, ‘Silence’ recently and this is Bloodbath with the seizure inducing video for ‘Erase’.

On the release of the video, the band say:

“Collectively, this is our favourite song. We wanted the video to almost be a satire of some hyper-masculine behaviours. The song itself is a very expressive way of being bigger than someone in many different ways but feeling insecure still — regardless of these shallow ego buffs.”

Now, after a 5-year long hiatus, Maryland’s I, The Breather have returned with a new song called ‘Prey’, which is their first offering since their 2014 full-length, ‘Life Reaper’.

It’s worth noting, however, that the track and promo art has the name Breather against it, suggesting a potential name change, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet.

As for the penultimate pick in the roundup this week, following the release of their record ‘Primeval’, Death Metallers Venom Prison have now shared a video for one track off that aforementioned record: ‘Slayer Of Holofernes’.

This is what the band says:

“‘Primeval’ is a collage of different releases that are interwoven with a reinterpretation of religious imagery and criticism. ‘Slayer of Holofernes’ follows that theme. The scene from the book of Judith, follows the protagonist’s character and actions as a challenge to the dominant patriarchal narrative within religious writings.

We wanted to create a connection between this powerful tale and the art that Eliran Kantor has created for ‘Primeval’ through the use of water, depicting Larissa [Stupar, vocals] in an ethereal way and through inflicting pain via various methods of water torture on the male character.”

And finally this week in the Music Video Roundup, we are ending with the quartet known as Greta Van Fleet. ‘My Way, Soon’, is the band’s first new offering of material in over a year.

Josh Kiszka (Vocals) comments on the track as well as its meaning.

“This song was inspired by what three years of touring did by opening so many doorways. This is my truth, how I feel about all of our travels, but I know it echoes the experiences and changes of perspectives for Jake, Sam, and Danny as well.”

And that’s it for another week of a countdown of the best singles out in the world in the last week. Be sure to check back next-time for another round of great music videos. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, be sure to send an email or message us via the socials on Facebook or Twitter!

Music Videos 20/4/18

You know what time it is? It’s time for another music video roundup! For those who don’t know what the post is about, I find ten of the best music video released within the last week or so and put them on a list all for your viewing pleasure. Let’s kick things off with… Trivium! They’ve dropped this ahead of their UK tour that’s off their acclaimed eighth record, ‘The Sin And The Sentence’, which many have said that is their best record in years.


Going straight to video number two, it is Punk Rockers, The Bronx. It’s the latest track from their recently released record, ‘V’. This is ‘Side Effects’.


Next, we have New York post-hardcore legends Glassjaw. At the end of 2017, they dropped their long-awaited third full-length record. One of the tracks released before the record dropped was ‘Shira’, and now the band dropped a video to accompany the track.


Now, Chase Atlantic are gearing up for a hectic few months with Sleeping With Sirens but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time to drop a new music video! Check out one pretty amazing video for their track,  Numb To The Feeling below.


Another band who will be on a massive touring schedule over the next few months are Stick To Your Guns. They’re on a huge trek of the states and Europe with festivals all over the place as well but before any of that goes off, check out their new video for ‘Doomed By You’.


Now moving onto something a little different,  technical death metal group Rings Of Saturn have been touring across quite a lot recently, and in their new video for Margidda, it looks as if they want to tour planets as well!


I think I should’ve made it a tour special now! Ahead of the US tour with Memphis May Fire, Fire From The Gods and Madame Mayhem, Sevendust have shared a video for their latest track, ‘Not Original’ from their yet to be released record, ‘All I See Is War’.


US band Sink The Ship have shared a new video for ‘Everything’ which comes off their soon to be released record, ‘Persevere’. The track and video feature guest vocals from Levi Benton of Miss May I.



Now, Hopesfall released their first offering of fresh material finally and their first cut of new music since their 2007, ‘Magnetic North’. This is their lead single to the fifth record, ‘Arbiter’ and here it is, ‘H.A Wallace Space Academy’.


Now, the last video of the night! It’s Dashboard Confessional, back to their best but I do have to say this track is quite vulnerable of them and video for their song, ‘Heart Beat Here’ from the newest record Crooked Shadows, available now via Fueled By Ramen.

Chapel & Chase Atlantic Announced For Sleeping With Sirens EU Tour

Huge news for Chapel and Chase Atlantic fans as they’ll be joining Sleeping With Sirens on their upcoming European tour.

Chapel and Sleeping With Sirens will be both in the UK for Slam Dunk Festival 2018.


Here’s where they’ll be playing on Sleeping With Sirens EU tour.


Music Video’s 20/10

It’s time for another round of music videos! We’ve got all the best from the last week.

First up is Best Ex, who have announced two shows in London at the beginning of November. There are some tickets left but you’d best hurry as there’s only a few. Here’s the link.



Let’s move onto some Long Island misfits in the form of Envy On The Coast with Virginia Girls.



Now, Indie Punks The Front Bottoms released their sixth album, ‘Going Grey’ recently and now shared a music video from said album. Here’s ‘Peace Sign’.



Next, we’re showing a band who’s been out for a little while. Now LA deathcore greats Winds of Plague are back with a taste of a new album. Here’s Kings Of Carnage.



Still riding off their Eighth studio record, ‘Dead Reflection’,  which is available via Rise Records Canadian rockers Silverstein have released a new single from that album, ‘Lost Positives’.



Looking forward to a band who’s been about for a while is Hollywood Undead. This track comes ahead of their fifth record titled ‘Five’. Check out ‘We Own The Night’. below.



Looking ahead to another band who has a record out, well today. This is off We Came As Romans album, ‘Cold Like War’ via Sharptone Records. Here’s Foreign Fire.



Next is a band who’s releasing their new record Via Hopeless Records. Now if you’re a fan of bands smashing up a lot of stuff then this music video by Super Whatevr is for you. Here’s For You.


Let’s move onto Chase Atlantic who have taken inspiration from various Anime’s. It’s amazing and beautiful and stunning! It’s off their self-titled album which is out now via Warner Bros Records. Check out Angeline below.


Lastly is something special. This is a dual video. By this, we mean two bands. Check out the video for Direct Hit / Pears video for Human Movement.



And that’s that for this week. Ten of the best in the last seven days. Be sure to check out next weeks post for another round of videos.

Music Video’s 6/10/17


You know what it’s time for! Another music video post!

Let’s dive straight in, first up is Glasgow based band Divides who are hard at work working on new material. That still doesn’t mean they don’t have time in between for a new music video. Here’s Catalyst.


Switching immediately to a live video for their new track Drugs & Money. This is Chase Atlantic’s new track which comes from their self-titled record which dropped today!


Now let’s move to the Rock-Pop genre for Echosmith. They’ve has to push a few things back to make room for their new material but it’s worth it. Check out Get Into My Car. below.


Next up is Have Mercy who have a belter of a track on their hands. You don’t believe me? Then watch their video for Reaper below.


Shifting the focus to the next video, here are Movements with Colorblind. This comes from the band’s upcoming record, ‘Feel Something’ which is set to drop October 20th via Fearless Records.


Going a touch heavier for the next video, this is Veil Of Maya for a track taken off their forthcoming record, ‘False Idol’, released in two weeks time (October 20th) via Sumerian records. Check out Doublespeak below.


Keeping things on the heavy side of the spectrum comes from Code Orange’s particularly new disturbing video for ‘The Mud’. This is off their latest record, ‘Forever’ which is out now via Roadrunner.


Sometimes videos like to follow bands playing shows on the road, some are okay but this one is brilliant! This can only be Obey The Brave’s new video as ‘Mad Season’ is unleashed to the world. This is the title track of their latest record which is out now via Epitaph.


Next, comes from a band that is currently on a mammoth of a tour with the like of Neck Deep and As It Is. This is the Scottish Pop-Punks Woes and their new track ‘Losing Time.


Now, this is the penultimate video on this weeks list and it comes from the band Sleep On It. This comes from their upcoming debut record, Overexposed which is set to be released November 3rd via Equal Vision Records. And if this track’s anything to go by, then the record will be a stunner! Check out Window below.


And here we’ve reached the last video of the week. This comes from hardcore Canadian’s Counterparts. They released their fifth record, ‘you’re Not You Anymore’ a few weeks ago and now here’s a video for Swim Beneath My Skin.


That’s it for this week, don’t forget to check back next Friday for another round of music videos! Until then, you have all these to feat your eyes upon.